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5 Best Ice Augers – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Top Ice Augers – Guide & Comparison


Finding the best ice augers might prove to be a time-consuming task, given all the products available for sale. To help you find the ice fishing auger you need with greater ease, we have examined some of the most appreciated products in this line and concluded that the first option to consider is the ION X 29250 5 Amp-Hour Electric. Featuring quality materials and a build that will cover your ice fishing needs for a long time, this unit promises to make such activities easier and more efficient. Thanks to the 5 amp-hour 40V battery it comes with, the product will help you drill up to 66 holes on a single charge and will turn your fishing into a mess-free activity. Despite such characteristics, the ice auger is also lightweight. If this product is currently unavailable, the second option to consider is the Strike Master Lazer.



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5 Best Ice Augers (Updated Reviews) in 2023



The market now offers a variety of ice augers and finding the right one for your needs might prove to be a challenging task. To simplify your decision-making process, we have showcased below some of the most popular items in this category. Check out these ice augers reviews before ordering.



1. ION X 29250 5 Amp-Hour Electric


If you take your ice fishing seriously and you’re thus looking for a reliable and durable electric ice auger, this product is worth taking into account as it was built to last and make your ice drilling a significantly easier activity.

To keep up with extended use, the unit sports a 5 amp-hour 40V battery that will help you drill up to 66 holes through 2 feet of ice on just a single charge. This means that you can engage in long ice fishing sessions without worrying that you will need to recharge it to go on with your activity.

Since this is an electric unit, there will be no mess involved since there is no need to mix oil and gas and, thus, no spill-risk. This also means that there will be no fumes and you will get to enjoy an exhaust-free activity.

Due to the aluminum cast bottom, the cuts will be smoother and, due to the 2 LED lights featured, you can employ the auger even at night. The redesigned handlebars allow for easier drilling next to shelters or walls. To further boost your comfort when using it, the product is lightweight and easy to transport.


Committed to making your ice fishing easier and more efficient, this ice auger drill can easily be described as durable, easy to use, and lightweight.

Since it is a battery powered ice auger, the product ensures an exhaust-free performance and promises to make your activity mess-free as well since there is no oil involved.

Thanks to the 5 amp-hour 40V battery, you can easily drill up to 66 holes on a single charge, which makes it a convenient and cost-effective option.

The handlebars have been redesigned to make it easier for you to drill holes even next to walls or other obstacles.

The aluminum cast bottom will help you get even and smoother cuts whereas the lightweight build will make it comfortable for you to use it even for extended ice fishing sessions.


According to one buyer, the material used for some of the product’s parts might not be that durable, especially in extremely cold conditions.

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2. Strike Master Lazer Hand


In case you’re more into old-school things, this hand ice auger from Strike might be right up your alley. The product is committed not only to covering your ice fishing needs for a long time but also to making your ice drilling an effective and comfortable experience.

The unit was built with simple, easy, and precise operation in mind. It thus comes with chrome-alloy stainless steel blades that will help you drill holes properly and evenly. Thanks to the rubber grips, it will be more comfortable for you to use the unit for extended ice drilling sessions.

To further boost your comfort when employing this drill ice auger, the handle is ergonomically designed. Plus, it can be adjusted from 48 to 57 inches to accommodate different angler heights and various ice thicknesses. To stop ice from building up, the product features a powder-coated paint.

Since this is a manual model, you won’t have to worry that you’ll run out of battery power or that you risk spilling oil in your vehicle or on ice. This also means that the product ensures an exhaust-free performance as there will be no fumes involved.


Durable and easy to use and transport, this ice auger for fishing is worth adding to your list options as it will help you drill ice holes without polluting the environment.

The product is hand-operated; therefore, it requires no battery and no mix of oil and gas to work, which translates into an exhaust-free performance.

Since it requires your strength and there is no oil involved, there is no risk of spills or mess.

