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Best Ice Fishing Boots

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Ice fishing boots – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want to find the best ice fishing boots, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews the research team has prepared for you, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about ice fishing boots. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Baffin Selkirk Snow is the best because it provides great warmth in extreme conditions. It has removable liners and can withstand temperatures as low as -94 F. The product also offers protection against melting ice and snow with sealed seams and a rubber shell. The soles are specially designed for stability, which is a top concern when you need to go ice fishing. If the Baffin Selkirk Snow is unavailable, you should consider the Muck Boot Arctic Pro Camo as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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6 Best Ice Fishing Boots (Reviews) in 2023


Because choosing the right pair of boots for ice fishing is a daunting task, we’ve made a short list of the products that deserve your attention. We’ve listed below the models that are now available for sale.



1. Baffin Mens Selkirk M


This boot is a true favorite among anglers thanks to its great insulation capacity. The Baffin Selkirk can keep you warm in extreme conditions by using the removable lining. It outsmarts traditional footgear by using a hybrid system.

The foam-based molding and Thermo Plush wicking fibers are contained in a 7-layer inner boot product so fit and comfortable that it cannot be compared with traditional models.

Rated for -94 F degrees, this gear makes extreme conditions manageable by adding a locking collar with extendable gaiter and waterproof top.

The materials used for the sole give it increased stability and flexibility. The polar rubber outsole and brings adherence, while the EVA midsole is a good option for comfort and elasticity.

It will keep you dry on the ice by combining the Arctic rubber shell with waterproof seams and a sealed nylon upper that couples with a leather bottom. The calf strap is adjustable, featuring a compression strap, while the ankle strap uses a hook-and-loop closure.  



This model is the ideal choice for extreme weather. With a removable liner designed in a multi-layer system, these boots are ready to withstand temperatures of -94 F, so it’s unlikely to have cold toes when you’re wearing them.  

It uses adequate materials, mostly synthetic, like the Polymech foam or Diamond-Lite insulated uppers, but also Timberwolf leather bottom.

The pair provides good comfort and flexibility, and they are really easy to put on and take off. This was made possible by using proper materials and mold and equipping it with buckles, straps, and drawstrings.

The rubber sole has strong adherence. That is a clear advantage when confronted with slippery ice and snow. Enjoying stability is reassuring when you go ice fishing.



Only the bottom half of the boot is waterproof, but that is not a real problem when dealing with ice and snow.

The sizing isn’t always great, one of the most frequent problems when you place your order based on a chart.  

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2. Muck Boots Arctic Pro Camo Mossy Oak


This pair of boots is the piece of gear that was missing for the extreme cold weather you need to face when you go ice fishing. As they are made for extreme temperatures and designed while having sportsmen in mind, this is just as desirable for hunters and fishermen. The boots use a combination of rubber and fabric for better performance. They have an 8mm neoprene insulation and a fleece liner. To withstand temperatures of -60 degrees, the designer has added 2 mm of thermal foam in the foot area.

Because it’s important to keep warm air in and cold air out, the binding around the calf has been modeled to be stretch-fit.

The Muck Boot Arctic Pro Combo is waterproof and easy to clean thanks to the seamless construction. All you have to do is spray some water on them and wipe them clean.

Producers have looked for ways to make the gear more durable and provide the user with a more reliable type of boot, so they are using double reinforcement. The targeted areas are the instep, the heel, and Achilles area.

For a complete functionality, the boot is equipped with EVA midsole and a durable and rugged molded outsole that was specially designed.



The customers sent nice feedback on the quality of the boots. It looks like they are well made and that makes for a great buy. If you’ve been struggling in the past to find the pair that has the right construction, this is probably what you were looking for.

These boots have the construction material and design that makes them easy to wear. Professionals and amateurs were impressed by their low weight as well as the fact that you can put them on or take them off without effort. It is a great advantage when dealing with winter boots as these are usually heavy and bulky.

It’s a comfortable gear, so you can stay on the ice all day long, with no worries. If you choose the right size, you’ll be amazed at how well you get along with them.



There were a few disappointed customers, complaining about their cold toes in temperatures that didn’t go as far as -60F. It seems thick wool socks are the perfect match that would prevent this from happening.  

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3. Baffin Mens Epic-M004 Control Max


Produced by a brand that uses some of the top insulating materials in the industry, this pair of winter boots are capable of keeping your feet warm and comfortable in freezing weather that goes up to -94 F.

It may be uncommon to stumble across this sort of temperatures when you’re ice fishing, but it’s probable that you will be needing them when you sit in the same place many hours without moving.

The other features are similar to the Baffin Selkirk Snow. That includes the multi-layer inner boot system, the Arctic rubber shell, EVA midsoles and polar rubber outsoles that follow the same line.

Still, there are notable differences. The Baffin Control Max has a different type of closure, using multi-D ring lace fastening. It doesn’t have the same ease of use, but it does offer more flexibility and a tighter fit.

The removable liner has an increased efficiency thanks to the top cinch that keeps the inside of the boot sealed and prevents the warmth from getting out.

Using this gear you can be sure you don’t fall on the ice and break anything because it features a fully tractioned sole that has a solid grip.



Most of the users were impressed by the real comfort these boots offer and the flexibility that you get to enjoy while wearing them. The lace up front side brings plenty of flexibility. These are really great for low activity in harsh conditions. People who need to go out in the cold and stay there for hours without moving around will find them very useful.

