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Best Baitcasting Rods under $100

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Cheap baitcasting rod under $100 – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to save time, this paragraph will tell you all you need to know about the best baitcasting rod under 100 $ on the market. Baitcasting rods have been around for some time. They are classic fishing tools, with a simple mechanism and fitted for those who enjoy spending their time with their friends, fishing. After researching through many offers and products available for sale, we have reached the conclusion that the best baitcasting rod under 100 $ is the Rippin Lips Super Cat because it is a strongly built item, that will ensure resistance even when submitted to increased pressure. It is made using high quality components which add to the overall endurance of the product. In addition, the split grip design is very useful for bump casting. However, if this product is out of stock, you can safely consider the Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod as a second best option.



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3 Best Cheap Baitcasting Rod under $100 (Reviews) in 2023


To provide you with a complete fishing rod guide, we have also chosen three products, that we have noticed are present in the best baitcasting rod reviews available online, and that are equipped with features suited for all fishing conditions and species.



1. Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip


1.Rippin Lips Super CatWhen you first set your eyes on this product, you can see the quality of its material and components. The rod is 7-feet long, thus it can handle most fishing situations.

It is fitted with a synthetic split grip, for better weight distribution and so that you are able to get hold of your rod with both hands when the fish bites.

Built with S-glass (a newer variation of fiberglass), a material especially designed for fishing rods, this item offers great durability and resistance, being twice as strong as the more commonly encountered E-glass. You won’t be able to miss the quality of the 8+1 guides, chrome plated and epoxy finished to resist water damage.

The increased number of guides will ensure the perfect positioning of your line, while their glowing-in-the-dark property will enable you to spot any movement and vibration even in the dark.


The product uses great materials for the construction, and that will show in the overall performance. The S-glass, with nearly twice as much modulus, compared to regular E-glass and provides more strength, smoothness, and sensitivity than its counterpart.

It’s a super-strong item. You wished all of your fishing gear had as much strength and durability since pulling over 40 pounds is not a challenge for the rod.

The product is well designed, it has several great features that make it stand out. The strong chrome-plated stainless steel guides with epoxy coated wraps and the glow tips that allow nighttime visibility are worth noticing.

For comfortable use and a good balance during the fish fight, the rod is provided with EVA split grip that allows under-arm fit.


Since you’ll be using a catfish fighter, you might have a hard time feeling the bites of smaller fish. It is advised to use a bait clicker.

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2. Abu Garcia Revo S Left Low Profile Reel


2.Abu Garcia VengeanceIf you are looking for a 7 feet rod, rigged out with a split grip, but at a small price, you can trust the Abu vengeance item to do its job perfectly.The split grip is made out of a synthetic material, and the rear handle has a short length, offering a smaller holding surface.

However, this baitcasting rod is configured to be medium-heavy/heavy power, so it is suited for bigger species. That is when the front grip comes into the picture, allowing you to firmly hold the rod while fighting to land the fish and not letting it escape back into the water.

The rod is flexible, as it has graphite as its main component – the most practical material to use when you need good bending capabilities in a fishing rod, completed by an ultra-light structure. To prevent corrosion, the rod, as well as all the other elements are aluminum coated.


It has good construction material. The 24-ton graphite guarantees a lightweight product and a good balance.

It is a helpful rod when you set your mind to use braided line. To counter any possible problems, the guides with which it is equipped are zirconium coated.

Because As a result of the fact that it is well balanced and equipped with a sensitive tip, the rig does a great job for casting smaller, lighter baits as well as heavy baits.

The handle uses high-density EVA that makes the product more durable and ensures a comfortable use.

The Abu Garcia Vengeance has a texas-rigged hook keeper which is useful for all bait applications.


The lightweight and nice balance of the graphite construction are contrasted by the slight risk of coming across frailty issues.

Packaging and shipping are less reliable and could cause damage for some of the products.

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3. Falcon Rods Coastal Casting Rod


3.Falcon Rods Coastal Casting RodThis is one of the best products on the market in this price range. The graphite structure offers many advantages and possibilities: excellent flexibility, power and resistance, therefore  you can use it to catch a great variety of species, without worrying that the product might break.

Due to the superior length of the rod of 7.6 feet, you can use it for coastal fishing, the item being capable of casting great distances with minimum effort, securing better chances for a great catch.

The rod is fitted with quality Fuji finished guides, that won’t break, corrode or bend easily. It uses the Double Flex technology finishes, to prevent damage even in saltwater.

You will appreciate the long natural cork handle that makes this already light structured item seem feathery, and that will offer you exceptional control, and non-slip qualities, for the situations when your hands are wet.


The graphite blank has both the sensitivity that’s required for baitcasting and the powerful pull capacity that makes it an asset in battling large fish. Owners have repeatedly praised its capacity to cope with large fish.  

The Fuji guides are a special mark on this fishing pole since the leading component manufacturer is one of the first to inspire and redesign the use of guides. Original Fuji components are also quite expensive.

The natural cork handle that gives it comfort and stability is yet another proof that all efforts were made to turn this fishing tool into a reliable resource.

The rod gives you good casting distance. Fishermen agree that with little effort and a bit of getting used to the rig you can profit from its capacity to throw bait farther than with other fishing poles.  


It’s a 1-piece rod, and it’s likely you’ll find it a bit tiresome and impractical to carry it around.

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Buying guide


The baitcasting rod market is overfilled with dozens of products and options and that is why, the following buying guide that we have assembled for you, will highlight the characteristics you should be paying attention to, if you want to make an excellent acquisition.


A.1 Best baitcasting rod



There are two basic materials used in fabricating baitcasting rods: graphite and fiberglass. Due to the fact that each of them comes with different properties, in an attempt to reunite them, models integrating both materials have appeared on the market. Though both are smart picks, fiberglass is the most resistant and durable. Even if graphite is a strong material as well, its strong point is its flexibility and that is why it ranks first in fishermen’s preferences. Nowadays, the technological and chemical processes through which they are obtained and prepared for use have multiplied and have become more and more sophisticated, transforming simple fishing rods in strong and durable tools, no matter what the combination of materials is.


Grip design and material

Lately, the split grip has won great popularity among baitcasting rods manufacturers. The split grip has 2 divided sections, one at the end of the rod and one positioned more to the front, with a gap between them. The reason for this placement is to distribute weight evenly, so that holding the item is more comfortable. However, the disadvantage of this design is that it leaves a portion of the rod exposed to scratching. Anyway, you can always stick to the classic, one piece handle that is as efficient as its newer version. There is no such thing as the best grip material. Handles come in a lot of synthetic variants and natural cork, the latter being the most utilized, due to its lightweight structure and aesthetic appearance.


The rod’s length

Baitcasting rods come in a substantial length variety. However, going for the longest is not the way to go if you want to land a proper rod.  What you must do, is think about the circumstances and settings in which you will find yourself, to know what type of rod you need. For example, if you are fishing on a medium height lakeshore, an average 6.6 feet to 7.0 feet rod should be enough for you to cast a good distance. But, when the conditions require it, and you need to cast longer distances, you need at least a 9 feet rod.



The power of the rod is directly connected to the weight of the species of fish you want to catch. The ultra-light/light ones are fitted for small species such as: crappie, panfish or bluegill. The medium type is best for species like: bass or trout, the medium-heavy/ heavy are suited for larger fish: pike, snook, salmon, tuna, etc. and, the extra-heavy ones you can use on tuna or halibut.




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