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8 Best Places to Fish in Arizona

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Arizona is known as a beautiful area that is rich in lakes and rivers, the reason why many prefer it as the ideal place to go on a fishing expedition, no matter whether one is a novice or a pro at this sport. Even more so, this state is regarded as a place with eye-catching views and overall as a great location for a family vacation.

Since we know just how excited you are when thinking about your following fishing adventure, we’ve decided to help you out by creating a list of places where one can do the best fishing in Arizona. So, don’t waste any more time, start reading and make your pick accordingly!

The Roosevelt Lake

If you are a fan of bass catching, this lake is the place for you. Situated in the Tonto National Forest, lake Roosevelt has an impressive size of no less than 20,000 acres, and it is the home of an abundant bass population that lives on the rich forage. In fact, while fishing here, you’ll be able to catch striped bass, white bass, and even catfish.

What is more, if you dare to make your way to the place where the Tonto Creek merges with the lake, you’ll even have the chance to angle for some largemouth bass. No matter how you decide to go about it, we are certain that you’ll enjoy the experience as well as the possibility of grasping the serene surroundings.


Lake Havasu (State Park)

This lake is actually situated in the Lake Havasu City, and it is said to be the place to go if you want to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. Lake Havasu has approximately 450 miles of shoreline where you can set your rod. Other fish that you might catch here are catfish, striped bass, and various sunfishes.

The main reason many avid fishermen come to Lake Havasu City has to do with the fact that here, a 4 to 5-pound catch (largemouth bass) is quite common. So, if you’ve been wanting to beat your personal record, come here and try for yourself!


Lees Ferry

One of the locations that could easily be called the best trout fishing in Arizona has to be Lees Ferry. This location is particularly liked by those that love fly fishing and are looking to catch some sizeable trout (18 to 22 inches).

You can come here in the spring season when the water is clear, and the scenery is easy on the eye. As a plus, if you settle for this location, you should make use of the possibility of renting a boat and learning how to drive it in the calm, deep blue waters.


Lake Mead

Another place that you should simply not miss is Lake Mead. With no less than 700 miles of shorelines, this body of water is said to be the largest reservoir in the U.S.A. Once here, you’ll be able to try your luck at catching channel catfish, largemouth bass, crappie, striped bass, or bluegill.

This lake has tranquil waters, and it is usually preferred by those that are looking for a calm, serene place where they can enjoy their hobby in a quiet place where nobody can distract them.  Additionally, if you are having a good day, you might be one of the few that manages to catch a bass that weighs over 40 pounds. So, make sure that you bring your best gear with you.


Lake Pleasant

If you live in the Phoenix area, you’ve probably heard of Lake Pleasant. Thanks to its sizeable reservoir, this lake is ideal for boating and catching bass, tilapia, and catfish. However, if you don’t own a boat, you should know that you can also fish from the lake’s 116 miles shoreline that stays at your disposal.

Another aspect that you should know is the fact that this body of water is a fishery for largemouth bass and the only place where a white bass population lives. Still, before you make any arrangements, we recommend that you go ahead and check the weather conditions. Moreover, keep in mind that the best fishing that you’ll be able to do here is at down.


Big Lake

One of the best fishing places in Arizona, the Big Lake is located in the White Mountains, in North-Eastern Arizona. The lake is mostly frequented in the spring when the opportunities of catching trout are increased. Nevertheless, here you can also catch a variety of trout species including rainbow, cutthroat, and brook.   

This is one of the highest places where one can fish in, while in Arizona (9,200 feet high), thus, the experience is bound to be memorable. If you want to spend several days here, specialists recommend that you rent a place from one of the many campgrounds you can find here. Also, if you like boating, the locals will be more than happy to rent you a unit so that you can venture on the lake.

In case you wonder about the cost of Arizona fishing license, don’t have to worry about it, as you’ll be able to purchase one from the stores near the lake. Here you can also obtain additional gear and baits.


Dogtown Lake

If you have a taste for adventure, we recommend that you try out the Dogtown Lake. This place is perfect for fishing trout, especially during the fall. Also, the lake is rich in crappie and catfish.

Still, the main advantage of the location is that fact that it offers its visitors the possibility of venturing on hikes, mountain biking, and kayaking. The area has breathtaking landscapes, and it is perfect for a family vacation away from the noisy city.

Riggs Flat Lake

Last but not least, Riggs Flat Lake is another place that you should have in mind when thinking about fishing in Arizona. This lake is also located in the mountains at an altitude of 9,000 feet, a reason why you might favor it.

The location is sublime, and the lake is filled with trout. If you own a boat, you can use it on the lake and take short fishing trips. However, most fishermen that come here prefer to fish from the shoreline. If you like spending time alone in nature admiring its beauty, chances are that this is the place for you.


Additional information

We feel like it is crucial that we point out that all those thinking about taking a fishing trip in this state should get acquainted with the Arizona fishing regulations. To do so, we recommend that one visits the official sites that can offer specific info on the topic.

Additionally, before you go fishing, it is advisable that you do your homework and that you find out what kind of gear/baits you should take with you while fishing in a specific area. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t come home empty-handed.

For more info on the subject, go online and search for socialized forums where previous anglers recount their experience of fishing in a particular lake/river. Also, specialized blog entries might also turn out to be useful.



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