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Top Ice Fishing Jig Boxes Reviewed in 2024

Last Updated: 12.07.24


Best Ice Fishing Jig Boxes. Comparison & Buying Guide


Are you shopping for the best ice fishing jig box, but you’re in a hurry, and you don’t have enough time to read the findings of our research? Take a look at this short paragraph, and you will see which model available right now is worth your hard-earned cash. The Rapala Utility Box scores high in consumers’ preferences, according to our research, due to its outstanding functionality. Ideal for your ice fishing trips, this box is waterproof, and will not allow your jigs to become damaged. It is extremely roomy, as it has multiple compartments that will allow you to keep things organized. The clear lids will let you see what is inside, without having to open and close them time and time again. Should this model be out of stock, we also suggest the Flies Direct Waterproof Fly, as a second choice that will provide you with solid means to store and transport your jigs.


3 Best Ice Fishing Jig Boxes (Reviews) in 2024


There are plenty of jig boxes on the market, and you may encounter difficulties in selecting the one that is right for you. The following selection of products will introduce you to a few models that have already been tried and tested by buyers with overwhelmingly positive results.


1. Rapala RUBM Utility Box


If you read the reviews of ice fishing jig boxes created by buyers and experts, you will notice that there is a name that keeps repeating. That is the Rapala Utility Box, an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about embarking on an ice fishing adventure. This box will keep your favorite jigs well protected so that you can use them once you reach your destination.

The box is built with durability in mind, and one look at it will tell you that it is designed for heavy-duty usage. The waterproof seal is another confirmation that you will find this box extra useful for what you have in mind. The hook clips create high compression locks that keep the locks tightly closed.

If you are in need of a fishing tackle box, this model will provide you with anything you want. You can use it for more than just your jigs. The slots and compartments are nicely organized to allow you to keep everything in order when you go fishing.

The compartments come with clear lids to let you see inside, for extra ease when you have to pick the next tackle piece for your setup. The ribbed foam construction will not allow bumps and drops to damage the fishing tackle inside.


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2. Flies Direct Waterproof Fly Box


The tackle you will keep in this box will remain completely dry, no matter what weather conditions you will need to face. The Flies Direct Waterproof Fly is completely waterproof, as it comes equipped with a silicone seal that will not let one drop of water to get inside.

It makes a good ice fishing jig box, due to its high capacity. The manufacturer advertises it as being able to hold up to 126 flies, so you can easily estimate the type and quantity of tackle you will want to take along with you on your fishing trips.

Due to its compact size, the box is easy to carry around. You can keep it in a pocket of your vest, or your jeans for quick and easy access. The foam slit construction allows you to hook your jigs separately so that you don’t end up making a mess.

Another good thing about this model is that it floats if you happen to drop it in water. Such things may happen when you’re out fishing, so it is a good thing to know that your tackle box can be fished out of the water with ease, should something like this happen.


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3. Medium To-Go Fly Box


This model comes with seals consisting of rubber gaskets that don’t allow any liquid to get inside and damage your jigs and hooks. Another model that floats if dropped in water by accident, the Kingfisher Medium To-Go is the chosen solution of many fishermen, so the chances are that you will love it, too.

Made from sturdy ABS plastic, this box is capable of taking a lot of wear and tear. The ribbed exterior is also to many anglers’ liking because you can grab it with wet hands, without the risk of dropping it. The model can hold up to 160 flies, and each slit will hold each fly securely.

You can take this box with you when you go ice fishing, but, because of its stainless steel hardware, it is safe for saltwater fishing of any kind without a problem. Its medium size allows easy transportation, and you will find that it doesn’t take up too much room in your backpack.

Whenever you want to grab a fishing lure and use it, the good organization of this box will allow it with ease. A good deal for the money, this box will help you keep your tackle organized, without a problem.


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Buying guide


Finding the best jig box for ice fishing may be a bit of a challenge, seeing that there are many models available, and each one seems to offer what you need. There are some things you need in a jig box for this type of fishing.

We will go through them right away, so you will know exactly what features to look for when you are shopping for this type of fishing item. With our help, you will be able to make an informed decision that will contribute to the success of your future fishing trips.

It has to be waterproof

Let’s say that you just packed your ice fishing reel and the rest of the equipment you need for your planned fishing trip, but you are still unhappy with the last tackle box you used. Now it is the best time to get a new one. If you go ice fishing, consider a model that is completely waterproof.

Wet environments can pose a lot of trouble to the gear you use when fishing, but some can be more hostile than others. That is why a waterproof tackle box is needed.

Even a cheap ice fishing jig box, if it is advertised for such a purpose, should be waterproof. The seals can be made of rubber or silicone, and their ultimate goal should be to keep water away.


Good compartmentalization is always a plus

You will need many things for your angling activities, from fishing bait to lures and jigs. Nobody says that you cannot use your jig box for other tackle you need to bring along with you.

This is where excellent compartmentalization comes into play. One common setup is a foam construction with built-in slits, on which you can hook, individually, all your tackle.

Compartments with transparent lids are also a good choice. At a glance, you will see the type of fishing tackle you need to use next, so you don’t have to lose precious time by searching for a tiny piece.


Does it float?

Accidents happen all the time, so don’t be surprised if you drop your jig box in water by accident. That is why manufacturers thought about making their best models capable of floating.

Your ice fishing rod might not need special attention, but your tackle must be handled with care. If you happen to drop the box that contains all the accessories in water, and it doesn’t float, the chances are that you might have lost it for good.

A tackle box with a solid, yet floating construction is your best choice. Remember to get a compact model, as well, if you want it to be easy to access and used.






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