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Best Fishing Shorts

Last Updated: 24.04.24

Fishing shorts – Buying guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing shorts. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have decided that the Under Armour Men’s Fish Hunter Cargo are the best because they are constructed from a blend of elastane and polyester so they are durable, easy to care for and extremely comfortable to wear whether you are fishing in the middle of a stream or on dry land. The material is resistant to wear and tear due to exposure to chlorine or saltwater, and since the fabric is “stretchable” your movements aren’t restricted. You also have the benefit of a water repellent coating which helps the shorts stay dry and it won’t interfere with comfort or breathability. If the Under Armour Men’s Fish Hunter Cargo is not available, you should consider the Columbia Men’s II Brewha as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Fishing Shorts (Reviews) in 2024


1. Under Armour Mens Fish Hunter Cargo Shorts


1.Under Armour Outerwear Fish HunterThe UA Fish Hunter is one of the best fishing shorts, according to Amazon customer reviews, 76% of which gave it five-star ratings.

It is made with a polyester/elastane (Spandex) blend, ensuring a pair of shorts that is comfortable, while providing compression to ensure superior performance while fishing. It features DWR (Durable Water Repellant) coating to make the shorts waterproof without sacrificing breathability. In addition, the Fish Hunter is made with chlorine- and salt-resistant materials, helping to ensure that it is fade-proof even when worn in the water for long periods. The shorts are also designed with four-way stretch fabrication, which helps provide greater mobility while still enabling the shorts to hold their shape over time.

The most common compliment made about the Fish Hunter in positive reviews was that they were comfortable even when worn for the whole day, making them a great pair of casual shorts. In addition, some reviewers added the shorts were tough and seemed sturdy, and many reviewers said they would buy additional pairs. The only real complaint made was the lack of pockets, as the Fish Hunter had only one rear pocket. Otherwise, the majority of reviewers were more than satisfied with their purchase.


If you are looking for a comfortable pair of fishing shorts, then take a look at this product because it is made out of a blend of polyester and elastane (Spandex) that provides both comfort and compression.

It has DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating making the shorts waterproof and good air circulated at the same time.

Even if you plan to wear this product for a long time in the water, you should know that its colors won’t fade thanks to its resistance to chlorine and salt.

These shorts provide great mobility enabled by the four-way stretch fabrication designed to also keep their shape over time.

The reviewers thought that they make for a great pair of casual shorts because they felt comfortable even after a whole day wear.


Due to the fact that the manufacturer follows Asian sizing these short run a little small so you should consult the size guide chart carefully.



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2. Columbia Men’s Brewha II Shorts


2.Columbia Men's Brewha II ShortsThe Columbia Brewha shorts are among the most popular sold on Amazon, with nearly 90% of customer reviews giving the product five-star and four-star ratings. They are made with a cotton granite cloth blend to create extremely comfortable shorts that are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for a long day of fishing.

In addition, the shorts have OmniShade UPF 50 sun protection to reduce the risk of sunburn. The partial elastic used on the waste allows the shorts to stretch for added comfort by accommodating changing waist sizes. To add utility to the shorts, there is not only a security pocket that zips closed for keeping your wallet, cell phone and other valuables, but also a beverage-friendly pocket for carrying around drinks in cans or other small containers.

The Columbia Brewha shorts are considered some of the best quick dry shorts, since customer reviewers have said they are ready to wear straight out of the drier. In addition, they liked that the shorts had several deep pockets that let them keep small items secure, and can also be zipped closed to prevent them from falling out. The elastic on the waistline also ensures that the shorts can continue to be worn over time despite the user’s fluctuating weight.  


One of the most popular products on Amazon, these shorts are made out of a breathable and lightweight blend of cotton and granite cloth.

Regarding sunburn risk reducing, you will be pleased to know that these fishing shorts come with OmniShade UPF 50 sun protection.

It accommodates changing waist sizes thanks to partial elastic used on the waist, so it doesn’t matter if your waistline fluctuates as these shorts will remain a perfect fit.

In terms of utility, these short come with a pocket designed to keep your valuables intact and another made to have small drinks available.

Considered by the customers one of the shorts that dry quickly, some even stated that they wore it straight out of the drier.


Some users felt confused while looking for the right size, but to avoid that you should go on the manufacturer’s website.

The fact that Columbia is always redesigning its products has led some reviewers to express frustration.



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3. Original AFTCO ‘Fishing Short’ Ocean


3.AFTCO M01The AFTCO M01 is undoubtedly one of the best-reviewed on Amazon, with close to 90% of customer reviews giving it five-star ratings. The M01 is made with tough 3-ply Supplex nylon that is stretchable for comfortable wear, as well as having a stain-resistant coating, and has a length of 15.5-inches.

