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Best Lure Retriever

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Lure retrievers – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Should time not be available for you to read our in-depth buying guide below, this short paragraph contains ample information to help you make the best choice for lure retrievers. In our search for the best one on the market, we compared some of the popular products out there based on quality and performance and thankfully, this led us to what has been a winning choice for consumers, the Daiwa DLC-100G. Outfitted with a lengthy 45-foot cord, this model features a storage reel that makes it effortless to pack among your fishing tackle in an organized and neat fashion. Helping you save expensive lures, this device facilitates the effortless retrieval of your favorite crankbaits in the event they get snagged on the way down or when you are retrieving an empty line. It slips easily onto the fishing line and slides down conveniently to the lure to snag the hooks. If you do not find the Daiwa DLC-100G at your favorite retailer stores, the Lew’s Fishing David Fritts Get Back LLR1 would make the second best option.



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3 Best Lure Retrievers (Reviews) in 2024


To help you on the difficult search for the best lure retriever, we have created our own list of some of the market’s popular choices below. Based on what we have learned, anglers who have given them a try have sworn to their dependability.



1. Daiwa Lure Catcher with Reel 45′ Cord


Considering how the price of baits keeps going up, the Daiwa DLC-100G is money well spent for sure. It enables you to save a lot of money and even pays for itself in no time. Although it’s not unusual to have to throw a lure with a hefty $20 price tag, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than getting that favorite pricey lure snagged on a stump way below the water and never seeing it again.

This device helps prevent such situations. It features a 45-foot cord that enables it to dive deep so you can retrieve that expensive lure and have it back quickly. The storage reel holds the long cord organized to enable easy carrying in your tackle box, ready for deployment with your fishing line when needed.

The catcher arms and catcher chains are bolstered by the anchor weight to provide effortless and slip-free retrieval of that costly lure, holding it securely until you take it with your hands. The anchor weight holder keeps the whole setup organized and easily stowed.


Equipped with a 45-foot cord, this lure retriever ensures reduced losses of costly lures so you can save money on your fishing gear. No need to mourn over losing not just the catch but that high-end bait.

The storage reel holds the cord neatly in place, ready for deployment whenever it is needed. It also makes the lure retriever easy to store as a compact unit with your other fishing gear in the tackle box.

Thanks to how the anchor weight is supplemented with the catcher arms and catcher chains, the lure is held securely in place on its way to your hand, so you wouldn’t need to drop the retriever over and over to catch the lure. The chains work well with treble hooks.

With the way the anchor weight holder contributes to the overall compact design of the retriever, everything is neatly stored and clutter-free.


The small finger ring that fastens to the reel as you jig the line would work better, according to a customer, if it had an arm loop attached to it to allow the use of the retriever with two hands.

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2. Lew’s Fishing David Fritts Get Back Lure Retriever


Designed not to damage the bait, the Lew’s Fishing David Fritts Get Back LLR1  was created based on the recommendations of David Fritts, the most renowned crankbait angler in America. It does what it is engineered to do, getting you back those otherwise lost lures that are part of the investment you make on fishing equipment.

Even when the bait is caught in underwater structure, this tool gets it back so you can use the lure again for another round of fishing. It saves money and effort as well since you need not have to do some diving just to retrieve a really pricey lure.

The device is superbly easy to use and has been subjected to testing in tough underwater obstructions while delivering a dependable performance.

It easily goes on and off your fishing line with its exceptional triangle-shaped hook mechanism that helps release a snagged lure to pull it free. The tool features a durable finish to withstand the elements in the water.


One of the most important considerations when getting a lure retriever is the retrieval success rate and this model has been subjected to testing in tough underwater conditions and was able to deliver a remarkable recovery capacity.

Its unique triangle shape easily releases lures from being snagged on stumps and other structures underwater, pulling them free so they get to your hands in no time.

Thanks to its bright color, this tool is easy to see under the water even when it’s murky or silted. The durable finish makes it tough against the elements.

