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Best Fishing Sinker

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Fishing sinkers – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through the best fishing sinker reviews, but you’re still set on finding the best fishing sinker available for sale, we have you covered. After looking at what the customer had to say, we have concluded that the Bullet Weights Bank BL150 is the one that you should consider. What makes this a great choice is the fact that it offers a versatile alternative that is perfect for both saltwater and riverbank fishing, meaning that you can have a product that can be used for more than one purpose. It will help keep your float steady even in the harshest weather when the wind and waves keep hitting it. As a plus, the package includes 54 items that you can use if you want to add more weight. If the Bullet Weights BL150 is unavailable, we believe that the Bullet Weights Pyramid PY400 is a great second alternative.



5 Best Fishing Sinkers (Reviews) in 2024


Finding a good fishing sinker can be time-consuming, especially when you don’t know what you should be looking for. We have compiled a list with some of the critically and commercially acclaimed choices available today so that you can find what you’re looking for in no time.



1. Bullet Weights Bank Sinker 5 Pound Box


With some of the best quality weighs in the industry, the Bullet Weights Bank BL150 is one alternative that will guarantee that you get your money’s worth. This option may be a bit more expensive than the other products on our list, but if you want to improve your fishing experience, there’s nothing better than going with the best sinker available.

Using a bank design, you won’t have to worry that your weight will affect the stability of your float. A great choice for when you want to fish offshore where the waves are big or just in a current. Due to the design that will let currents flow naturally around it, your bobber will remain fix and allow you to notice easily when a fish has caught the bait.

Finding a size that suits your needs is also easy as you can choose from over 15 different sizes. This means that no matter your needs, Bullet Weighs has a product that is ready to meet them.

Each box contains 5 pounds worth of product which means that even if you go for a smaller size, you will still get your money’s worth. For example, in the case of the 1-1/2 ounce option you get 54 items.


The Bullet Weights Bank BL150 is one of the most popular alternatives in the industry when it comes to fishing sinkers due to its design and weight.

While a little bit pricier than your average product, you get the guaranty of quality which is always very important. This is a great option for when you want to go fishing offshore where the waves are big or just in a current.

Due to its design which is easily adaptable to the currents and allows them to flow naturally around it, your bobber will remain quite steady and allow you to easily notice when a fish has caught the bait.

Finding the perfect size for your needs will be easy since there are more than 15 different sizes a buyer can choose from.


Some customers were dissatisfied with the differences between the number of weights listed on the package and what they actually got in the mail.

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2. Bullet Weights Pyramid Sinker 5 Pound Bag


Just as our first option, the Bullet Weights Pyramid PY400 is another premium alternative that we couldn’t help adding it to our list. It offers the same quality and performance you would expect from such a beloved manufacturer. It uses a pyramid design that makes it ideal for use in extreme conditions such as on a river with heavy currents or offshore where the waves are big.

You get lots of sizes that you can choose from, ranging from ones that are just 1 ounces to those that have an impressive weight of 24 ounces. This big range of options allows you to have no troubles in finding the one that suits your requirements. Whichever size you choose, you can rest assured that they will all maintain the same level of quality and reliability.

The pointed tip and flat sides will not allow this weight to roll with the tide. The fact that you can choose a lower size means that you will be able to use this product in all kinds of applications. The 4 ounce per weight option comes in a box of 20 items which equals to 5 pounds of product for you to use as you see fit.


This is another premium alternative which cannot go missing from any fishing bullets list due to the quality expected from such a beloved manufacturer, as well as the reliability that has come to be associated with this name.

The pyramid design makes it perfect for use in extreme conditions such as big waves rattling your boat or on a river with heavy currents.

Another bonus is the many sizes you can choose from, ranging from ones of just one ounce to those with the impressive weight of 24 ounces. This wide range will allow you to find whatever you need without any issues.

Furthermore, due to the pointed tip and flat sides, you can rest assured that this weight will not roll with the tide but instead will remain in place.


Some customers were disappointed because they ordered certain bullet weights just to receive something else entirely in the end.

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3. Bullet Weights Disc Fishing Sinker DSI2-24


The Bullet Weights Disc DSI2-24 is another great alternative that continues to deliver great quality and innovation from this beloved manufacturer. It comes in a new disc design that is round and flat allowing the product to lay flat and prevent any rolling that can occur when fishing in strong currents. It can be great for all types of fishing, and it can be used in both fresh and saltwater.

If you plan on bottom fishing, then the Bullet Weights Disc DSI2-24 is the perfect choice for you to pick. The disc design will keep it from rolling across the ocean floor so that your bobber stays fixed. No need to worry about the current pulling your float and giving you the false impression that a fish has caught the bait.

The use of quality materials will guarantee that each item will last for a very long time, especially the ring that has been built with durability in mind. Each product weighs 2 ounces, and they come in a number of eight, packed in a poly bag that will allow for safe storage and lower the chances of misplacing them when setting your rig up.


This manufacturer continues to deliver great quality and support innovation in the fishing industry with a new, round and flat disc design which allows the product to lay flat and prevent any rolling which may happen due to strong currents.

Such a high-quality item can be great for mostly any fishing operation since it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. 

This unit is perfect for bottom fishing since the disc form will keep it from rolling across the ocean floor, allowing your bobber to always stay fixed. 

The use of quality material will guarantee you will have these products for a long time, especially the ring which was designed specifically for this purpose.

Each item weighs two ounces and they come in a number of eight, packed in a useful bag which will allow for safe storage.


Buyers were sometimes displeased with the state of the products they bought once they were shipped to them.

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4. Eagle Claw Bass Casting Sinker Assortment


Are you looking for a product that can not only deliver quality and reliability but also a great price? You can now rest assured for we have one of the most affordable options available on the market for you. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to get a good sinker, and the Eagle Claw 02180H-004 is a testament to that.