It boasts of seven pockets, including a Cordura-lined utility pocket for functionality as well as 27 bar tacks for durability. Added utility features include belt loops, a hidden-stretch waistband to accommodate changing waist sizes and a double-lined seat. In addition, they are stylish-looking and available in a variety of colors from Khaki to the traditional black, as well as more exotic colors such as Hunter Green and Sun.

One of the most common positive statements made about the M01 was how long lasting the shorts were. There was even a reviewer who claimed that he had some pairs that lasted twenty-five years, while another said that they wear like iron. In addition, they mentioned that the shorts dry quickly, allowing them to be worn immediately after coming out of the drier. However, they are more expensive than comparable shorts, but given how long they last, they still provide outstanding value for money.


With almost 90% of Amazon users giving 5-star ratings this pair of shorts is massively popular and that is because of its durability and comfortable feel.

When you scale or gut fish, you can forget about leaving stains thanks to the stain-resistant coating of this product.

Their stylish look is available in a variety of colors ranging from khaki to traditional black including more exotic colors such as Hunter Green or Sun.

This product comes with utility features such as belt loops, stretchable waistband for changing waist sizes and a double-lined seat.

It has seven pockets with a Cordura-lined one included and has 27 bar tacks for increased durability.


The price might seem a little steep, but user reviews guarantee that these fishing short may have a long lifespan, one user even saying that he’s been wearing them for 25 years.

You might not want to go swimming in these shorts since they are not lined with inner mesh.

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4. AFTCO Tactical Fishing Shorts – Blue Camo


4.AFTCO Tactical Fishing ShortsThe latest line from AFTCO is designed to be incredibly comfortable and is made with a 95% poly/5% elastane blend as well as water-repellent coating. It features AFBLOCK sun protection technology that blocks up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays as well as two-way stretch Ripstop Dobby fabric that ensures durability and wearability.

To add a stylish touch, the shorts are made with short styling and also boast of contrast styling as well as a custom camo print with the AFTCO fish logo hidden in the print. Other notable features include the AFGUARD stain resistance coating that prevents it from getting too dirty when used during fishing sessions and the AFLEX two-way stretch that accommodates changing waist sizes for comfort as well as utility plier pockets for keeping small possessions handy. The Tactical Fishing shorts are available in Green Camo or Blue Camo and in sizes from 30 to 42.

Since the line has only recently been released, it does not yet have many customer reviews on Amazon. However, those who have posted reviews have been uniformly positive, and the product has been given a 100% five-star rating.  Reviewers cited their utility (lots of pockets) as well as durability as being among its outstanding features.


This product earned plenty of good reviews even if it is new to the AFTCO clothing line thanks to the large number of convenient pockets.

Made with a durable and comfortable construction made with a blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane also having a waterproof coating.

These shorts possess the AFBLOCK sun protection technology that will protect their wearer from up to 98% of harmful sun rays.

Other features included in this product are AFGUARD stain resistant coating that prevents it from getting too dirty and AFLEX two-way stretch that ensures comfort by adjusting to waist size change.


These shorts may seem a little pricey compared to other models, but their durability proves to be of enough value for your money.

You may find that the sizing can be a little off meaning that, in order to fix that you must go to the manufacturer’s website and consult the sizing guide chart.

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5. Under Armour UA Coastal Short


5.Under Armour Men's UA Coastal ShortsThe UA Coastal Shorts are among the best fishing shorts available on Amazon, with 83% of customer reviews giving the product five-star ratings, citing its unbeatable combination of comfort, durability and functionality.

They feature UA’s water-repellant Storm technology to create shorts that perform well when used for fishing expeditions while still being comfortable enough for everyday use. It uses materials that are resistant to chlorine and salt in order to avoid fading and reduce wear and the inseam is 7.5-inches long. The four-way stretch fabrication is designed to provide users with increased mobility and greater comfort, while the anti-odor technology helps prevent the shorts from developing bad odors.

In addition, the shorts are designed to dry quickly so they can be worn immediately afterwards, and have UPF 30+ sun protection to prevent skin damage from harmful UV rays. They are available in a variety of nature-inspired colors including Moon Shadow, Deer Hide/Bark and Diver Green/Major.

The Coastal Shorts won a variety of positive comments from users, most of whom said they loved the product. For example, one said it was appropriate for an assortment of sporting activities and not just fishing.  Another said the shorts were as comfortable as sleepwear.


With 83% of Amazon users giving 5-star reviews these shorts are among the best you can find with an incredible combination of comfort, durability, and functionality.

Under Armor’s water-repellent Storm technology allowed these fishing shorts to perform well either while gone fishing or as an everyday item.