Although they have laces, you don’t have to worry about putting them on or taking them off. Fishers agree that it’s not difficult at all and you only need a short time to handle the boots.

They may look heavy, but the looks are deceiving since people have outlined how lightweight they are. For anyone who needs to move through snow and keep their balance on ice, that is great news.   



Some customers have outlined a possible design flaw, as the liners have a big u-shaped seam that lets the cold in. They were still happy with the purchase.

They’re a bit bulky for driving a car.

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4. Bogs Men’s Classic Ultra High M Wellington Boot


What customers love about the Bogs Classic Ultra High is the fact that it manages to offer features and quality that are on par with more expensive alternatives without making any sacrifice in terms of comfort and reliability. As the name implies, this is a 15” boot that offer increased protection and can be used for a variety of activities. Besides fishing, you can also use it around the house and for gardening.

To make thing easier for the wearer, this unit features easy-on pull handles that will make putting this model on an effortless task. You just have to grip the handles, put your feet in and then pull. For a pair that features an ultra-high design, this feature is a welcome addition that once you get used to, you will never want to go back to the old way.

You also have nothing to worry when it comes to using this option for ice fishing as the Bogs Classic Ultra High is comfort rated for a temperate environment and for low temperatures up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. As a plus, the DuraFresh bio-technology activates to fight any unwanted odors so that you always have the best experience while wearing this unit.

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5. Viking Footwear Bushwacker Waterproof Steel Toe Boot


The Viking Footwear Bushwack is a great alternative for people that want to put an emphasis on performance as it offers all the key features a professional angler needs to succeed and catch the big fish. It is built out of high-quality rubber that makes its construction extremely sturdy and ready to face divers and inhospitable environments that put a lot of problems to other footwear.

To ensure that icy environments pose no difficulty, the sole of the Viking alternative is compatible with ice studs. This means that you can attach studs that will improve your grip and stability. When traversing frozen and slippery terrains, this is a feature that is not only practical, but that can actually protect you from injuring yourself.

Because you want to get the best value for your money, this alternative is quite versatile and when you are not fishing you will be able to use it for a wide variety of activities. It comes with an impressive amount of protection technologies that includes electric shock resistant 19kV, chainsaw protection, and a grade 1 steel toe and plate.

With such an emphasis on safety, you can now rest assured and enjoy yourself knowing that your pair of boots has your back.

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6. Leon Boots Co. Ultralight Men’s ULTR1 EVA Boots


For the last product on our list we’ve saved an alternative that caters to the need of customers that want a reliable product without having to spend a great amount of money to get it. The Leon Boots Co. ULTRALIGHT is an excellent pair of ice fishing boots that put a lot of emphasis on providing the customers with premium features at a price that is both fair and affordable.

As the name already gives this feature way, the Leon Boots Co. alternative is built to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is 70% lighter than regular protective boots which makes it extremely easy for wearers to maneuver while wearing them.

They are so light that you will feel as though you are not wearing them. You will be able to get the same range of movements that you get while walking barefoot with the added benefit of having an outer shell designed to protect your feet.

The reinforced toe, sole, and heel are designed to make you feel comfortable and offer additional support to the areas that need it the most. The breathable and warm polyester felt lining can be removed when you don’t need to explore cold environments. The lining can withstand temperatures as cold as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Buying guide


Buying ice fishing boots is a serious investment, so it’s better to take your time when you make a decision. Make sure you’ve covered the basic aspects of such a purchase and take note of the following things when you make your pick.


It is essential to keep your feet dry, especially since you’re going to face snow, ice and cold water on a frozen weather. The best boots for ice fishing have a rubber base and strong leather, nylon or other heavy-duty material in the upper part. This will keep the water away and lend you dry comfort.

Don’t forget to check if waterproof models still allow breathability. Sweat can cause wet feet just as much as melted snow.



This characteristic is so important that you can simply forget about ice fishing if you can’t rely on your boots to provide it. Cold toes could send you back home sooner than you’d imagine.

It’s important to know the kind of temperatures you’re going to face because not all insulations have the same efficiency. Manufacturers use labels to inform buyers of the temperatures their products can withstand. Read the description to see if it suits you.

The best ice fishing boots reviews show that fleece and wool are among the top materials, and are frequently used, while other types of insulation are preferred for their lightweight or wicking capacity.



A snug fit is great when you’re fighting harsh winter conditions. But that depends on how you prefer to wear the boots. Some people are reluctant to wear thick socks, while most people that go ice fishing wouldn’t leave the house without their fleece or merino socks.

No matter what sort of material the socks are made of, you have to be sure that your boots have enough space to accommodate them.



Ice fishing boots have to keep you up on your feet. Ice and snow are slippery and you could have frequent balance problems. Rubber is great for adherence, but there is always a chance wet ice becomes a challenge. Using ice fishing boots with spikes is probably the safest thing you can do.


Removable liners

Most fishermen agree that good ice fishing boots have removable liners. After a day in the cold, it’s nice to get the liner out, remove the odors and wick out the moisture. That will give the owner a comfortable feel every time they wear them and a boost the efficiency of insulation.

Don’t forget that other specs are equally important. Traditional boots are a bit bulkier and can deter your movements, while synthetic materials offer a higher flexibility. Some pairs use laces, others are provided with zippers and buckles, so you must decide which fastening type you prefer.   



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