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Best Coaxial Marine Speakers

Last Updated: 24.04.24

Coaxial marine speakers – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are looking to find great fishing gear that will enable you to properly enjoy your fishing sessions but you would rather not go through our guide and product descriptions that are showcased below, then you’ll find enough pointers right here in this short paragraph. After we’ve been on the lookout for audio gear that will suit every style, we found plenty of reviews and information to state that the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 are the speakers for you. That’s because they were made with quality materials and designed with the latest technology so that you will be able to listen to better quality sound for a longer time than you would otherwise do with other products. They feature various woofers, tweeters, midrange drivers, grills, and crossovers and they are quite easy to install. If you find that this product is unavailable, then you should turn your eyes towards the Jensen MSX60RVR.



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3 Best Coaxial Marine Speakers (Reviews) in 2024


We love music as much as the next angler but we are not experts on music listening equipment. However, we do consider the following products as the best coaxial marine speakers based on consumer reports and sales figures.




1. Rockford Fosgate R165x3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-range


The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 comes as a pair to give you musical and audio enjoyment on the go. The speakers have a mounting depth of 2.15 inches, which makes them easy to setup and install without any major reconstruction of the mounting area in your car. The grilles and mounting hardware make installation quick and easy.

The 6.5-inch, three-way full-range speakers are rated at 45 watts RMS to allow you to experience a new generation of replacement for factory speakers. The integrated high-pass crossovers work well with the included mounting hardware to simplify the installation and setup so you can start enjoying superb-quality audio immediately after you have put everything, including the wirings, in place.

The silk-dome Piezo tweeter and midrange enhance the sound beautifully so you can take pleasure in every musical nuance. This also contributes to the entire mishmash of audio in any musical piece, for outstanding sound quality like the musician designed it to be.


Looking as good as they sound, the speakers in the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 package are designed with a Vacuum Polypropylene cone with rubber surround to ensure a full, rich audio delivery every time.

The speakers ship with the needed grilles and mounting hardware to facilitate an easy setup and installation without major reconstruction or too many tools necessary.

This pair of three-way, full-range speakers are suitable for replacing factory speakers with their silk dome Piezo tweeter and midrange that make them sound as good as they look.

The speakers deliver an optimal level of sound quality and performance thanks to their 45 watts RMS plus 90 watts maximum power output to enable you to enjoy terrific sound for your favorite music and audio.

With their 91dB sensitivity, the speakers are able to pick up every musical nuance from what you listen to so you can enjoy enriched audio and miss none of the elements of the full musical piece just like the music creator intended.


Like most other products in this price range, the speakers do not offer a high level of bass but the generated audio is of great quality nonetheless.

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2. Jensen MSX60RVR Marine Speakers 6.5″ Coaxial Speaker


Have you ever felt the need to listen to music while fishing but you can’t quite trust regular speakers? You should look for this product because it has been specifically made for outdoor entertainment and that includes fishing too, last time we checked. We are talking about durable speakers which you can enjoy for a long time.

These speakers are completely waterproof and the engineers that made it made sure to insert materials that make them UV resistant so that they are capable of withstanding natural elements.

This product comes in a gray stylish color and has a titanium dome tweeter that enables it to function for a long time because titanium is one of the hardest types of metal on Earth. Its polypropylene woofer cone is quite resilient as well.There are plenty of reviewers that are more than pleased with these speakers, some even stated that they enjoyed them so much that they bought a second pair.


Being that it is a marine piece of audio gear and that is designed for outdoor activities such as fishing means that every fisherman can enjoy this product.

A big plus is that these speakers have been made with waterproof materials which means that you won’t have to protect them at all costs from water and you can focus on fishing.

Fishing means that you’ll be spending plenty of hours in the sun and the fact that this product has been made with UV resistant materials will surely please you.

It is made with quality, resilient materials, such as titanium and polypropylene which means that it is a durable item and you’ll enjoy it for some time.

If you’re fishing at sea, rest assured because these speakers are resistant to salt spray as well.


One of its users felt that it doesn’t provide a sound quality that is as good as other products.

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3. 15-MXA82 – Memphis 8″ 60W RMS 2-Way Marine Coaxial 


The 15-MXA82 – Memphis is a set of two speakers with a swivel-mount, pure aluminum dome tweeter to produce the highest range frequency so you can enjoy a wide variety of sound while on the go. The injection-molded poly cone is engineered with a butyl rubber surround that provides stability and strength to the entire speaker structure.

The cast plastic baskets enclose the unit together with the integrated crossover housing and they work together to ensure a secure case for the sensitive elements of the speakers. The aluminum mesh grilles are supplied in both black and white for a versatile look according to the user’s preference. Thanks to the UV-resistant coating of the speakers, they are truly suitable for outdoor installation and use.

The speakers can withstand the often punishing conditions of being installed on a boat, where the spray of the water could easily chip away the coating but won’t. With their sensitivity of 89 decibels, the speakers can pick up even the tiniest nuances of music for a truly wonderful listening experience.


Equipped with a swivel-mount, pure aluminum dome tweeter, this set of speakers is made with durability without sacrificing audio performance to ensure lasting and satisfying use.

The injection-molded poly cone in the speakers is surrounded by butyl rubber to ensure protection for the sensitive audio components.

The cast plastic basket with built-in crossover housing encases the speakers without reducing the level of sound that can be enjoyed from them.

The aluminum mesh grills feature a UV-resistant coating for use in the outdoors and prevent the early deterioration of the speakers to guarantee long-term use.

