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Best Bass Fishing Rod For the Money

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Fishing rods for bass – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing rod for the money. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the St. Croix Mojo is the alternative that you should bear in mind. This is a rod that doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of responsiveness and performance, thus allowing you to feel the exact moment when the fish bites the bait. It’s also reasonably lightweight, which enables you to hold it in your hands both comfortably and efficiently. The S-glass construction boasted by this unit makes it possible for anglers to use it for many seasons to come. If the St. Croix Mojo is unavailable, you should consider the Piscifun Graphite as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



10 Best Bass Fishing Rods (Reviews) in 2023



If you are going to fish for bass you need the right gear, and this includes your rod. While we can’t choose your gear for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best bass fishing rod for the money showcased below.



1. St. Croix Mojo Bass Mf 1pc Casting Rod


In 2016, the St. Croix Mojo series underwent some major changes in design and the package that’s now on the market is the result of this upgrade.

The model is a high-modulus SCIII graphite on which Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology was applied. This is how the 15% lighter product came into being, giving you access to a better-balanced instrument.

Other features of the St. Croix Mojo series include the Kigan Master Hand 3D guides that are provided with aluminum oxide rings and black frames. You’ll also get acquainted with the Fuji ECS reel seat that’s well suited for a more comfortable use. For convenience, the designer placed a Kigan hook-keeper on the rod.

To make it durable and great looking, the producers used two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish. While the structural integrity is enhanced, this finish doesn’t make the fishing pole friable.

One of the things that will stand out right away is how well this investment turns out to be since it’s a product specifically designed for a fishing technique. Better results are thus easier to get.

If you decide to buy this product, you’ll get in possession of a handcrafted fishing rod, carefully wrapped and sent on its way in a hard tube.


These rods have really good action. If your bass fishing experience needs an upgrade, then improving your cast with these instruments is probably a smart thing to do. You’ll find them beneficial for both small and long distance casting.

The product will provide you with excellent power, suited for the capture you’re expecting. The producer has done a great job improving the rod without slacking its backbone.

It’s a lightweight fishing pole with nice sensitivity. The designers did a good job and managed to cut some of the product’s weight without compromising other important features, which is a commendable achievement.

The St. Croix Mojo series has a balanced price that is agreement with the advantages it offers and the quality brand it is issued by.


Some experienced fishermen might disagree with the use of aluminum oxide guides on a fishing rod that shows obvious improvements and above average quality of materials.

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2. Fenwicks HMX-S602L-MF Fishing Rods


This is often considered the best bass fishing rod for beginners, and it’s not hard to see why. Since it is a spinning rod it is easy to use, and your line won’t easily snarl or tangle.

To ensure plenty of strength and durability it is constructed from a graphite and carbon fiber. This gives you a strong and lightweight rod that is also affordably priced.

The stainless steel guides are resistant to breaking and corrosion, and to ensure that your line flows freely they come with titanium oxide inserts.

Since the handle is padded in cork it is comfortable to grasp when you are fighting to land a large bass, and this also helps to prevent the rod from slipping out of wet hands.


This is a new series of casting rods manufactured by a company with a long tradition on the market. 

The rods are crafted from an exclusive blend of carbon fiber, which offers the units incredible power, sensitivity, and balance. 

Thanks to the overlapping layers of carbon fiber, the cross-scrim design of each rod delivers outstanding strength and action.

The units feature a lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting guide system, as well as handles with strategically-placed TAC for extra comfort and performance in any weather conditions.

The anglers who use these rods mentioned that they offer good value for the money and they do an excellent job.


Some users agree that the rod balances very well and has great sensitivity, but it is a bit heavy compared to other similar units.

One customer complained that the metal seal which fits into the bottom of the reel seat became loose. Still, no one else mentioned any similar issues.

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3. Entsport E Series Camo Legend 2 Piece Casting Rod


The Entsport 2-piece bass fishing rod is a bait caster that tops most other offers by the use of high-quality materials adjusted to its purpose and features made to lure in any fisherman.

The carbon fiber blank has durable structure and combines the sensitivity of its material with a tremendous strength that you can rely on. Since most sensitive rods have structural problems, this is a nice change for your gear.

Combining high-density EVA with a new split-grip design of the handle, the 2-piece brings together two significant advantages, because it maintains rod sensitivity and provides you comfort for long hours on the water.

