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Best Okuma Spinning Reel

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Okuma spinning reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re shopping for top-notch fishing gear, but you’re too pressed for time to read all the information put together by our research team, here is where you can find the most reliable information on the best Okuma spinning reel. According to reviews, ratings, and social media comments, the number one model you should consider is the Okuma Avenger ABF “B” Series. Incredibly reliable for bait fishing, due to a secondary drag system installed on the model, this spinning reel will give you the edge you need for reaching your goals as an angler. The excellent line control provided makes this particular spinning reel a choice for many professional fishermen around the world. The model is made from high-quality materials, and it is dependable. In the unfortunate event that the Okuma Avenger ABF “B” Series is no longer available, choose the Okuma Ceymar as it has almost the same benefits.



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5 Best Okuma Spinning Reels (Reviews) in 2023


Okuma is a company with a long-standing tradition of making fishing gear. If you are looking for spinning reels that will help you catch more fish, guaranteed, all you have to do is pick one of the models listed below.



1. Okuma Avenger ABF B Series Baitfeeder Reels


The Okuma Avenger ABF “B” Series deserves its popularity. Down to the minutest details, this spinning reel is built to provide you with the right tools for catching a broad range of fish species, from trout and panfish to catfish and walleye. This model is a good Okuma spinning reel and will not disappoint you.

This model is an excellent option for bait fishing, and it works like a charm when you use all sorts of bait, from live and chunk baits to insects and worms. What matters most when you baitfish is to ensure that the fish will not notice the resistance of the rod when it attacks the bait. That is easily achieved by the Okuma Avenger ABF “B” Series, due to a particular configuration.

Unlike other spinning reels on the market, this one has a secondary drag fishing that ensures that such an effect is obtained. With the fish unsuspecting anything, you are bound to catch more and have more satisfaction from your fishing trips.

Everything about this model spells quality, from the top-notch materials to the bearing drive system and the pinion gear. Nothing is left to chance, and that shows how capable this spinning reel is.


This device was created using Baitfeeder technology. Consequently, the item comes supplied with a second drag system that was explicitly designed to be used for bait fishing.

Also, this model allows the fish to bite the bait without feeling any type of resistance. Therefore, your chances of catching something are significantly improved.  

This option is suitable to be used when angling for a wide array of fish, including walleyes and ultra-light trout.

According to the seller, the model is made of durable materials, and it was tested for reliability and quality.


One user claimed that the handle of the unit broke in two unexpectedly, during the first use. Not many other buyers had this issue.

Some owners received devices that did not work right out of the box. Consequently, they had to make extra investments in replacement pieces. Still, the unit has mostly received numerous complimentary reviews.

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2. Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel


Anglers will surely appreciate the smooth operation of this spinning reel from Okuma. The 8-bearing system makes each move fluid, and you will love how easy it will be to cast your line. This model is constructed to provide top of the line performance, so don’t be surprised to discover many performance features installed on this one.

The aluminum spool is lightweight, yet it is robust and durable at the same time. You can use this spinning reel with both monofilament and braided line, without a glitch. The ball wire is made from solid aluminum, and the line roller is larger than what you usually see in similar products. These features give you more control over your fishing gear.

You can rest assured that this fishing reel will last and serve you for a long time. The rotor system installed on the reel is made with the Okuma Resii feature that provides perfect balance. The reel will spin with ease and at high speeds, and you won’t notice even the tiniest bit of wobble.

Equipped with EVA knobs for easy control and comfort, this model is a beautiful addition to your fishing gear. The sleek Blade Body profile makes the reel compact and easy to use.


This alternative features an 8-bearing system that enables the user to make fluid moves. Therefore, casting the line will no longer be an issue when using this model.

Additionally, the unit comes provided with an aluminum spool that is light in weight but still sturdy.

The incorporated ball wire is made of aluminum. On top of that, this device has a sizeable line roller that makes it extra convenient.

Finally, this device comes fitted with EVA knobs that make it effortless to control it. The model is also quite compact and easy to transport.


Although the item has received excellent reviews, one owner noted that the reel is not as smooth as he had expected it to be.

