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Best Fishing Line for Baitcaster Reels

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Fishing lines for baitcaster reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Few anglers really have the time to go over the buying guide and product descriptions prepared meticulously by our research team but we certainly don’t mind that because you still have this short paragraph to provide the necessary information about the best fishing line for baitcaster reels. By evaluating some of the popular products on the market, we have found what can be considered a good fusion of value and quality in the Berkley Trilene. Guaranteeing stronger and smoother casting, this fishing line is resilient against kinks and twists while designed with an exceptional sensitivity to help you sense fish strikes and bottom structures. Crafted with superb strength, this fishing line supports your need for control and confidence when angling. It is versatile enough for use with various baits and fishing techniques. In case the Berkley Trilene is not readily found at your favorite retailer stores, we assure you that the Stren Superline makes a dependable second option.



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10 Best Fishing Lines for Baitcaster Reels (Reviews) in 2023


While we do not claim to be experts on fishing, it still doesn’t hurt if we weigh in on the options available for the best fishing line for baitcaster reels. We now give our readers valuable information below, which they can use for making informed buying decisions.



1. Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting Monofilament 


Expertly crafted for strength and low memory, the Berkley Trilene offers a hassle-free performance in addition to exceptional casting. The low memory of the line ensures that it flows straight out of the reel to enable a fast and efficient release as needed. You achieve better line control and can also expect a steadier and stronger line for reeling the catch in.

The line is also engineered to stay strong against twists and kinks to enable strong and powerful casting to the point you are targeting. This ensures that the lure gets hurled right where the fish can see it. Get strong and smooth casting every time without compromising the needed sensitivity to transmit vibrations to your hand so you can perform prompt hook setting.

This line is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of fishing techniques and baits. It enables you to sense underwater structures along with fish strikes. It revolutionizes the way you view monofilament lines via a stronger and smoother configuration.


Still looking for a smoother and stronger monofilament line? Your search ends with this option for sure, as it offers exquisite mono engineering without sacrificing sensitivity.

Enjoy trouble-free performance and superb casting functionality with this low-memory fishing line made suitable for baitcaster reels.

The line flows freely and smoothly to enable you to execute powerful and dependable hook setting while being resistant to the intense pressure during retrieves.

With the exceptional sensitivity of this option, any vibrations from even the most tentative nibbles on the lure are transmitted effectively to your hands.

Due to the resilience of this option from kinks and twists, a smooth line flow is guaranteed to bring power behind every cast, helping you control the rig with ease.


While this product enables you to try out several types of baits and techniques, it only ships in a 300-yard spool, according to one customer.

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2. Stren Superline Braid


Designed to cast like a dream and glow like a mono, the Stren Superline is made from exclusive Dyneema® PE fibers that ensure durability and strength. This extremely durable braided line features a round profile that prevents it from digging into your hand and following the contours of the spool.

You will love how it demonstrates a dependable knot strength to support your fishing needs. The revolutionary Glide Coat treatment moves fast and freely out of the spool. This also means less wear and tear on the line, so it releases easily and reels in quickly.

Equipped with a strength that rivals steel, this line casts further and smoother to help you aim for larger, deeper-swimming fish. The thinner diameter delivers less drag in the water so lures such as crankbaits can dive deeper but with identical break strength as monofilaments. Because of the zero stretch, you can expect better sensitivity as well.


This is a strong product that provides superb knot strength so you can depend on your rig to hold the fish for as long as possible and then land it.

When leveraged with your native angling skills, this braided line casts smoother and faster while reducing wear and tear.

Able to slice through vegetation like a knife, this choice lets you drag big bass, and other prize catches from cover. Lures such as crank baits can run deeper and with less let-back.

Compared to fast-falling fluorocarbons and slow-sinking monofilaments, this one floats. It makes a suitable option for artificial frogs and other topwater lures.

With very little to no memory, this superline will not unravel from a knot as easily as a monofilament so it is ideal for spinning reels.


In terms of stretch and careless knot tying, this type of line is not quite forgiving, so you have to bear the brunt of a genuine backlash when it occurs.

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3. Seaguar TATSU 200 Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line


Delivering extraordinary castability and knot strength, the Seaguar TATSU uses a state-of-the-art double structure process to give you a fishing line that can withstand the pressure of angling while keeping its integrity in the water. It is manufactured by combining two custom, 100 percent fluorocarbon resins to give customers a genuine option on a double-structure main line on the market.

