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Top Kayak Cushions Reviewed in 2024

Last Updated: 23.06.24


Best Kayak Cushions. Comparison & Buying Guide


Kayaking is a very relaxing and rewarding outdoor activity that you can practice on your own or alongside your best friends and family members. Whether it’s just a ride on the lake, enjoying fishing in your kayak or paddling in rapid waters, kayaking will allow you to breathe the freshest air, enjoy the therapeutic effects of water, and improve your body’s condition. However, in order to make sure you get the most out of these moments, make sure to wear adequate equipment and the best kayak cushion in 2024. We’ve read plenty of online product reviews and, after comparing some of the most popular consumer choices, we’ve concluded that the Guidesman Moss Green Thick is the product you should consider. It is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor sports, is comfortable to sit on, and won’t wick moisture. If this item is not available, you can also opt for the Flowt Type IV as a great alternative.



5 Best Kayak Cushions (Reviews) in 2024


Because selecting the right cushion for your kayak is an exhausting task, we have compiled a list with some of the most appreciated choices by our customers, available on the market today. All these great options that received the public’s appreciation are showcased below.


1. Guidesman Moss Green Thick Seat Cushion with Velcro Strap


If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable option to stay comfortable while practicing your favorite outdoor activities, this seat cushion from Guidesman could prove the winning choice. The item is not only available for a modest cost but is also suitable for a wide array of outdoor adventures, including camping, hunting, fishing or even kayaking.

This cushion is 1.5 inches thick and features a closed cell foam inside to provide maximum support and comfort while seated. The lightweight design and relatively small dimensions make it perfect for carrying it around everywhere you go. It will fit in the backseat of your car and even in your backpack.

Also, thanks to its coating, it won’t wick moisture and will help maintain the optimum temperature for your body and keep your bottom sweat and moist-free.

The smooth surface of this cushion makes it a great addition also when driving or wanting to catch a nap while on the road. It will promote a healthy back position and will reduce your back pains by not adding extra pressure on your spine. In the long term, this cushion will protect your body and your health.


This cushion is very comfy as it is 1.5 inches thick and because it was made using closed cell foam that can provide you with plenty of support when seated.

Because it is small in size and lightweight, this choice can be easily transported and used on all boating trips.

The product was coated with a special substance that prevents it from wicking moisture, which is a plus according to most customers.

The seller argues that this cushion encourages boaters to maintain a good back position so that they won’t suffer from back pain.


There were reviews where buyers argued that the choice is grossly overpriced given its features. As expected, not all customers agree with this statement.

Because this model has a rectangular shape, it might not fit perfectly on all seat shapes. So, fellow boaters say that you should consider this aspect before making a purchase.

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2. Flowt Type IV Throwable Flotation Foam Cushion


If you’re looking for a great cushion to protect your back and bottom on your next boat trip, you may want to take a look at this product. It is available in a wide variety of colors, including orange, and a beautiful cameo print so you can easily find the perfect match for you, your kayak, and your personality.

It meets the US Coast Guard requirements and protection standards for boats larger than 16 feet, meaning it is specifically designed to keep your tushy safe while kayaking or practicing other boat-related activities or fishing. It is also a great addition for when you’re driving for long hours or fishing in hostile environments.

The webbed throw handles allow for easy transportation and even carrying on your back to ensure maximum freedom and mobility for your hands.

The cushion is made out of a functional and really comfortable PE foam to ensure improved protection whenever you are using it. In addition, the exterior features a strong and durable outer shell to withstand abrasion and corrosion in the long term. It is also waterproof so you can easily place it in your kayak for a comfortable ride.


This alternative is available in numerous colors so that you can pick the one that best fits your preferences.

It comes with webbed throw handles that enable users to transport it effortlessly on their backs. This way, they can keep their hands free.

The model was made using PE foam that is highly comfortable and that can supply you with the necessary support and protection.

On top of that, the outer shell of the cushion is made of a durable material that prevents it from getting scratched easily.


Even though the distributor argues that the model doubles as a flotation device, previous buyers point out that it might not be reliable when used as such.