With the 28-foot strong nylon cord, you can use two hands to pull the snagged lure free, assisting the retriever for a faster recovery every time.  

Attaching the retriever to the fishing line and removing it are easy thanks to the smart, innovative design that enables problem-free on and off.


Working a lot better than most products in its class, this model hasn’t gotten that much exposure on the market as of this time.

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3. Jewel HDLR Hound Dog Lure Retrevier


You should not get caught without the Jewel HDLR Hound Dog in your tackle box. This tool practically pays for itself if you consider how it saves you money on potentially lost lures. You invest a lot of money on pricey baits so why not make sure you can get them back if they get caught in a stump underwater? You wouldn’t want to be diving after the bait, would you?

With this innovative implement, you can easily retrieve jigs and costly crankbaits by dislodging them from out of timber in the water. It does the trick as long as you get the hang of it while holding your fishing rod.

Fish in the heaviest brush without worrying about losing a lot of your tackle. Designed to give many years of service, this lure retriever will save you many times its price on recovered lures. It works well for crankbaits, spinner baits, jigs, and plastic worms, and will even retrieve live bait rigs.


Fish confidently while using your favorite high-end lure that you can recover easily using this cutting-edge lure retriever. Don’t be caught fishing in the heavy brush without this product.

Get back jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, plastic worms, and even live bait rigs that get caught in stumps or timber underwater with this ingenious device. It comes with two round hoops that ensnare the snagged lure and pull it back to you.

This model is sensibly designed to slip past harnesses, sinkers, and swivels that might be on the way so it can do its job efficiently.

Developed to deliver many seasons of service, this unit is compact enough to place in your tackle box or in the pocket of your fishing jacket.

The bright color makes the lure retriever easy to see in the water. No worries about using it in silted or murky waters.


The buyer needs to rig the tool with a minimum 100-pound test nylon cord that will enable an effortless lure recovery.

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Buying guide


With a lure retriever, you can ‘rescue’ that pricey favorite lure from getting caught in underwater timber or stumps. Finding the best one for your needs can be daunting. So, to facilitate an easy product search and evaluation of the various products for sale, take note of the following aspects.

Style and configuration

When you look at the different products described in the best lure retriever reviews, you will notice they come in different configurations.

Some lure retrievers are simply telescopic or extendable poles. These are ideal only for shallow water since they can only reach out so far. If you are in deeper water than the pole’s length, the extendable pole is not of any use. An extendable pole shines when retrieving A-rigs, but it also works for crankbaits and jigs caught in rocks.

Most pocket knockers are weight lure types suitable for drop shots or tubes and are convenient to have in your pocket.

Hoop-style or ring retrievers come with a chain or without. The combination of pressure on the rod and the ring bait knocker dislodges the lure from where it is caught underwater. Rarely do you find hoop-style lure retrievers attached to any kind of reel. Some anglers improvise on this deficiency with a buoy that doubles as a marker.  Hoop-style models with chains are ideal for crankbaits and swimbaits with stinger hooks on them.



The best lure catcher reviews are given to products with outstanding construction or manufacture in terms of materials and solidity of build.

You want to be able to see the lure retriever especially when it’s coming up with the lure caught in it, and a bright finish ensures this can be done with ease. A durable finish ensures many years of service. Although the tool is ideally lightweight, its components should be of dependable quality.

If the lure retriever has chains, they need to be of top notch quality. The retriever itself should be attached to a cord in order to reach deep waters. If one is not provided, you could easily rig it with a level wind reel with line.


Ease of use

Some models only work when the boat is directly over the target. Ideally, the best retriever for lures should not pull up other objects underwater along with the bait. The tool also needs to be functional in both deep and shallow water.

A pole-type retriever is only good when fishing in shallower water than the extendable length. Thus, a 15-foot pole-type model is useless when heading out deeper., which is when you need the other kinds of retrievers.

Using the tool should be as effortless as allowing it to slide down the line, jerking on the cord to dislodge the bait, and pulling it and the lure out of the water.



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