Engineered to provide exceptional tensile strength, this fluorocarbon comes with a dependable resilience against abrasion, which prevents it from snapping and forming tangles. It is nearly invisible underwater thanks to its ability not to distort light that passes through it. Fluorocarbons also have almost the same refractive index as water, so this one performs well when targeting easily spooked fish or when fishing in clear water.

Suitable for overcoming the heavy cover tactics of bass, this fishing line offers reliable functionality when pulling baits along the bottom or when fishing thick cover.


This fishing line offers a dependable knot strength thanks to its fusion of two special, 100 percent fluorocarbon resins to make it able to hold knots really well.

Just like all fluorocarbons, this one is engineered with tightly packed molecules to transmit more energy compared to monofilaments. It performs better at passing vibrations from the lure in the water to your hand so you can sense fish strikes or just the lure against the bottom.

Its superb abrasion resistance compared to regular nylon mono with the same size enables this fluoro to withstand the intense pressure during a fight. The sun’s UV rays don’t weaken this line either.

The line has a natural hydrophobic quality, so it doesn’t absorb water. It can maintain the same sensitivity, strength, and handling underwater as it does when dry.


Despite the superb features of this fluoro, it tends to have more memory compared to either mono or superlines so manageability is an issue. After a catch, you need to re-tie it as well.

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4. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Lin


If you are looking to get a high-quality braided line, the KastKing SuperPower features strands that are dynamically incorporated to allow you to tie a more solid knot quicker and more reliably. It can even be used to tie an improved clinch knot. The low memory feature will help you achieve farther and better casts without fear of wind knots.

It has a special proprietary treatment that allows the fishing line to zip through the guides and straight to your target, to give you a better lure swimming action. It does so without relying on a waxy coating. The abrasion resistance is also excellent and it actually helps decrease the likelihood of losing bigger fish.

Furthermore, the line is known for its high-sensitivity and zero stretches which combine to offer a superior hook setting that manages to increase your catch ratio noticeably. The smaller diameter will let you spool more line onto the reel. 


No matter what you intend to catch, from sharks to trout, you can rely on the excellent strength of the KastKing braided line to make you a better angler.

The line has the advantage of superior abrasion resistance that will allow you to get the same performance whether you are casting along the beach or fishing in a rocky mountain stream.

The smaller diameter of the line compared to some of the other brands available will let you spool more fishing line on your favorite reel.

You will no longer have to be extra careful when casting your rod since the low memory feature reduces the chance of wind knots considerably.

There are thousands of customer reviews that attest to the quality and reliability of this option.


Unfortunately, this choice is quite expensive and that can make it hard for anglers who are on a budget to justify paying for it.

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5. KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line – Pure Fluorocarbon Coated


KastKing is a reputable brand that is well-regarded for its quality products and reliable customer service and this option is no exception. The FluoroKote stands out from the crowd due to its 100% fluorocarbon coating that helps reduce the visibility of the line when immersed in water to help the angler fool even the smartest types of fish.

The line itself is made of copolymer which is known for the superior castability that it offers. Together, the two materials offer increased performance. It also helps with knot strength and it makes the line more sensitive. Despite the many advanced features of the line, it manages to remain affordable so that every angler can afford it.

Speaking of advanced features, this line is low-stretch and has superior abrasions resistance, high strength, and a higher density which all contribute to making this choice a perfect multi-purpose purchase that can handle a wide range of fishing applications and conditions. 


The FluoroKote has a smaller diameter, and the increased reel capacity it can offer will allow anglers to get their diving baits deeper in the water.

The superior copolymer line is coated with soft fluorocarbon and this material maximizes invisibility, castability, and it can reduce pesky knots from happening thanks to its low memory feature.

The line sinks very fast with low absorption and its superior abrasion resistance allows it to handle a wider range of techniques and environments.

You should get this if you want to get a noticeable upgrade from a monoline, and it won’t cost you a fortune since all these advanced features can be yours for a very low price point. 


For topwater lures, customers have mentioned that the line sinks too fast, and that can hinder the action of frogs and poppers.

Some buyers have complained that the line is too rigid and it can sometimes be hard to wind and unwind.