There was a reviewer who claimed that the stitching that the unit features is of bad quality. This was the only user who noted this issue at the time we did the research.

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3. Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Sport Cushion Stadium 


There are plenty of affordable cushions on the market, but you should definitely give this product a try if you’re looking for a comfortable item that will keep you protected from moisture under all weather conditions. The product is available in a great variety of bold colors to perfectly match your personality or cast away the clouds on a rainy day.

It is made of a comfortable closed-cell foam to ensure maximum protection and comfort whenever and wherever you are using it. It won’t absorb moisture so it will keep your bottom dry even in the hot season. In addition, it is also perfect for keeping you warm during the cold season as it won’t change its shape or get hard at low temperatures.

You can use this product anywhere you want – at stadiums, on chairs, car seats, buckets, on the ground, when kayaking or fishing, and even when you’re camping and want to enjoy a few moments of comfort on the ground.

Some other things you might want to know about this cushion is that it includes convenient grip handles to help you easily carry the product with you everywhere you go and the fact that, thanks to its innovative foam, it will preserve heat.


This model is also available in a wide array of colors so that you can select the one that you consider that it best suits your preferences.

It was manufactured using closed-cell foam for increased comfort and protection to its users.

Also, because it does not absorb moisture, it will keep your bottom dry at all times. This is a feature that many anglers and boaters appreciate.

Because of its versatility, this cushion can be used not only on boats but also at stadiums or when enjoying a camping trip with friends and family.


Although it is one of the highest-rated items out there, there were customers who said that this cushion has a flimsy construction and that it won’t last for long.

Besides, there were a small number of owners who complained that the products that they received were damaged. However, remember that not many such cases were reported.

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4. Hot Seat Kayak Seat – Mild by Surf To Summit


Proudly made in the United States, this item meets the highest security and comfort standards meaning it is safe and easy to use wherever you are. It is made of a lycra foam laminate layer and features a sturdy thermal-molded foam to provide increased comfort and tranquility.

The product is specifically designed to meet the requirements of people using boats and kayaks as they are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and increased moisture. The anatomical shape of the cushion will perfectly mold on your bottom helping you to reach the perfect position whenever kayaking.

As a result, your bottom will stay warm, dry, and will contribute to an improved body posture which may help with lower back aches in the long term. The item is also available in two different foam options, mild and spicy.

The mild is a softer molded foam which will help you maintain the right position while paddling while the spicy features a firmly molded foam for an improved posture.

Most of the customers who opted for this cushion were not disappointed. People claim that the cushion will help keep your bottom warm and contribute to an optimum body temperature, especially when you are using your boat or kayak during the colder seasons.


This innovative cushion is small in size and it has a unique design that you are prone to find interesting.

The choice was specially designed to meet the needs of boaters and kayak users and it can be exposed to harsh weather conditions without it being damaged as a result.

Because it was carefully crafted to fit the anatomical shape of one’s body, the model can help you maintain the correct position when sitting.

The middle part of the cushion is made of molded foam that is very soft and, consequently, very comfortable for the users.


One major drawback that reviews point to is that this model does not feature a lot of cushioning. So, some can find it uncomfortable when using it for hours on end.

There was a previous owner who said that the product that he received was rather small and that it did not suit him accordingly.

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5. NEP Outdoors Therma-Seat


This is a great accessory to keep with you whenever engaging in outdoor activities. From fishing to hunting, kayaking or camping, the cushion will help you sit more comfortable and improve your overall body posture. Due to its anatomical shape and the soft closed-cell foam, the seat will even provide a good and resting nap.

The original ThermaSeat, this item is lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, waterproof. This means that it will help maintain an optimum body temperature, and will keep your bottom dry and warm so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

Since it is pretty tall, the cushion is also a preferred choice by hikers or campers who don’t want to sleep or stay directly on the ground in order to avoid contact with insects. In other words, it is the right item to take with you if you want to sit on tree stumps, metal or marble seats or even wet ground.

Thanks to the same Softek closed-cell foam, this seat will remain pliable even in cold weather so you will benefit from maximum comfort and warmth. In addition, the attached Velcro straps will provide a convenient transportation.


