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Best Fishing Boat Accessories

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Accessories for fishing boats – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the shopping tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing boat accessories. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional hunters and target shooters, we have concluded that the X20 USCG is the best. This flotation device is approved by the Coast Guard and can be used in case of emergencies. It should be part of any accessory list on a fishing boat that is longer than 16 feet. The UL approved materials will keep you safe when you are overboard. If the X20 USCG is not available, you should consider the KwikTek T-Top as it is a reliable alternative both regarding performance and quality.



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4 Best Fishing Boat Accessories (Reviews) in 2023


1. Kwik Tek Foam Boat Cushions White KWK 1000100WT 


If you are looking for outstanding value at a more than decent price, this is the type of fishing boat accessory you should get. This is among the must have fishing boat accessories available today, since fishing boats that are larger than 16 feet should have such a flotation device on board. If by some unfortunate circumstances, you or anyone else in the boat falls overboard, this floating cushion will come in handy.

When you are not using the cushion for its primary purpose, you can just choose to sit on it, as it offers extra comfort. The layers of foam provide good cushioning, and many buyers mention that they use it for such a purpose. Extra comfort is always appreciated, especially when you need to spend a lot more of time, just sitting inside a fishing boat, with nothing to do but wait for fish to bite.

Made from materials that are resistant to water, this flotation device will suffer no wear and tear just by sitting around. It must be mentioned that the model is Coast Guard certified, which means that you can count on it, should an emergency situation appear.


This flotation device offers good quality and excellent value for the price since you can hardly find a better deal than this on the market.

The Coast Guard certifies that this cushion can be used in case of emergencies; you can throw it in the water and use it to stay afloat until you are rescued.

This model is designed for boats that are longer than 16 feet, and having such devices on board is a requirement, which is why so many people prefer this affordable model.

You can now enjoy your canoeing or fishing experience better, knowing that this flotation device is readily available on board.

You can use it as a cushion when it is not in use.


The device is made from separate layers that are kept together inside a nylon cover, and you can feel them moving slightly, as some buyers indicate. That may cause the device to feel less stable than it is.

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2. KwikTek T-Top PFD Storage Bag, Holds up to 6 PFDs


If you are looking for extra storage space that can help you with accommodating life jackets for all the people in the fishing boat, as well as other accessories, the KwikTek T-Top is an excellent choice. One of the best features of this model is that it can be mounted to T-Tops, bimini and pontoon tops without a problem, and there are very few exceptions that cannot accommodate this storage bag.

While life jackets are not included with your purchase, everything else you may need in a storage bag for a fishing boat you will find in this one. The main compartment is dedicated for life jackets, and it is easy to access through a nylon zipper. On the bottom, a stretchable cord can be used in a zig-zag pattern to hold larger items, such as towels and rain gear.

Overall, you will discover that this model has excellent compartmentalization. There are two extra pockets with zipper, as well as three mesh pockets, where you can place items you need to access quickly. The bag itself is made from materials resistant to water and UV rays, and it keeps everything dry inside, no matter what weather conditions must be faced outside.


This storage bag can be mounted to most T-Tops, bimini or pontoon tops and it is designed to accommodate a lot of necessary gear, including Type II life jackets.

One feature that is loved by many buyers is the nylon zipper to the main compartment that provides quick, easy access to the life jackets stored inside, in a case of emergency, while keeping them dry.

On the bottom of the storage bag, you will find a stretchable cord that will hold in place towers and other items, such as rain gear.

The cover is made from 600-denier polyester that is resistant to both UVs and water.

Two extra zipper compartments and three mesh pockets will help you keep things well organized.


Unfortunately, it seems that the printed logo that clearly says ‘T-bag’ is a cause of discomfort for many buyers who say that they would prefer to mask it somehow.

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3. Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for Backpacking


Among all the small fishing boat accessories that you can get from the market, the Surviveware truly stands out, and, as its name indicates, it can help you survive through some desperate times. There are over 100 items properly organized inside the first aid kit and enumerating all here would take too much. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that you will find alcohol wipes, bandages, cotton swabs, a small emergency blanket and splinter probes.

As some seasoned anglers say, you cannot know you need something until the situation requires, and this first aid kit strives to cover as many of the possible circumstances that may occur as it can be done. What is equally important, there is some extra room in the first aid kit for accommodating your personal medicine. The laminated bags for medicine will come in handy in such situations.

All the items are organized by labeled sleeves, so it is easy to find what you are looking for with great ease. The separate pouch for personal medication is an added plus. The cover is made from 600D polyester, and it is very durable, which means that you will get to use this first aid kit for a long time.


This first aid kit is designed to offer you the possibility to face even the worst situations, as it contains over 100 items that can make the difference in dire circumstances.

The kit is compact and easy to carry around since it weighs just one pound and it is small enough to fit into the glove box of a car.