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6. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool


Choosing the right fishing line has a lot to do with the personal preferences of the customer, but there are some options that are hard to resist even if you’ve never tried them before and the Berkley Trilene Big Game is one of them. 

The monofilament line offers extra stretch and excellent buoyancy which when used with the right technique can help you catch most fish effortlessly.

You can use it to fish underneath docks, through stumps and fight around standing timber since this option offers high durability. Customers have mentioned that the toughness that this line offers makes it specifically useful for anglers who tend to fish a lot from the bank. Regardless of where you hook the fish from, you can rely on this option.

One aspect that makes this model vastly superior to some of the cheaper monofilament lines you can find on the market is its lower stretch, which lets the angler feel bites better and allows the hook to penetrate easier. 


The line is quite forgiving, and anglers of all experience levels have a lot of praise to give regarding this aspect.

It is engineered to add fighting power to your setup together with incredible strength to give you more confidence and control.

The monofilament line is extra-tough and the material is abrasion-resistant, a feature that will help it handle itself against sharp or rough objects.

The price is unbeatable since you get an incredible value for your money, and you shouldn’t get fooled by the low price since this is a high-quality monofilament line. 


The diameter of the line is a bit larger which means that the amount of line you’ll be able to get on the reel will be much smaller.

Unfortunately, it does have quite a bit of memory and that will require the fisher to be more careful when winding and unwinding so as to avoid messy knots.

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7. KastKing World’s Premium Monofilament Fishing Line


The KastKing alternative uses the finest monofilament line manufacturing technology to maximize strength and castability. The line is very strong yet thin to allow you to store more on your reel, and it is memory-free so that you no longer need to worry that knots will form just when you’re having the most fun.

The product is designed specifically to improve efficiency on topwater, when trolling, and when using moving baits. Thus, you can rely on this model to let you fish in almost all conditions and while utilizing all the techniques you’ve learned to use with mono line.

It comes with a new and improved keeper package that protects the line and allows for quick availability, a feature that will maximize your efficiency out on the water. Furthermore, the line used a single strand of high-density nylon fiber to give quite an impressive amount of abrasion resistance. 


The monofilament fishing line gives you a silky smooth casting experience that is very forgiving, a feature that makes it a favorite among beginner anglers.

The product offers a powerful tensile strength of up to 30 pounds, which makes it a great option to use when looking to fight those powerful big fish.

It is made using the Paralleled Roll Track Technology, and that grants the line a lower memory to make it easier to handle and cast without the worry of knots getting in the way.

The low water absorption makes this alternative capable of providing a quicker retrieve so there will be less limp, something that can make mastering different techniques more accessible.

It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 


Unfortunately, the line does not fare that well when it comes to invisibility since it is quite visible in the water and it may make it difficult to catch those elusive fish.

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8. PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line


The Spectra Fiber is a braided fishing line that is treated with Enhanced Body Technology for greater sensitivity to help you register even a small nudge of the hook. The three-end braided construction gives almost no stretch to the line, providing the product with the strength that professional anglers demand.

There are many advantages that the PowerPro model offers, such as the small diameter that makes it difficult for fish to notice the line. Furthermore, the round profile allows it to give you fewer problems in terms of knots since it will run through the guides and spool on your spinning reel effortlessly.

The vast majority of user reviews are also very positive, and that is clearly a testament to the quality, performance, and reliability that this nifty fishing line offers. In the end, if you do want to get a versatile choice, we are certain that you will join the hundreds of customers who were very happy this microline. 


You can spool directly from the box since the package will protect the remaining line, and the box also includes a built-in cutter and arbor tape that you get free of charge with your purchase.

The lack of stretch allows the line to remain extremely sensitive, and this feature will let you detect each bite and hooking with precise accuracy.

There are lots of options for you to choose from since this model is available in a multitude of colors, and you can pick from 5 to 250 pounds.

Customers have reported that with this line, their casts are now longer and smoother and it has even helped with the handling of the reel.

It performs well with the knots you make and it won’t bury in the spool. 


The density of the Spectra Fiber material will cause the dye to wear away with time, and you may need to reapply the color yourself by using a permanent magic marker.

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9. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line 6lb-150lb Abrasion Resistant


With the Piscifun fishing line, you get to enjoy superior abrasion resistance and durability since it is powered by the new epoxy coating technology that will prevent the line from getting damaged even when you are fishing in harsh environments.

