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15 Best Fishing Destinations in Canada

Last Updated: 24.04.24


Are you interested in finding out about the best fishing places in Canada? This country stretches from the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean to those of the Pacific and is abundant in bodies of waters that create just as many fantastic opportunities for angling. The unique relief and overall geography of the place provide the adventurer with many wonderful places for fishing.


Tree River

In Nuvanut, you will find an exceptional location that creates just the right conditions for dropping a line. The pristine location will make you think you are truly away from the maddening crowd, and you will be able to enjoy in fishing for salmon like no other on the planet.

The Arctic Char salmon has a coloring that combines vibrant green and red, with dots that are blue and orange. It may not be the easiest fish to catch, but the adventure is all worth it.


The Queen Charlotte Islands

British Columbia is famous throughout Canada for the fantastic fishing spots it shelters. The islands are mysterious and fascinating, always draped in fog, and they are a place rich in history, too. If you are looking for a vacation, you will never forget, head over to these islands.

As in many other places in Canada, here you will find plenty of salmon, as the shoreline makes for the perfect home to vast schools of fish.


Eagle Lake

If you happen to travel to Cottage Country, make sure to drop by the Eagle Lake. This Ontario location is famous for its incredible scenery, but also for the many fishing opportunities it offers. The large lake is home to many small islands, and that makes the perfect environment for all kinds of fish.

Here you will be able to catch some trout, northern pike, smallmouth, perch, and walleye. However, the most famous fish here is the muskellunge. Known as an elusive fish, it will challenge even the most seasoned anglers.


Reindeer Lake

Up north, in Saskatchewan, you will find another fascinating lake, where you can fish for lake trout, walleye, and grayling, among many other fish species. This lake resides in an area that remains unspoiled by the human hand, so get prepared to be impressed by the grandiosity that only pure nature can have.

The rock formations here are among the oldest on the planet, and you may even visit Deep Bay, a place where a meteorite struck 140 million years ago. The depth of the bay is 700 feet, and local folklore speaks of a legendary aquatic monster living inside it.


The Cranberry Lakes

This lake system found in the north area of Manitoba offers to the experienced angler the possibility to explore fascinating places and enjoy as much fishing as they want. Trophy fish are nothing unusual, so expect to take home a beautiful specimen. Walleye, lake trout and northern pike are abundant here.


Wolf Lake

If you like fishing for trout, you will not be disappointed by what this place can offer. The lake is rich in this type of fish, and it is also home to northern pike. You have a real chance of pulling out of the water trout weighing up to 60 pounds, so get emotionally prepared for catching a trophy fish.

Arctic grayling is abundant in these waters, too. The beautiful scenery will convince you to spend more time here, even if you planned only a short vacation. Here, in Yukon, you will also be able to experience the amazing Northern Lights.


Red River

Among the best Canadian fishing locations you can find, this river should always be included. Located in Manitoba, the river is ideal for catfish fishing. The muddy waters are preferred by the whiskered fish, and fish up to 40 pounds can be caught here. If you want a real challenge, choose to struggle with one such fine specimen.


Fraser River

If you travel to British Columbia, don’t forget to go fishing into the waters of the Fraser River. This river is incredibly long, and, as you may well expect, the scenery that accompanies its travel throughout BC, is breathtaking. Salmon migrates using the river so that you can count of exceptional salmon fishing. Sturgeon is also present in this river.


North Lake

Travel to the Prince Edward Island if you want to catch some real tuna in Canada. The North Lake is famous for its beautiful beaches with white sands, and the amazing scenery it boasts. The observation tower is ideal for a quick visit.

Charter fishing offers the possibility to adventure into the cold waters, and try your chance at catching a large size tuna. Specimens of up to 1200 pounds are commonly found here.

Vancouver Island

Another great place for fishing in British Columbia, Vancouver Island allows the passionate angler to indulge in plenty of freshwater fishing, as well as saltwater fishing. The many lakes and streams are ideal for fishing here. And, of course, ocean fishing is easy to indulge in. Large specimens of salmon, halibut, and snapper, can be caught here.


Great Slave Lake

By heading over to the Northwest Territories, you will encounter the Great Slave Lake, the deepest on the entire continent. You can fish for northern pike, whitefish, arctic grayling, and trout in the waters of this impressive lake. Fly fishing enthusiasts will find plenty to do here.


Thousand Islands

The name is rightfully awarded to this place in Ontario, as there are 1,864 islands here, scattered all over the St. Lawrence River. This unique spot is ideal for fishing, as you can have easy access to the river waters. You can enjoy many other activities, such as kayaking, and hiking.


Bow River

In Alberta, you will find a great destination for fishing trout. The fast moving waters are favorable to this energetic fish that prefers the crystal clear conditions offered here. Close to Banff and Canmore, you will find the ideal spot for fishing trout.

It is said that there are about 2,500 fish per each mile of the river so that you can count on at least one or two landing in your hook. Brown and rainbow species are the most common here. Fly fishing anglers will love this spot.


Kispiox River

Taking our passion for fishing back to British Columbia, we find the Kispiox River, well known for sheltering the largest species of steelhead trout. The silverish coloring makes this trout special, and easy to tell apart from other subspecies. These unique fish are quite difficult to catch, but that makes, after all, the pleasure of fishing.


Lake Superior Provincial Park

The park located close to Lake Superior, in Ontario, stretches over 1,600 square km. Besides offering access to the lake, it comes with its own beautiful system of bodies of waters that will provide equal opportunities for fishing to the enthusiast in search of a new adventure.

Here you will find numerous species of fish that are native to the area. The brook trout fisheries here are well known on the entire continent, and it is not the only fish you can catch. You can also try to find beautiful specimens of rainbow trout, salmon, walleye, splake, or northern pike.



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