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10 Best Orvis Waders – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 23.09.23


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Orvis Wader + Reviews


Do you want the best Orvis waders, but you’re too pressed for time to go through our complete guide? We have here, in this paragraph, the essential information you seek. According to the reviews written by experts and users, the comparisons made by our team, and overall sales figures, the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular, Large is the model that should comfortably sit on top of your list. Made from 4 layers of polyurethane covered by nylon, it is the kind of gear you will want to have when you go fishing so that you don’t get wet. At the same time, the waders are lightweight, and they don’t burden you, allowing freedom of movement. The pockets available let you keep things you want easy to access as close to you as possible. Should these be out of stock, you can get the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular as a replacement, as they are almost just as good.



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10 Best Orvis Waders (Updated Reviews) in 2023



Orvis is a well-known manufacturer of fishing gear, so there is no wonder there are plenty of Orvis waders on the market. While that’s a great thing, when it comes to making a choice, you may feel overwhelmed. That is why we offer you this list of products that will help you make a wise decision.



1. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular, Large


From the many models offered by Orvis, this one stands out because of the significant advantages it provides. All the Orvis waders reviews vouch for it as being a hit with anglers everywhere, and we will explain why right away. The shell is made from polyurethane, a type of material that behaves well in wet environments without making the clothing bulky and uncomfortable to wear.

Any angler values freedom of movement, and that’s precisely what these waders provide. Even with 4 layers of laminate making the shell, and one layer of nylon for the exterior, they are still lightweight. Also, the liner is made from nylon tricot, which keeps your skin dry and also allows excellent breathability.

Other things will surely convince you that these waders are a good pick for you. For instance, the suspenders are adjustable so that you can find the perfect comfort when wearing them. A belt is included, as well as gravel guards for the legs.


With a solid, yet lightweight construction of polyurethane and nylon, these waders remain lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing durability.

Making the waders fit shouldn’t be a problem, as the suspenders are adjustable, and you also get a belt to keep the waders in place.

The gravel guards included are ideal for protecting your lower legs, but they also prevent the pants from riding up during the heat of the action.

You also get two pockets, one zippered and one internal, which are pretty handy for keeping tackle and valuables.


The snap that attaches the rear strap to the waders may come undone from time to time, and putting it back can be a bit of hassle without assistance.

Make sure that you check the manufacturer’s sizing chart so that you get the right size, or otherwise, you might end up with waders that are either too large or too tight.

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2. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular


Any waders you choose must have specific characteristics. They need to be resistant to water, and they should be lightweight so that your movement isn’t hindered. These waders from Orvis are all that and even something more. First of all, you will be pleased with their lightweight construction that makes them ideal for fishing trips.

Talking about materials, we must say that the laminate shell made from polyurethane is ideal for wet environments. The exterior is made of a layer of nylon, and nylon tricot is used for the liner. All these together ensure that your waders have perfect breathability.

The innovative design allows you to use these waders while enjoying superior comfort. Gone are the days when you had to carry bulky gear with you to stay protected from water. These waders feel as good as regular clothing, and you will love how comfortable they feel.


These waders are part of a wading system put together by Orvis, with a focus on breathability, durability, and comfort.

The two pockets are great for keeping tackle ready at hand, or your valuables so that you don’t have to worry about them being left behind with the rest of your luggage.

If you want to adjust the waders a little, you can customize the suspenders, as their design allows it, while the included belt will keep everything together.

Enjoy the gravel guards that come with the rest of your outfit, as those will keep the pants in place and also protect the lower part of your legs.


These waders are available in only one size, which can pose problems when just one part doesn’t fit.

To have them customized to your specifications, you will have to pay extra, which you might not be too happy with.

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3. Orvis Encounter Waders/Only Regular, XL


With the outer shell made from nylon and the structure made of polyurethane, these waders will help you remain dry and comfortable during your fishing adventures. This Orvis Encounter waders review will tell you all about the other reasons why you should prefer them over others.

While we talked a little about the construction of the waders, we must stop and look at the advantages brought by the materials used in the excellent design offered by Orvis. First of all, you will enjoy a pair of waders that allows for superior breathability. While the water won’t get inside quickly, you will not find yourself overheated, either.

On the inside, the lining is also made from nylon tricot, which allows your sweat to dry, even when you have to struggle with an energetic fish. They only have to be washed by hand, so they are not particularly high maintenance, particularly since they don’t stain easily.


The waders come with attached gravel guards, which are a great addition since they will hold the waders in place while providing you with some extra protection.

Make good use of the mesh pocket for storage, which comes zippered to make sure that your valuables are safe.

You will like the kangaroo-style pocket that can serve as a hand warmer on chilly days when you don’t want to use gloves.

Another element of the design you will like is the system of three belt loops that make sure that, along with the included belt, you can achieve a snug fit that also feels comfortable.


Bear in mind that the front pocket is not waterproof, so don’t use it for items that are not supposed to get wet, or put them first in a sealed container.