The four strands hold up very tight so that once you’ve made a knot, it won’t ever come loose. Its thin diameter makes it easier to tie a solid knot as well. You can also get the line in the color that you prefer since the manufacturer lets you choose from blue, black, yellow, green, white, and a multi-color version.

The line does not stretch, and that will increase the hook set speed and power, not to mention that it will also make it easier for the angler to notice when a fish bites. The minimal line memory prevents line twists and increases the smoothness of the line for better casting performance. 


All Piscifun products, including this braided line, have been tested using professional techniques to guarantee that they can handle the rigors of professional fishing.

The low diameter and the precision braiding technique allows the line to be cast further, more precise and with fewer wind knots.

Anglers will also get to enjoy the excellent abrasion resistance that lets this choice perform well in a wide range of fishing environments.

It is a versatile choice that is perfect for any situation: it can handle freshwater, saltwater, ice fishing, trout fishing, bass fishing, and much more.

Customers were very pleased with the quality and performance of this model, with many ranking it higher than any other fishing line that they’ve used before. 


The main complaint we found is that the line is a bit difficult to handle when wet since the dye can get easily on your clothes and handles when you pull it back on the reel.

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10. GEVICONT PE Braided Fishing Line for Outdoor Activities 


You can now get the same level of quality that expensive models offer for much less with the GEVICONT fishing line designed specifically for outdoor activities. Many customers have mentioned in their reviews that they were unable to tell the difference between this high-quality braided line and the other much more expensive brands.

The main feature of this product is its strength. You get zero stretch and greater abrasion resistance so that you can use this nifty choice in all types of outdoor conditions and environments. The manufacturer has also put a lot of emphasis on quality strands, which is why each pack of line, no matter the size or color you choose, offers the same reliable performance.

Furthermore, the braided line has a very thin diameter to help you fit more of it on your spool. Another advantage is the lower memory which will enable anglers to cast it farther with minimal effort and no wind knots. 


Since the line is braided it has little to no stretch and that makes it excellent for deep water fishing in particular, as anglers will be able to feel bites even in very deep water.

The superior abrasion resistance cannot be ignored either, and it allows the line to handle intense use better than monofilament alternatives.

The diameter of the line is very thin and that allows for more of it to be fit on the spool, all without affecting the durability and strength of the product.

The customer service is very good – if you are not satisfied with your purchase for whichever reason, they will quickly help you find a solution that works with you. 


The color of the line tends to wear out very quickly, and fluorescent green, for example, can turn to a faint green after a few fishing sessions, not to mention that it can get on fingers and clothes.

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Buying guide


Novice baitcasting anglers do not have an easy time deciding which fishing line to get, but it is essential that they get one to match their purpose and to ensure every fishing trip is successful. These are the elements to check out when looking at the various fishing line for baitcaster reels for sale.

Line type

The best fishing line for baitcaster reels can be any one of three types: monofilament, braided or superlines, and fluorocarbon.

While most serious anglers forego monofilaments, it still makes a good choice as an all-around fishing line. Mono filament line generally has low resistance to abrasion, so it isn’t suitable for heavy cover fishing. The stretchability of mono also makes it difficult to get a solid hook set at times. However, if you use mono as sparingly as possible while understanding its properties, it makes a good general line that is quite affordable.

Fluorocarbon lines provide a more natural lure presentation to fool the fish well. Although similar to mono, fluoro comes with several differences that make it a better choice in plenty of fishing conditions. With almost zero stretch and a higher abrasion resilience, fluoro is also virtually invisible. With fluoro, you have a hardy line that fish can’t detect, so you enjoy greater functionality compared to mono.

Lower flexibility is an issue though, along with the higher cost than mono. Fluoro also sinks so fishing topwater baits can be difficult.

Braided or superlines are manufactured using special strains of fibers woven together. Superlines are designed without the deficiencies of the other two lines. It doesn’t stretch and boasts a remarkable strength-to-diameter ratio. Superlines deliver smooth hook setting and have an exceptional durability to withstand use when fishing heavy cover.

That said, superlines tend to fade with UV exposure and are extremely visible even in stained waters. Braided lines work great for topwater lures and drop shot rigs.



