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Best Daiwa Spinning Reel

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Daiwa Spinning Reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re looking to get the best Daiwa spinning reel but you’ve run out of ideas, or you’ve just ended up empty-handed, you’re in the right place. Based on our research, it looks as if the model you should consider is the Daiwa SSaltist 5000 Spinning Reel. Having garnered the appreciation of most of those who gave it a try, the SSaltist is a uniquely crafted reel made from the highest quality materials. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 2500 to 8000, depending on the rod you’re using it on and it’s specifically created to endure the challenges of fishing in salt waters. It won’t corrode, break, or chip easily, and it provides enough strength to help you catch the big fish. It also boasts a dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool. If the SSaltist is no longer in stock or you’d prefer to go for something different, we suggest checking out the Daiwa BG series.



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5 Best Daiwa Spinning Reels (Reviews) in 2023


To save you some time, we have showcased some of the critically acclaimed options below. All of these reels have been praised time and again for their features and capabilities. Give them a chance if you haven’t made up your mind yet.



1. Daiwa SSaltist 5000 Spinning Reel


Considered a good choice when it comes to saltwater spinning reels, this product from Daiwa is definitely worth a try. It boasts a Hardbodyz aluminum frame and a side plate to ensure maximum stability and strength while also being lightweight and extremely easy to use. 

Equipped with an air rotor and air bail, you can rest assured the reel provides high performance without feeling heavy in your hands. There is no hand fatigue or wrist pain when handling this item, so you can use it for long fishing trips and various types of inshore and offshore fishing. 

The waterproof carbon ATD drag is the newest introduction in the Daiwa spinning reels series and provides plenty of stopping power to help you catch big-size fish. It may not be big enough for tuna or salmon but there are hundreds of other saltwater fish that you can catch, without worrying about the item corroding or rusting in time. 


The reel is equipped with ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag), the latest invention from Daiwa to implement structural changes to the brand’s spinning reels and provide enhanced stopping power. 

The Hardbodyz aluminum frame is lightweight and waterproof at the same time, ensuring maximum protection against corrosion and rust. The reel is designed to last you for many fishing seasons without breaking or chipping. 

The item is created to provide maximum performance in saltwater and only weighs 9.4 ounces, which makes it convenient to transport, deposit, and use at all times. 

Other features to complete it include a Digigear digital gear design and a dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool. 


As some customers noted, the product seems relatively small and is designed for a small line capacity, which means you shouldn’t expect to catch Moby Dick or anything remotely similar in size anytime soon. Either way, it is powerful enough for smaller breeds of salmon, trout, and everyone’s favorite, Mahi-mahi. 

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2. Daiwa BG Saltwater BG3500 Medium/Xtra Heavy Spinning Reel


If you want to invest in an even better reel, we recommend this one as it is by far one of the most durable ones we have stumbled upon. It comes with a hard body made of aluminum, which renders it durable and corrosion-resistant, and therefore fully capable of withstanding the test of time and the abuse of saltwater. Besides, the oversized Digigear System boasted by this choice will enable you to utilize it with ease.

With reels smaller than 4000, you get an infinite anti-reverse system, while that of reels bigger than 4000, you get an infinite dual anti-reverse system. So, what did actual buyers have to say about this particular reel? Some say that Daiwa has outdone itself when it designed this choice, especially given its performance and build for the price point.

Some anglers describe it as a great reel for the money. You just need to make sure that you are able to pick the right size for the type of fishing you engage in and the species you are targeting. Other than that, the build quality is said to be exceptional, and the smooth operation will leave you feeling stunned.


This device is regarded as a very sturdy model that can easily pass the test of time. Additionally, this item features an anodized aluminum housing that adds to its appeal and overall performance.

Plus, the choice comes provided with a sturdy screw-in handle that won’t break easily. On top of that, you can use this device with braided line.

According to the seller, this is one of the reels that incorporates the largest drive gear in the history of products sold by this manufacturer.

What is more, this unit is corrosion and scratch resistant. Hence, you won’t have to worry that it will get damaged easily.


It has been claimed that this product is only covered by a short warranty policy of just one year. However, this is not regarded as a significant drawback of the item.

One owner remarked that the handle of the product is not reversible. Not many considered this a problem.

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3. Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel 


Daiwa has invested resources and innovation in making the BG series launched under its wing lighter and more durable. The Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel is a clear example that the manufacturer succeeded in its efforts. The aluminum housing protecting the rotor is machined and anodized so that it makes sure that it remains durable and optimal for use for a long time.

