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Best Marine Component Speakers

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Marine component speakers – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you would like to learn about the best marine component speakers but would rather not read our in-depth buying guide and product recommendations, we have designed this short paragraph to carry enough information that can help you make an informed buying decision. By comparing value and quality among some of the market’s popular products, we were able to see why the Pyle PLMR605B is a heavy favorite for consumers. Comprising two 6.5-inch component speakers, the package ensures value for the money. You wouldn’t need to worry about compatibility issues because you already have two speakers instead of just one. With their marine-grade waterproof construction, the speakers are guaranteed to withstand exposure to the elements when they are installed on a boat. You will love the full-range, stereo sound reproduction delivered through the dual cones made out of tough polypropylene. If you just can’t get a hold of the Pyle PLMR605B because it is out of stock, check out the second best option, the Earthquake Sound Marine MC5.



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5 Best Marine Component Speakers (Reviews) in 2023


1. 6.5 Inch Dual Marine Speakers – 2 Way Weather Resistant


If you are looking for suitable speakers for any wet environment, the Pyle PLMR605B is a good choice. This option comes with not just one but two speakers. You need not worry about compatibility any longer because you actually receive a matching pair in the package. The component speakers can be installed in a boat, used by the pool, on the dock, or just mounted outdoors.

Your party guests will be impressed with your party music while you are out on the ocean. You can even play some soothing music while having a barbecue party. These speakers sound nice outdoors to get the party going.  You can add up to 200 watts power on each of the two channels via the Hydra Series Amplifier System at your option.

Because this model comes with everything you need to bring your sound system to a whole new level, you can create a customized sound system installation. Rust is kept away thanks to the resin treatment and water resistance of the component speakers.


Suitable for pre-cut openings, the speakers feature a flush-mounted design so the installation looks clean and compact.

You will also appreciate how the sound system offers clarity and consistency along with the effortless and smooth design.

Pumping out 400 watts maximum audio power, the speaker setup features premium-quality polypropylene cones on each speaker. Each 6.5-inch speaker also comes with a 1-inch high-temperature voice coil for the accurate reproduction of high, midrange, and low frequency sounds with remarkable fidelity.

The 0.5-inch neodymium dome tweeter enhances the sound further. The audio remains free from distortion thanks to the molded ABS plastic basket. With all those features, you can enjoy clear music like you do at home.

Another layer of protection is provided by the stylish, perforated grille, which keeps the elements out.


One customer ordered the speakers in black and was shipped white ones instead. That said, the buyer decided to keep them because the product delivered as promised.

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2. Madison MAD-65WD Koda HQ Speaker – Wood


The Earthquake Sound Marine MC5 comes with a pair of 5-inch woofers along with 20mm tweeters and crossovers. Delivering exceptional audio, each of the speakers features dual-layer poly-injected, rubber-coated cones for ample depth of sound and audio clarity.

The treated, 20mm, balanced PEI dome tweeters are equipped with neodymium magnets that support a lighter and smaller drive. They can also produce a greater force of action in the voice coil for a stronger, clearer audio.

The speakers provide a suitable fit into factory cutouts as well as tight spaces. You can enjoy crystal-clear high frequencies at all levels. The cones are made durable and strong and feature wider surrounds to make big waves out of low-frequency extension.

The premium-quality weather-resistant components are made weather-resistant to match the outdoor environment they will be used for. This is a nice marine audio system that delivers trouble-free functionality for years.

The cones are shielded from the elements thanks to the rubber-coated cones.


Thanks to the rubber seals, the frontal components of the driver are completely isolated from the enclosure. You will also love how the neodymium motors utilize a molded, UV-treated, high temperature-resistant plastic that is proprietary to the brand.

You will receive a pair of 5-inch woofers, 20mm tweeters, and crossovers in the component marine speaker set.

A suitable fit for factory cutouts and tight spaces, the marine speakers are equipped with treated PEI dome tweeters that also feature powerful neodymium motors. You can expect crystal-clear high frequencies at all levels.

Thanks to the wider surrounds on the durable and strong double-layer cones, you enjoy an exceptional frequency extension that delivers big sound.

The rubber-coated, dual-layer, poly-injected cones boast a dependable protection from the elements. This means many years of audio entertainment for fishing, boating, outdoor parties by the pool, and more.


While the speakers are designed to easily fit into factory cutouts, one customer says there is a need for at least 6.5 inches of clearance. This is precisely why the manufacturer advises customers to make sure this option fits their installation needs.

