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Best Ice Fishing Rod Case

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Ice fishing rod cases – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re after the best case for an ice rod but can only be bothered with browsing through suggestions, then we’ll let you know straight off the bat that the item which stuck out the most for us when going through the many ice rod case reviews in preparing this article is the Celsius Deluxe CEL-DELCR. Customers and professional reviewers alike seem to appreciate its good carrying capacity of four walleye combos in the main compartment, supplemented by a reel pocket for miscellany. This doesn’t come at the expense of portability, however, since the CEL-DELCR can comfortably be carried around your shoulder thanks to its long strap handle and soft construction. This will come as an invaluable feature for those that need to take long walks to reach their fishing holes. If a hard case is more of your thing, then our recommendation goes to the Frabill ice 701100.



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3 Best Ice Fishing Rod Cases (Reviews) in 2023


Since every angler tends to value each feature of a product differently, there are as many contenders for the title of “the best ice rod case” as there are expert opinions. We recommend you only go for the product that best suits your personal needs and we hope you’ll find a match among our top picks below.


1. Celsius Deluxe Ice Holds Rods 38″ CEL-DELRC Case 


Due to its hard inner liner and padded outer casing, this Celsius Deluxe model combines the best features of a hard plastic rigid case and a soft textile one.

It’s comfortable enough to carry on the shoulder, with no rigid plastic to rub against your sides while making your way through thick snow to your favourite fishing hole, while you wouldn’t have to worry about the rods snapping as a result of a wrong slip, since the case will be rigid enough to soften the impact.

While it doesn’t offer quite the same durability as a rigid case, it more than makes up for it with a lesser overall weight, especially as it is quite sizable. The main compartment is big enough to house four 38” specialized ice fishing rods, or a couple of extensible rods, for those that consider the advantages a long rod offers to ice fishing to be worthwhile.

For added functionality, the product also has a multi-purpose central pocket, generally used for housing parts of the fishing rod that might not otherwise fit in the main storage compartment (such as sizable reels), but also good for storing extra liner or tools.


Only high-quality materials are used for making this ice fishing rod case, so you can rest assured that it will take a lot of wear and tear.

The outer casing is padded, which gives it a beautiful look and also offers extra protection to the tackle you want to carry with you.

Due to its shoulder strap, you will find it easy to move it around, and it will surely come in handy when you’re planning the next ice fishing adventure.

Its biggest compartment is designed to handle 4 rods, of up to 38 inches long, which means that you will gain a lot of space for your needs.

Make use of the central pocket that is ideal for storing either smaller parts or tools you might want handy when you go ice fishing.


Since it’s not a hard case model, you will have to be a little attentive with the way you store your rods so that they don’t break during transportation.

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2. Frabill Ice Rod Case


Although a hard case, that offers all the advantages of one, this Frabill model does not shirk away portability. Thanks to its small size and lightweight, it won’t impose too much of a strain on the weary angler, traveling to and fro the fishing hole in the cold of winter.

If you value portability, this is definitely the hard plastic case for you, but you will have to limit the number of fishing rods to use in one trip. At only around 2 pounds, it can easily accommodate two medium sized combos for ice fishing while also including a tackle box with 3 compartments.

This should prove enough for the angler that is contempt with the basics but might be too little for those who have a penchant for using multiple fishing rods, although some users report that with a little ingenuity that number can be elevated to three.

As a hard case, it will provide great protection for your gear, while being itself resistant to physical damage or the elements. Since it comes at a very affordable price, you will get exceptionally good value from this Frabill.


You can rest assured that your tackle will be stored in perfect conditions since this is a hard case and offers all the advantages you would expect from such a design.

Surprisingly, the case doesn’t sacrifice portability, and you will discover that the case is lightweight and compact at the same time.

Get this case if you want to carry 2 medium size combos, and make use, as well, of the 3-compartment tackle box that will help you keep things organized.

If you simply want a hard case that’s handy and helps you keep everything together, with no bells and whistles, this one is for you.

The total weight of the case is less than 2 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about burdening it with all your equipment.


The price of this model can be considered pretty much the main reason why not more people are willing to try it.

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3. Celsius Basic Ice Rod CEL-BASRC Storage Case 


At the risk of sounding over-enthusiastic, this Celsius model takes convenience to a new extreme, and it does so at an unbeatable price. It’s soft body — made from synthetic fibers for good water and tear protection — and the large detachable strap will make it remarkably easy to carry. At only 1.4 pounds it won’t significantly add to your loading, which already has a tendency to feel greater than it is in the cold of winter.

Its main section can accommodate 30” rods, which might seem a little low for some but more than adequate for those who prefer using extensible or four piece rods. It also has a pocket that’s sizable enough to hold a small backpacking rod or rod section but can effectively be used to store reels, small lure boxes and other pieces of gear.

Like the name implies, the basic is not a pretentious model and offers just the minimum required for an ice fishing trip. Extremely affordable, this can prove a great product for beginners and children, but also for thrifty anglers that emphasize simplicity over having the latest and flashy-est gear.


While it is a soft case for your ice fishing equipment, this model is sturdy as it’s made from synthetic fibers that will behave well for a long time.

It comes with a detachable strap, so you will encounter no issues when you want to move around a lot and take the case with you.

The lightweight construction is one of the main advantages to consider since the model weighs only 1.4 pounds and you won’t feel encumbered with it.

You can use it for transporting 30-inch rods; therefore, it can be said that it’s a good fit for extensible models or those made from up to 4 pieces.

The extra pocket is ideal for holding backpacking rods, as well as other tackle such as lure boxes, reels, and other things.


The shoulder strap doesn’t appear to be particularly well made, and at least one customer complains that it ripped the fabric where it is sewn into the case.

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Buying guide


Due to the high variety of models available for sale, finding the right one could prove daunting, especially since there is no one thing that the best ice fishing rod case should have. Everyone’s needs differ, and an exceptionally good quality in one area is often the result of trade-offs. With this in mind, we offer a few pointers to have in mind when making your decision.

Consider the item’s weight

In cold weather, we tend to lose energy and fatigue faster than we do at warmer temperatures. This is due to our body’s constant need to fight the cold, which adds an additional drain on top of whatever task we are doing requires.

The surface you’ll be threading to get to the fishing hole, which often constitutes in ice covered by thick snow, will provide extra difficulties, making what is supposed to be a fun fishing trip into a tiresome ordeal.


Don’t neglect portability

Your equipment should spare you as much of this as possible. That’s why it’s important to choose light items, which are also comfortable to carry. Keep in mind that just one or two pounds of weight can make a great deal of difference in winter time, but equally important is how that weight is distributed.

Items feel much lighter when carried on the shoulder than by a handle and this also frees up one of your hands. So we recommend you favor ice rod cases that come with a detachable strap instead of a handle.


Soft or hard material

Ice rod boxes are made of either soft synthetic fibers or rigid plastic. The advantage of the latter is rather obvious, it will offer better physical protection for your rods since it won’t just give when pressure is applied. So if you know yourself to be clumsy, this might be the choice for you, since it will prevent the rod breaking in case of a fall.

This good level of protection also extends to weather factors, such as snow or rain that can otherwise seep in through some canvas materials and dampen the gear inside. Being sturdier, hard cases also tend to last a bit longer than soft ones, which makes them slightly better value despite the generally higher purchasing price.

The soft case’s main advantage comes from the relative comfort it allows for the wearer, and as we’ve underlined above, this isn’t a factor to be neglected.




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