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Best Fishing Rod Case

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Fishing rod cases – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


When considering the best fishing rod case, one can never be too careful so here’s where you’ll find out what some of the most appreciated products on the market are, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to look into this yourself. After thoroughly investigating the entire case market, our team has come to the conclusion that the BW Sports Rod Case is the one you should consider. It comes completely protected with a PVC rod tube and a padded reel chamber sporting a large dual-zippered opening which offers you easy access. It’s also designed to leave the reels connected to the rods, therefore offering you a faster set up and breakdown while the entire thing is protected by a rugged 600 denier outside fabric. In the unfortunate event that this product is not available, you may want to keep the Flambeau Tackle Rod Tube in mind as your other option.



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7 Best Fishing Rod Cases (Reviews) in 2024


In your quest to find the best fishing rod case you might want to consider one of our top picks highlighted below, which we selected after consulting scores of user and specialist reviews.



1. BW Sports Spinning Rod and Reel Case


This fishing rod case from BW Sports is an overall fine, well-rounded product that offers a high carrying capacity together with great portability and good protection for your rods.

The first thing that might strike you about this product is its very low weight, made possible by the employment of rigid PVC and light, flexible nylon in its construction. The PVC offers stiffness so that the rods it carries don’t bend or break if dropped while the nylon provides water protection with a 600 denier rating.

The nylon also serves in cushioning blows, so that the PVC or your precious rods don’t take the full force of an impact. Extra padding has been added to the reel chamber since these items are potentially more fragile than the flexible rods.

Although the manufacturer claims the RC-5060 can accommodate 7-foot rods, users find that figure to be a little too optimistic, and a more realistic specification will be at around 6,8 feet, as verified by owners. This still makes it one of the more sizable products out there, which gives it great adaptability and versatility.  

In the 2.5 inch diameter PVC tubing, you can carry either two 6.6 – 6.8 feet rods, a 2 piece rod or whatever other configuration suits you.


This is a great case, designed to be able to endure heavy punishment while also being stylish and good-looking. 

The extra-storage ensures you’ll never run out of space and the dual-zippered opening offers easy access to allow you to set up your tools of the trade in a hurry.

All the rod cases come with padded shoulder straps, padded reel sections, internal nylon socks, and even web handles so you won’t have to buy anything else once you’ve ordered this.

Customers report they’ve even stored this on an ATV and their tools were well protected from damage and trail dust.

This product has a great value-for-money ratio and it’s quite likely you will be very happy when using it to protect your rods.


Even though everybody agrees the design of these cases is great, some of the buyers expressed dissatisfaction because their 7-foot rods could not fit in as easily as they thought they would.

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2. Bazuka Tube Unisex’s 6085 Rod Carrier


Also called the Bazuka Rod Case due to its looks, this Flambeau Outdoors product has a very interesting feature which greatly increases its versatility and also makes it easier to transport in a car or a plane.

Much like a LAW recoilless rifle, the Outdoors 6085 can extend, going from a compact 63” to 87”, which is just enough to hold a 6.5 feet one piece rod. The short configuration makes it easier to fit inside your car (if you only use it to hold multi-piece rods,) but just as important it allows it to be carried by plane without paying the additional tax for long luggage.

Its overall width is equally impressive and allows it to carry as many as 6 rods with their reels taken off. However, its interior is rather spartan and you won’t get many facilities for holding things in place. This is easily solvable by placing towels or other pieces of cloth to provide padding.

Where durability is concerned, customers don’t seem to have reported any issues with the item breaking or bending, so we might conclude that it performs fairly well in this department.


Flambeau wants to capture the market with this practically indestructible case that is able to withstand tremendous amounts of damage and punishment.

Furthermore, the hinged door makes for easy loading and unloading allowing you to be out on the lake in no time.

It’s also quite spacey since it can reportedly hold up to six 6-1/2 rods at the same time while also being completely lockable as an added security bonus.

The contoured, blow-molded construction really offers a challenge to anything or anyone trying to dent a hole in it so this product is perfect for fishermen who love to travel a lot in search of places where they can practice their craft.


Some buyers were dissatisfied with the actual inside diameter from inside the case and reported it seemed smaller than what was advertised for it. 

Delivering it in one piece seems to also be a problem sometimes.

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3. Plano Fishing Rod Transporter Carry Tube


This rod case offers great versatility and is has the possibility to expand to up to 88 inches in length and then collapse to 47 inches for easy storage when you no longer need it. The manufacturer claims this can store up to eight 7-foot rods so it should be more than enough for all your fishing needs.

The unique three-tier design and an almost five-inch diameter also make it easy to store those eight rods without having to put too much effort into it. The hard-sided case is specifically designed to protect your tools during airline travel so this is a great bonus for those fishermen who like to explore various fishing places in the country.

