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25 Best Places to Drop a Line in Colorado

Last Updated: 27.01.23


Do you want to hear about the best Colorado fishing spots? You’ve come to the right place. Colorado is a fantastic destination for anglers, with its thousands of miles of rivers and numerous lakes. If there’s one place in the US where you can be sure you won’t go back home empty-handed, that would be Colorado.

Without further ado, let’s see what fishing spots you can visit in case you’re planning a new adventure. Whether you are a fly-fisher or you prefer the standard rod and reel combination, you will find one perfect spot for dropping your line.


Fryingpan River

If you’re in the mood for trout, the Fryingpan River is the place to go. A scenic drive will take you to this top fishing destination that should be on any seasoned angler’s list. The location is best visited for fishing in winter, as the water released from the nearby dam at the Reudi Reservoir maintains a constant temperature fish thrive in, while supplying it with a unique menu of insects and critters.


Roaring Fork River

This is a fantastic place for fishing rainbows and brookies. A river that drops from an elevation of 12,000 feet to 5,800 feet over 70 miles, it is rich in various fish. You can go fishing there during winter, too.


Colorado River

The Colorado River is perfect for bank fishing. In case the main artery doesn’t appeal to you, the nearby streams are just as rich in rainbow trout and brownies. Choose your fishing hole wisely, and you may just go home with a trophy fish to brag about.


Trappers Lake

Considered one of the best fishing places in Colorado, Trappers Lake is an awesome destination for fly-fishing. You can chase the cutthroat trout here, and large specimens are rumored to have been caught in the area. The somewhat remote location makes the place less crowded than you would expect.


Pearl Lake State Park

The lake is on the smaller size, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a great fishing trip here. The waters are rich in cutthroat trout and grayling, and you can engage in some highly entertaining shore fishing. Of course, you can choose boat fishing, too.


Steamboat Lake State Park

Choose these Gold Metal waters if you truly want to enjoy your fishing adventure to the fullest. The lake was artificially created half a century ago, and it stretches over 1050 acres. The beautiful scenery makes this a fantastic destination for the entire family.


Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

Another excellent destination for fishing in Colorado is the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area. Named the ‘dream stream,’ the place where you can enjoy your fishing at best is on the South Platte River.


Cherry Creek State Park

The reservoir located here is known for catching walleye and bass, as well as wipers, and there is a high chance of catching a trophy fish here. You will find plenty of fishing gear here since there’s quite an avid passion for this pastime in the area.


Chatfield State Park

For a relaxing, low-key experience, try the Chatfield State Park. The enormous reservoir has a surface of 1,500 acres, and it is home to catfish, bass, trout and yellow perch, to name but a few of the fish you can catch here. The atmosphere is charming, and the area does not particularly cater to crowds.

Standley Lake

The lake is restocked by the state’s Division of Wildlife, which means that there is never any shortage of fish. A popular destination for anglers, it is also a fantastic vacation destination.


Clear Creek Canyon

Located within a one-hour drive from Denver, this hot spot is renowned for its rainbow and brown trout population. If you are looking for an excellent destination for a short fishing trip, this location is ideal.


Rocky Mountain National Park

This place is well known for the efforts put towards restoring the aquatic environment. That being said, the many water bodies here were supplied with various species of trout, and even streams and lakes with little to no fish were stocked with it. You will be able to drop a line for different types of cutthroat in this area.


Horsetooth Reservoir

This body of water stretches over 1900 acres, and it is the perfect spot for catching walleye, trout, and bass. There are many other species of fish present here, such as crappie and perch. The best part of this destination is that it allows fishing all year round.


Boyd Lake State Park

Perfect for a fishing vacation and not just that, the Boyd Lake State Park offers beautiful scenery, as well as a plethora of water-based activities that will take you out of your usual routine. For camping and hiking, this place is also an excellent destination.


Carter Lake

This reservoir is sure never to run out of fish for passionate anglers to find since the state’s Division of Wildlife places extra care in restocking the sports fish in these waters. Walleye is a prized catch here, and abundant.


Blue Lakes

You can cast your line from the shoreline, so make sure to bring your pole when you travel to this area. A hidden gem and one catering to the angler who doesn’t like crowds, it is ideal for fishing cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Gunnison Gorge

Chris Santella mentioned this destination in his book “50 places to fish before you die”. World class fishing awaits you, along with top notch accommodations and extra activities that will make your vacation one remember.


Taylor River

If you’re after catching the largest rainbow in the whole state, this is where you should travel. Fed on delicious local Mysis shrimp, the trout here grow to incredible sizes, so you can quickly try your luck for a beautiful trophy fish.


Blue Mesa Reservoir

While many areas in Colorado are famous for trout fishing, you may want to try something a little different and go for salmon at the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Of course, trout are abundant in these waters, too, and so is yellow perch.


Lake Meredith

This is a great destination for anyone who seeks a camping experience that they will never forget. The shoreline fishing possibilities make this area attractive for anglers, too.


John Martin Reservoir

The peaceful destination has made it to this list due to its beautiful scenery and its much-praised fishing pier. One of the best things about it is that it is less crowded than other destinations.


Jackson Lake State Park

Named by Reserve America one of the most beautiful 15 park beaches in the entire country, this is the perfect spot for relaxation, bird watching, hunting, and fishing.

Prewitt Reservoir

You will find various types of fish here, such as bluegill, crappie, and channel catfish. Make sure to bring your favorite equipment and enjoy this low-key destination in the northeast region of Colorado.



A few bodies of water stand out in this particular fishing destination in Colorado. Cone Lake, Ethel Lake, Hassell Lake, and the upper area of the Urad Reservoir, make the most of this hot fishing spot.


Riverside Ponds

This place is ideal for fly fishing enthusiasts who find these ponds perfect for their favorite pastime. Nymph rigs seem to be successful, and fishing for smallmouth bass is almost always in the cards.



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