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Best Fishing Vest in 2024. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 24.04.24

Top Fishing Vests Reviewed and Compared


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fishing vest. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have decided that the Master Sportsman 26 is the best because as its name implies it comes with plenty of compartments so you can easily store and keep small pieces of gear organized. There really are 26 pockets that are designed to store everything from extra line, hooks and lures to your id and cell phone, and there is even a convenient holder for your rod. Zippered closures helps to ensure everything stays inside the pockets, which is always an advantage if you are frequently leaning out over the water to bring in a fish. To ensure complete comfort when the vest is on, it is constructed from a blend of polyester and cotton that is also easy to keep clean. If the Prestige 26 Pocket is not available, you should consider the Redington Clark Fork Mesh as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Fishing Vests (Reviews) in 2024


1. Mil-Tec Fishing Vest Khaki


1.Prestige 26 Pocket Fishing VestMaster Sportsman has won some of the best fishing vest reviews from Amazon customers, with nearly 70% of reviewers giving the product five-star reviews. The fishing vest has 26 pockets, with a bigger pocket in the rear that features a front zipper for closure, as well as removable fly patches.  The outer layer of the vest is made with a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. In addition, it features a rod holder so you can keep your hands free while dressing flies and tying knots in your fishing line.

This fishing vest has gotten outstanding reviews due to having the right number of pockets that allow you to carry all the gear that you need for a full day’s fishing. However, what is notable is that many buyers actually bought the vest for purposes other than going fishing.

For example, one reviewer said he bought it as a photography vest since the four lowest pockets were large enough to accommodate necessities such as lenses and other small equipment. Another said it made an ideal vest for camping and survival out in the woods. Since the pockets have zipper closures, there is no concern that the contents will fall out when you lean forward.


If you like the combination of cotton and polyester, then you might consider this vest because it has an outer fabric composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

You can forget about carrying those heavy fishing cases because with its 26 pockets this vest is designed to hold every essential fishing gear. And you won’t have to worry about pocket contents falling out because they are all zipper-secured.

Thanks to its flexible design you can easily carry fishing equipment without losing your footing in water.

It is interesting that plenty of buyers sought this vest for purposes other than fishing such as photography because its lowest pockets are large enough to keep lenses or small camera equipment.


The customers are advised by some reviewers to order a size larger than they are used to because it tends to run a size smaller.

Another reviewer felt that the inner pockets of the vest are not secured enough.

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2. Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fishing Vest Size X-Small


2.Redington Clark Fork MeshThe Redington Clark is a great vest for those fishermen and other sportsmen who are organized enough to know just what they need to bring when they go out on the water. It has eleven pockets, enough to stow all the gear that you need for a satisfying fishing experience.

The outer surface of the vest is made with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, to ensure the comfort of the wearer while keeping him dry. In addition, the fabric is fast drying, ensuring that sweat and other types of moisture quickly evaporate to avoid uncomfortable build-up. Thus, it should not be surprising that the vest has earned some of the best customer reviews on Amazon, with 87% of reviewers giving it five-star and four-star ratings.

Reviewers said that the vest provided good value for money, and was comfortable to wear since the mesh dried fast, ensuring that moisture did not build up and the garment was breathable. In addition, the larger pockets at the bottom of the vest were large enough to hold a standard utility box, allowing anglers to easily store everything they need for fishing while still having it conveniently at hand when they need it.  


If you consider yourself an organized fisherman who likes to keep at hand its fishing gear, then this vest is made for you. It has 11 pockets, just enough for keeping enough gear for a satisfying experience.

Your comfort will be assured by its outer surface which is made out of 65% polyester combined with 35% cotton which also keeps you dry.

It is a fast drying vest that ensures all kinds of moisture (perspiration included) to be quickly evaporated avoiding unwanted build-up.

Because of the mesh dried fast and the garment is breathable customers said that the vest provided good value for money.


If you don’t pay attention and forget to zip up the large pockets at the bottom of the vest the contents might fall off, otherwise they are able of carrying a satisfying amount of gear.

Some reviewers felt that the zippers are too small to grasp although they also said that the size prevents fishing gear to get stuck.

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3. Maximumcatch Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Mesh


5.Maxcatch Fly FishingThe Maxcatch is the ultimate fishing vest for those who want a lot of storage options. The vest features not only many zip compartments but also two front shell pockets with fly patches included.