You can add to that the corrosion proof stainless steel guides, which give you one more reason to choose this model. They have the right spacing to ensure friction-free line flow and maximum casting performance, to match your personal technique.

The rod is equipped with full-contact reel seat, with soft touch finish and corrosion resistant aluminum hoods. In other words, it’s long-lasting, has a nice feel and will give you proper control over the reel.

The lightweight feature, quality materials, durability, and backbone are the right reasons to put this product on your choice list.


The thing everyone will like is the great versatility this product holds. It is provided with two top pieces, each one for a different power. This way, you can choose the sort of action you need in the day.

The blank is lightweight but strong. Built with structurally enhanced carbon fiber, it makes it easy and comfortable to hold it and cast the line and doesn’t let you down when the challenge is tough.

Good sensitivity is to be appreciated. The designer had that in mind, too, when he made the choice for carbon fiber blank, and high-density EVA handle.

Increased control while fishing and corrosion resistance are both well handled and integrated by using a reel seat that’s full contact and has aluminum hoods.


It’s not as easy to assemble or disassemble as other two-piece rods. The pieces are less smooth and could need some sanding to fit together well.

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4. Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning


3-abu-garcia-veritasThis spinning rod is a great choice when you are bass fishing in open water. It is resistant to “bird’s nests” thanks to its design, which also make it perfect for beginners to use.

The Veritas by Abu Garcia comes with a lightweight and durable metal construction that also makes it a good value for your money. The sturdy line guides are resistant to corrosion and are designed to allow your line to flow freely and easily.

It has a well balanced feel that makes it a little easier to make accurate casts, even if it is your first time fishing for bass. It also comes with the power you need to successfully land heavier fish.

You will also appreciate the padded handle that is comfortable and helps to ensure that the rod won’t slip easily out of wet hands. Easy to pack and store, thanks to its 2 piece construction, this bass fishing rod might be just what you need for your next trip.


This model is a 7-foot medium-heavy casting rod that can be used for a variety of bass fishing applications that include soft plastics, hard baits, topwater, and heavy drop shot.

Thanks to the Spiral Carbon Core, which was used in the rod construction, 22% more strength is added to the breaking point of the rod.

The backbone feels stiff and strong which is great to gently lift a 3 or 4-pound bass out of the water, and it is also sturdy enough to fight and lift even heavier fish, according to various users.

Moreover, the tip of the rod is flexible enough to offer sufficient cushion in order to maintain the line tight on a fish. At the same time, it is very sensitive to nibbles and light bites.

According to experienced anglers, this model is affordable and durable, and it is the perfect option for people looking to purchase their first casting rod.


According to experienced anglers, the guides are too big. This adds unnecessary weight to the rod which is already a medium-heavy model.

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5. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods


Sensitive and also strong, the unit is constructed with 24-ton Toray carbon matrix and KastFlex technology. This offers the rod outstanding flexibility and power. You can rest assured that the laser-focused manufacturing techniques that were used to make this product provide the highest quality and consistency. 

These features deliver superior performance to the liking of any serious bass angler. To ensure excellent casting distance and accuracy, only high-quality Fuji O-ring guides were used to equip this model. Since the reel seats are made of high-strength nylon, the base is sturdy as well as comfortable for all-day use. 

With the KastKing Royale Legend rod, you can use a wide range of techniques like Texas Rigging, Flippin’ to Drop Shot, Swimbaits, and much more. The Power Transition System spigot joints smoothly transition the power throughout the fishing rod blank. As a result, although it is a two-piece model, it feels like a one-piece rod.


As soon as you get your hands on this rod, you will notice that it is both strong and sensitive.

Due to the KastFlex technology and the Toray 24-ton carbon matrix that were used to create this model, this unit provides excellent power and flexibility.

The rod is equipped with high-quality Fuji O-ring guides for outstanding accuracy and casting distance.

Moreover, the reel seats are made from very strong nylon. This makes the base very sturdy and comfortable to hold for an entire day of fishing.

You might like to know that the manufacturer is so confident about the product’s quality, that it offers a limited lifetime warranty on the workmanship and materials of the rod.


There are users who would like to have the possibility to choose from a wider range of lengths and actions in order to try more of them for a variety of fishing applications.

