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5 Reasons Why You Need A Fish Finder When Ice Fishing

Last Updated: 27.01.23


If you have ever used a fish finder during your fishing trips, you know very well what a world of difference such a device can make when you need to find the best fishing spots and observe the movement of fish schools. However, for ice fishing, you might need an ice fishing fish finder because there are specific characteristics this type of unit has that cannot be seen in regular models.

First of all, such units are portable, and they don’t have to be mounted on a boat. Secondly, they are designed to deal with the extreme temperatures and conditions associated with ice fishing. In case you are wondering why you would need a fish finder when ice fishing, here are some strong reasons to help you decide to purchase one.


You will find the best spots for drilling your holes

A fish finder created for ice fishing is not that different in scope and design when compared to a regular model. It usually comes with a more powerful transducer since it needs to see what lies in the cold water underneath the ice sheet. To give you an idea about how such a tool is used, here are some guidelines.

For your ice fishing fish finder, you will have to drill a separate hole from the one you will use to fish. Actually, experts recommend drilling several holes for this purpose, as you may want to move the fish finder around until it can get accurate readings. This should be the preparation stage when you observe what happens under the ice sheet with the help of the fish finder.

By using different holes for the fish finder than the one you will use for the actual fishing, you make sure that you don’t disturb the fish. Also, using this strategy will help you notice the movements of fish under the ice.

In the end, that’s the most crucial purpose of a fish finder: to help you locate those areas that are the richest in fish. Even if there is a thick sheet of ice between you and the fish, you can still identify where they are with the help of a powerful transducer, as indicated earlier. A model designed for ice fishing will also come with a display and other conveniences so that you can use it with ease.


You will be able to find where the fish are with increased accuracy

Fish can be a type of prey that is more challenging to catch than others because you can’t see it directly – which is all the more true for ice fishing – and also because it moves a lot. Water temperature changes, currents, and other things can tremendously influence the movement of the schools of fish, which can make fishing a challenging activity.

This is where having a fish finder can make a significant difference. Models created for ice fishing come with temperature sensors so that when you lower the unit into the water through the holes you dug for it, they can interpret what is going on under the ice. A good quality ice fishing fish finder will react to the changes in temperature and show you where it is more likely that the fish goes when that happens.

With such a unit, you map the environment that lies under your feet and the sheet of ice, and you will have a clear idea about what is going on there. You wouldn’t know such information without a fish finder, which is why more and more fishers today don’t want to leave home without their trustworthy fish finder.

Don’t forget that ice fishing is much more demanding an activity compared to traditional fishing. There is no possibility for you to observe what lies under the surface with the naked eye, so you will have to depend on what the unit can tell you. Without a doubt, such a device will work much better than your intuition.


You will be able to catch the type of fish you want

There is a wealth of information a fish finder offers, which will be the foundation of your fishing strategy. For instance, let’s say that you’re interested in catching a particular fish species. The fish finder will give you information on the water temperature, which will help you establish if the species you target could be present there.

It is well known that various fish species prefer different water temperatures, and that’s a valid point for ice fishing, all the same. Also, the temperature values are not the only useful information when building your strategy for catching fish. The fish finder will also offer you details on the size of the fish that moves under the ice.

Since you may be after some trophy fish or simply want to catch fish that is large enough to provide satisfaction, this kind of info is what you need, and the fish finder will be able to give you. At first, it may feel like the display of your fish finder is some kind of puzzle that you need to figure out, but that’s easy to learn by using the instructions offered by the manufacturer.

When shopping for a fish finder, besides establishing whether it is suitable for ice fishing or not, you will need to check the features. If the unit is capable of giving you information to help you identify the type and size of fish that lurks under your feet, that’s a winner, and you should go for it.


You will receive up to date information all the time

No matter how seasoned an angler might be, he or she must use a combination of past information, experience, and intuition to identify where the fish might be. There is no such guessing work when you’re using a fish finder. You will know, all the time, what happens under the sheet of ice, what kind of fish is there, and if it’s there or not anymore.

A fish finder is a sophisticated device that gives you a lot of details on the way the waters beneath look. You even get information on the bottom of the body of water, with all its structures, soil types, and possible hiding places all the time. While some elements don’t change that easily, others, like water temperature and currents do.

Plus, let’s not forget that fish schools are always on the move. Their exact location is not something even the most experienced anglers could give you. That’s where the fish finder comes into play and helps you identify where the most fish is, without a doubt. Following the information provided by your fish finder, you are more likely to make your fishing trip successful than when using nothing but your instinct and luck.


You will be able to save a lot of time using modern technology

A fish finder is many things, including a GPS, a map, and a screen on which you can read the information provided. While some people might worry that using the means of modern technology in this manner could be considered cheating, if you’re not enlisted in a competition, there is no reason to think that way.

A lot of anglers today use fishing as a means to unwind and spend a few days away from the madding crowd. If they manage to catch something, they get a sense of fulfillment that might not be easy to achieve in everyday life. When you put a fish finder to work, you can save time and catch something before going back home.

Modern devices come with a plethora of features. You will be able to examine your surroundings in ways that have never been possible before. You will know where the fish schools are, and where it would be the most indicated place for drilling your ice hole to start fishing.

Also, when you need to select what type of fish to go for, the device will tell you what you will find around. Taking decisions fast is something that any passionate angler can appreciate being able to do. Imagine that you have only a couple of days to spend ice fishing, and you end up spending most of the time searching for fish in the blind. A fish finder can make the difference between wasting your time and spending your vacation in the most fruitful way possible.



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