This model uses materials that are resistant to chlorine and salt, thus reducing fading while the anti-odor technology will keep the development of bad odors close to zero

Thanks to its four-way stretch fabrication it provides users an increased mobility and comfort.

These fishing shorts have UPF 30+ protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and are designed to dry quickly.


Some customers have mentioned their wish for a greater number of pockets being that there are only a couple.

The fishing shorts may run a slightly big despite their drawstring closure, a mishap that can be fixed by ordering a pair in a smaller size.

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Most people believe that when you go fishing, it is enough to wear just any old pair of shorts. After all, they would only get wet and damaged and have to be thrown out later. The right pair of shorts can not only greatly enhance your fishing experience, but also improve your performance. Here are some reasons why you should wear a pair of shorts that are specially designed for fishing.

They protect you against the sun. We all know that being out in the sun for too long can be unhealthy, especially during the morning and early afternoons when the day is at its hottest. Fishing shorts can protect your legs against sunburn and sun damage by using fabrics that have a sun protection feature.




They provide you with mobility. One of the things that you don’t want to happen when you’re about to land a big fish is to get your legs tangled up in a pair of stiff shorts. The best fishing shorts use stretchable material such as spandex to provide wearers with the maximum amount of movement.  

They help keep you dry and fresh. Shorts that are designed for fishing are made with water-resistant fabric that helps keep you dry. In addition, many shorts also have odor-resistant properties that help prevent them from developing unpleasant odors.

They are durable. Fishing shorts are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, with tough stitching that does not come loose easily as well as fabrics that last a long time. These shorts typically last for years before they wear out.



Choosing the right fishing shorts


Now that you know the importance of a good pair of fishing shorts, you may be interested in buying a pair or two of your own. Specialized fishing shorts are available from a variety of providers, including Under Armour and AFTCO. However, with the wide variety of choices offered, it can be challenging to find the one that best meets your needs. To help you, here is a buyers guide to some of the features you should look out for.


AWhat materials should you go for?

There are a number of fabrics that are commonly used to make fishing shorts, and it can be difficult to decipher what benefits they have. Here is a brief guide to some of the most commonly used materials.

Nylon – This synthetic fabric is commonly used in sportswear that is often exposed to moisture since it has low moisture absorbency properties. In addition, it is easy to wash, durable, and resists damage from oil and other chemicals.

Supplex – Supplex is the type of nylon that is most commonly used in clothing, since it has fibers that are more water-resistant and softer than the traditional materials, making it more comfortable to wear. It is usually billed as combining the durability of nylon with the comfort of cotton. Taslan nylon has the same qualities as supplex nylon, combining the comfort of cotton with the flexibility and durability of nylon, but is not as soft as supplex.

Polyester – This synthetic fabric is known for being resistant to shrinking and stretching, quick drying, as well as not wrinkling easily. It is generally blended with other fibers to make unique blends that have the combined properties of both. For example, a poly/elastane blend has the strength and resilience of polyester with the stretchiness and increased comfort of elastane.  



Do the shorts have water-repellent qualities?

This is a basic feature that all fishing shorts should have. You are constantly being exposed to salt water that will quickly cause the colors to fade and the shorts themselves to wear out quickly. Thus, you should look for shorts that not only are resistant to water but also salt. This will ensure that the shorts will not only last a long time, but also perform well under the conditions they will normally be exposed to when you go fishing.


Do the shorts offer sun protection?

When you’re going fishing, it goes without saying that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. So it is important that you get a pair of shorts that provides you with protection against UV rays. Overexposure to the sun can not only prematurely age your skin, making you look much older, but also increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

You might think that your legs are the least likely place for you to get sunburn or be exposed to the sun, but the light can reflect from the water and burn you in areas such as your knees and even your scrotum. Look for shorts that have the highest UPF factor.


How many pockets should the shorts have?

When you are going fishing, you want to be as unencumbered as possible, so you want to have shorts that have a lot of handy pockets where you can store all the small items that you need to keep on your person. You might also consider pockets with zippers in order to keep valuable possessions such as your cellphone secure, as well as specialized pockets such as utility pockets. For example, AFTCO shorts have a wide variety of pockets



Do the shorts have belt loops?

Since you want to have fishing gear such as hooks and other small accessories readily available without having to dig around in your pockets, you might want to look for shorts that have belt loops so you can simply clip these items onto the loops and unclip them when needed.


Do the shorts stretch at the waist?

While this feature is not a necessity, it is useful since you will do a lot of bending while fishing. You want a pair of shorts that will allow you to move unhampered so that you can maximize your fishing experience.

Can it be worn as a pair of everyday shorts? The majority of people who buy fishing shorts will likely never use them for fishing but just want a really comfortable pair of cargo shorts that will last them a long time. This is why you should consider getting a pair that you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing when you’re not fishing.



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