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Best Ice Fishing Chair

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Ice fishing chairs – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you don’t have the time to go through all the ice fishing chair reviews out there but are still interested in a quick suggestion for a competent product, then the following short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. After looking at dozens and dozens of product comparisons and customer reports we’ve concluded that the Sokey Foldable Backpack might prove the best ice fishing chair to have in most circumstances. It’s foldable and easy to adjust for any size while also doubling as a thermally insulated pack, with a respectably large underseat compartment to keep your coffee and launch warm and your beer cold. The double-function, chair, and holding bag, works great to save on available space inside the confines of an ice shelter. If you simply must have a backrest on your fishing chair, then the GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat will surely deliver.



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3 Best Ice Fishing Chairs (Reviews) in 2023


With so many models to choose from finding a good ice fishing chair might prove problematic, that’s why we’ve narrowed down the list of products commonly featured in online catalogs at only a handful of particularly good ones, selected based on their positive reviews and customer feedback.



1. Sokey Backpack Foldable Chair with Ice Bag for Fishing


One of the most important features this Sokey chair offers to the ice fishing angler is the sizable, thermally insulated underseat compartment that will allow you to store a good part of your kit in a place that’s both safe and easy to access.

This further translates into better use of available space inside the cramped confines of an ice shelter. After all, placing the backpack underneath our seat is something a lot of us usually do in these circumstances, but having it well fixated with straps can only prove welcomed.

Since it’s water-resistant and thermally insulated, the pack will keep our belongings reasonably warm and dry throughout the trip from the car to the fishing hole. At only around 2-3 pounds, this foldable chair will prove easy enough to carry, especially as it features a couple of rubberized holding surfaces on its stainless steel tubes.  

Material wise, it’s mostly made of durable Oxford cloth, with two additional layers of PU coating for better all-weather protection.

While it does allow for a good deal of adjustment for proper comfort, the manufacturers didn’t outfit it with a backrest, which might be an important requirement for some people.

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2. GCI Lightweight Padded Back Folding Stool


You won’t be able to place a bag underneath the Quick-E-Seat, but it will allow you to lean back within limits since it features a small backrest, very useful for the old or weary. The stool part itself is triangular in shape to give the best possible stability on uneven terrain for the least amount of weight.

At only around 3 lb (going by the manufacturer provided specs) this collapsible folding chair will prove very easy to carry, outfitted just for the purpose with a shoulder strap. Users report that setting it up after the trip will prove no problem and it doesn’t require any tool or a significant amount of force to be applied.

Specifically engineered for outdoor use, its steel tubes are powder-coated for better corrosion resistance, and the polyester canvas features a 600 proof water repellant coating. So it should resist well to high humidity environments and be safe to use near rivers or lakes.

It can hold up to 250 pounds of weight although people weighing as much shouldn’t lean too heavily on the backrest, since it is, after all, just a portable chair, not a lazy boy. As for additional features, it does have a small compartment to hold your drink.

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3. Wise Outdoors 5613-246


This Wise Outdoors model is reported to be just as comfortable as a regular dining room chair, but comes with the benefit of an icebox and enough resilience for outdoor use.

Although it’s mostly made out of rigid plastic, it can fold into a neat little package, and the bucket underneath is removable for easier transport. It’s also remarkably light, and it comes with a shoulder strap

The aforementioned container is insulated with thermally resistant foam — which you can also remove — so the contents will be held fairly safe from freezing in winter and getting too warm in the summer.

With 10 gallons of available space and 350 pounds of maximum allowed weight, you will be able to carry quite a lot, including your latest catch, if you plan on using the bucket as an ice-box during warm months.

Needless to say, the chair and container layout makes for a very efficient use of space, which will prove very convenient when employing it from an ice shelter or a small boat. It also has a padded cushion, which should prove a little warmer than the bear fabric found in most other models.

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Buying guide


The best chair for ice fishing is meant to work in a particular environment, which imposes its own set of special requirements from the product which might serve to distinguish it from other similar items. While browsing through what’s available for sale, the following criteria are important to have in mind.

Resistance to the elements

All fishing chairs must offer some measure of waterproofing by the very nature of their purpose, but this will become especially important when it is expected for them to be used in sub-zero temperatures. Cold weather will only magnify the discomfort felt from a wet surface, which can also freeze, making the chair impractical.

Materials like polyester or hard plastic are water repellant and easy to wipe once they get wet. There are also a number of specialized coatings that manufacturers apply to make their items all-weather, which also includes resistance to rain. Be sure that the chair is properly certified in this regard before making a purchase.


Size and weight

You will most likely be using the chair for an ice fishing shelter, which can seriously limit the space at your disposal, so a small, portable unit will generally work best.

Since the chair will have to be carried from the car to the fishing hole through potentially bad weather and heavy snow, its weight will be an issue to a greater extent than usual. It is also important that the chair can fold into a compact form for easier carriage, preferably also outfitted with handles or a specialized strap.


Special features

We’ve mentioned previously that space will be an issue inside a fishing shelter. There’s a way a good fishing chair can help circumvent that, as some units feature a storage unit right underneath the sit. This makes the additional bucket or backpack occupy the same surface area as the chair, leaving you with more room.

The container can also provide some measure of protection against the cold. While you won’t find electrical heating elements even on the best fishing chair, some units are outfitted with thermal insulation in order to work as ice boxes during the summer. This can, however, cut both ways, and as long as you don’t let the warm air out, a properly insulated pack will keep your items from freezing.       



There isn’t too much to expect in this regard from what is essentially a portable stool. You could verify that it adjusts well for your size before buying or opt for a model with a backrest wherever the case.




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