Another buyer pointed out that the product did not last for long. Also, he remarked that the line kept getting caught behind the spool and that it kept wrapping around the spindle.

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3. Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel


Some anglers prefer to have specialized gear for the type of fishing they usually perform, instead of versatile tackle. If you belong to this category, and your preference is saltwater fishing, the Okuma Cedros is the right thing for you. The body and rotor are made of solid aluminum and are very durable.

You don’t have to worry about rust, corrosion or other damage. But a solid construction is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the many benefits this model can offer. The Duel Force drag system is designed to provide top-notch stopping power.

Some other features will catch your eye, as well. The coating is made to resist corrosion and enhances the durability and reliability of this spinning reel even further. The superior gear ratio contributes to the success of this reel for saltwater fishing.

Equipped with an anti-reverse roller bearing system, this spinning reel ensures smooth operation. The frame is die-cast so you can expect a sturdy product that will never let you down. The elliptical oscillation system is, however, what makes this spinning reel stand out. You will experience a solid reel with a fluid operation that is easy to use.


The body and the rotor that this choice incorporates are made of aluminum, a material that is known for its durability. Besides, this product won’t rust easily.

This item has a sturdy construction as it was designed to perform well in a wide array of circumstances. So, it won’t let you down.

The dual force drag system that the product features was created to provide non-stop power to its user.

Because of its superior gear ratio, this unit is especially perfect when used to fish in saltwater. Moreover, the choice is covered in a coating that prevents it from corroding.  


This option is well liked by previous users. Still, it has been said that the model is not necessarily long lasting when compared to other devices.

One user had issues with the reel because, according to him, it posed too much resistance. Not many other owners had similar experiences while using it.

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4. Okuma Fishing Tackle Trio Standard Speed Bait Feeder


It is well known that bait techniques are difficult to master even by seasoned anglers, as fish are incredibly clever about grabbing the bait and swimming away with it. The second they feel the slightest resistance in the rod and the line, they become alert, and you cannot catch them easily.

If you are equipped with the Okuma Trio Standard, you will not experience such problems. Standard models may not be capable of providing you with the much-needed control over what is happening, but this is not the case with this model. The Trio model involves the drag system in such a way that it becomes disengaged when the bail is closed.

How does this help? The fish will not sense the usual resistance in the rod and line, and that means that you will have enough time to set in the hook and pull the fish out of the water.

The model comes with a switch on the rear that allows you to disengage the drag system. Furthermore, a secondary drag system is in place for controlling the line, without sacrificing the advantage just described earlier. Plus, the graphite construction makes the reel lightweight and easy to manipulate.


This corrosion-resistant model has a composite body made of a mix of graphite and aluminum. Hence, the choice is rather light in weight.

As a plus, the unit incorporates a multi-disc Japanese oiled felt drag system that has received numerous positive reviews from those that tried it.

For extra convenience, an on/off auto trip bait feeding system is also featured in the construction of the product.

This option stands out as it includes a dual force drag system that has a hydro black watertight drag seal.


The packaging of the product is an issue according to some buyers. This is the case because the model comes shipped in a plastic bag that does not provide it with the necessary protection. Because of this, the buyers risk receiving damaged products.

Other owners claimed that the spool and the drag knob are not very reliable as they are made of plastic. Also, some took issue with the fact that the unit is made in China.

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5. Okuma Safina Pro Spinning Reel


In case you are looking for a cheap Okuma spinning reel, the Okuma Safina Pro may be right up your alley. Even if the price is lower than for other models made by the same company, this doesn’t mean that you should expect less regarding quality and reliability.

The 3+1 roller bearing system offers you control over the reel operating. With a line capacity of 8/210, you can expect to use this reel in a wide range of situations. The oiled drag system ensures smooth operation, and you can depend on the graphite body.

Only high-quality materials are used for this model that is both lightweight and durable. A quick-set anti-reverse system offers you the possibility to drag the fish out of the water with great ease. The reel is resistant to rust and corrosion and will remain in top notch condition for years to come.

