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14 Best Fishing Destinations in Alabama

Last Updated: 01.12.23


Alabama is rich in fishing waters, and there are many people planning vacations here every year. No matter what kind of fish you like to catch, you will have a pleasant surprise if you choose this state as your destination. For the best fishing destinations in Alabama, check out the list below.


Pickwick Lake

Part of a region called “The Shoals” this lake has an outstanding surface of more than 47,500 acres. It is not difficult to imagine why this particular lake has earned itself quite a reputation among anglers. You should visit this place if you’re interested in catching some bass.

The place is well known for largemouth bass population, and it would be nothing unusual to fish 10-pound specimens. A trophy fish is not hard to catch here, and for both the species already mentioned and smallmouth bass, this place is ideal.


Wilson Lake

Another excellent destination for catching bass is the Wilson Lake. Part of the same area as the lake mentioned earlier, it has a smaller surface. Besides bass, here you will have the best chances of catching catfish.

If you still need more convincing to visit the area, here is another reason to bear in mind. This place holds the state record for a smallmouth specimen of 10.5 pounds.


Tennessee River

In case you are more into catching large catfish more than anything else, you should head towards one of the best fishing locations in Alabama, which is the Tennessee River. 100-pound specimens of blue catfish are not unusual in the area, and especially close to the Wilson Dam, you can find plenty of such fish. Giant flatheads are common to this fishing spot, as well.


McFarland Park

If you plan on camping somewhere near the Wilson Dam, you will discover many places that are ideal for bank fishing. Right next to the Cypress Creek, at its mouth, you will find the McFarland Park. You will have to head over to the Florence side, for camping there, but your ambitions, as an angler, will be rewarded. You can camp directly on the shoreline, and use the bank for fishing, or head over to the pier located at Cypress Creek.


Joe Wheeler State Park

Another state park where you will find plenty of accommodations and other activities besides fishing is the Joe Wheeler State Park. The Wheeler Lake is a great place for bank fishing, and the park offers possibilities for pier fishing, as well. If you prefer boat fishing, this is another option, too. You can bring your boat, or rent one if that is something you would rather do.


Gulf State Park Pier

If you’re heading for the coast, you will feel hard-pressed to find a better spot than the Gulf State Park Pier. Any fish that can be found in the coastal water is easy to catch here. Saltwater fish is aplenty, and you can count on catching some king mackerel, tarpon, or cobia. Even sailfish is present here. In case you choose to fish closer to the shore, you will find plenty of speckled trout and flounder.


Cedar Point Pier

Pier fishing is a thing in south Alabama, so don’t be surprised to find plenty of such locations here. In case you don’t mind heading over privately owned piers, the most popular around is the Cedar Point Pier. This one is located in Coden, and very close to the Dauphin Island. You can catch many inshore species here, like speckled trout and redfish.


Fairhope Municipal Pier

Other pier fishing opportunities can be found along the shore of Mobile Bay. Coastal species are numerous here, and you won’t have a tough time trying to catch something. The Fairhope Municipal Pier is located in the town with the same name. The pier covers almost 1,500 feet into the bay area, and it is ideal for casting your line.


Meaher State Park

If you travel up the bay, you will discover another excellent fishing spot. The Meaher State Park is located in Spanish Fort, and it includes a pier where you can indulge in as much fishing as you like. The T shape of the end of the pier has 200 feet, and the pier stretches over 300 feet into the bay. As you can see, there is plenty of space for you to drop a line.


Perdido Pass

The Perdido Pass is located between Alabama Point and Florida Point and connects the two over the Perdido River. Many prefer coming to this area because there is plenty of fish to catch, such as black drum, sheepshead, redfish, and Pompano. Bank fishing, dock fishing, and any shoreline fishing are embraced here. The lights around the Perdido Pass even have the ability to draw fish at night time.


Fort Morgan Peninsula

If you like visiting the beach and catching some fish while there, you cannot go wrong if you visit the Fort Morgan Peninsula. Located on Dauphin Island, it supplies plenty of action for anglers who are into surf fishing. Whenever the best Alabama fishing spots are concerned, this place comes up as a hidden gem. For catching Spanish mackerel, redfish, and speckled trout, to name a few species, this is an ideal spot.

Escambia County Lake

If you are into catching bass and bluegill, you should try one of the many public lakes in Alabama. One great location for catching bass is the Escambia County Lake. Among the public lakes found into the care of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, this one is the most indicated for catching bass.

This lake is the largest in the state system, and it is known to house bass specimens that can reach 14 pounds in weight. Covering an expanse of water of 184 acres and located in the Conecuh National Forest, it is home to red ear sunfish and bluegills, as well.


Bibb County Lake

When you’re the mood for crappie, head over to the Bibb County Lake. Bear in mind that this is one of the smaller lakes in the area, as it has only about 100 acres. Nonetheless, for a low-key adventure, and for catching crappie, you will hardly find a better spot than this small lake. It is located near Centreville, and you can reach the area from there with ease.


Clay County

Another excellent location for crappie is the Clay County complex. There are several small lakes in this area where you can drop a line. It must be said that the lakes are really on the small side here, as you can pick your choice for a 13-acre, a 23-acre, or a 38-acre lake when it comes to fishing.


Marion County

Those who prefer catfish will find a good spot for fishing in Marion County. This reservoir is located close to Guin, and it is easy to reach since there is a distance of only six miles between the two. The reservoir has 37 acres and offers many opportunities to anglers in search of catfish. As you can see, there are plenty of fishing locations to try out.



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