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6 Best Freshwater Fishing Destinations in the United States

Last Updated: 23.09.23

If you enjoy fishing in fresh waters, chances are that you’ve been looking for the best freshwater fishing spots near you. If this is the case, you should be happy to find out that we’ve decided to help you out. Because we know that these spots are not particularly easy to locate, we’ve done the legwork on your behalf.

Subsequently, we have put together a list of freshwater fishing destinations that we believe are worthy of your attention. So, don’t waste any more time, start reading and select the location that you consider that it suits you best! There are plenty of suggestions that you are prone to like!


The Alaska area

As pro fishermen and women know too well, one of the places to go freshwater fishing is the Alaska area. If you come here with fishing on your mind, we recommend that you check out the Kenai Peninsula and the South Central Alaska area.

In the Kenai Peninsula is well regarded as a serene place for any family vacation. As a plus, the Kenai River is said to be rich in salmon that reaches up to 40-50 pounds. Meanwhile, the latter area is the place to go whenever you want to experiment. This is the spot where one can find rivers suitable for fishing that are filled with no less than five types of salmon as well as trout, grayling and dolly varden.



If you are interested in fishing for bass, we recommend that you give the Florida state a chance. Here you can find Lake County, Kissimmee, and the Orlando region, all places where angling for largemouth bass is effortless.

The main attraction in this area has to be the Kissimmee lakes that are abundant in bass fish that weighs more than 10 pounds. As a plus, the place is at just one hour away from the Walt Disney World. Thus, you can organize a family trip that is bound to make both you and your kids happy!

Similarly, Lake Okeechobee is also a point of interest for those that enjoy fishing largemouth bass. To be the proud catcher of a 10-pound fish, it is suggested that you bring with you your best artificial lures.

What is more, some of the best freshwater fishing spots in Miami include Everglades National Park, Sunny Isles Beach, the Art Deco District and Pelican Harbor Marina.



Another state that is worthy of your attention is Kentucky. This is the place where the Kentucky Lake is located. This body of water stands out thanks to its exceptional crappie fishery that all proficient fishermen talk about. With a little bit of luck, if you come here you’ll be able to catch crappies that are 1.5 pounds.  Also, the lake is filled with bass.

Another lake that you should have your eyes on is Lake Cumberland. Here you can aim for strip bass that weighs between 5 to 15 pounds as well as for trout, crappie, sauger, walleye, and bluegill.

If you are in the Kentucky area in May or in June, go ahead and take a trip to Lake Barkley, as this is a great moment to catch some sizeable bass.  What is more, this location is also well known for its spring crappie season.



Another place that all fishermen should feel heavenly in is Michigan. If you are planning a trip in the state’s Upper Peninsula, give the Bays de Noc area a good look. Here you can find beautiful beaches, great food as well as the opportunity of catching trophy-sized walleye in the fall season. Also, here is the place for anglers that like fishing bass, pike, and crappie.

Also known as the largest inland lake in Michigan, Lake Gogebic should also make it to your list. The lake has no less than 13,000 acres, and it provides its visitors with plenty of chances to catch their dream fish. The lake is populated with smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, and perch. If you want to make the task of finding fish easier, specialists suggest that one uses gadgets to locate fish conglomerates.

In the Lower Peninsula, the place that you should visit is, of course, Lake Michigan. This lake is the ideal location to fish for salmon and trout. Additionally, you might be interested to know that this lake is the sixth largest lake in the world.  Consequently, there is plenty of bass, trout, salmon, and walleye that you can catch here.


Rhode Island

If you are a resident of Rhode Island, chances are that you already know about the lakes and ponds that one can visit in in the area. Most of these bodies of fresh water provide Rhode Island residents with ample spare time possibilities including fishing.

According to the specialists, the best freshwater fishing spots in Rhode Island are Johnson’s Pond and the Scituate Reservoir. Usually, these lakes and ponds are small, as most of them are less than 50 acres. In fact, many of these bodies of water are man-made by damming different rivers and/or streams.


Last but not least, we feel like it is important that we talk about Lake Fork reservoir in Texas. This lake stands out because it contains a lot of different types of fish including perch, different kinds of bass, bream, white bass and channel catfish.

Nonetheless, Lake Fork is well known for being a great location to fish for bass. Still, because the water here is crystal clear, it is advisable that you bring small, natural-colored lures or, if you want to, live bait.


Additional information that you should consider

Before we finish this article, we feel like it is essential that we remind you that before you make future arrangements, you go online and check the requirements in order to obtain a legal fishing license. To get one, you should be over 16.

What is more, you should know that, depending on the state, there are different fishing regulations that restrict fishing and that you should know about. To obtain more info on the topic, it might be best that you go online on various fishing forums and read what other fishermen had to say on the matter.

Also, we recommend that you always go to a fishing spot prepared. By this, we mean that you should do some research in advance to find out what kind of rod you should use as well as what kind of bait you should bring with you.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that this article does not intend to cover all the freshwater fishing destination out there. Instead, this is a selection of well-regarded places that we believe you might be interested in reading about when planning your next fishing expedition.

More info on this subject can be found online by reading other guides and blog entries written by fishing enthusiasts. Accommodation and guidance can be found at just one click away! So, don’t waste any more time, keep reading and plan your dream fishing adventure!



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