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8 Best Freshwater Fishing Locations

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Freshwater fishing is exciting in its own way, and, as long as you combine your adventure with visiting a magnificent place where you get to enjoy beautiful landscapes and amazing flora and fauna, you will know you hit the jackpot. Here is a short list of the best freshwater fishing spots in the whole wide world. No matter which one you pick for your next fishing adventure, you will not be disappointed.


Amazon River – home to the largest peacock bass

Brazil is a fascinating country, renowned worldwide for its particular ecosystem. The heart of the country is the Amazon River, a place rich in aquatic life that is unequal across the globe. Arapaima is a fish species that occupy second place on a top of the largest freshwater fish.

As you may well expect, there are plenty of exotic fish here, and that is why so many anglers jot down the Amazon River as one of the top destinations for saltwater fishing. Peacock bass is at home here, and you may have a real chance at catching one if you pick your time right. This you will find the largest specimens of the species, although the fish is popular to the entire South America.

Make sure you bring the right equipment with you. The high energetic fish swimming in these waters are not exactly easy to catch, which is why this fantastic spot is mostly recommended to seasoned anglers.


Chalk Streams – the perfect spot for bank fishing

The fertile lands surrounding the Chalk Streams represent the ideal place for a low-key vacation, but this is not the only thing they are well known for. Here, in the heart of England, you will find the perfect spot for bank fishing.

Atlantic salmon, sea lamprey, and brook lamprey are just a few of the species of fish that swim in these waters. River Avon should be on top of your list for these particular species, and one of the most visited of the Chalk Streams.

Another one is the River Itchen, where brown trout are aplenty. Using a medium size rod is possible, and casting your line from the shoreline will not put you in any difficulty. The numerous streams offer incredible fishing opportunities in the area.


South Platte River – an American destination

These waters are so rich in fish that it is said that each mile of this river passing through Colorado, USA, has at least several thousand fish waiting to be caught. The river is known as an excellent location for catching rainbow and brown trout, and it is not out of the ordinary to pull a trophy fish out of these waters.

You can go kayaking here, as the location not only allows it but encourages such activities. Fly-fishing is much loved here and all through the summer, from early spring to late fall, you will be able to enjoy the fishing season.

Various species of trout are abundant in this area. There are many vacationing opportunities, too, which means that you will be able to fish to your heart’s content.


Frying Pan River – excellent for fly fishing

Another Colorado destination makes it to our shortlist. This one is called the Frying Pan River, and its name seems to be destined for anglers looking for a bigger fish to fry, so to speak. Many of the fish you will be able to catch here can reach and even go over 10 pounds, so getting a trophy specimen during your American fishing adventure is not impossible.

Bear in mind that there are portions of the river, where ‘catch and release’ rules are in place. The number one reason why these waters are so rich in fish is that there are spawning areas favored by fish all along the river. To keep the fish population away from the risk of overfishing, the local authorities created such rules.


Lake Okeechobee – The Big O

Florida is known as an excellent fishing destination, and one of the reasons why so many people think so is this particular spot. One of the best freshwater fishing locations in the US, and even in the entire world, this lake is the seventh largest in the US.

Crappie is at home here, as is the largemouth bass. However, you must remember that you are not allowed to take home with you the fish you catch. The ‘catch and release’ rules around here are very strict. You can only take out of the water for good one bass, and that specimen must have over 22 inches.

Freshwater drum is abundant, too. You can catch large specimens in these waters. The locals call this species sheepshead fish, so don’t be alarmed if they refer to it in this manner.


Lake Jindabyne – Australia’s richest trout waters

The freshwater world of this lake is amazing, to say the least. The waters are home to many various species, such as Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, and brown trout, to name the most important species you can catch here. The lake is alimented by numerous rivers, hence the vibrant ecosystem.

Bait and fly fishing is a popular activity in summer, and if you prefer fishing at night, you will be surprised with how active fish can be here. Later afternoon and in the evening, the fish prefer to travel inshore, making it easier for you to catch it.

It is more than recommended to travel here with the entire family, since there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, such as picnicking and boating.

Breede River – A peaceful spot

If you ever travel to South Africa, don’t overlook the Breede River as a top location for fishing. While you may expect hippos and crocodiles, this is an area where no such animals dwell. This low-key location is ideal for people who enjoy a more relaxing vacation.

Here you will find various fish, like spotted grunter, Garrick, and kabeljou. If you are after a trophy fish, you have a real chance at pulling a giant Kob out of the water. The largest specimens have up to 130 pounds, so that is something to look forward to.

Be aware of the local ‘catch and release’ policy. Since giant Kobs are an endangered species, you will have to release the fish you catch back into the water. Live bait works best with this type of fish, in case you’re wondering what they like best.


Pantabangan Lake – Bass fishing competitions

The Philippines are a unique place on earth. With their over 7,000 islands, the area offers a plethora of fishing opportunities, and the Pantabangan Lake is one of them. Fishing as a sport is currently gaining in popularity in the area, and there are even bass fishing competitions organized here.

Local anglers, as well as tourists with a passion for casting a line, will find here a fantastic spot for indulging in their favorite activity. This lake is famous for its clean waters, and it is larger than many other lakes in the entire Southeast Asia.

The largemouth bass is at home here, although not native, and you will have a good chance at catching a medium-sized fish with minimum effort. You can rent motorized boats for fishing, and the best piece of advice is to head over to the lake first thing in the morning.



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February 11, 2020 at 11:37 pm

Fraser River White Sturgeon in Mission, British Columbia. A truly world renowned fishing mecca for giant prehistoric river monsters! Maybe you need to come here and hop on one of our Sturgeon charters to find out just how good it really is!

Fisher Pants

February 12, 2020 at 8:18 am

Hi Brian. Thank you so much for your input!