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3. Rockford Fosgate Pair PM2652B 6.5″ 340 Watt Marine Boat 


The Rockford Fosgate PM2652B boasts genuine marine-grade compliance that enables use in wet environments. Enjoy 85 watts of Root Mean Squared (RMS) power rating, which keeps the speakers safe from damage at high outputs while producing clear, crisp sound that is free from noise and distortion.

Thanks to the injection-molded design of the mineral-filled polypropylene cone, you can enjoy pure, clear sound. The CEA-2031-compliant speakers deliver ample sensitivity at 89dB, enabling you to enjoy clear, natural sound with fidelity at all listening levels. The octave-sealed crossover comes with integrated protection circuit to shield the sensitive electrical components from the elements, allowing outdoor installation and use.

Another thing you will appreciate about the speakers is the 1-inch bridge-mounted, coated aluminum alloy tweeter that delivers pure audio so you miss nothing in your favorite sounds. Parties become more lively because of the way the speakers deliver strong and powerful handling at 170 watts peak. Your boating events become spectacular for everyone onboard.


Enabling use in wet environments, this speaker set has earned CEA-2031 compliance, which ensures optimal performance and functionality in marine settings.

Parties become more lively on your boat. The speakers deliver a power range of 40 to 85 watts RMS to cover every corner of your watercraft with clear, crisp audio.

Aside from boasting True Marine-Grade compliance, the speakers also provide ample sensitivity at 89dB so every listening level gets highlighted.

With dimensions of 7.1″W x 13.2″D x 9.1″H, the speakers easily fit into factory cut-out mounts so installation is not a huge problem. There won’t be a need to take things apart from the mounting system you have in your boat.

Moreover, the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Surround protects the critical electrical components from the elements to ensure lasting use.


The speakers should be bought only after ascertaining that the mounting system is compatible with them for a good fit every time.

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4. Pyle PLMR67B 6 1/2 inch Dual Cone Waterproof


Customers who bought the Pyle PLMR67B without really expecting much are blown away by the performance of the speakers. The 6.5-inch marine speakers provide full-range stereo sound. The two-way speakers also provide soft bass. You can enjoy songs from your iPhone and Android phones minus the annoying distortion.

The speakers offer louder sound than high-profile models and perform much better than stock speakers when used as outside units on an RV. They can take the abuse of outdoor use, whether because of the weather or the audio itself. You will love using them to have background music in any wet environment.

The hefty construction of the speakers ensures a solid unit that is quite easy to install and hook up. The polypropylene cone guarantees a tough build. The cloth surround delivers protection to the internal components while enhancing the quality of the audio.

These speakers are ideal for automobile, marine, and off road vehicles. The aluminum voice coil delivers a lightweight build and ensures clear and crisp audio every time. Enjoy good sound on land and on the sea with a touch of elegance from these speakers.

The ½-inch dome tweeter handles the high frequencies while the midrange ones are produced by the aluminum voice coil. Everything is encased in a molded ABS basket to keep the speakers safe for lasting use.


With its two-way waterproof construction and black trim, this speaker system comes with a definite touch of elegance to make it a nice addition to any automobile, marine, or off-road vehicle.

All the vital components including the aluminum voice coil and ½-inch dome tweeter are safely ensconced in a molded ABS basket. This element also contributes to longer use.

The package does not only ship with the necessary audio components but also the required wires and mounting hardware.

These speakers are pretty easy to install with their 7.2 x 7.5 x 7.5-inch dimensions. Some users who are handy with tools have successfully cut holes into personalized music cabinets to accommodate the speakers easily for poolside use.

The grilles on the speakers make them easy to set up without worrying that the sensitive internal components would be left open and vulnerable to damage from the environment.


The higher bass and midrange tend to overpower the rest of the audio, according to one customer.

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5. Clarion CMG1622S 6.5-Inch Component Marine Speakers


Producing good sound and being rather easy to install, the Clarion CMG1622S makes a good match for your marine audio listening needs. Offering a maximum music handling of 120 watts, the speakers each offer 60 watts RMS. They also feature an inline crossover device that carries out the work of producing sound electronically so each speaker in the pair can generate its own frequency levels.

The speakers deliver good sound quality on the water as well as on land. Utilizing an artful design as well as rigorous testing, the manufacturer ensures that these speakers can rock your parties even when the marine environment comes with the harshest extremes.