The ergonomically-designed handle will make it comfortable for you to operate it; plus, the soft rubber grips will further boost your comfort.

Thanks to the powder-coated paint used, the risk of ice building up is significantly reduced.

The handle is adjustable to accommodate different angler heights and ice thicknesses.


Some buyers might find the product to be a bit expensive, given the fact that it is a manual ice auger; however, users have appreciated it for doing a great job.

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3. Strike Master Mora 8-Inch


With a hand-operated ice auger, there are lots of benefits you get to enjoy and they range from the mess-free operation to the possibility to use it whenever you need without worrying about fueling it or charging its battery. If such advantages are the ones you’re after, this model shouldn’t be ignored when searching for your next ice auger.

To make it easier and more comfortable for you to use it, the product sports a thoughtfully-designed handle knob. Moreover, the material used for the handgrip ensures enhanced gripping control, which will further boost your ease of drilling.

The alloy carbon steel blades won’t just help you drill ice holes with ease but with increased precision as well and will help you do so for a long time. To accommodate different angler heights and ice thicknesses, the handle can be adjusted from 48 to 57 inches.

Because this is a manual ice auger, you don’t have to worry about losing battery power or spilling any oil. This means less mess and an exhaust-free performance. The unit weighs only 6 pounds, which translates into easy transportation.


If you’re interested in an ice auger you can use without worrying about losing battery power or fueling it, this manual model might be just what you need.

The product is hand-operated, which means that there will be no spillage or mess involved as it happens with models that require fuel to work and no battery to charge.

The material used for the blades promises to provide you with enhanced durability and make it easy for you to drill holes with great precision.

For a comfortable experience, the handle was ergonomically-designed and the handgrip features a soft material.

The handle is adjustable and can thus be extended from 48 to 57 inches, which means it can be used by anglers of different heights and for various ice thicknesses.


At least one user says that the upper part might not be that durable and might break after short use.

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4. Eskimo HD06 Dual Flat Blades


Whether you’re an early or late season ice angler, this Eskimo ice auger is a great choice if you travel a lot to find that perfect spot and you need a lightweight yet durable and reliable ice auger. As is the case with hand ice augers, this model promises to ensure benefits that make this unit an option you might want to consider.

To cover your needs for a long time, the product sports dual-flat stainless steel blades. They are not only durable but, thanks to their design, material, and the protector included, they will also stay sharp for quite some time.

Due to the cross-bolt takedown system, the unit will prevent over-tightening when drilling. Rest assured that using it to drill a great number of ice holes won’t be a problem as far as comfort is concerned as the item features a comfortable handle and pommel knob.

The blades have a 6-inch cutting diameter and the unit weighs only 7.20 pounds and measures 31.8 x 8.6 x 6.5 inches. Given its dimensions and weight, you can easily add it to your fishing gear and carry it from one place to another.


Lightweight and durable, this hand ice auger will help you drill ice holes effectively and easily and do so for a long time.

The auger comes with dual-flat stainless steel blades that won’t damage anytime too soon and that will stay sharp for a long time; moreover, thanks to the blade protector included, the blade life is enhanced.

Rest assured that there won’t be any over-tightening involved when drilling as the item sports a cross-bolt takedown system that will prevent that.

The handle and pommel knob are committed to making your drilling more comfortable whereas the lightweight build ensures easy transportation.

The product measures 31.8 x 8.6 x 6.5 inches, which means that it won’t require too much storage space, so you can easily add it to your fishing gear.


The top plastic handle might not be that durable when used in extremely cold conditions, as one buyer mentions in an online review.

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Ice fishing requires heavy-duty tools and this unit was designed with such needs in mind. Cutting through the ice is a challenging task, especially when you fish in areas where the ice is thick. To simplify your experience and get you better results, this ice auger was built to withstand the test of time and help you create the way to your next catch with greater ease.