This provides you with a lot of versatility as to what you can store in your vest. In addition, there is a rod holder where you can stick the rod tube to keep your hands free while tying knots and performing other tasks.

Despite the potential bulkiness of the vest, the Maxcatch is designed to be as comfortable as possible to wear. It features a mesh back that dissipates heat and distributes the weight more evenly. The vest is also adjustable so you can create a more comfortable fit. Thus, it should not be surprising that the Maxcatch has earned some of the best fishing vest reviews on Amazon, with some 80% of reviewers giving it five-star ratings.

One of the most common positives mentioned in customer reviews is the fact that the vest is comfortable to wear, in addition to its high functionality. The many pockets the vest has actually make it more customizable rather than encouraging users to bring too much stuff along with them.


Are you in need of a vest with a lot of storage options? Then you might be impressed by this model which features many zip compartments as well as two front shell pockets with fly patches included.

You can keep your hand free to tie knots or to perform hook manipulations thanks to the rod holder.

While it can become quite bulky when full this vest is designed for comfort with its mesh back that dissipates heat and distributes the weight evenly. For an even more comfortable fit, it will please you to find out that the vest is also adjustable.

It gathered a lot of positive reviews thanks to its high functionality, comfortable feel, the fact that it is lightweight and easily customizable.


If you plan to store electronics inside the pockets of this vest, you should take into consideration that it is not completely waterproof.



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4. Master Sportsman Alpine Fishing Vest


3.Prestige Alpine Fishing VestThe Master Sportsman Alpine is one of the best fly fishing vest 2024 products, with Amazon reviewers giving it exclusively five-star and four-star ratings in their reviews. It features 27 pockets that allow you to carry all the gear you need for a satisfying day of stream fishing.

There are secure pliers pockets in the front as well as two reel pockets in the back that zip closed to ensure your gear do not fall out while you’re moving around and trying to land that big fish.

In addition, there are D-rings for carrying hooks and other gear that you need to have close at hand as well as a front rod holder to ensure your hands are free to tie knots and perform other important tasks. The vest also zips closed in front and has an inner webbing clasp.

In addition to its functionality, the Master Sportsman Alpine is also designed for comfort, with its outer surface being made with a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, as well as a lining of 100% polyester. There is also a soft neoprene collar that won’t chafe while you’re wearing it.  In addition, the vest is machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.  


Gathering only four-star and five-star ratings from Amazon reviewers this item is recommended by fishermen who thought it is ideally designed for fly-fishing.

There are 27 pockets for you to place all the fishing gear you want to carry to your fishing spot.

When you are struggling to catch that one big fish you shouldn’t worry that your gear might fall out of your pockets because in the front there are secure pliers pockets and in the back, everything is zip closed.

You can also find D-rings made for carrying hooks and other gear you need close at hand and a rod holder when you need your hands-free.

It is a vest designed for comfort with a blend of cotton and polyester and a lining of 100% polyester.


You should order this vest with a larger size because the reviewers mention that it might run a little small.



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5. Crystal River C/R Fly Fishing Vest, Tan, Medium


4.Crystal RiverThe Crystal River C/R is one of the best fishing vest products on Amazon, with 88% of reviewers giving it five-star and four-star ratings. One of its biggest selling points is the multiplicity of pockets on the inside and outside of the vest.

The rear of the vest boasts of larger pouches where you can keep gear that you don’t need to have immediately at hand. In addition, there are other storage options such as D-rings and loops and hooks on the flaps of some pockets for keeping nets and similar gear handy.

The outer surface of the vest is khaki made with a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester to ensure the comfort of the wearer while fishing or doing other outdoor activities.  In addition, the vest features a nylon zipper in front so you can close it, and is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

As with many of the most popular fishing vests on Amazon, a lot of reviewers commented that they actually used the Crystal River C/R for other purposes. For instance, one reviewer said that he used it as a travel vest when he visited China for a month since it allowed him to keep important personal belongings secure.


With 88% of Amazon customers giving 4-star and 5-star reviews, this vest is one of the best of this year and some of its biggest crowd pleasers being its impressive number of pockets on both sides of the vest.

The rear carries large pockets that are made for fishing gear that you don’t need to have immediate access to. For gear that you want to come in handy, there are other storage facilities such as D-rings, loops, and hooks on the flaps of some pockets.

