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Best Greek Fisherman Hat

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Greek fisherman hats – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have some time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best Greek fisherman hat. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Aegean Men’s AEG100 is the best because it’s made of over 80% wool and is comfortable to wear. Available in multiple colors and sizes, it’s easy to see why the AEG100 is one of the critically acclaimed models on the market today. One of the greatest advantages offered by this unit is that it provides plenty of cover in the wind and allows an angler to stay warm even on chilly days. If the Aegean Men’s AEG100 is unavailable, you should consider the Aegean Men’s AEG101 as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Greek Fisherman Hats (Reviews) in 2023


The best products in this category will be showcased below. From what we’ve gathered, buying a Greek fisherman hat on Amazon is the easiest thing to do nowadays, as you’ll be able to check out the many ratings and reviews provided by other anglers, just like you. Also, since the marketplace holds many deals and offers, it might be just the answer to the question “Where to buy a Greek fisherman hat?”. Last, but not least, this online retailer is world-known for its return and refund policies.



1. Aegean Women’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s Cap


1-aegean-mens-wool-greekThe AEG100 is one of the top-rated models we were able to discover following months and months of research. On the one hand, the construction of this hat enables it to be useful under most circumstances, which is a factor to consider at all times. On the other hand, it’s convenient, easy to use, and will assist you in your fishing success exactly how it is supposed to.

Since it has been constructed out of eighty percent wool and just fifteen percent polyester, you really have nothing to worry about if you’re trying to tell whether or not the model is comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the vast array of sizes and colors it’s available in is yet another detail to focus on as this way, you’re perfectly free to choose the dimensions and the design you prefer the most.

Most of the people who took the time to review the AEG100 seem to have nothing but good things to say about its construction and quality. Many emphasize that it’s a sharp-looking cap made of wool of which the online pictures don’t do justice as it’s far more beautiful in real life. If you buy the product on Amazon and run into several issues regarding the sizing, it’ll be swiftly replaced with the right size.


The hat is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon, two resistant materials that make it both durable and functional.

The model is available in various sizes, but you must make sure to take your measurements right, to avoid any mishaps in this regard.

The matching brocade looks very stylish, and it will help you feel like a real angler, scouting the water for another trophy fish.

Other elements of design that make this hat stand out are the sweatband made from faux leather and the red satin lining.

You will receive a certificate of authentication with your purchase.


The liner inside is made from cardboard, not leather, and that will cause the hat to feel stiffer and not of the same great quality as others.

The sewing job could have been better, as some reviewers indicate in their comments.

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2. Aegean Unisex Cotton Greek Fisherman’s Cap


2-aegean-mens-cotton-greek-fishermans-capAs stated in the buying guide, not all Greek fisherman’s hats are made the same. While the formerly described option featured over 80% wool less than 20% polyester, this product is made of 100% cotton. In spite of the fact that you’ll have to hand-wash the item in order to preserve its durability, you may have to be aware of the fact that cotton is, after all, a reasonably durable and user-friendly fabric.

The high-quality construction of the AEG101 is one of the most highly spoken of features as it allows an angler to tend to his or her tasks without feeling the slightest degree of discomfort. Otherwise said, this unit is comfortable, versatile, and easy to use, and will take your fishing success to a whole new level.

Part of the reason that this model has become so popular over time is that it has a somewhat classy design, in that both the rope overlay and the anchor buttons are fantastic additions that will have you looking sharp when reeling in the light or heavy fish you’re targeting.

Because it’s so comfortable, it comes as no surprise that many of the individuals who have purchased it have expressed their satisfaction using the Amazon rating system.


The hat is made from 100% cotton, which makes it lightweight, comfortable, and also quick to wick moisture, so you don’t have to deal with any discomfort while fishing.

The model is unisex, and it can be worn by both men and women with a passion for fishing and Greek fishing hats.

The sweatband is made from faux leather, and the satin lining is of good quality, adding to a design considered to be perfect for many fishermen.

The rope overlay and stylish anchor buttons make this hat stand out, and you will surely make a good impression, no matter where you go.

You can pick the size you need from a size chart offered by the manufacturer.


One major complaint mentioned by several customers is that the size chart is not entirely accurate and getting the right one can be more than a little tricky.

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3. Aegean Authentic Greek Fisherman’s Cap – Cotton – Khaki


3-aegean-authentic-greek-fishermans-cap-cotton-khakiThis model is another notable option that you ought to give some thought to before making your final call. While it is priced a bit higher compared to the products we’ve described earlier on, this cap is an authentic unit made in Greece.

It’s easy to put on and offers just the right amount of comfort you may require on your fishing trips. Available sizes range from 54 to 64, but if you want to make sure that the fit will be appropriate, we recommend checking out the manufacturer’s size chart. Given that more than seventy-five percent of the folks who ordered it say that it fits exactly as expected, there’s a low chance that you run into any issues regarding the dimensions.