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6. Enigma Fishing Phenom Titanium Gen2


This model is made from 30-ton blended Japanese Toray graphite. For this reason, it is extremely lightweight and sensitive but also very strong. The rod is sturdy and powerful enough to allow you to pull big fish from the cover with ease. Furthermore, Titanium coated frames and Zirconium rings were added in order to ensure longer casts as well as durability.

If you like to fish all day long, you will appreciate the premium EVA handle, which is not only firm but also very comfortable. Moreover, the 50-ton carbon x-tape provides this unit with superior strength and sensitivity. 

It is clear that the Enigma Fishing Phenom Titanium Gen2 rod was created with performance in mind. It was made using only high-quality materials and it also features an award-winning design. If you go on a fishing trip with this unit, you will surely catch the eye of every angler around you.


Although fishing is considered more of a relaxing sport, there’s nothing wrong if you manage to impress other people around you. With this model, you are probably going to be envied. 

But the looks are nothing without performance! You can rest assured that only high-quality materials were used for this model that you will be able to enjoy for a very long time. 

The rod is remarkably lightweight and sensitive, but at the same time, very sturdy, due to the 30-ton blended Japanese Toray graphite used in the unit’s construction.

In order for you to enjoy long and accurate casts, Titanium-coated frames and Zirconium rings were added to the combo.

The EVA handle offers the user a comfortable grip for an all-day fishing session.


Even though a one-piece rod can sometimes be more resistant than a two-piece one, some anglers would actually prefer to have the option to take it apart.

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7. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods


You do not have to be a professional angler to notice the attention to detail that was put into these rods. This is an exceptional series of one-piece and two-piece Twin-Tip rods that were made using 24-ton Toray carbon fiber casting and KastFlex technology blanks. These elements add strength, durability, accuracy, and power to these products.

What is more, the KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods are equipped with world-renowned Fuji O-Ring line guides. But that is not all! The list of high-quality components used for these units continues with high-density EVA grips, turned ergonomic graphite reel seats, and Saf-T-Keeper hook holders. 

In order to offer these rods an amazing look, the finest sensitive carbon fiber finish and outstanding cosmetics were added. You will certainly appreciate the fact that you get to choose between high-performance bait-casters or spinning fishing rods for bass, trout, or catfish fishing, and any other type of fishing technique.


As an experienced fishing enthusiast, you can surely appreciate a well-made rod that will allow you to enjoy your favorite activity.

This is actually a series of high-quality one-piece and two-piece Twin-Tip rods. Basically, a little something for any type of angler out there!

These rods are durable and reliable. They are made from 24-ton Toray carbon fiber casting, while the blanks were designed using the KastFlex technology.

Other components include Fuji O-Ring line guides, turned ergonomic graphite reel seats, Saf-T-Keeper hook holders, and high-density EVA grips.

If that is not enough, the most elegant sensitive carbon fiber finish was added, along with exceptional cosmetics. 


Due to the placement of the hook holder, you might rub your fingers against it while casting.

Although most customers agree that these rods offer great value for the money, there are some who believe that the price is a bit higher compared to other similar products.

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8. Piscifun Torrent One Piece Baitcasting Rod


In case you are looking for a one-piece baitcasting rod with exceptional sensitivity that feels light in the hand, we recommend that you check this model. The unit is constructed with IM6 carbon and it features accurately wrapped guides at four distinct angles in order to ensure the best possible performance.

The Piscifun Torrent One Piece Baitcasting Rod is powered by X-shaped high-temperature molding resin. Moreover, the power transition through the bent is consistent and smooth. This provides better control on strong hooksets as well as long battles with big fish. 

This unit features a 30-ton sanded smooth carbon blank, a tuned ergonomic high-strength graphite reel seat, high-density EVA grips, and an S-style hook keeper. Many customers who got their hands on a rod from Piscifun purchased several others for multiple fishing techniques and are very pleased with their units and their fishing adventures.


This unit is constructed with IM6 carbon which makes it extremely sensitive and very light in the user’s hand.

It is a one-piece rod which features carefully wrapped guides at 4 different angles and this offers this model the best performance possible.

This unit is powered by X-shaped high-temperature molding resin and the power transition through the bent is smooth providing more control for long battles with big, feisty fish.

The high-density EVA grips, the 30-ton sanded smooth carbon blank, the S-style hook keeper, and the turned ergonomic high-strength graphite reel seat are other great features of this rod.