The comfort of the user is ensured by a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester ideal for outdoor activities. Some users even said that they bought it for activities other than fishing such as travel of photography.

It is easy cleaning and machine-washable.


Users expressed mixed feelings about the zippers being too small, although their size ensures gear not getting caught on them.

This fishing vest runs a little small so consider ordering a larger size.

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A fishing vest is an essential piece of gear that most anglers take for granted or don’t even bother to think about – until they have to fumble for a piece of gear and the delay prevents them from landing that big fish. Just what is a fishing vest and why is it so important to ensuring that you get a good fishing experience?

A fishing vest is a vest that is specifically designed to meet the needs of fishermen and other sportsmen. It is made of waterproof material that is designed to help keep the fisherman dry while he is out on the water. A fishing vest helps to keep the fisherman more comfortable while he is fishing so that he can optimize his performance.  After all, once you get wet, you’ll start to get chills and your clothes will begin to get heavy. This will eventually cut down on the amount of time you have to fish, since you’ll soon want to get out of those wet clothes.




The main purpose of a fishing vest is to provide fishermen a place to store small pieces of gear such as bait, insect repellent, and tools such as pliers for removing hooks captured fish. Stowing these items in pockets means it is easier to get hold of them when you need them. For example, you’ll want to have a pair of polarized sunglasses handy to prevent glare from the sun, which can affect the accuracy of your casting.

It is also more convenient to keep them in vest pockets rather than carrying them around in a tackle box, particularly when you’re standing in the water fishing. In addition, you can keep gadgets such as mobile phones that you might need to always have on your person in your pockets.



Choosing the right fishing vest


Now that you understand the importance of a fishing vest, you may be interested in buying one for your next fishing trip. However, given the number of choices that are available, it can be challenging to select the one that effectively meets your needs. To help you, here is a brief buyer’s guide to find the best fishing vest.

Before you start shopping, you should think about the conditions of the area where you will typically go fishing. How deep is the water there? What is the average temperature? What are the environmental conditions? The answers to these questions will determine the type of vest you should choose.


How many pockets should the vest have?

This is the most important consideration when choosing the best fly fishing vest. After all, the pockets are among the main reasons you’re buying a vest in the first place. There are two main things to think about: the number of pockets and how deep the pockets are.

You have to find a vest that has the right number of pockets. You might be surprised, but there is actually a problem with having too many pockets. One is that it becomes more difficult to find what you want since you may not remember what pocket you’ve stowed it in. While you’re busy searching, you’re stirring up the water and scaring the fish away.

A.1 Fishing vest

Another problem is one that you’ve probably already encountered, which is that the more room you have, the more stuff you’ll want to bring. This makes it very easy for you to bring too much stuff, which again, makes it difficult to find the items that you genuinely need. In addition, you’ll probably end up bringing a lot of things that you don’t actually need, which will weigh you down and make moving around a little more difficult. It also makes planning more difficult since you’ll have a tendency to suddenly see each item as essential “just in case” rather than being organized and bringing only what you will actually use.

So how many pockets should your vest have? The ultimate number depends on you, but no more than twenty sounds reasonable. In addition, you should take into consideration if the vest has loops or attachment points where you can attach fishing tools so that you can grab them when you need them. Thus, you can store your fishing tools on the loops and then keep other items in the pockets so that you don’t need as many pockets.   

A related issue is that the more pockets a vest has, the shallower they’re likely to be, since there is only so much room for them. Having a lot of pockets that are only large enough to hold small items will only create frustration as you can only have one or two items per pocket, which may cause you to forget in what pocket you put which item. Thus, you may want a vest that has fewer pockets but whose pockets are more spacious.

A more minor consideration is the type of pockets that are available. Look for vests that have pockets which are like small pouches that can be zipped up or closed as well as pockets which are open.  


Standard vs. chest vests

The standard vest covers most of your chest and upper body and has a lot of pockets. A chest vest, on the other hand, is smaller and has only a few pockets. Which one is the best for your needs?

If you are planning to fish in deep water, then a chest vest may be the best choice. A standard vest will get wet and weigh you down, making it more difficult for you to move. On the other hand, if you need to have a lot of storage for items such as camping gear and rain gear, then a standard vest is a necessity. Just make sure that whatever type of vest you buy, it fits you properly so that you’ll feel comfortable while you’re fishing.