The core feature that makes the difference between this model and the ones we’ve talked about above is that it doesn’t come in a broad variety of colors and designs. However, the Aegean looks boasted by this model make it one of the top-rated units in the line. In fact, some boat fishermen say that they haven’t ever had the chance to wear a more stylish hat than this one. Typically priced under twenty-five dollars, this Aegean unit is undoubtedly worth bearing in mind.


The Aegean Authentic is made entirely of cotton, allowing your head to breathe and keep cool in higher temperature when a wool cap would seem a bad choice.

The stylish appearance makes it a hit with anglers who do not mind adding a little style to their attire when they go out fishing, or just vacationing.

The hat is made in Greece, and this is the only authentic brand that sells such caps in North America; beware of knock-offs.

The red satin lining is another element that vouches for the authenticity of the product, and also helps to keep your head cool in hot weather.


Getting the right size seems to be a bit of an adventure for some buyers who complain that, despite carefully taking their measurements, they still got a model that did not fit well.

Be careful when washing the cap, because the red satin may start bleeding color.

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4. Aegean Unisex Cotton Greek Fisherman’s Cap


4-aegean-womens-tweed-wool-greek-fishermans-capThe AEG102 is a good option for women anglers, who seem to have fewer choices compared to men. As is the case with some of the units we’ve talked about prior to this one, the AEG102 is available in multiple sizes and colors.

While the brown and black alternatives are to be considered, the model which seems to emphasize the features of the design is the white one. In fact, it’s one of the few units that underline the matching satin lining. Nonetheless, even the earthy tones are stylish, particularly if you have no intention of attracting the attention of your potential catches.

Just like other models we’ve come across during our research, the AEG102 seems to be a top favorite of husbands who are looking for a gift for their spouses. Most of the individuals who were kind enough to express their opinions on the looks and quality of build of this item say that it raises up to par and is reasonably protective in most fishing situations.

All in all, it looks as though the Aegean Women’s AEG102 is a high-quality Greek cap that has been made out of 85% wool and 15% polyester.


This cap is made of 85% wool and 15% polyester, a combination that makes the Greek fisherman hat both warm and comfortable.

The signature rope overlay, accompanied by the small anchor buttons on the sides, adds to the overall appeal and will make you feel like a fishing boat captain.

The satin lining comes in handy in hot weather, because it will allow perspiration, and it will help keep your head cool and comfortable.

The sweatband is made from faux leather, and it lends the design a more attractive appeal.

You can choose the size you want from a size chart provided by the manufacturer.


Be aware of buying a model that is too large, since the size chart does not seem to be particularly accurate, at least, according to some of the buyers who have tried it already.

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5. Scala Cute Black Cotton Blend Fiddler Hat Aegean Greek 


5-womens-cute-cotton-blend-fiddler-hatSince some female anglers might not have the budget to choose models that cost over fifty dollars, it might pay off to consider this Scala product. In most cases, it can be bought for less than thirty dollars, depending on the online retailer that you will be choosing for your purchase. Available colors include black, navy, olive, and tan.

The detail that makes the difference between this unit and the ones we’ve showcased above is that this one comes in a universal size that fit most individuals up to 23 inches. While this might not be an issue for some people, we’ve seen that generally, fishing hats and caps destined for other outdoors activities have to fit appropriately.

Even so, if you are not too picky about the fit of the item, you can safely bear this model in mind. After all, it does come with a free hat sizing tape which can be used to customize the fit. The most notable benefit of choosing this option is that it makes a stylish piece of apparel even during casual days. Since it offers good value for the price, the unit has been endorsed by many buyers.


Ladies will feel fashionable and ready for vacationing on a fishing boat when donning this stylish and elegant hat.

The cotton and polyester blend makes sure that your head will not start sweating excessively even in hot weather, and it will help you feel comfortable.

The front brim will make sure that the sun rays will not affect your vision, while you are scouting the waters or cast your line.

The sweatband is soft and comfortable, while the satin lining helps with keeping your head comfortable.

The hat is available in one size, but it can be adjusted with the aid of the hat tape included with your purchase.


The decorative grommets do not seem to be to everyone’s liking, and some customers mention that they preferred to remove them completely.

If your head is smaller than average, making the hat tighter can be a little tricky.

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Buying guide


If you intend to purchase one of the best Greek fisherman’s hats available for sale nowadays but hardly know which features you should focus on and which one you can do without, we’re here to help. We’ve created a comprehensive buying guide that can hopefully take you through all the details you need to consider. To make an informed decision, we suggest you keep on reading.