With a gear ratio of 5:6:1 and a maximum drag of 4.4, this spinning reel offers superior performance. The handle is made from high-quality materials and is kept in place with a screw, while the spool is made from dynamic cut aluminum.

You should also know that the drag system is waterproof and that the spool is ready to accommodate braided line, something that many anglers look for when selecting a spinning reel. An anti-reverse system is employed on all sizes of this spinning reel, with the sole exception of this system being dual on 4500 or bigger models.


The 6BB+1RB configuration ensures that you will experience smooth operation all the time, something that will make you use this reel more often.

Its drag system is waterproof, which means that moisture with its unwanted consequences like corrosion and rust won’t reach inside.

Since this spinning reel comes in many different sizes, it is worth noting that on models 4000 and smaller, you will find the infinite anti-reverse system, while on those larger, a dual system is present.

It is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater conditions, and you can count on its superior versatility when you go fishing.

You will appreciate that you can use a braided line since the model is prepped for this purpose.


Make sure that you grease the reel before using it for the first time, as this is something that the manufacturer doesn’t seem to have thought about before shipping it to customers.

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4. Daiwa Legalis LT Hand Spinning LGLT2500-XH


Are you looking for a durable yet affordable spinning reel to complete your fishing gear? The new item from Daiwa is everything you need and much more, without emptying your bank account. With a stark and modern appearance, the LGLT2500-XH comes with an abundance of engineering features that will make it suitable for your next fishing trip. 

It is available in three sizes, depending on the type of fish you’re looking to catch. The body is made of a carbon-based composite material that is lighter than other conventional materials yet very durable. As a result, it won’t break, chip, bend, or corrode in time, so you can count on it for many fishing seasons. 

With an improved strength-to-weight ratio, the Legalis LT is lighter and can be easily handled without worrying about hand fatigue or wrist pain, even after a whole day out fishing. The Digigear drive system is created to be rugged and smooth. 


Designed to last, this spinning reel from Daiwa provides an excellent price-quality ratio so you can count on it for many fishing trips from now on. 

It is lightweight and stable at the same time, allowing you to easily handle it throughout the day, without worrying about feeling wrist pain or hand fatigue. 

It is built from carbon-based composite materials that are very durable and are 100% waterproof, so the reel won’t chip, rust, or corrode anytime soon. 

Despite its rather small dimensions, you can string sunline fluoro lines up to 100 pounds and still watch it performing well, which makes it incredibly versatile for short or long-distance casting. 

Depending on the size you’re choosing, you can expect to catch any type of freshwater fish, from bass and striper to bass and others. 


Although it does its job well, you shouldn’t expect to catch any big game fish using this reel. 

Also, keep in mind that the product is designed for freshwater use only so don’t use it in salt water as it will rust in time. 

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5. Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reels 


If you are shopping on a budget and want to get a spinning reel at a reasonable price, Daiwa has a lineup ready for your needs. The Revros LT series is present in various sizes so that you can pick the one you truly require. One thing that makes these spinning reels stand out is the way a lightweight design combines with durable performance.

The composite material used for the housing ensures that the rotor is protected, but, at the same time, it keeps the weight of the reel to a minimum. The letters L and T in the name of the series stand for Light and Tough, and that’s pretty much the essence of what these spinning reels can offer.

A machined aluminum handle ensures smooth operation. That is not all, however. The Air Rotor design used for this series makes sure that the total weight is 15% lower compared to previous models.


A light composite housing ensures that these spinning reels can handle a lot of wear and tear while keeping their total weight to a minimum.

This design’s performance is increased by the presence of the machined aluminum handle that is comfortable to use and lightweight at the same time.

Their Digigear system is one of the factors that contribute to the outstanding performance of the series.

Another trait that you will be happy to see employed on this model is the Air Rotor design that makes the rotor 15% lighter compared to regular models.

The stress of use is distributed evenly across the rotor, ensuring that you will have this model ready for use for many years.


If you pick a small size, such as 2000, you will be surprised by how little line the spool can handle due to its shallow design; going for a bigger model would solve this issue.

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Buying guide


Even though you might have gone through dozens of Daiwa spinning reel reviews, you might fail to be satisfied with what you’ve found. Purchasing a quality reel nowadays can be quite challenging, what with the broad array of units available for sale out there.

Besides, if you are a complete beginner, you might have a bit of trouble understanding the terminology that is utilized to depict the parts of a reel. To save you a little time and to allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff a lot better, we’ve put together a guide. The following sections are the aspects that are crucial to finding the right reel for your requirements.