What material should the vest be made of?

As with any other type of sports clothing, fishing vests are available in a variety of materials. Generally, however, fishing vests are either made of mesh or fabric.

Mesh fishing vests are made with stretch mesh that moves along with your body. This makes the vest more comfortable to wear. In addition, the mesh is a little cooler on hot days.

A fabric vest, on the other hand, is typically made with either cotton or a polyester blend. The main advantage of a fabric vest is that the material it is made of is more breathable, which may make it a little more comfortable to wear when you are fishing in a hot climate.

There are also vests that combine the two types, with a fabric body and a mesh lining. This type of vest has some of the best features of the two, providing comfort and breathability to the wearer.

Which is the best one? Basically, it boils down to the one that you feel most comfortable with. However, if you usually go fishing in a hot climate, you may want to look for a vest that is breathable and wicks moisture so that sweat won’t build up inside it and make you feel uncomfortable. If possible, you should try out the vest first before making your final decision to see how it fits on you.


What is the color of the vest?

This is a minor consideration but you might want to choose a vest that blends with the environment you will be fishing in. Vests that are in bright colors might scare away the fish. The most recommended colors for fishing vests are green and tan, since these are earthy colors that mimic the natural environment.



How much does the vest cost?


You should buy the best quality vest that you can afford based on your budget. Even if it costs you more upfront, you’ll save money in the long run since the vest will last a long time before it has to be replaced. Keep in mind that the vest will be constantly exposed to moisture and salt water, as well as the elements. If the vest that you choose is not made of the best material, it is likely that it will not last very long, and you’ll need to replace it sooner than you expect.

In addition, the best life vest for fishing will provide you with a better fishing experience and allow you to perform better. It will make you feel more comfortable and allow you to move more easily when wearing it. These are important considerations when you’re standing in water and trying to land a big fish.



Most popular brands


If you want to find a good quality vest, one of the things you should look at is its brand. While branded vests are not necessarily better than unbranded ones, you are assured of a certain level of quality if you buy a vest from a recognized brand. If you want to know some of the top providers of fishing vests and related fishing gear, please refer to our section on brands.


1. Prestige (singura varianta)

Prestige – This is a family-owned company that has been in business for over two decades and is based in Busselton, Western Australia. The owners are avid fishers themselves, ensuring that their products are designed to meet the needs of discriminating anglers who want the best fishing experience. They hope that their products will not only help people enjoy fishing more, but bring families together to bond while enjoying this great sporting activity.

The people behind Prestige also want to share their expertise on the best way to fish. You can find tips and techniques on how to catch various fish species including squid, whiting and herring.

In addition, Prestige promotes sustainable fishing practices. This is to help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the sport of fishing.


2. Maxcatch

Maxcatch – This is a brand of fishing products that is based in Qingdao City, China. They specialize in providing the best quality products at the most affordable price. Starting from a single product, Maxcatch has since grown to provide a complete range of fishing products, thus leading their online store to be dubbed the complete tackle solution.

Their product line includes fishing rods and line, fly reels and boxes, lures and hooks, as well as the necessary accessories such as fishing swivels, nets and various tools. Maxcatch’s commitment to providing the best fishing products have made them a world-class brand and one of the most popular choices among fishermen who want only the best when they go out on the water.



Redington – This is a popular brand among anglers and is based in the Pacific Northwest. The area has some of the prime fishing waters in the US and the people behind Redington want to share their expertise with their customers. Founded almost a quarter of a century ago, the brand is dedicated to bringing the best-quality products to the market but at an affordable price. They design their products to meet the needs of fishermen of all skill levels, and make sure they get the best fishing experience.

They do this because they want to ensure that fly fishing is an inclusive activity that is accessible, not just to long-time fishermen, but also to those who are just starting out and getting their feet wet, so to speak.


4.Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs – It is appropriate that one of the undisputed leaders in producing high-quality rain gear should be based in one of the wettest parts of the US. Frogg Toggs has made a name for itself producing gear for sportsmen engaged in some of the most popular outdoor activities and has done so by listening to what their clients have to say, and ensuring that their comments are reflected in the company’s products. In addition, Frogg Toggs is dedicated to ensuring the quality of their product line, which continues to grow and expand to meet the increasing market demand.