Measured in pounds, line strength or test is indicated on the line spool. Line strength refers to the number of pounds needed to snap the line. Thus, a 10-pound test line needs 10 pounds of pressure before breaking. However, the strength of a line is influenced by several factors.

One of those is knot tying. The strength of your line is reduced no matter how strong the knot is. Line strength is also affected by environmental factors, such as exposure to the elements. Moreover, the pound test rating of the line doesn’t really mean when you angle for heavier fish than that, it will snap.

Your ability to play the fish or outfight it might mean you could land heavier fish than the indicated line strength or lose lighter fish than the pound test. Your angling skills have much to do with success or failure. In these terms, the best baitcaster fishing line will pretty much depend on who outfights which or which outfights whom.


Durability and functionality

Durability and line strength are not the same. Despite that, the durability of the line influences its strength in the water. What durability boils down to is how resistant the line is to abrasion from the elements below the water aside from environmental conditions. Lines with a larger diameter generally have greater abrasion resistance than smaller diameter lines.

The line manufacture process also has much to do with how durable it is. The best line for baitcasting rigs performs well in real water because of quality craftsmanship and materials.

The functionality of the line is determined by the fishing situation. While being lousy at hook setting due to their elasticity, high-stretch lines offer superior castability. For more powerful hook setting, low stretch lines offer reliability and also boast good sensitivity.

Look for fishing lines with low to zero memory that combat twists and casting issues. The fishing lure determines the buoyancy of the line. Compared to other types, mono is more buoyant, so it is suitable when fishing topwater baits. Since fluoro sinks, it is ideal for fishing in open water with Texas rigs or jerk baits.


Choose the correct fishing line weight

We have already mentioned the line test that is designed to find out the maximum weight the fishing line can support before breaking. However, even though you might be inclined to pick the thickest line on the market for your next fishing trip, you need to consider the type of fish you will be going for. 

According to specialists in the field, your fishing line should match the fish species you plan on catching, the techniques used for fishing, or the area where you plan to use your baitcasting reels. The right weight will provide increased stability when holding on to it before bringing the fish and will also complement the weight of your catch. 

As you probably guessed, heavier fish species require stronger fishing lines. For instance, bass or king salmon can only be caught using stronger, thicker fishing lines, while panfish can be easily caught using monofilament lines and thinner lines. 

The area of fishing also influences your fishing line choice. Thus, if you plan on fishing in heavy waters or larger water bodies, you’ll have to perform a fishing line pound test that can resist rough waters. On the other hand, fishing in small water areas, including ponds and creeks, doesn’t require too much preparation in advance, so you will be good no matter the type of line you choose. 

Finally, you should also pick the fishing line according to your gear. The weights assigned to your rods and reels play a deciding factor in choosing the best line for your baitcasting reels. That being said, you need to purchase a product that perfectly matches your rod in terms of length, diameter, strength, and weight.


Line type

Although we have covered the most important types of fishing lines you can find on the market, let’s take a closer look at each one of them so you can fully understand their benefits and downsides. 



As you’ll find later explained in our FAQ section, monofilament lines were the first ones to appear on the market, and have a history of around 90 years. To this day, they remain the most popular type of fishing line but it is up to every angler to pick the right choice for his or her fishing skills, gear, and the type of fish planned for catching. 

That being said, mono is visible in the water. If you use monofilament in clear waters during the day, the light is going to reflect off the line and shine in the water, which will scare the fish, especially if you use stationary baits. And, due to its large diameter, it is even more visible.

Another characteristic of the mono fishing line is its memory. The memory causes the line to retain the shape of the spool, which will further affect the casting distance, and cause backlashes and tangles. 

If you still plan on using mono, make sure you cast it in deep waters, using hard-body lures and trembling hook baits such as crankbaits. 

On the more positive note, mono is the most affordable version existing on the market and it stretches, which helps with absorbing strikes. It also floats and knots well, which is why it remains the single-most used type of line, especially amongst beginner anglers. 


Fluorocarbon line

As opposed to the mono tyle, the fluorocarbon line comes with a wide array of benefits. First of all, it is invisible, which makes it a great choice for casting it in any type of water you want, deep, clear, or shallow. The reason behind this is that its light refraction factor resembles the one of water, which gives the illusion of invisibility. 

Therefore, fluoro line is the ideal choice for fishing sensitive species in clear waters, where finesse presentations are required. 

