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Best Ice Fishing Jigs

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Ice fishing jigs – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re interested in buying a set of good ice fishing jigs but aren’t very keen to go through all the many reviews available, then this short guide should fill you in without taking too much of your time. After considering the feedback, they received from both expert and casual anglers alike we concluded that the Celsius EC5C-5A set of 16 panfish jigs could very well be the product that will serve you best. At a very affordable price, you’ll be getting a surprisingly wide selection of mostly Mormyshka style jigs of either traditional and exotic shapes, mounted on hooks of various sizes, that can be used to lure fish both independently or in highly effective combos, together with live bait.  If you want all the materials for an effective combination in one package, then look no further than the Celsius CE-FF-KIT.  



3 Best Ice Fishing Jigs (Reviews) in 2023


It’s undoubtedly tough to select the best ice fishing jig for your needs out of the multitude of available products, especially since there’s little way of ascertaining their effectiveness outside of reading reports from folks who’ve tried them out or ice fishing jig reviews from specialists. We’ve done just that and selected a handful of top scoring products from what’s available for sale.



1. Celsius Ice Panfish Jig Assortment


This Celsius product features a wide assortment of jigs of various shapes and sizes, most closely resembling the Mormyshka and the balanced types. While specifically intended for panfish, the ones mounted on larger hooks could prove big enough to be used in conjunction with live bait to catch medium-sized predatory fish.

Of course, a lot of other combos can be improvised, based only on your imagination, as this set is varied enough to provide something suitable for any species of panfish. Various protrusions on the sides of the jigs and more or less exotic shapes will help you simulate a lot of movement styles, more or less enticing for the potential catch.

Anglers that like to keep it simple will be pleased to find out that the 16 jigs contained in this set are enticing to fish on their own, being brightly colored and shiny. Some of them even glow when exposed to the light, to catch the attention of your mark from a long distance away.

While they were generally found to be sturdy, a problem has been mentioned with paint sometimes chipping off. However, this seems to be an isolated case.

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2. Celsius Ice Fishing Feeding Flash Jig Kit


This Celsius kit offers a wide variety of Feeding Flash Minnow jigs and swirl-tail grub trailers for a creative angler to use in various combinations, depending on the fish he or she is targetting.

The minnows come in three major colors, white, neon green, and silver with tints of yellow and black, as to accurately imitate a number of feeding fish that are enticing to mostly mid-sized predators.

Thanks to their slightly bent shape, similar to a spoon type, they should mimic the movements of small fish pretty well if constantly kept on the move by an able angler. When using these types of lures, it is recommended to constantly move the line in a circular motion, as allowed by the fishing hole.

To catch the fishes attention from a long distance away, the kit also contains a number of brightly colored grub shaped lures that can be attached to the jig. These come in three varieties, a transparent neon green, white and yellow, with six of each, in case you lose some of them to particularly shy, snap-and-flee species.

The hooks are big enough for most predatory fish and have a reddish color so that the metal shine doesn’t put any of the more timid species off.   

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3. Eagle Claw ICSHJ Tube Ice Jig


These teardrop-shaped jigs are particularly nice to look at and could very well serve as decoration if they weren’t tied to sharp stainless steel hooks. Like small children and astronomers, fish are particularly enticed by shiny objects, and their curiosity will undoubtedly be picked by these beautifully painted jigs, especially since they also give off a noticeable icy glow.

In a pack of 5, you’ll get 3 main colors with lots of gradient and sparkle added in for the aforementioned icy glow effect. These are blue, neon green and red, to make them easy to see from a distance. They will work especially well if combined with some bait to entice the fish even more after it gets close, but could also be used on their own.  

Unlike many other similar products on the market, these jigs are American made, by a family owned business from Denver, Colorado. So if you have any qualms about buying something made under Chinese or SE Asian levels of quality control, maybe in a sweatshop or a factory with suicide nets, this purchase should give you no reason to worry.  

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Buying guide


Fishing jigs have a multitude of uses that make them an obligatory addition to the best ice fishing kit. they can act by themselves as lures for smaller species of fish. They can be combined with more appetizing bait to either imprint the right type of line movement or catch the fish’s attention when otherwise the bait won’t be visible. Finally, they can act as a lead weight at the end of your line when paired with fast-moving live bait. What are the things to consider when shopping for a jig?

Types and what are they good for

There are five main styles of jig, but we will only cover the three most common ones succinctly.

The Mormyshka tends to have a teardrop shape, and it’s a good general purpose jig, that works well even on small fish. It doesn’t require a bait but using one is generally recommended.

A balanced jig is preferred by skilled anglers for catching larger game that tends to feed on other fish. They tend to be brightly colored representations of actual feed species and work best when used with a heavy rod.

Spoons usually demand an average skill level and are good for catching fish of medium to big size. They don’t require bait, but it is advisable to pair them with a colored hook to elicit a little extra attention from the fish.


Color is especially important

With snow usually covering the frozen surface of the lake, the waters underneath can get pretty dark. That’s why it’s important to exercise your line movements and also use lures that stick out to the fish more than usual.

Bright colors and gleaming reflections are used to make ice fishing jigs more noticeable, with some manufacturers going so far as to employ phosphorescent paint, which glows in the dark by capturing the outside light.

If you are also using bait, it is not so important for the lure to resemble the shape and color of potential prey, it’s enough for it to be easy to spot from a distance.



Since it’s hard to plan ahead for any conceivable situation, the best ice jig kit should contain a wide variety of lures, with lots of shapes and colors, in order to diversify your prospective game as much as possible.

Depending on species, location and time of year, fish aren’t equally attracted to the same type of bait, and you’ll often need to try your luck with a different one if repeatedly encountering poor results.  



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