Size and fit

Whether you’re looking for a modern or a vintage Greek fisherman hat, the fact of the matter is that the size of the item needs to be correlated with the size of your head. Let’s face it; not all people are the same, just like not all products of this kind are designed to suit the physical attributes of everyone on the planet. This is the reason we recommend looking at your other hats and caps to see whether you can do with an online buying journey or not. Don’t spend too much time wondering how to wear a Greek fisherman’s hat because it has to fit well and also look good on you. It’s that simple.

Sometimes, it may even be a good idea to take some time to go to a store and try out several models and sizes, so that you get a better feel for what might be the perfect choice for your next fishing trip. While the design of the item might matter less than your comfort levels, it might also pay off to check out whether the model you’re prospecting comes in many sizes and colors. Measuring the circumference of your head is another tip that we’ve seen many anglers use when shopping online.



There are many details to consider if you want to get the best value for the price, particularly when tackling what product was built of. A 100% wool Greek fisherman’s cap hat is hard to find because it might be less durable in the long run. Based on the info that we’ve gathered, it looks as though some of the typical fabrics used in the construction of such products are wool, cotton, and polyester.

Synthetic materials such as polyester are usually added partly because they’re cheaper than wool and also due to the fact that they seem to increase the durability of the item. Nonetheless, you should try to stick to a model that features less than thirty percent polyester as anything more than that can have a potential negative impact on your comfort levels. All of the apparel you’ll be utilizing on your fishing trip needs to be user-friendly because otherwise, you’ll have to get rid of it and risk catching a cold. Also, synthetic fabrics are less breathable than natural ones.


Convenience and ease of use

It goes without saying that putting such a hat on your head should come naturally. Convenience and usability don’t necessarily refer to the way you’ll be using the product per se. In fact, they deal with how you’ll be transporting and cleaning the item. Most of the units made of wool have to be hand-washed because the fabric is more sensitive compared to others. What this means is that you’ll spend more time cleaning and maintaining the product than you would if you were to choose a model made of cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Also, because of their design, Greek fisherman’s hats may lose their shape especially when other pieces of fishing equipment are stored on top of them. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about whether or not this will happen with the model you’ve chosen, we recommend referring to some of the best Greek fisherman hat reviews.



Once you’ve figured out all of the previously mentioned factors, you may have to decide on the color of the item. Do you prefer a Greek fisherman’s cap navy blue tone? Or would you rather go for a white Greek fisherman hat? Light colors such as white may be off-limits for ice fishermen and women because they tend to reflect light and may scare off your targets. Neutral tones are perfect if the sun is shining above you.



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The interesting design of this particular fishing hat will make you feel like you are in charge of your own fishing boat.

The hat is designed to resist shrinkage, due to a particular combination of fabrics.

The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is a good choice if you want to protect your head in all kinds of weather conditions.

There are several colors available to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Certain design elements are there to help you achieve a stylish look that all your friends will envy.



One reviewer says about this fishing hat that it proved to be too large for them, so you may want to pay attention to such details before making a purchase.

Another mention made by another reviewer says that the staple that keeps the sweatband together is too rigid and somehow deforms the shape of the hat.

1.Aegean Men's Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap


Our Review


Wool construction enables you to benefit from excellent breathability

The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is the kind of fishing hat that makes you fall in love with it from the first glance. Designed to resemble the hat worn by Captain Archibald Haddock, one of the characters in The Adventures of Tintin, the model is sure to steal your heart if you have a nostalgic streak about such iconic adventures. Whether you imagine yourself as the captain mentioned above, or you dream of yourself being the captain of a fishing vessel, this hat will bring your imagination closer to reality.

The hat is made of a combination of wool and polyester. The 85% wool content ensures that your head breathes well without becoming overheated. In cold weather, you will appreciate how easy it will be to keep your head warm with this wool hat. The 15% polyester content prevents shrinkage, which is paramount for any kind of fishing clothing you will be wearing.


Can protect your head against the elements

A great thing about this fishing hat is that it offers the best head protection, no matter the weather conditions. Wool has the ability to regulate based on body temperature, so you will be able to wear it both in winter and in summer. Because of its sturdy construction, the hat will keep your head protected against winds, snow and rain. Its water repellant capabilities make it a fine choice for the seasoned angler.

2.Aegean Men's Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap


Available in a wide array of colors 

No matter which color you prefer, you will find one that goes well with this type of hat. The model is available in the following colors: black, navy, brown, grey, and ecru.

This hat surely makes you look the part and it is very stylish. The boating theme accents, such as the brocade, really make the hat stand out. The sweatband is made of faux leather and it comes with a red satin lining that will give you that classy look captains from a different time were known for.



The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is a cool choice for anyone who wants to look like a true captain. The excellent design and great quality fabrics make this hat a fine option for any kind of weather.

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