The material used for this item promises to keep up with frequent ice fishing sessions whereas the replaceable blades are committed to making ice drilling an easy and smooth process. The unit has an 8-inch diameter, weighs only 16 pounds, and measures 8 x 8 x 40 inches.

Given its dimensions and weight, the item can be easily added to your fishing gear and transported from one place to another. Although the product is advertised primarily as a durable tool for ice fishing, it can also be employed for a variety of other activities including animal habitat and scientific research.

Its various features have gathered positive feedback from the people who tried it. Many users have appreciated the product for being well built and strong.


If you want to take your ice fishing one step further and you need a reliable and durable ice auger bit to help you cut through the ice, this model should not be ignored before you make your final decision.

The item features quality materials that will help even seasoned anglers cover their needs for a long time.

The blades were designed in such a way to help you cut smoothly and easily, which improves the drilling experience significantly.

Moreover, the blades are replaceable; therefore, when it feels like they no longer do their job properly, you can easily go for new ones.

The unit is compact and lightweight as it weighs only 16 pounds and measures 8 x 8 x 40 inches, which means it ensures easy storage and transportation.

The product can be employed not only for ice fishing but also for scientific research and other activities.


The Honda engine this ice auger bit is used with takes some time to warm up, as one buyer mentions in an online review.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


With winter just around the corner, many anglers interested in ice fishing are on the lookout for new, upgraded gear. If you’re among them, you probably know that there is no more capable tool when it comes to drilling through the ice than an ice auger.

The market now offers a rich variety of affordable ice augers you can choose from yet finding the right one for your needs might be a bit confusing and time-consuming if you’re new to this.

To simplify your decision-making process, we have highlighted below some of the features that require consideration before buying. Reading a drill ice auger review will also help you know how a certain unit works in real life.



Types of ice augers

Choosing the right ice auger depends on a variety of factors from the ice thickness in the area of your interest to the fishing conditions and the effort you’re willing to put into this activity. You can thus go for a manual, gas, or electric ice auger.

If you intend to fish in an area where the ice is thin and you engage in fishing just now and then, a manual ice auger might cater to your needs. Such items are operated solely by hand, which means that they require more effort, though. Still, they are cleaner since there is no gas, oil, or battery involved, they are economical, quieter as well as lightweight.

In case you plan to engage in more serious ice fishing and thus need more power, you could opt for a gas ice auger. Such models are fast and work even through very thick ice. However, they are loud and not environmentally-friendly. Plus, the fuel might freeze in extremely cold conditions.

The third option is the electric ice auger, a common choice among anglers thanks to its exhaust-free operation and ease of use. Electric models are quiet and produce no fumes, so you can employ them without feeling guilty about polluting the air.

Moreover, newer models are lightweight, which reduces arm and shoulder fatigue. The only downside when it comes to electric ice augers is if the battery runs down and there is no power source available.


Blade size and type

Ice augers are further divided into different types depending on the blades they come with. You will find different models here as well. Shaving blades feature smoother edges and are appreciated for cutting through the ice quickly and accurately and for being easier to control.

Chipper blades, as the name suggests, are designed to cut and chop through the ice. That’s why they come with jagged teeth. The way the blades cut through the ice is not the only aspect to consider, though. Think of their size, too. They range from 4 inches to 10 inches and even more when it comes to their diameter. Consider the fish you want to catch and choose accordingly.


Materials, weight, and accessories

The weight of the ice auger you use is another factor you need to pay attention to. If you need to trek to your ice fishing destination, then a lightweight model is desirable. Manual ice augers are ideal in this case yet some of the newer electric ice augers weigh as little as 20 pounds. Gas ice augers are the heaviest.

Still, a lightweight build usually means less or no power as is the case with manual models. If your ice fishing needs require more power, then going for a heavier yet more powerful unit is recommended.

Don’t forget to consider the materials used for the unit you’re interested in. Ice fishing requires durable tools; therefore, avoid cheap ice augers that might break easily when used heavily or in extremely cold conditions.




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