Consider the body

Any good Daiwa spinning reel has to be made of aluminum, graphite, or other combination materials that enable you to benefit from superior durability and a light feel. That’s what spinning reels are all about, after all. Unlike some of their baitcasting counterparts, they do not weigh in at a lot.

When it comes to materials, it is said that aluminum is better suited for freshwater while graphite makes a good choice if you plan to engage in some serious saltwater fishing. In the end, the body has to be smooth and functional so you can work with it conveniently and comfortably.

Of course, the weight of the reel body also depends on your own physical strength. If you have nothing against holding a rather hefty outfit for hours on end or you, plan to use a rod holder, do consider heavier alternatives.


How about the size?

There are two things you ought to look at when choosing the right reel size. One of them is the kind of fish you are looking to catch, and the other is the type of line you want to use. If you’re a complete rookie, the golden rule of catching fish is that a bigger species requires a way more solid reel than a smaller one.

You wouldn’t dare to try to catch tuna with the same reel you’d use for panfish, would you? While this aspect is logical, many beginners forget all about it and inadvertently choose the wrong reel. If it breaks down when you use it for the first time, you might be tempted to think that it is bad, when in fact it is not.


Gear ratio

The gear ratio has to be chosen in accordance with the bait you are going to utilize and the technique that you employ the most. Basically, there are three gear ratios you can consider, and they range from slow to fast. If we were to provide a definition to the whole idea of gear ratio, it would be that it is the number of times the bail rotates around the spool with just a single turn.

Lower speed models are typically utilized in saltwater, where the catches are usually bigger, but this isn’t a universal rule.

Your budget, reviews, and other details you should bear in mind

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you is to take some time to go through as many consumer reports as possible. Other anglers just like you can tell you what to expect in terms of the performance that a reel can offer you. Read both favorable and critical reviews, as the second can let you know if there are any potential issues you ought to take into account.

As for the budget, you probably know by now that Daiwa doesn’t just make cheap spinning reels. Sure, some of the models are budget-friendly, but others can cost a pretty penny. Why the differences? To be sure, some choices are made from better materials and have superior features. If we were to keep it realistic, we’d understand that every brand has to create a series of products that speak to the needs of people who are always looking for sales.

Several details can be a little reassuring, in that there are reels that are backed by warranties. You might not find them as easily, but at least you have the reassurance that you’re getting a product from one of the most reputable brands out there. So, whether you experience a problem or not, at least you’ll be able to return the unit if you fail to be impressed with its capabilities.



Unavailable products


Daiwa Revros 2500H Spinning Fishing Reel Left/Right Hand


Moving on to more budget-friendly choices, the Revros boasts a unique design. Having been crafted from top-of-the-line materials, this product is a sensitive spinning reel that will enable you to feel every bite and act accordingly.

When it comes to balance, you needn’t worry about anything if you are trying to make up your mind about getting the Revros or not. After all, it comes with as many as eight ball bearings, one of which is for the reverse.

As is the case with other models manufactured by the same brand, this one boasts the Digigear design, which means that you will be able to utilize it both conveniently and easily. Since this particular reel is rather light, it should be used for lighter catches.

Although we weren’t able to find any info regarding whether or not this unit works for saltwater fishing, if you do give it a good rinse right after having used it, you have a good chance of increasing its life. Most of the reviewers say that they’ve noticed no wobble, no line twist and no reeling from this product, which is amazing, to say the least.


This device comes equipped with an air rotor. Consequently, this spinning reel is light in weight and it has a higher sensitivity.

Additionally, this unit comes provided with an ABS aluminum spool that most prior buyers speak highly of.

This is one of those choices that have an 8-bearing system as it incorporates seven ball bearings and an extra roller bearing.

Also, this line is light in weight, smooth and it is ideal when used with small lures. Because of this, most recommend it for those that like light touch fishing.


The major issue with this reel is that its line is predisposed to getting tangled up quite quickly. However, not a lot of buyers noted this issue so far.

One owner was not happy with the fact that the handle that the item incorporates is not necessarily stable. Yet, not many buyers noted this problem at the time we did our research.



Daiwa RG2500H-AB Regal Airbail Spinning Reel


Once again, if you are on a budget, the Regal might be a good option to take into consideration. It’s loaded with as many as nine ball bearings, one of which is for the reverse. It is capable of delivering amazingly fluid casts and retrieves, which is something you might fail to see in relation to other products.