Moreover, this model offers a lot of options for anglers who want to use various types of fishing techniques.


Apart from a few packaging and shipment issues, this product comes with great reviews and customers seem very pleased with their purchases and their fishing experiences.

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9. Enigma Fishing Ippon Pro Tournament Series Fishing Rods


This series comes with ten models ranging from a 6.9-inch Drop Shot to a 7.6-inch Flipping rod. The units are made from 30/40-ton blended Japanese Toray graphite blanks which are reinforced with 50-ton X-Tape. This makes them remarkably lightweight as well as sensitive. 

These rods might seem fragile, but they are certainly up for the task of pulling those heavy fish from the cover. The models from the Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods have Titanium coated frames and Zirconium rings which ensure balance and longer casts. 

Furthermore, they feature double-stitched golf-style handles in order to make sure they will not come apart. You will certainly appreciate the fact that each rod comes in its own custom case. Moreover, each case has all the rod information on the outside in order to easily identify it. The manufacturer is so sure of the quality of the units that it states that this is the last rod you will buy.


In case you are looking for rods that are suitable for various types of fishing techniques, this series is definitely worth your attention.

You get to choose from ten models starting with a 6.9-inch Drop Shot and ending with a 7.6-inch Flipping rod.

Only high-quality materials were used to create these units. First of all, they are made using 30/40-ton Japanese Toray graphite blanks which are reinforced with 50-ton X-Tape.

The frames are coated with Titanium, while the rings are made from Zirconium. The quality of the golf-style handles that are double-stitched is certainly impressive.

Thanks to all these features, you will get sensitive, lightweight, outstandingly powerful, and balanced rods for any type of fishing you want to perform.


These rods are highly appreciated by anglers all over the country. The only possible downside to these products is that they are a bit more expensive compared to others in this line.

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10. Mounchain Baitcasting Rod IM7 Carbon Fiber 


This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a twin-tip baitcasting rod. It is constructed with high-tensile strength IM7 carbon blanks which increase strength while reducing weight. This model comes with two tips, Medium and Medium heavy. What is more, you get them both while paying the price for just one.

The Mounchain Baitcasting Rod IM7 comes with a sturdy aluminum reel seat that is enhanced with a screwed down, cushioned hood which keeps the reel securely in place. Moreover, the stainless steel line guides withstand corrosion and smoothly transfer vibrations from the line to the rod and then to your hand. 

The high-density Eva handle reduces weight while increasing comfort. This unit also transfers the power gently throughout the fishing rod blank, thanks to specialized computer control wrapping at four angles. Fishing enthusiasts like the feel of this one-piece rod that offers perfect balance and great performance.


The product is a twin-tip one-piece baitcasting rod that is made with high-tensile strength IM7 carbon blanks. For this reason, strength is increased and weight is reduced.

The strong aluminum reel seat which is improved thanks to a cushioned, screwed down hood, will keep the reel in place even in the harshest conditions.

The line guide inserts are made from stainless steel and are able to resist corrosion. They also transfer the vibration from the line to the rod and to your hand very smoothly.

Thanks to the high-density EVA grip, you will be able to comfortably hold the rod all day long.

Furthermore, you will get a Medium and a Medium heavy tip and you will be paying only for one.


There are customers who do not like the fact that the price of this item varies from one site to another.

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Buying guide


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great bass fishing rod, if you know what to look for. In this buying guide you will find the tips you need so you can choose the best bass fishing rod for the money.



There are two types of rods commonly used in bass fishing, casting and spinning. Many beginners feel that casting rods are too difficult to start with since the line can become easily tangled, but they do come with the strength and power needed to successfully fight larger fish. Casting rods are also versatile, and are a great choice when you are fishing in heavy cover.

Spinning rods are a great choice for beginners since they are less prone to developing “bird’s nests”. They are designed to be used with a lighter line so they do lack some of the power you get with a casting rod, but they are still able to handle most freshwater bass. Bass spinning rods are also perfect for use in open water, but it should be mentioned that they are not designed for casting in thick cover.



Most bass fishing rods are constructed from graphite or a composite material. Graphite rods are priced a little higher, but they are lightweight, extremely sensitive and strong enough to bring in most bass fish. These rods are also designed to be relatively stiff, which is perfect when you are fishing for bass.