The rugged, waterproof mica-injection polypropylene woofer on the speakers works nicely with the 1.25-inch cone tweeter to deliver clear sound. The audio remains free from fade outs due to the punishing rays of the sun and the high humidity levels.

The magnet and basket are protected by the rugged plastic shell. The speakers will look great in any boat because of the integrated white plastic grille. They will look even better with separately purchased illuminated speaker grilles, which provide a safe and subtle lighting for nights at the dock or evening cruises. The rubber surrounds provide a superb sonic response.


With their rugged, 6.5-inch mica-injection polypropylene cone woofer, the speakers deliver quality audio together with the 1.25-inch cone tweeter.  

Thanks to the solid build of the speakers, the sound will not fade out easily. When used in wet environments, they are resilient against the rays of the sun as well as high humidity.

Ideal for those who believe great sound is as important on the water as it is on land, the speaker system boasts an artful design. The speakers have undergone rigorous testing so they are always ready to rock even in the harshest marine environments.

Both the magnet and basket are shielded by the rugged plastic shell. The integrated white plastic grille makes the speakers look nice in any boat.

If you want to add some safe, subtle lighting for evening cruises or just nights at the dock, the speakers can be enhanced with separately bought illuminated speaker grilles.


Despite being listed as a 6.5-inch speaker system, this model will actually need a cut-out more similar to that for a 6.75-inch speaker.

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Buying guide


Because it can easily become a bit more confusing every time, buying good marine speakers needs to be done after familiarizing yourself with the critical aspects to consider. We think the following are essential when making this kind of purchase.


If you look through the various marine component speaker reviews, you will notice how the featured products there are of different sizes. Size is a critical aspect as you do have to think about where the speakers will be installed in the boat. You either cut a new hole or simply replace existing speakers, which basically means there is space already into which the new ones have to fit.

Getting a precise dimension of the area is vital. The manufacturers even ask consumers to make sure they have a good fit for their speaker choice. This helps you determine the proper size of the speakers you should buy. If a new space is to be cut for the unit, make sure it is large because larger speakers generally provide better overall audio quality.

You should take into account the depth of space behind the speakers. An ample enclosed air space should be available around and behind the speakers for good resonance. Box speakers provide an alternative if there’s no feasible speaker location.



There are several basic types of marine speakers for boat use. They vary in frequency range and sound quality, with mid-range frequencies being the easiest to produce. In contrast, high frequencies are more difficult to generate.

Utilizing an inexpensive design, dual-cone speakers feature a small whizzer cone attached to the woofer’s center. This reproduces high frequencies. Unlike other speaker types, dual-cone speakers are unable to deliver a broad spectrum of audio frequencies. You obtain a single sound output source.

This type of setup uses two separate cones, with one larger than the other. The larger cone is engineered for the delivery of midrange and low frequencies, while the small cone carries the high ones.

The second type is coaxial speakers, otherwise known as two- or three-way models. They employ multiple drivers for handling the different frequencies. For the high frequencies, the tweeter, which is almost always in the middle, is surrounded by a woofer. The woofer produces the midrange and low frequencies. Coaxial units are preferred by consumers over others because they are easier to install and balance. In general, they are also cheap marine speakers.

Component speakers typically comprise more than one speaker. With this type of speaker system, the tweeters and woofers are separate. It also frequently includes a subwoofer to handle low-frequency ranges. A cross over device performs the electronic sound production, with each speaker generating its own level of frequency.

Bass frequencies are handled by dedicated subwoofers, which are typically used for handling higher sound volumes. An amplifier works in conjunction with the speakers to combat the noisy environment in boats.

Bear in mind that the choice of speakers is dependent on the sound frequency they can handle.

Power handling and other features

Speakers with high-power handling are necessary to avoid damage to the device when used with an amplifier. This factor enables the speakers to control the power increase. Power handling is often rated using RMS wattage and peak wattage.

The average power that is reasonably expected to be handled by the speakers over time is denoted as the RMS wattage. The optimal power that can be handled by the speaker at any given time is designated as the peak wattage.

Look for speakers with RMS and peak wattages that are greater than those of the amplifier or stereo.

The best marine speakers for the money also come with additional features that boost the audio quality while making it more effortless to enjoy musical entertainment on the boat. You can choose from accessories including USB ports, speaker docks, and Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow music to be played from different sources aside from the primary stereo system of the boat.

You can also find marine speakers with lights, which are a nifty feature if you intend to have parties on your boat or just want to be able to see the various buttons on the speaker in the dark.



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