You can even wear this hanging on another bag or attached to your belt, due to the MOLLE compatible straps available on its back.

The laminate bags that hold all the items inside are designed to stave off water to keep everything dry.

The labeled inner sleeves help keep things organized, so you can quickly access them in times of need.


While the straps are handy and make it easy for you to attach the first aid kit to your belt or other bags, they cannot be removed, and this is a shortcoming since you cannot make it even more lightweight than it already is.

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4. Kidde 10 B-C Mariner


You never know you need a fire extinguisher until a fire breaks out. Even on a fishing boat, such an event can occur, and putting out the fire as soon as possible is essential for preventing an even greater disaster. This fire extinguisher is a great fit for a fishing boat as it offers the protection needed in case there is a fire.

The model is approved by the US Coast Guard, and it complies with all their safety standards, something that will surely give you peace of mind. Because it is small and portable, it can be stored on a fishing boat without worrying that it may take up too much space. Keep in mind that this model is effective against fires caused by flammable fuels such as oil, grease or gas.

The operating pressure for the fire extinguisher is 100 psi, enough for putting out fires that may happen in such environments. It takes the device 8 to 12 seconds to discharge its load, and its discharge range is 6 to 8 feet, enough for a fishing boat. While you cannot put out a massive fire with this, for its purpose, it works exactly as intended.


The Kidde 10 B-C Mariner is a small fire extinguisher that can offer you the protection you need when a fire breaks out.

The fire extinguisher is designed to meet all the safety standards imposed by the US Coast Guard, so you know you are properly protected.

The discharge time is between 8 and 12 seconds, and the operating pressure of 100 psi makes sure that you can quickly extinguish a sudden fire.

The discharge range is 6 to 8 feet, which makes the model a good fit for fishing boats that are not particularly large; within seconds, you will be able to put out the fire.


The only minor complaint buyers have to say about this fire extinguisher is that the white color it is painted with makes it not so visible in faint light conditions. This can be corrected by applying some fluorescent duct tape.

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Buying guide


Fishing is a great pastime, and many people love spending their free time on the water, trying to get fish to bite. Getting the right gear for the type of fishing you want to engage in is important. When you go fishing by boat, the necessities change a bit, and there are some things you need to have on the boat with you to ensure that your experience is not ruined by anything. In this buying guide, we will focus on providing you with the necessary information for getting the best fishing boat accessories on the market.

Safety first

This is nothing to take lightly. Before thinking of getting all kinds of cool fishing boat accessories like rod holders and spare anchors, consider ensuring proper safety for you and the rest of your passengers. For instance, you should always take along with you a first aid kit where there are all kinds of essential items, such as cotton swabs, bandages, antiseptic wipes, scissors, splinter probes and so on.

Never forget to take knives along, as well as flashlights, so you can find your way in the dark and also signal if you are in trouble. Of course, one of the most important accessories to consider is a life jacket. If there are more people involved in the fishing adventure, it is paramount to consider getting a life vest for each person on board.

You can either choose to wear the life vest for the duration of your trip or to store it in a place where it can be quickly accessed. It is crucial to run a check-up for the fishing boat before leaving the port, since there may be problems with it due to lack of use that will not be apparent at first glance.


UV and water resistant

No matter what kind of boat accessories for fishing you are considering, it is crucial that they are resistant to UVs and water since these two elements will be a plenty when you are on a fishing adventure. For instance, a storage bag should be made from a sturdy material that does not let water get inside. You will have to store away life jackets, towels, blankets and other items to help you go through trying weather. You do not want to find all these soaked through when you need them most.

Aluminum fishing boat accessories are preferred when we talk about items to help you with your fishing. This metal is resistant to corrosion, and you will not experience any unpleasant mishaps due to the prolonged exposure to salty water. Aluminum is very lightweight, and items made from it will not encumber your boat, making it a liability when you are embarking on long trips.

A fishing boat is exposed to the rays of the sun most often than not, and that is why experts insist on getting accessories that resist to the action of UVs just as they resist to the action of salt water. For storage bags, this is also an aesthetic consideration. Who wants a bag that has its colors faded by the sun?

Be aware of pricing

Since there are quite many things you should take along with you on a fishing boat, be aware of purchasing items that offer good value for the price. In the case of life vests, flotation devices, and other similar items, it is paramount to choose models that are approved by the US Coast Guard. Only this way, you can be certain that the accessories you are getting abide by the safety standards in place.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should just get any item that happens your way, regardless of its price tag. There are plenty of excellent manufacturers that offer the products they make at very competitive prices, so the primary recommendation is to go shopping around for a bit.

Make sure that aim at getting everything you need, instead of just purchasing a few accessories, since you should be covered for all kinds of situations that you may not even be able to imagine. A fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and a life vest are among those things you need, but also, you should not have to pay a small fortune for it.



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