The case also seems to be very durable and able to withstand things like trips and airport security checks without damaging your beloved rods in the meantime, so this is really a product that you can take anywhere.

One thing to note here is that if you are going to use this for spinning rods which have large eyelets, such as those used for saltwater, the maximum capacity will be somewhere around three rods due to the increased dimensions of the rods.


A good, sturdy product which should be able to keep all your required rods when traveling or going on a fishing trip.

The value-for-money report is quite good because even though this is a very large case, the level of protection offered to your rods will make it worth your while.

The fact that it extends to almost 8 feet in height can offer you a great advantage while the shrinking capability ensures you won’t have to carry a giant case with you everywhere you go.

Also, because the case is highly adjustable it makes it easy for you to comply with whatever regulations an airline may have.


Some customers liked the design but disliked the actual usability of the product, citing the lack of an end cap to allow for easy adding or removing of rods.

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4. Allen Company Riprap Fishing Rod Case


This is a case which is specifically designed so you don’t have to worry about anything but your catch. Allen Company’s motto is ‘’by anglers for anglers’’ and while it’s somewhat traditional, their product is anything but.

This case is specifically designed for spinning reels and other items like this and it can easily fit 2-piece spinning rods up to 7 feet or 4-piece Spey/switch rods up to 13 feet. Furthermore, the easy-to-carry padded handle means you won’t have a hard time moving it around and making the most out of your rod case.

The hanging loop is great for storage when you don’t have a lot of space available and you have to make do with what you’ve got. However, the case will also work great for protecting your rod in the trunk of the car even without hanging it somewhere so if you’re into long fishing trips, this will be a very good product for you.

Customers report they are very satisfied with how rigid the case is and the fact that it can easily fit two 7’ baitcasting rods, as well as it being able to accommodate the reel without taking it apart first.


This is a very durable and sturdy product with which you don’t have to constantly worry about your rods.

Even if you throw it in the back of your truck and start driving, odds are your fishing gear will be safe when you get there.

Because the company used lots of padding, this case looks and feels safe to use and you must never underestimate the value of psychological comfort.

The fact that you don’t have to take apart the reel will be an added bonus for a lot of fishermen who simply can’t wait to get out of the car and onto that lake!


Even though happy with the protection it offers, some customers were dissatisfied with the handle design of this case, reporting that it was placed all the way toward the end of it which makes it both unbalanced and awkward to carry.

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5. Plano 4442 Fabric Rod Tube


Plano really went to town with the testing protocols on this product and this shows in the genuine quality of it. Apart from the fact that it is made in the USA, the case was tested for durability and made using only the highest-quality components available.

The outside fabric is tough and water-resistant while the ends are dense and completely padded with foam to protect the rod tips from being damaged. The case is sturdy enough to be able to withstand some abuse yet also light and easy to carry around.

The core is made from 3-inch diameter crush-resistant polypropylene which basically ensures damage reduction whatever the case of the accident so your rods will be safe and sound. The nylon carry handle is also great as it improves the handling part by quite a bit.

This case was shown to be exactly what a traveling fisherman needs, especially one who chooses to travel by plane and as such will have luggage regularly exposed to bumps and hits. The color is a very nice shade of green and it will look great when you use this to lure all the fish toward you.

The product’s dimensions are 42 x 3 x 3 inches so this situates it in a good place on the rod case lengths leaderboard.


Value-for-money, this rod case will give you exactly what you need in the form of protection without having to spend a lot of money to get it.

The case is large enough to be able to fit two regular rods while also saving enough room for a smaller, telescoping one.

A bonus for those fishermen who travel by airplane is the fact that this product will fit in the overhead compartment so it won’t take up much-needed legroom.

Some people report that good rod cases are pretty hard to find at local stores so having the possibility to buy a simple and cheap one online is really good.


Regular travelers would have preferred to be able to carry the case over their shoulder instead of having to free one hand just for this.

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6. Plano 3″ Adjustable Rod Case


This adjustable rod case is great when you have to deal with multiple-sized rods and you have to decide which one you are going to take with you. The fact that it can adjust to hold rods up to 8.5 feet offers great flexibility while the sturdy foam padding ensures that they are well protected, no matter their length.

Furthermore, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you should be pretty much covered even if something happens to it. Also, with this good of a product, there will always be security concerns so it is for this reason that the rod is completely lockable.

You should be aware though that you might find it hard to carry multiple rods if all of them have larger-than-normal guides and bigger reel seats, simply because three or four rods like that will take up a tremendous amount of space. If the rods are smaller though, there are customers who report being able to carry five rods with this!

This case should also be sturdy enough to cover any type of public or car transportation that you might need, so traveling will never be a problem.


Plano has managed to offer a very good rod case which customers seem to like for its endurance and storage capacity.