As is the case with other choices manufactured by the same brand, this one is particularly lightweight, yet sensitive, it boasts an aluminum ABS spool and comes with an Air Rotor. Its smoothness is impressive, at least judging by the feedback it has garnered on the part of those who have selected it.

The only inconvenience is that it isn’t available in large sizes, so big catches are a no-no with this choice. Nonetheless, it can sure handle a largemouth bass with as little effort as possible. In fact, it is one of the top favorite alternatives for bass fishing in areas like Maryland and Pennsylvania where anglers use it regularly to up their fishing game.

Not only does it ensure an excellent performance, but the Regal is also a sight for sore eyes.


This alternative is made of high-quality materials and, consequently, it is considered a product that can easily pass the test of time.

Furthermore, the model comes fitted with no less than nine ball bearings that can provide its user with smooth castings and retrieves.

This choice also comes supplied with a double-anodized aluminum ABS spool, and it can allow the owner to select between a right and left reel handle position. An infinite anti-reverse feature is also included.

Also, the product has an easy-to-transport design as it is light in weight and it is known for being quite sensitive when compared to other available units.


This choice has a smooth retrieve. However, expert anglers pointed out that the bail snaps shut quite often, which is why some find fishing with it difficult.

Moreover, according to some owners, this product might not be suitable when used for fishing in saltwater.



Daiwa CF1000-3Bi Crossfire 3Bi Spinning Reel


Despite being one of the most affordable choices that we have come across while doing our research, the Crossfire speaks to the needs of anglers who are looking for a fully functional reel that gets the job done efficiently and conveniently.

The unit comes with almost every other feature you might have wished for from a spinning reel. It boasts an aluminum spool, a gyro spin-balanced rotor, four ball bearings and a roller one, as well as a micro-click front drag adjustment. It’s easy to see that most of these features manage to make the Crossfire stand out from the crowd.

Besides, its quality construction is another reason for you to consider this reel. It’s versatile, lightweight, and easy to utilize, even for a complete beginner. Plus, most of those who have purchased it seem to have nothing but great things to say about the way it serves them.

Since many of the fishermen and women who’ve chosen it say that it is lightweight and smooth as silk, we felt compelled to recommend it as our top alternative. In short, the Crossfire is an amazing reel for those who are on a budget and aren’t feeling prepared to make a serious investment just yet.


This option features four ball bearings and a roller bearing incorporated into its design. As a plus, it also comes fitted with a gyro spin balanced rotor.

Additionally, this spinning reel has a sturdy construction and is light in weight and easy to use. Therefore, it is a good fit for beginners.

The model includes a micro-click first drag that can help you catch plenty of fish with little to no effort.

In an attempt to make it as practical as possible, the manufacturer has fitted it with a line twist reduction feature that has received great reviews.


Some buyers pointed out that this device is a tad pricier than other items also available. Still, most of them agreed that this item is worth the extra investment.

Although this reel is known for doing its job, there have been users that were not completely content with its drag, as it is not as smooth as some wished it would be.



Daiwa Fuego 5.6:1 3000 8BB Spin Reel 12


If you’re looking for a sturdy reel that lasts for as long as possible and allows you to enjoy its services for as many fishing seasons for the foreseeable future, the Fuego might be it. It comes with a rigid aluminum body design, so it is perfect for saltwater fishing. Its Air Rotor renders it both sensitive and lightweight, which means that you won’t have a hard time handling your fishing outfit.

The nine ball bearing system belonging to this reel is truly extraordinary, and the fact that it boasts a machine cut aluminum handle and an EVA custom handle knob are two other features you should be interested in. Unlike other choices where we were a bit confused as to whether owners were allowed to use them in saltwater, with this one there’s no doubt thanks to the CRBB bearing it’s been outfitted with.

While some anglers argue that this choice isn’t unparalleled when it comes to inshore fishing, others say that the reel is quite versatile and can be used for a broad array of applications especially if you go for a medium-sized one.


This reel has an air rotor that makes it extra light in weight. Moreover, this choice comes fitted with an aluminum handle that is considered very comfortable.

The included EVA custom handle knob is another feature that makes this reel worthy of your attention.

If you need an alternative that you can use in saltwater, the Fuego is the option for you, as it includes a useful CRBB bearing.

Overall, this device is regarded as highly versatile, especially given its performance when used for inshore fishing.


Although this choice has received numerous positive reviews so far, some claimed that it makes a lot of noise when the line is under pressure.

When compared to other products of this kind, it can be easily remarked that this device is a little more expensive than most. Yet, many are content with its performance and warmly recommend it to other interested anglers.



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