Their staff includes some of the most noted anglers in the sport, including legendary fisherman Roland Martin, noted tournament fisherman Chris Lane and FLW champion Randy Howell.




What Makes The Perfect Fishing Vest?


Finding the right equipment for fishing, whether it’s a fishing vest or waders for women, can be tedious. This is why we have compiled this following informative article that seeks to teach you how to find the right products and complete your angling clothing set with fishing pants and other garments.

Number of pockets

The fishing vest is the one garment that will hold up all the myriad of fishing gear that you need to have quick access to when fishing. The gear that a vest can hold ranges from leaders, clippers, floatants, weights, tippers, line cleaners, and many other little tools.

There is no surprise then that the hallmark of a perfect fishing vest has much to do with the number of pockets it has available, and how many tools those pockets can carry. With that said, there is no need to go overboard since there is, in fact, such a thing as having too many pockets.

If you have too many pockets it can be very difficult to organize your things neatly, since it is entirely possible for the one thing that you need at the moment to get lost among the jumble of pockets. Thus, instead of spending most of your time casting your rod, you will end up on a never-ending quest of finding the fishing tool you need.

Another big disadvantage of having too many pockets is that it is very likely that you will end up feeling the need to fill all the space you have available with things that are not even required. There is also the fact that a fishing vest with too many pockets will end up weighing a ton and that will slow you down quite a bit.

When fishing you should only have the bare necessities with you, especially since you can leave the rest in your car, or in your tackle box. By carrying only the equipment you need, you will be able to keep everything neatly organized. This way the vest will also be lightweight so that you don’t feel hindered while wearing it.

If you are looking for a concrete number, most anglers recommend that you get a vest that has anywhere between 10 to 20 pockets. The number is still open to debate, but for the average angler, this number of pockets will be more than plenty to hold everything that is needed for a successful fishing session.


Find the right balance

Now that you’ve found what the right number of pockets are, there is another factor to consider, and that is the size. You can have lots of pockets on your vest but unless they are big enough to hold essential items, you won’t be able to use them all efficiently.

Similarly, having too many small pockets can make it difficult for you to remember where you have put an item. That will not only make you lose precious time but can also end up making you feel frustrated.

If you want to get a balanced experience, you should get a vest that boasts 6 to 8 small pockets that have enough space available to hold the little items, including your keys or wallet. For the medium to large pockets, 4 to 6 are more than enough to carry your heftier items.

You should also take into account the distance from your vehicle or the fishing conditions that you are going to face. If you are fishing miles away from the rest of your gear or you are facing uncertain conditions, the number of small and large pockets your vest should have can change and you might end up needing a more spacious product.


Types of vests

There are two main types of garments that you will have to choose from – the standard versus the chest vests. The standard option will cover most of your chest and upper body and boasts a lot of pockets. Thus, if you need more storage space the standard version is mandatory.

On the other hand, the chest vest is much smaller and that leads it to have fewer pockets. If you plan to fish in deep water the chest vest will be the better choice since it won’t weigh you down and you will be able to move around more easily.

Another factor to consider is the material your garment uses. You will need to decide if a traditional fabric is what you need or if going for a mesh vest is the better choice. A mesh vest is perfect for hot days since it is constructed from a stretch mesh with fabric sewed only where the pockets go, and that confers it better breathability when compared to the traditional vest.

In the end, whichever option you choose depends solely on your personal preference; just make sure that the unit you get fits you properly so that you can feel comfortable while fishing.



Comfort comes first

Last but certainly not least, as we briefly mentioned above, none of the features of the vest will make a difference if the garment itself is not comfortable to wear. Fishing all day in a vest that is uncomfortable is not something that you ever want to experience, which is why the vest should not only fit right but also come with a system to help distribute the weight evenly.

Many of the options currently available have a system designed to help reduce the weight of the vest on the shoulders and neck in order to prevent the development of uncomfortable stress points.

Similarly, the metal buckles that most products come with should not be too heavy as that can hurt you while moving. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our article, the vest should be as lightweight as possible so that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it for extended periods.

You may also consider reading some of the customer reviews if the manufacturer does not give enough information about certain aspects of the product.




1) Men Are Wearing Fishing Vests in the City

2) How To Pack A Fishing Vest

3) Should my vest be oversize?

