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Best All Around Fishing Boat

Last Updated: 23.09.23

All around fishing boats – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Fishing could prove one of the most relaxing hobbies if you know exactly how to make it worth your while. Success on the lake or on the river mainly depends on the hour you tend to wake up and come on the water, as well as the fishing gear required. If you are looking for an all-around fishing boat to perfectly fit all your fishing requirements, you have come to the right place. We know your time and precious and probably you won’t get to spend as much time as you would want to pick the right accessories to complete your hobby.So, after going through many fishing boat reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Intex Seahawk 4 is the perfect option because it can accommodate up to four full grownups, it comes with included oar holders and welded oarlocks, and its sturdy construction resists corrosion, impacts, and abrasion. If the Intex Seahawk 4 is not available for purchase, the second best option on the market is the Intex Mariner 4.



3 Best All Around Fishing Boats (Reviews) in 2023


Since finding the right all around boat could prove a difficult task, we have put together a list of the three most useful and adequate boats we could think of. Check them out and decide on your own.



1. Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Set with Oars + Inflator


Just like the name suggests, this inflatable boat from Intex can accommodate easily up to four adults. It is specifically designed for recreational boating or fishing on the lakes, all-year round.

What we like the most about this boat is that its super-tough PVC vinyl construction will last you a long time from now on and will prevent trails of abrasion, impacts, or puncture. In other words, you can use the boat in almost all weather conditions as it resists high humidity and high temperatures just well.

The two air chambers provide extra safety and don’t allow the air to blow out when one of the rooms is damaged. In addition, the front and rear inflatable cushions will provide maximum support, comfort, and safety while fishing or recreating on a lake.

The Seahawk 4 also includes some welded oarlocks and oars for easy paddling. Most of the customers who purchased the product were extremely pleased with their acquisition, praising the top quality of the product, its sturdiness, and affordable price.

So, if this is one of your first boats or you just recently caught the “fishing flu” we suggest opting for this inflatable boat.

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2. Intex Mariner  4-Person Inflatable Boat Set


This inflatable raft is large enough to accommodate up to four persons, having large dimension and plenty of storage room as well. The maximum weight limit of this raft is 880 pounds, we do suggest not exceeding or approaching this value nearly as it may limit your floating capacities.

The product was made using tough laminated vinyl that can easily resist and fight against UV rays, impact, abrasion, excessive debris, and other natural causes.  The floor is made from heavy-duty extruded plastic to allow both comfort and rigidity, but also enough space for moving around.

This boat is also equipped with quick-fill and fast-deflate valves that can help you set up the product in a matter of minutes or, on the contrary, deflate it easily and be ready to move.  The grabbing handles can be found on each end of the boat and enable easy carrying and improved sustainability for passengers.

Last but not least, if you order this inflatable all around fish boat you will also receive some inflatable seats for added comfort and style, a patch repair kit for emergency situations, a pair of aluminum oars, a hand pump, and an instruction manual.

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3. Excursion 5 Boat Set with Aluminium Oars and Pump


Just like the name suggests, the Excursion 5 was specifically designed to provide shelter for up to five grownups. The Boston valves located on the two main hull chambers will allow for quick inflation and fast deflation, in just a matter of minutes.

This boat is perfect for those who want to explore nature’s surroundings and enjoy a small fishing game on a beautiful, peaceful, and calm lake. The inflatable boat is ready for plenty of expeditions so make sure to keep in good shape.

What we like about this product is its generous size that can allow bringing your close friends and family members on your next fishing trip, as well as the convenient selling price. Basically, for under $150, you will receive a sturdy and easily inflatable boat which will last you a long time from now on and help you fish appropriately.

The sold set contains the boat, pumps, and oars. Even though the boat is large enough to provide plenty of storage space for your fish catch and fishing tools, you could still improve this and transform into an item that best suits your fishing and relaxation skills.  

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Buying guide


If you’ve  decided to purchase the best all around fishing boat, you should pay attention to some crucial features. First of all, we highly recommend you to go through online fishing boat reviews and see how other customers feel about certain products available for sale. You may be surprised to find out that the reviews you read are extremely helpful and will provide you with plenty of insights you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

From our perspective, we believe that the best fishing boat for you should have the following characteristics.

Perfect size

When it comes to the size and the maximum number of people one boat can take, it is really only about personal preferences. While some enjoy spending their afternoons on the lake with their single-person kayaks, others wouldn’t even dream about a fishing trip without their best friend, companion, or a close family member.

If you want to make sure you are going to fish, we suggest opting for a two-person inflatable boat. This will help you bring your best friend with you but still have enough silence to actually catch a fish.

On the contrary, if it’s more about the trip and spending quality time with your closest ones, four or six-person inflatable boats are the best options. Just don’t expect coming back home with the catch of the day because all you will probably do is drink a couple of beers, speak loudly, and scare off the fish.


Sturdy construction

Another important feature to look after in a good all around fishing boat is the overall construction. We suggest opting for PVC reinforced materials as they are sturdy, resistant, and durable. Keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity of the boat should not be exceeded unless you want all of you to fall in the water or not be able to move it from the shore.

It is best to leave enough room on the boat for all your fishing tools, life safety jackets, as well as the captured fish or any other essentials you may need. A lightweight boat is always easier to handle than one that is fully loaded and packed.

Apart from the reinforced floors and sturdy construction, if you want to enjoy your boat for a prolonged period of time, you have to look for durable items also. This means they have to stand against corrosion, direct sunlight exposure, salt, punctuation and any debris or rocks you might encounter. Also, never use a boat for another purpose than the one strictly mentioned on it – in other words, don’t try to use a regular lake boat on rapid waters and high debit rivers.




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