Another benefit of this type of line is that it sinks, which adds depth to the dive of a crankbait, and even provides increased action to soft plastic baits as they’re sinking. The fluoro also stretches less than a monofilament line, which adds sensitivity and allows you to detect subtle strikes, and catch more fish. 

Lastly, it doesn’t absorb water, which means it will maintain its shape and characteristics regardless of the environment you use it in. Although the features we previously explained may seem like benefits, beginner anglers can consider the fluoro lines as too complicated and sensitive to use for their first fishing trips. 

The main downside of this type of line remains its stiffness, which makes it hard to knot, and even causes line twist, and bird nests. 

Braided lines

Thanks to the latest technologies in the field, braided lines have increased in popularity in recent years because they are now smaller in diameter and easier to handle, by comparison to their ancestors. 

The main positive aspects of braided lines include the lack of memory and stretch, their abrasion resistance, and the fact that they float. 

No stretching means they are incredibly sensitive and provide better hookups in deeper waters. Their ability to float makes them a wonderful choice for those who prefer top-water fishing, especially frog-style baits in thicker vegetations. 

And, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on fishing gear every time you plan a trip, braided lines are the answer to your calls. They last longer than regular nylon lines for baitcasting reels, which means you won’t have to replace them too often. 



For many people, fishing has evolved from a survival technique to a full sport, where catching the fish is not always the goal. It is about the atmosphere, the quality time you get to spend outdoors, and the never-ending wait.

However, fishing is an expensive experience. From the barbarian tools such as spears and sticks, fishing gear has evolved to costly baitcasting reels, rods, and lines. There are dozens of different techniques and, if you want to catch a certain type of fish, you need to be prepared with the best baitcasting reels and lines. 

Navigate through our comprehensive buying guide and find out which are the most important criteria when it comes to picking the right line for your rod. Take into account your level of experience, fishing method, the type of water you plan on fishing in, as well as the species of fish you hope to catch. 

Each of these details will point out the best type of line to satisfy your needs and help you come home with a rich catch of the day. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the different types of fishing line?

A fishing line is one of the fundamental basics of any angler’s gear. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you need to find the best line for baitcaster. With that in mind, here are the main types of lines you will come across in any fishing store. 

The monofilament remains a timeless classic but it’s just a fancy word for a single thread. The line is usually made of a single piece of plastic, preferably nylon, that is stretched out and set into a thin tube. It may not be the best line for baitcaster but it has been around for around nine decades, which means it remains a popular choice for many anglers. 

The copolymer is the improved version of the monofilament but it is made of two types of nylon instead of one. It is great on all baitcasting reels and a wonderful choice for suspension rigs or those who practice surface fishing. 

The fluorocarbon line is made from much denser materials and its main perk is that it is invisible underwater. This is a fast-sinking line and it’s mainly preferred for fishing in clear water. 

Q: What is the fishing line made of?

We have already tackled the answer to this question in our previous post but for those who are looking for a quick answer – it is nylon. 

Most types of lines are made of nylon of various kinds, depending on their durability and elasticity. However, there is also the braid which boasts a different construction. It is made by weaving together several strands of polyethylenes, such as Spectra, Dyneema, and Dacron. The result is a super-thin line that can even stop a swordfish. 

Braided line is made with 4 up to 16 strands and is built to last. Some might argue it is the best line for baitcaster and, since it has no memory, it will flow freely without kinking. This means you will get increased precision with the trade-off of lower shock strength. 

As you can see, the quality of the nylon fiber is extremely important when picking any of these types of lines for your baitcasting reels. 


Q: How much weight can a fishing line hold?

The strength of the best line for baitcaster is measured in pounds and is also known as “the pound test”. Different types of lines come with different specifications in terms of their pound test, and you can usually see it on the product’s label. 

Generally speaking, most lines will hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds but this number differs between manufacturers and product lines. Some fishing lines aren’t designed to hold more than 15 pounds without breaking, which makes them lightweight and suitable for freshwater fish of small dimensions like trout, frogfish, flatfish, rudd, and others.

Water is another factor that influences the results of a line test. For instance, nylon monofilament lines have been known to experience a decrease in strength when wet up to 30% by comparison to their dry state. On the contrary, a fluorocarbon line doesn’t absorb water, which means they maintain the same strength even when wet. 




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