This versatile option is quite thick and it can be utilized for numerous outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Besides, it is lightweight so that it can be easily transported, and it was made using high-quality materials that can help you maintain the proper body temperature.

This model does not absorb moisture, and, as a result, it can keep your bottom dry and supported at all times.

Because it was made of closed-cell foam, this seat can be easily folded, even when the temperatures drop. Many like this feature.


This is one of those items that have not received numerous reviews so far. So, it is particularly difficult to say whether or not it has drawbacks that you should be aware of.

It should be pointed out that there were some customers that considered the product rather expensive given its construction. Most buyers were happy with it.

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Buying guide


Finding one of the best cushions available for sale might require plenty of time and patience on your behalf. However, if you agree to follow some simple guidelines and look for certain features, the overall process might get more bearable and you’ll end up with the product of your dreams in no time.

Thickness and padding

The best kayak seat cushion should obviously be thick enough to provide a comfortable and reliable sitting no matter where you are. Thus, the size or thickness of the cushion, as well as its padding are extremely important.

We suggest opting for thicker products that will maintain their initial size and thickness even during harsh weather conditions including in cold temperatures. Apart from providing you with a more comfortable sitting, they will also protect you from water, insects or cold ground.

The padding should be made of a soft and reliable foam, preferably similar to the ones used for manufacturing memory foam mattresses. Such a padding will closely follow the shape of your body and will “memorize” it so it will perfectly adapt to your needs. In addition, it will help reduce back pains and improve blood circulation.

If you plan on taking long trips with your stable and sturdy canoes, it may be best to consider a padding that is thick enough to give support to your bottom and back instead of a soft padding.



Hands down, one of the most important features of a good kayak cushion is the stability it provides. If the item isn’t stable and comfortable enough, don’t buy it. Keep in mind that you are most likely to use this item on many of your following trips with your lightweight inflatable kayaks so you should purchase an item you can rely on under all weather conditions.

Stability is of great importance if you’re using your high-tech sit-inside kayaks for paddling or fishing. You want an item that will stay in its initial position without wiggling around and cause you to lose focus. You will require a perfect balance to paddle nice and easy, while fishing will require your focus to remain unaffected by external factors.

In order to ensure the stability of your small and comfortable kayak seats, you have to secure them to the cockpit. You can do that by choosing either strap-on seats or self-adhesive ones.

Strap-on seats are usually more reliable as the straps are made of durable and strong fabrics that won’t wear off. Self-adhesive seats may be easier to settle but they won’t be too efficient since the adhesive substance will get in contact with water, dust, debris, and wind.

If you’re not really sure which type of cushion to purchase, you should go through some online kayak cushions reviews and see the opinion of other customers. You’ll find relevant information and more insights about certain products, as well as their qualities and main weak points.


Durability and materials used

The durability of your preferred cushion strictly depends on the fabrics used to manufacture it. Depending on the amount of money you’re willing to pay for such a product, you can opt for neoprene cushions, molded foams, EVA foams or polyester. Each of these fabrics and materials come with their own perks and downsides, so it is up to you to find the right one to match your rugged sit-on-top kayaks.

Neoprene cushions are probably some of the most important kayak accessories in terms of comfort, and durability, while also being gentle to your wallet. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is used in a wide variety of watersports and accessories, including in the manufacturing of wetsuits or cockpit covers. This fabric usually provides improved stability and flexibility and won’t change its shape at low temperatures.

Molded foam cushions are also very popular choices as they are made of soft foam compounds of different thicknesses. The great thing is that most of them feature an anatomic shape that will protect your bottom, back and spine at the same time.

As a result, you’ll not only benefit from a very comfortable cushion, but you won’t suffer from any back or spine problems either. In addition, some items will even improve your body circulation if worn constantly.


Other features to consider

If you’re planning a productive fishing trip, all you’ll need is the right cushion and a good fishing vest. Make sure the cushion you opt for will preserve your body temperature and heat while keeping you dry even after wearing it for multiple hours. Moreover, try considering a waterproof one.



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