They are great for numerous types of fishing, and they are also easy to set up and attach to your fishing line. They can greatly improve your casting range, and if your needs require it, you can use more than one as the package contains 27 sinkers. Finding an inexpensive alternative that offers good performance for less has never been easier. For a hobbyist, the Eagle Claw 02180H-004 is a great starting point.

What’s more, you also get a selector case that will make using and storing your newly bought product easier than ever. The plastic case can be used for storing the items when not in use. It can also make selecting one sinker a more straightforward process as you will just have to make use of the hole in the cover. Move the circle cover around until the hole is just above the sinker you want to extract.


Other than delivering great quality and reliability, this is also one of the more affordable products out there when it comes to the options available on the market.

The Eagle Claw 0218OH-004 is proof that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good sinker since it is great for numerous types of fishing due to the fact it is very easy to set up and attach to your fishing line.

Using these can greatly improve your casting range and you will be able to even use more than one if the situation demands it since one package contains 27 sinkers.

What’s more, the stylish selector case you also get will make using and storing your new items easier than ever and allow the sinker-selection process to become a breeze.


There are several customer reports which mention some of the ordered items came broken or otherwise damaged enough that they could not be used for fishing.

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5. South Bend Pyramid Sinker


Do you want to purchase some quality sinkers but don’t need that many of them? The South Bend Pyramid PYR-3 is a great choice if you either just want a few fishing weights or just want to buy different models. You get a package of five 3-ounce sinkers that come in a pyramid design.

What’s great about this pyramid sinker is the fact that it can work great in fast water and strong currents no matter of the bottom conditions. It can easily adapt to the different types of bottoms without influencing your performance or spooking the fish around it.

If the bottom is hard, the addition of the flat slides will prevent the product from rolling with the current. If on the other hand, you fish on a body of water that has a soft bottom, the pyramid will bury itself in the soft bottom. When it comes to pulling it out of the water, the clever design will make sure that it slides easily and does not get stuck in any obstacle that might get in its way.

Because we understand that durability matters, you should be pleased to know that this product is carefully built in such a manner as to last.


This product is a great choice when you want quality sinkers but you don’t need a lot of them or just want to buy different models.

Another reason why this unit is very good is the fact that the sinkers included in it can work equally well in fast water and strong currents, regardless of the bottom conditions.

If the bottom is hard, never fear because the addition of the flat slides with completely stop the product from being dragged away with the current.

On the other hand, due to the pyramid-like shape, the sinker will bury itself in a body of water with a soft bottom. In both scenarios, the clever design will make it easy for you to also pull it out of the water, avoiding any obstacles that might get in the way.


Several buyers reported getting egg-shaped sinkers instead of the pyramid-shaped ones they originally asked for.

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Buying guide


Getting the best fishing weight can be a daunting task that requires a lot of research that cannot be done without a lot of free time on your hands. We know that not everyone has that kind of time on their hands which is why we have compiled the buyer’s guide below. We believe that with its help you will be able to narrow your searches down so that you can settle only for the best option available.

Choose the type of sinker you need

It is crucial that you are aware of the fact that for every purpose there’s a product that can meet your requirements. There might be options that can work for many types of fishing, but for more specific needs you will have to choose the product that is best suited to handle said need.

The standard and most widely used model is the egg sinker that can be used for most bottom fishing. It comes in a round design with a hole through the middle. The hole is there to allow you to easily place it on the actual fishing line. This design is simple yet effective as when a fish bites, it will not sense the weight since the line will be pulled through the sinker.

The bank and pyramid sinker are two fairly similar types of weights. They have different designs, the pyramid does not need any kind of presentation while with bank follows the design is similar to that of a teardrop. These options can be used for bottom fishing offshore or in a strong current.

They are great if you want to fish on troubled waters as the weight will keep your bobber securely in place allowing you to notice when a fish has caught your bait. Professional fishermen also love this option for when they want to fish in deep water.

Lastly, the split shot is one of the easiest to use option available. It can be placed easily on your line without requiring any particular knot. They are easy to take on and off when you just need a bit of extra weight.


What material to use

Making a fishing sinker is an easy process that only requires heating the metal and then pouring into a mold. Because of the nature of this product, manufacturers need a metal that is heavy but also inexpensive, this is the reason why lead is the most popular choice. The use of lead is also what has many people worried as the harmful properties of lead are widely known.

When using a lead sinker, it is important that you keep it away from your children or pets. You should never allow them to put them in their mouths. If your children fish with you, you need to make sure that they wash their hands with soap and water after handling a sinker, especially if they brought a snack with them. Similarly, when using split shot sinkers that are made out of lead, you should never use your teeth to close them.

If all this talk of lead has you worried, you should know that there are alternatives available that use other types of metal. These other options include the use of bismuth or tungsten, they are just as heavy as lead but with fewer sides effects. The downside is that they are more expensive. Even if you choose a lead alternative, as long as you’re careful when using it, you should have nothing to fear.

Know where you are going to fish

Aside from the bait, fish don’t care that much about the kind of sinker you use, yet it is crucial that you choose one that is great for the place you fish in or the kind of fish you want to catch. If you tend to fish only in a few places, it is easy to know what type of product you need.

If on the other hand, you tend to travel a lot when fishing and enjoy discovering new places, having a kit that with different types of sinkers can be a life-saver. This way you will be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions and ready to catch different species.

The good thing is that finding weights that come at an affordable price is easier than ever now, which will allow you to gather a collection of different models without spending a lot of money. With a small investment, you will have all the tools you require to face everything Mother Nature can throw at you, while also catching those elusive fish.




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