The bail wire is made of anodized aluminum, and there is an oscillation system installed on the reel to provide more accuracy, control, and a smooth operation.  Used by many anglers all over the world, this spinning reel will not let you down. You also get a 1-year warranty on your purchase.


This unit is made of quality materials, and it is said to be used by professionals worldwide. The product comes fitted with three ball bearings and with a roller bearing.

As expected, this model includes an anti-reverse system that most of its users were content with.

The overall gear ratio of the device is of 5.3:1. This choice also has a line capacity of 8/210 and a total weight of 8.6 ounces.

This reel is resistant to rust, and it is said to retain its condition for years to come. For more accuracy, the model incorporates an oscillation system.


Some users complained that, given its price, this choice does not include high-quality components. Still, not many agreed with this statement.

The handle that this item includes is not particularly sturdy according to the reviews. Yet, the model has a great overall performance, and it is recommended by many of its owners.

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Buying guide


With over 30 years of experience in making fishing gear, both for freshwater and saltwater fishing, Okuma is a brand always to consider when you go shopping for new tackle. Combining top-notch materials with advanced technologies, and all at inexpensive prices, this company is well established on the market. And, if you want to know what to look for in a spinning reel made by Okuma, the next buying guide will help you.

Overall construction and operation

All the Okuma reel reviews you can read online will tell you that this type of gear is made using the highest quality materials and that they provide fluid operation for maximum effect. There are slight differences between configurations, but, ultimately, you will know that you get a high-quality product that will not let you down.

One of the biggest challenges for any spinning reel manufacturer is to strike the perfect balance between the total weight of the reel and its sturdiness. Aluminum die-cast models are the norm for Okuma, and you will also find some graphite models that offer an alternative. During long days spent fishing, and casting your line repeatedly, you will find that such aspects matter.

Aluminum is an excellent option, because it is lightweight and durable. It also resists corrosion and rust, which means that you will not have to throw your spinning reel away only because it got damaged too easily.

It is a great thing that Okuma uses only good quality materials for their reels. For instance, standard models that contain some plastic parts, are not as resistant, because they cannot the torque caused by a struggling fish. The result will be misaligned bearing, damage to the body, and other problems.

A smooth operation is essential for easy retrieval, and you will find, again, that Okuma spinning reels deliver as promised. Quality machined parts make these reels the optimal choice for anyone who spends quite a bit of time fishing throughout the year.


A system for reducing resistance when fish bite

If there is one thing that makes many Okuma reels stand out from the crowd, that would be the unique system they employ for making sure that the fish don’t feel any resistance when they bite. For those who are unfamiliar with how this works, a short explanation is in order.

The drag system on any reel is essential for smooth operation, but there is a downside to it. The fish that bite sense a specific resistance in the rod and line and they quickly become aware that something is not right. An Okuma reel is a secondary drag system is what you need.

Such models allow you to disengage the drag system with the help of a simple switch usually installed on the back of the reel. This way, the fish will not suspect anything, and that will allow you enough time to set the hook.


The bearing system

Take a look at the bearing system if you want to pick the right spinning reel from the many available for sale. Some anglers go as far as they feel compelled to say that the quality of the bearing system is what makes or breaks a spinning reel. If you want a simple rule to follow, here it is: the more bearings your reel has, the better.

What does this mean? The bearing system gives you more control and makes every move smoother. Still, this does not mean that you should look at numbers alone. You will find that models with fewer bearings, but made from top-notch materials, can outweigh the benefit of low pricing offered by a model with multiple bearings, but made of low-quality materials.

Mainly if you are invested in saltwater fishing more than any other type of fishing, you need a bearing system that is reliable. Okuma offers a broad range of reels created for saltwater fishing, and any of these will be an excellent choice for you.


The ultimate comfort

It is essential that you bear your convenience in mind, besides everything else already mentioned. You will be able to cast your line time and time again and enjoy it, too, if you have a spinning reel that is comfortable and easy to use. EVA handle knobs, for instance, is an option to consider, if comfort is paramount for you.

A model with a smooth operation is what you need to make sure that you will spend the entire day fishing, without experiencing any of the usual displeasures of straining your arms.


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