This case offers great benefits when traveling as it will fully protect your rods from being banged in a vehicle or from rolling around excessively, even if you have to carry them through crowded airports.

If you are looking for a good value-for-money report, this product is really up there with the best of them since it will protect your assets in all but the most extreme of cases, while also not being extremely expensive.

The large, adjustable length offers great flexibility when you have to decide on multiple rods and also gives you room to experiment with the way you can place them inside.


A few customers were dissatisfied with the excessive amount of flex the product has in the middle while being fully extended. Some of them also expressed desires for a shoulder strap to be able to carry the case better.

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7. Plano 64-Inch Rod Case with 4.25″ Diameter


This case is another example of Plano’s commitment to cover all types of needs for their angler customers. It’s USA-made using the highest-quality components available which virtually guarantees the fact that it is a good product.

Every single case is tested for durability before leaving the manufacturer’s care and being sent out onto the open market. To enhance that durability, the case is fully protected with foam padding to minimize any potential damage that could be taken from falls or bumps.

Rods and even rod cases can be expensive things to own so the improved locking system on this product is here to ensure that your assets will always be secure. Since the case is made entirely from plastic parts, there’s no need to worry about rusting over time, offering you years and years of faithful service.

Furthermore, this rod tube is extremely versatile so it will allow you to pack several rods of various lengths at the same time in order to better accommodate your trip needs. It’s especially good for long rods as the padding on both ends will keep them from rolling around and avoid any damage.


This is a very durable product and able to adapt to the harshest traveling environments while fully protecting your rods.

If you have to deposit it somewhere you’ll likely benefit from the fact that, unlike the Bazooka case, this case has a flat foot area so it can stand upright on its own.

The middle section is easy to adjust and the cap is easy to remove so you will never have any problems handling this product, as it is very easy to use.

Seeing how it’s made from high-quality materials but it’s still in a lower price range, the value-for-money quality could not be better.


You should be aware that many customers warn about the actual size of this case, stating that it is much bigger than it looks. While an actual advantage for people who want to carry multiple rods, this may prove to be a challenge for anglers simply looking for a regular-sized tube.

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Buying guide


There’s no one solution to choosing the best case for a fishing rod, rather you must consider the pros and cons offered by each design, and how well they fit with your specific needs. You should give special consideration to the features that you think might serve you well, and not focus on things that might, in the end, prove redundant. With this in mind, here are some of the things to have in mind while browsing what’s available for sale.


This can be a double edged sword as fishing rod cases are concerned. Intuitively, bigger should be better since you would want the extra versatility of being able to carry a longer pole or more than one pole at a time.

This is generally the case, but consider that a larger unit will be hard to fit in the trunk of a small car or will require additional tax from airlines when transported as luggage (a problem we found out to come again and again.) Always enquire if the specific unit you’re thinking of will receive any sort of “large item” classification from the airline you’re most frequently using. Most people do.



This should concern you especially if you have to walk through difficult terrains, such as forests or soft marshes, in order to reach the fishing spot.

While rod cases are not particularly heavy, weight can become a factor during long walks, where every pound adds up to create discomfort over time. If you have more than a mile to walk to your destination, consider looking for a lighter model because every pound will make itself felt.

Shoulder straps are a must for those who expect to navigate forests or hedges since the item will have to be held vertically, which a handle doesn’t really allow for.


Durability and protection

The main responsibility of the case is to provide protection for your rods and reels. It does so both through a hard outer shell to take on the outside pressure or impact and by providing a cushion to the sensitive material inside.

The hard layer should ideally flex when subjected to a lot of physical force, since this prevents it from breaking, while the padding also needs to provide a measure of support so that the items won’t get scrambled.

Water proofing is also something to consider, especially if you are fishing from a boat. The best items can provide adequate protection even when submerged and can float for a significant amount of time.




Unavailable products


City Traveler Fishing Rod Case


This suggestively named product from City Traveler impresses at first sight with its sleek design and continues to impress at closer inspection.  

It’s made out of PC+ABS semi-rigid material, which flexes upon impact, absorbing any shock that might damage fragile polycarbonate rods or reels. The item is also fully waterproof, the interior lining and zippers are specially treated to provide adequate water protection even if the case is entirely submerged.

Although at around 5 feet in length this fishing rod case can only accommodate multi-piece or ice fishing units, there is plenty of interior space — enough to loosely accommodate two average sized two-piece rods together with their reels, or three ultra-light ones in a tight fit.

The interior provides for good functionality and convenience since the relatively high number of pockets (2 long ones and 2 meshes) together with Velcro straps will make it easy to organize your belongings and keep them in place.

At around 4 lbs, this case is not particularly light, but you can consider this the price to be paid for exceptional durability. Also, the overall compact size and optional strap do make it relatively easy to carry.




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