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Best Ice Fishing Lure

Last Updated: 24.04.24

Lures for ice fishing – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Are you unexpectedly finding yourself in a situation where you have to pick out good ice fishing lures without knowing much about them? If this is the case, you probably don’t want to waste your time reading all those ice fishing lures reviews, however helpful they might be.  You’ve come to the right place since we’ve done the work for you and are eager to bring forward our top picks. Our research has shown that the first product you should consider is the Rapala ULRPR04HS Ultra Light, its particular features making it a great choice. First of all, its distinctively loud rattle will make sure you don’t miss the big moment, just in case you accidentally miss the hard vibrating action meant to warn you. Its design makes it unique, the tall skinny body shape and bright colors making it irresistible to the prey. If for some reason this product isn’t available, we recommend you to try the VMC Corporation TGS316YP Tingler Spoon as an excellent alternative.



3 Best Ice Fishing Lures (Reviews) in 2024


If you still find it hard to make up your mind, we’ve gathered a few of the top products recommended by amateurs and professionals alike, to give you a starting point. Check out these reviews and get more information on how to find the best ice fishing lures.



1. Rapala ULRPR04HS Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap Lure


Recommended by anyone who has tried it as being one of the finest choices you could make when it comes to fishing lures, the Rapala Ultra Light definitely shows many of the necessary characteristics.

First of all, it’s particular design is thought out to attract the prey, which is exactly what you’d expect. Featuring a lipless, deep belly profile that perfectly resembles the outlook of the typical meal, it’s actually its textured scales and 3D holographic eyes that give it a realistic look.

This item comes in a wide range of bright contrasting colors, specifically chosen to catch the eye. The fast-piercing nickel hooks attached are made of high-quality metal, ensuring resistance in case of a heavier catch.

There’s no need for you to be worried about missing the important moment when you have to reach for the fishing rod and pull the lure out since this model is equipped with a complex warning system. A hard vibrating action is started the moment it detects prey, accompanied by a loud rattling to make sure you take notice.

Easy to fish with, this lure perfectly adapts to more difficult circumstances, like when you have to pull your catch through heavy objects, making it a good choice for ice fishing.

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2. VMC TGS316YP Tingler Spoon


Another lure that strives to imitate the appearance of baitfish in order to attract, the Tingler Spoon is surely a choice worth taking into consideration, especially due to its design.

Featuring only one hook instead of two, as was the case with the product we reviewed previously, this particular lure is based on the attempt of reproducing the markings of the baitfish, somewhat enhancing and exaggerating them to be more convincing.  

Without being a full body copy, the V-shaped design only shows the head and raises with a large holographic eye, bright colors, and a wide range of holographic attractors to reach its purpose. The texture closely resembles that of the live fish, making it difficult for the prey to tell them apart.

This lure exaggerates the movement made by a dying baitfish by creating a wide wobbling action in order to confuse the prey and to provoke it.

Also equipped with glow in the dark technology, the Tingler Spoon makes a fine choice for ice fishing since it will be easily spotted as a shiny object beneath a thick ice surface. The glow lasts up to fifteen minutes, meaning you can live it underwater for a longer time.

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3. Clam 9525 Psycho Shad, 2.8-Ounce Firetiger


Our final pick is a fishing lure specifically designed for ice fishing, which also manages to distance itself from its competitors by offering a lighter, smaller alternative to other models.

Similar to other designs that show a lipless, flat profile, the Psycho Shad is equipped with two hooks and slightly differs in effect from other alternatives. For example, instead of vibrating, it darts horizontally, mimicking the natural swimming motion, making it easier to fish for prey that dwells in deeper areas.

The mix of bright, contrasting colors makes this one an easily noticeable target, especially in the low lighting conditions encountered underneath an ice platform.

In order to attract its prey, this lure focuses on reproducing the movements of the baitfish, while also exaggerating them, its small size and flat shape allowing an erratic fluttering that will immediately attract attention and thus help you catch more fish in a shorter span of time.

When retrieving the prey, these lures have a back and forth motion in order to make it less likely for the target to escape. The quality hooks ensure that even heavier targets can be pulled out without complications. Covered in durable enamel and made of resistant materials, this is a product you can definitely re-use.

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Buying guide


Picking out the best lures for ice fishing can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t have much information on the subject. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you with a few trustworthy recommendations, approved by both professionals and amateurs.

Only by reading our guide you can go from being completely lost to knowing what you want and where to find it in just a couple of minutes. Follow our tips if you want to make sure you make the best choice.

What designs to look for

Now for someone who hasn’t seen a fishing lure before, they might all look the same. This, of course, isn’t true, as any shape, color, and design actually are created to produce different effects and attract different types of fish. If you’re an amateur and don’t want to go in depth about species and such details, it’s safe to follow a few basic rules when picking out the design.

First of all, go for the ones that perfectly resemble the form of the live baitfish, since this is the image that most likely will get your prey interested. To make sure they notice it even in such unfavorable conditions as underneath a frozen surface, you have to go for the brightest colors, even phosphorescent if you can find them.


Warning systems

If you’re not familiar with fishing, you probably don’t know this, but you’ll find out soon enough. Fishing lures have a couple of alert systems to let you know when the prey has bitten the bait and it’s time for you to pull the lure out of the water.

Most models use vibration to notify you, but a few alternatives also offer rattling systems, just in case you’re not currently paying attention and the vibration might go unnoticed. Pick one according to your usual habits.



Check to see if the materials used to manufacture your desired product are reliable enough to ensure a long lifespan, especially giving the harsh conditions under which you will be using the lure. The metal used for the hooks is especially important and should be a priority when checking product descriptions.

Generally, these types of items aren’t very expensive, but we recommend you to avoid any cheap ice fishing lure that isn’t manufactured by a reliable brand and that lacks information on the origin of the materials.

There are many other aspects to take into consideration when trying to compare all the products available for sale, but it’s safe to say that by sticking to the rules we’ve laid out for you, your chances of making an uninformed purchase will decrease considerably.



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