The speakers are able to showcase every unique audio element in your music thanks to their sensitivity of 89 decibels, enabling you to enjoy the sound just as the creator intended it to be.


Because the speakers are manufactured by a lesser-known brand, not too many consumers seem to know about what it can really do to enhance your sound enjoyment experience.

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Buying guide


There is a wide variety of car speakers of virtually any size, type, and shape. Coaxial marine speakers for boats can also serve as a car speaker and the element of versatility is a big selling point. Just what would you like a marine coaxial speaker to feature?

The best marine coaxial speakers are not only easy to install but also boast good construction quality

If you intend to replace your factory speakers, you ought to invest in great coaxial marine models that have an incredible build quality. You could save money on OEM speakers but they are made from relatively low-quality materials that have a tendency to degrade in time. Look for speakers made with top-notch quality materials.

Consider products made by acknowledged leaders in the industry, like some Polk Audio marine speakers that are built with rubber surrounds that offer a high level of durability to last a long time. Compared to rubber surrounds, foam and cloth ones have a lower level of durability although they can be better than foam and paper surrounds.

The surround enables the free movement of the woofer cone and the emission of a bolder bass. You want it to be durable against humidity and temperature extremes.

Polypropylene and other stiff and lightweight woofer material mixed with metal-coated synthetic fabrics or mica also deliver lasting use aside from providing a wonderful bass response. Silk or polyblend tweeters along with tougher materials such as metal or ceramic can also be good options depending on your personal preference.

Materials such as synthetics coated with metals including titanium and aluminum can withstand moisture, cold, and heat.

The type of sound produced is influenced by the tweeter material. Tweeters made from soft materials such as silk, textile blends, and poly can deliver a somewhat mellow, refined audio. Bright and snappy highs are provided by hard materials such as graphite, ceramics, and metal.

Component and coaxial speakers are often compared with each other. There really is no simplicity in the aspects that enable you to determine which of the two is better. While component speakers deliver better audio, they usually come with a higher price tag. Component systems have the tweeter separate from the woofer. The tweeter can also be mounted in a location that ensures the delivery of the best imaging and greater depth.

On the other hand, coaxial or full-range speakers have all the elements in a single basket. The simplest coaxial or full-range speakers comprise a tweeter mounted onto the woofer. The former handles the highs while the latter produces the lows. Some models come with extra drivers including a super tweeter or midrange. Mounting should be easy into factory speaker locations.


The best quality marine speakers should provide a great level of sensitivity

To allow you to find the best sensitivity level you need, take note of how much power the external amp or head unit can generate. The sensitivity refers to the level of power that the speakers will require to generate a specific volume level.

A speaker with a higher sensitivity rating needs less power. If your factory stereo isn’t stellar, you ought to invest in speakers with a high sensitivity level.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that low sensitivity speakers are able to work nicely with high-powered external amps.

The best marine speakers reviews recommend correlating your chosen speakers with the requirements of your system

If you intend to replace speakers low in your door, get full-range ones with pivoting tweeters that offer a huge effect on the audio. You get extremely directional high frequencies from tweeters, so you can aim them towards you to get a higher soundstage. The audio will have a greater sense of depth as well as greater realism.

Passive external crossovers in component speakers help deliver a clean segregation of the frequencies channeled between the tweeter and woofer. The cleaner and more efficient sound reproduction is due to the energy not being wasted to generate frequencies that are not meant to be produced.

The detachable tweeters on some speakers enable their use either as full-range speakers or component speakers, which allow their installation in different vehicles.

Power-handling allows you to optimize your sound system. You can choose an external amp or a head unit that will take full advantage of the power-handling features. Measured in watts, power handling is the level of power that can be pumped through the speakers. The popular measurement used is root-mean-square or RMS. Look at the maximum RMS power handling and not just the peak RMS power handling.

Marine speakers with LED look nifty in the darkened interiors of your car or boat.



Unavailable products


Polk Audio DB651


The Polk Audio DB651 is a pair of speakers that is easy to install and set up regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. The speakers are engineered to deliver the same smooth, rich sound whether you are on the water or in your car thanks to their being Marine-Certified.

They can definitely take on the real world because of how they have been subjected to punishing real world style lab tests that will enable them to withstand what the nasty automotive and marine environments can throw at them. The tweeters in the speakers offer an installation flexibility as they can be flush or surface-swivel mounted using the provided hardware.

You can see that the speakers are designed for more than just performance as every detail really counts, starting from the fit and finish of the loudspeaker installation to the wiring harness under the hood. They are equipped with ABS wheel-inspired grilles that provide a rugged, tough appearance and that also exhibit a remarkable sound performance to enhance your entire audio system.


With their novel multi-hole mounting pattern, the speakers in this package are designed to fit anywhere thanks to their shallow-depth magnet design that provides a superbly high vehicle application ratio to facilitate trouble-free drop-in installations in just about any car make or model.

Considering how the speakers require less drive from the amplifier, you’d be amazed by the exceptionally high sound and volume they can deliver.

The high-efficiency design enables the speakers to produce mind-blowing audio whether used with factory-installed electronics or aftermarket head units.

These Marine-Certified speakers are geared to deliver a reliable performance on the water in the same efficient manner as they do on land thanks to how they have been subjected to a variety of punishing accelerated weathering lab and real world tests to ensure they can withstand the demands of every environment.


The speakers are not exactly designed to handle a lot of power with their 120-watt total RMS so don’t expect plenty of punch from the bass.



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