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Best Fishing Line for Catfish

Last Updated: 23.06.24

Fishing lines for catfish – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Are you looking for the best catfish fishing line money can buy, but you just don’t have the time to spare to go through all the online reviews sections on the internet? If this scenario seems familiar, do not despair, we are here to help you out. The results of the research that we have carried out indicate that the model you should invest in is the Mason Big Cat. The product stands out due to its strength, as the line was designed for fighting the big powerful cats. Moreover, this flexible waterproof line is said to absorb the color of the water and, as a result, to disguise itself to the catfish’s eye. If the Mason Big Cat is unavailable, you should consider the Stren Catfish Monofilament, as it is a sturdy second option.



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3 Best Fishing Lines for Catfish (Reviews) in 2024


Because we know that finding the best fishing line for catfish is not a job that one can compete without a headache, we have decided to lend you a helping hand. Thus, we have compiled a list of products that have been deemed reliable by both professional and amateur fishermen. The chosen models have a handful of features that one cannot simply go without in a product of this type. So, keep on reading and select the model that you like best.



1. Mason Big Cat Catfish Braided Nylon Fishing Line


A popular choice among the catfish fishing enthusiasts, the Mason Big Cat is a model worth having in mind when shopping in this product category. The main advantage that this product provides is the fact that it is fitted for fishing for big, heavy catfish. Thus, according to the manufacturer, this line has been deemed capable to hold up to 45 pounds, more than one could wish for in a model like this.

Additionally, if you want a product that will allow you to spool over large distances, this 150 yards model might just do the trick for you. What is more, although it comes in tan color, this braided line is actually able to absorb the color of the water. As a result, you’ll be able to catch any sneaky catfish.

Moreover, due to the fact that the line is waterproof, mildew will never pose a problem to its users.


A handful of users were very happy with the way in which the product behaves when used in ice cold water.

This model is sturdy enough to pass the 45-pound test. Thus, it won’t be problematic when it comes to fishing for catfish.

You can spool this line for up to 150 yards.

Thanks to its color and the fact that it is waterproof, you can rest assured knowing that this product will do its job well when it comes to fishing for catfish.


When comparing it to similar products, it becomes evident that the product is a bit more expensive. Still, it is said to worth every penny.

This model is not fluorescent; thus, it might be a little more difficult to notice during the night time. However, thanks to its color, it is hard to notice by sagacious fish.

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2. Stren Catfish Monofilament


Another highly appreciated model that users like is the Stren Catfish Monofilament. Sturdy and dependable, this line has a series of features that are sought after by experienced and novice fishermen alike.

For instance, the product is said to be strong enough for lifting big catfish out of their holes. What is more, the line behaves nice, no matter the abuse. Thus, it is capable to resist any type of abrasion from rocks and other similar structures.

As a plus, because the manufacturer wanted to cater to their users’ every need, the model was designed to have a fluorescent light that glows in the daylight as well as during the night. Consequently, the fisherman can easily detect subtle movements when a fish is tinkering with it. What is more, because catfish aren’t scared by a colored line, it is advisable that you settled for a fluorescent model.


According to happy users, its bright orange color makes the line easily visible so that you can watch and see if anything is nibbling on your line.

The product is sturdy enough to support heavy, big catfish without it snapping at the wrong time.

The model is said to be abrasion resistant. Thus, the line is quite durable and can be used for a long period of time before it needs to be changed.

The line has a thin diameter, .022 inch, thus, it is easy to knot.


Although affordable, some might consider it a bit pricey when compared to the cheap alternatives on the internet. However, the product has a great price to value ratio and is worth the money.

There have been users that have complained that the product has memory. Still, this is a mono and this feature is inherent to this type of fishing line.

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3. Berkley Tbcfs15-81 Trilene Big Cat Fishing Bait, Solar, 300 yd


Another model that you should necessarily consider when shopping in this product category is the Trilene Big Cat. Sturdy enough to use when fishing for catfish, this model has what the manufacturer describes as `super shock strength`, a feature that, combined with the ability to control the line’s stretch, enables the user to gain considerable fighting power. This way, no matter how powerful the fish, the angler won’t be at a disadvantage.

What is more, this line is resistant to abrasion. As a result, it can be safely used against rough or sharp objects without any problems. Moreover, due to the fact that this is a resistant product, by settling for it, you can be sure that the model is durable. Thus, investing in it is a smart decision economically wise.

As a plus, this model is, in fact, a fluorescent model. Thanks to this feature, the user can safely use the line even during night time.  


The users appreciate the fact that this line is quite sturdy. Thus, this product works great for those fishing for catfish.

Because it glows in the dark, anglers can use it for night fishing expedition. This way they are able to see when the fish bites the lure.

The product is easy to manage when fishing. As a plus, the manufacturer calls it ideal for both long and short casts.

The product has overall great ratings, reason why it is safe to assume that current users are happy with their purchase.


Although the product can be called affordable, there are similar cheaper models on the market. Yet, users didn’t seem to mind the investment.

This is one of the products that don’t have a lot of online reviews. Thus, it is hard to tell if there are any undisclosed issues with it.

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Buying guide


Finding some good fishing line for catfish is no easy task to handle, especially if you are a novice fisherman. And, because we know how difficult it is for one to go through all the reviews the internet has to offer, we have decided to help you out. Thus, below you can find a selection of the most important features you should bear in mind when shopping in this category of products. Read ahead and choose wisely!


As all catfish fishing line reviews, for sale, are prone to point out, one key aspect you should consider before placing any orders is the strength of the line. Because catfish are usually quite heavy and are prone to put up a fight, we suggest you opt for a model that has been confirmed to be strong.

Thus, a good way to verify this aspect is by looking at whether or not the line’s sturdiness has been tested. A common test is the pound one. However, if your chosen model’s description does not disclose this fact, we suggest you read the online commentaries left by current users of the product, as this will help you get a good understanding of the product’s capabilities.


Fluorescent line

As you probably are well aware, catfish are not line-shy fish. Therefore, if you are a night fisherman, it is advisable that you pick a fluorescent line. The main advantage that these models provide is the fact that they enable you to see any line movements, even in the dark. As a result, you’ll not miss any opportunity that comes your way.

However, if you plan on using the line when fishing for more types of fish, a colorless line might be of better help. From this point of view, it would be a good idea for you to choose a model that adapts its color to that of the water.


Resistance to abrasion

What is more, the line’s resistance to abrasion is another element worth taking into account. Anyhow, when searching for line for catfish, it is best to find a product that can stand a lot of abuse, as catfish are the type of fish that like to put up a fight.

Users’ feedback is a good way to check either or not your chosen product is resistant or not. So, go ahead and start reading.



Because catfish are known to be biters, our suggestion to you is to search for a line that is sensible enough for you to effortlessly feel whenever the fish tackles with your lure.

Thus, it would be a great idea for you to find a line model that has a small enough diameter to allow for this kind of sensitivity.




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