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10 Best Fishing Locations in Alaska

Last Updated: 01.12.23


Where to fish in Alaska? That should not be a tough question, seeing that Alaska is one of the places most abundant in fish in the entire US. However, if you want a short list that can get you started, you will find the next recommendations easy to incorporate in your own selection of places in the Alaska where you like to go fishing.



Innoko River

If you are the type who prefers fishing northern pike, you will discover the Innoko River to be a great destination to satisfy your passion. The lower Yukon River is well known as home to pike, so you should not be surprised to see numerous populations of fish here.

One thing to keep in mind is that reaching the area can be very tricky, which is why charters are more than recommended. Getting to remote locations is much easier like this, and you will also be able to focus on catching pike, instead of other, more mundane stuff. Trophy size fish can be caught in these waters, so expect pike as heavy as 30 pounds.


Afognak Wilderness Lodge

For fans of saltwater fishing, you cannot get any better than the area surrounding the Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Besides the fact that you will find excellent accommodations here, you will also gain easy access to fishing grounds that will put you right on the spot.

Ocean fishing is at its best here, and you will find plenty of halibut and lingcod to take home. Rockfish are aplenty, as well, and you can hope to catch some sockeye salmon and silver salmon, too. Bear in mind the time of the year when these fish are most abundant to plan your vacation well.


Kobuk River

Many anglers prefer the type of fish that can put up a little fight. There is no wonder why pike is so much appreciated in Alaska, but there are other types of fish that you should not overlook, either. The Kobuk River is home to sheefish, which may not be as energetic as pike, but it is still heavy enough to be considered a trophy.

The white meat of sheefish is delicious, and you can find many large specimens here. It is nothing unusual to pull some 30-pound fish out of the water. You can explore the river to your heart’s content, and you can reach the place by air or water.


Denali Highway

The Denali Highway crosses over the south area of the Alaska Range, and it offers many opportunities for camping. But would you be interested in getting there? Some of the best fishing places in Alaska can be found here. The water system is generous in various type of fish, and don’t be surprised to find plenty of arctic grayling here.

The beautiful scenery is worthy of being explored, and you will find numerous streams here. Make sure to pack on the right type of lure, like black gnats and nymphs. Fly fishing is very popular here, and many anglers prefer traveling through the fantastic country to enjoy the views and all the fishing they can do.


Bristol Bay

Any trip to Alaska would not count as a real fishing adventure without catching some trout. That is the main reason why you should head to Bristol Bay, where you will get enough chances to catch the fish you prefer. The same area is famous for the many salmons you can fish here.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that many fisheries where you can catch such fish are placed in out of the ways locations. That means that booking a charter is your best bet to reaching them. Venturing through the landscape on your own may not be a good idea unless you really know the area like the back of your hand.


Southeast Alaska

The panhandle of this region is your best shot at catching steelhead. Many fishermen are so in love with this fish that you may feel tempted to believe that there is no other fish worth catching on the face of the earth. If you belong to this category of fishermen or you simply want to catch some steelhead, make sure to include Southeast Alaska on your list.

Rainbow trout are abundant here, and you should expect some struggling. You will hone your skills as an angler if you choose to drop a line in these waters, and if you come here in early spring, you will find plenty of fish.

Kenai River

This river is rich in salmon, and not just any kind of salmon. The most popular fish in the area is Chinook, or as it is also called King salmon. And who wouldn’t want to catch a trophy size salmon to prove their fishing skills. While it is true that the fisheries placed along the Kenai River have had their fair share of problems over the years, you can still find some beautiful specimens.

Rumor has it that small pool holes across the river still hold large, trophy sized salmon, and this is where you should go. Some research may be needed, but the reward is simply too valuable to neglect.


Kodiak Island

While King salmon is, indeed, very popular, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook the importance of other species, like Coho. The Silver salmon, as the fish is also called, is smaller than the King, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t supply enough excitement, even for the seasoned fisherman.

The Kodiak Island is touted as the capital of Silver salmon, which means that you will get plenty of chances to catch the fish of your dreams while here. The island is lovely, and it deserves to be visited even if you are not extremely passionate about fishing. That means that it would be safe to take your non-fishing family with you. Remote locations can be reached by charter.


Brooks Mountain Range

The Brooks Mountain Range is the ideal place for fishing lake trout. Some anglers would argue that this is not exactly the best destination in the world for lake trout, but, still, when in Alaska, it would be more than recommended to chase down some huge specimens.

There are many remote lakes rich in trout in the area. Choose your base and book a charter flight to take you closer to all the hot destinations for lake trout. The middle of summer is the peak season for this kind of trout, and that is when you should travel here. As the ice begins to retreat, trout will become more and more daring, giving you the perfect shot for catching some.


North Slope

When traveling up north, the opportunities for catching various types of fish change. For instance, if you head over the North Slope and you get close to the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean, you will find plenty of arctic char to fish.

If you happen to travel here in late summer, you will be rewarded with plenty of fish to catch. The many rivers that drain into the ocean bring the arctic char population with them. Getting there can be tricky since just one of the many rivers here has road access. Charter flights are always an option.




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