Rods constructed from a composite material are priced a little cheaper, and can be an excellent value for your money. These rods are also relatively lightweight and durable, but since they are constructed from a combination of graphite and fiberglass they are not as sensitive due to their increased flexibility.



The action of a rod refers to its flexibility, and this is an important aspect to consider when you are fishing for bass. You want it to have a little flexibility at the tip or in the middle, but not too much that you lose the fish. Rods that are rated for moderate, fast or extra fast action are generally best suited for bass fishing.



Unavailable products


Piscifun Graphite 


2-piscifun-graphite-spinningBeginners will love that this is a spinning rod and avid anglers will appreciate its portable design. The rod can be easily broken down into four pieces so you can carry it in a backpack or suitcase. Since the rod is designed for travel you never have to worry about not having your gear with you.

The carbon fiber blank is lightweight, flexible and durable, which makes this a great rod for fishing in the open water. The ceramic guides ensures that your line always flows freely, and are resistant to breakage and corrosion.

The padded handle is comfortable to grasp, even when you are pulling in a heavy bass. There is also a small hook keeper at the end so you can keep your hardware organized and close at hand.




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2) Why is bass fishing fun?

3) How to catch bass

4) Complete Guide to Fishing Rods



» Check the information from past years

If you’re a keen angler and you enjoy indulging in your hobby once in a while, you’re probably familiar with bass fish, especially since it’s one of the most common species found out there.

They’re the most popular game fish in North America, or at least that’s what statistics seem to suggest. They are however some of the top predators of their ecosystem and feed on pretty much every species that’s smaller in size.

If you want to learn more on how to improve your fishing skills, try checking out some of our other articles we’ve published on our website, such as the one on how to pick solid fly fishing rod or excellent saltwater surf fishing rod and reel combos.

Common info

Bass is a solitary species, and these fish will occasionally be found in larger groups, especially near areas with abundant food supplies. They are pretty hard to catch, given that they hide a lot between rocks or among vegetation.

This is a species that’s used to hunting, considering that they’re at the top of the food chain in their ecosystem. They’re also very common and can be found in rivers, lakes, ponds and generally any place you would think to go fishing.


Regular diet

Their preferred diet includes small fish such as sunfish, perch or minnows. They do however eat almost anything, including insects, frogs or even small birds. Smaller bass fish will feed on food that’s easier to hunt for, such as zooplankton or tiny insects.

Once they grow, they become active predators and will dominate their ecosystem. They are aggressive fish that tend to hunt for anything they consider alive, so it’s pretty easy to startle them if you’re a skilled angler.

Although they lurk in the shadows, or generally the underwater places that feel safe, and they wait for their prey to be vulnerable, it’s easy to drag them out of their hiding spot by stimulating them since they have a sharp sense of smell.


Patterns they follow

The reason why they tend to stay in badly-lit places is not only that they’re trying to avoid being seen, but they also have a high sensitivity to light. This means they’re more active early and late in the day, and that’s when you have the highest chances of catching them.

They can bite the bait all year round, but research has shown that the best season to hunt for bass fish is during spring, because that’s when they start moving closer to the surface.

If you’re not too experienced but you want to try your hand at catching bass fish, we would recommend working with spincast reels, given that bass fish are known for being though fighters when you reel them in.

Interesting facts regarding their lifestyle and diet choices

If you’re set on finding out the best ways of catching bass fish, you should be well-informed with regards to their lifestyle and their usual diet choices. This way you can speculate on their habits and anticipate their actions, which will make your task a lot easier.

For example, even though bass fish are usually solitary creatures, adult males can be found in larger groups near a brood swarm that they’re guarding, and spotting this place will increase your chances of success.

You can approximate a bass fish’ age by their size, given that they never stop growing. The larger they are, the older they are.

It might be more challenging to hunt for them given that they are most active when the light conditions are pretty bad, but given the right bait and technique, you shouldn’t have any trouble catching one.

The most common lures for this species include jigs, spinnerbaits, plastic worms, spoons or crankbaits. It is recommended that you experiment with different types of bait and lures until you reach the formula that you find to be the most effective.

Even though most anglers tend to use artificial lures when they’re fishing for bass, we would recommend trying nightcrawlers or small shad or crayfish, since they might prove to be equally valid.

One more thing that might help you increase your chances of success is knowing that bass fish are attracted to baits that are colored red, so try sticking to that range if you want to catch one.

» Check the information from past years



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