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7 Best Shark Fishing Spots in the U.S.

Last Updated: 12.07.24

What can equal in excitement and challenge fishing for a shark in dangerous waters? Any seasoned angler can tell you that there is no more thrilling adventure than trying to get a hold of such a fish. In the US, there are many interesting places where you can head over and hunt down sharks. If you want to know more about the best shark fishing spots in the U.S., check out the following list of destinations.


Florida – Home to a large variety of shark

Not all sharks are the same, and if you are passionate about catching various specimens, you will certainly want to head over to Florida, one of the most beautiful locations for catching this type of fish. Anglers here can tell you that you may never suspect what kind of shark you are going to catch, and that is part of the excitement.

In Florida, you will find the largest number of sharks, which is why many fishers come here, in the hope that they will manage to catch at least one. The large variety thriving here makes this place unique in the US, and a prime destination for shark fishing.

Another thing that makes anglers so thrilled with shark fishing in Florida is that you can just engage in fishing adventures all along the coast. There is no such thing as a sweet spot, as sharks can be found anywhere. It all depends, however, on whether sharks can find food in a particular area. Sharks tend to move about as the seasons change, so some knowledge on the matter may help.

A vast coastline, along with a high population of sharks, makes Florida the top American destination for shark fishing. Not only does Florida have the largest shark population of any state in the country, but it also holds a broad range of shark species, so you never know what kind of shark you might catch.


The Atlantic Coast – Shore fishing and hot spots

While Florida offers the best opportunities for shark fishing almost anywhere, some fishermen suggest that you should better try the Atlantic Coast. Here, you will find many other shark anglers that share the same passion as you. An interesting fact about the Atlantic Coast area is that it allows you to shore fishing, which is an excitement in itself.

If you want to find the best locations, it serves to do a bit of research in advance. The way sharks move will tell you where they are going to be the most numerous.


Texas – Plenty of coastline for shark fishing

Where to fish for shark in the U.S.? If you have been wondering this for a while, now it is the right time for getting some answers. It is safe to say that Florida should be your number one destination for shark fishing, but it serves to know that the Lone Star State is just as good a location for hunting down sharks.

There are plenty of sharks in the area, and Texas has a significant portion of coastline you should consider for such activities. The best part about Texas is that everything here is bigger, and the same rule applies to sharks, too. You will have a real chance of catching a huge specimen, provided that you will be able to fight it.

In case you are wondering what destinations in Texas are the best for fishing shark, you should know that locals swear by Galveston and South Padre Island. However, bear in mind that sharks tend to change their feeding grounds, based on how much abundance they can find.


New Jersey – When sharks migrate

In case you are interested in shark fishing during summer, you will find New Jersey to be an excellent place for this kind of activity. Be aware that the season is very short, so you will have a small window of opportunity to catch shark here.

What happens that makes New Jersey a hot destination for shark fishing is that the waters in the southern area of the Atlantic Ocean heat up, and that is when the sharks start migrating up north. Sharks prefer the cooler waters bathing the coast of New Jersey, and that is when you will find them here in large numbers.

Travel to New Jersey at the beginning of summer, and no later than July. That is when you will find enough sharks to fish here. As mentioned earlier, this would be the only occasion you will get.


North Carolina – The best spot on the east coast

In case you’re interested in finding another hot spot on the east coast, the best recommendation is to go to North Caroline. At Cape Point, the name given to the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, you will find it easy to fish for shark. The sandbars make the place an optimal location for shark fishing, and many anglers prefer it for this reason.

During summer, fishers come here hoping to catch a shark or two. The peak season stretches as long as summer goes, as it begins in July and ends in the final days of August. Night fishing is the most recommended, and anglers usually set up a few hours before dark falls.

Make sure to bring the right equipment with you. Sharks are packed with muscles, and they are known to never go down without struggling. High-quality equipment will make the difference between a successful fishing adventure and failure.

South Carolina – The record that shook the world

Both North and South Carolina are famous for shark fishing. So South Carolina could not have been amiss from our list. For many decades now, shark fishing has been quite a thing in South Carolina, where fishing off the pier is typical.

One of the most important moments in the history of shark fishing in the area happened in the summer of 1964 when an angler by the name of Walter Maxwell managed to pull out of the water a tiger shark weighing no less than 1,780 pounds.

While that broke all records for big game fishing, it also acted as a warning. Banning shark fishing when done in populated areas with tourists followed, as a result.


California – Heading over to the West Coast

Let’s not forget California, when making a list with all the hot spots for shark fishing in the US. Due to its extensive coastline, California is ideal for catching sharks, and you will find plenty of room to indulge in such activities.

The large population of sharks that can be found here is an argument in itself for advertising California as the number one spot for fishing this type of big game, on the West Coast. Head over to San Diego, if you want to make sure that you will catch a nice looking shark.

Do not neglect Los Angeles, either, as there are plenty of sharks to catch here. However, San Francisco should be on your list, as well. This represents one of the best locations in northern California for shark fishing.




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Where can I go and fish for sharks?? In South Carolina

Fisher Pants

June 23, 2019 at 5:54 am

Try Beaufort and Hilton Head, Jessica.