4) What to consider when choosing a vest?


» Check the information from past years

If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fly fishing vest in 2024. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Anglatech Adjustable is the best because it is designed to be easy for you to find the perfect fit. It also comes with a mesh back so you can stay cool and comfortable on hot days. There are also plenty of pockets and compartments so you can keep all of your gear conveniently close by. If the Anglatech Adjustable is unavailable, you should consider the Redington Clark as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



3 Best Fly Fishing Vests (Reviews) in 2024


A fly fishing vest is an essential piece of clothing and there are several to choose from. While we can’t pick your clothes for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best fly fishing vest in 2024 showcased below.



1. Anglatech Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Trout Fishing Gear 


1-fly-fishing-vest-mesh-by-anglatechThere is very little not to like about this fly fishing vest. Thanks to the adjustable straps both men and women can enjoy a comfortable fit.

The straps also help to balance the weight so you can stay comfortable even when all of the pockets are full. The mesh back allows for plenty of airflow, which is always an advantage when you are fishing on hot summer days.

There are two waterproof pockets so your belongings will stay safe and dry. There are also plenty of smaller pockets that are perfect for holding essential gear. You don’t even have to worry about getting thirsty since this vest comes with a convenient drink holder.





2. Redington Blackfoot Vest River Tan


2-redington-clark-fork-meshOne of the first things you’ll notice about this fly fishing vest is its pockets. With a total of eleven, you have plenty of room to store everything you need for a full day of fishing. Some of the compartments also come with zippers so you don’t have to worry about stuff constantly falling out.

To keep the vest securely closed there are two Velcro fasteners so you don’t have to worry about it catching on your rod when you are casting.

The polyester and cotton construction ensures that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, along with being easy to clean. You will also appreciate the mesh fabric that quickly wicks moisture away, while also ensuring plenty of airflow.





3. Mil-Tec Fishing Vest Khaki


3-prestige-26-pocket-fishing-vestWith 26 pockets of varying sizes you can carry your keys, wallet, fly box, line, extra lures and still have plenty of room for other small essential.

Some of the pockets also come with zipper closures, while others are rounded so they won’t interfere with your movements. There is even a large compartment on the back, along with a convenient holder for your rod.

This fly fishing vest is constructed from cotton and polyester so it is lightweight, durable and machine washable. The blended material also helps to keep the price low, which makes this fly fishing vest an excellent value for your money. The lightweight material also helps to keep you cool in the summer, so even hot temperatures won’t ruin your fishing trip.





Buying guide


Sometimes you need a fly fishing vest buyer’s guide to help you figure out what you should look for, which is why we have put together the following informative tips. This way you can easily find the right vest so you can get back to spending your days fly fishing.



The best fly fishing vest reviews recommend first deciding on a type, and there are two to choose from. Traditional all fabric vests are usually comfortable to wear, and also tend to stretch out less than ones constructed from mesh. Fabric fly fishing vests can also provide an extra layer of warmth which can be an advantage if you are out in cooler weather.

Mesh fishing vests are becoming more common due to their lightweight and breathable construction. The mesh lining allows for plenty of airflow so you can stay comfortably cool when it is hot outside. When it comes to deciding which one is right for you it often comes down to when you are fishing, along with personal preference.



When you are considering fly fishing vest essentials it always comes down to pockets. You simply cannot have too many pockets and compartments on a vest designed for fly fishing. The size of the pockets should also be carefully considered since this will determine what you can carry, along with how convenient the compartments are.

In general you want the fly fishing vest to come with several small and large pockets. This way you can stay organized and have plenty of room to store your essential gear. Smaller pockets are ideal for keeping your wallet and keys safe, while the larger ones can carry extra line, leaders and other fly fishing essentials. You might want to also consider whether the pockets can be securely closed so you don’t have to worry about your belongings falling out every time you bend over.


Other considerations

You can easily spend the entire day fly fishing, as long as you are comfortable. Fly fishing vests that are designed to evenly distribute the weight can prevent arm and shoulder fatigue. This also makes the vest noticeably more comfortable to wear. Vest that comes with “silent” zippers won’t easily startle nearby fish, and you also want to make sure that the metal is resistant to rust and corrosion. Some fly fishing vests also come with adjustable straps so you can easily find a comfortable fit.

» Check the information from past years

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