If your measurements fall between sizes, it might take some work to decide on the size you should purchase.

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4. Orvis Men’s Encounter Wader XL Short


One thing that concerns many anglers when they go shopping for a pair of waders is whether their gear will last or not. Orvis is known for making good quality clothing for fishing, and these Orvis Encounter waders are no exception. They offer, at the right price even, excellent value, and the overall performance recommends them.

Fishing waders don’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable only so that they could offer you the protection required. This model proves it and provides the highest degree of satisfaction possible for an angler. The lightweight construction doesn’t hinder your moves, and, at the same time, remains durable and can withstand wear and tear for a long time.

You will like the kangaroo-style pocket in the front that can be easily used as a hand warmer. Also, the mesh pocket offered for quick storage is an added plus, and you will love having everything you need at your fingertips.


These waders are built from nylon to ensure that they remain lightweight and comfortable to wear, without reducing their functionality and durability.

Your feet and legs won’t get hurt by gravel and sand, and also your waders will be protected from damage so that you can use them for a long time.

The front kangaroo-style pocket is handy for warming your hands when you’re out on the water on chilly days.

You will also get a zippered pocket where you can keep tackle that you want to access fast and easy.

There is also an interior Velcro strip you can use for adding an extra waterproof pocket, which is not included with your purchase, but you can purchase separately.


To get the correct size for the waders, you might have to consider ordering half a size bigger than what you usually buy for the clothing of this type.

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5. Orvis Women’s Encounter Waders/Only Regular, M


Orvis makes a wide variety of waders for anglers, and its most popular series also come in women’s sizes. These Orvis women’s waders are an excellent choice as they are part of the well-known Encounter series, which brought several extra benefits for anglers due to their innovative design.

In this case, it is also important to mention that the waders received an essential revamp to match the fit made a hit by the Silver Sonic line; also, behind the design stand female anglers who thought about making waders that would fit other women who love fishing.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these waders were built with comfort in mind. They are lightweight, comfortable, and they will keep your skin dry, as they allow excellent breathability. The handwarmer pocket in front is an added plus, while you can also keep your valuables in the storage pocket.


These waders are an excellent fit for female anglers, as they were made by other women who enjoy fishing and know well what’s essential in terms of comfort and durability.

With a 4-layer nylon construction, they manage to remain lightweight, while maintaining sturdiness, so that you can use them for many years.

You will get two pockets, one in front, kangaroo-style, for warming your hands on chilly days, and a zippered pocket, ideal for keeping essentials close.

In case you want to attach an extra waterproof pocket, there is a patch on the interior pocket that allows you to do that.

The gravel guards are an added convenience, as they will protect the lower part of your feet and also prolong the life of your waders.


While this manufacturer offers multiple petite size options, you might not be able to find larger sizes.

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6. Orvis Encounter Waders/Only Short, 2XL


If you want high-quality waders for the right price, you should always check if the Encounter model from Orvis comes in your size. What makes these waders stand out from the crowd is the innovation brought to their construction. As you well know, when you go fishing, you need clothing that offers adequate protection in wet environments but without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

That is precisely what these waders deliver. The outer shell is made from nylon, the laminate is 100% polyurethane, and the lining is also made from nylon, to ensure quick

drying and durability. Also, it must be mentioned that the liner is made from a type of nylon tricot and offers excellent breathability.

The attached gravel guards represent another innovative feature of these waders. You can wade through mud, sand, and more challenging terrain, and the guards will prevent the expected wear and tear.


The nylon fabric used to make the shell is durable and breathable at the same time, which means that you will feel very comfortable all the time.

A system of integrated belt loops with the wading belt offered ensures that you will get a snug fit, without any guessing work.

On the inside, there is a hook-and-loop strap that can be used to attach an extra waterproof pocket (that you should purchase separately).

You will be pleased to see that these waders are designed to be anatomically correct, so you will experience more comfort while wearing them than others.

Maintenance is not an issue, as they only require hand washing, and, at the same time, don’t stain easily.


Although the chest pocket is advertised as a hand warmer, you might discover that the interior is not that warm, so in cold weather, always bring some gloves with you, too.

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7. Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular, X Large


Traditionally, fishing waders were bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive, but things have changed a lot with the advent of new designs. Orvis launched such a model with their convertible waders that offer versatility, durability, and comfort in a package that’s also lightweight.

How do these waders manage to be so comfortable? It is simple. The manufacturer thought about adding an innovative design, based on multiple layers of nylon that make the waders incredibly durable. At the same time, nylon is lightweight, which means that you won’t have to struggle with bulky clothes while fishing.

You will also enjoy excellent breathability, as the interior lining made from nylon tricot will allow sweat to go through so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when spending long hours on the water. Superior performance makes this model a recommended pick for anyone who loves fishing and favors comfort, along with durability.


The membrane made from bi-component polyurethane is one of the factors that contribute to the outstanding performance of these waders, even when used for a long time.

You will experience superior comfort while wearing these waders, as they are made from lightweight materials that don’t hinder your freedom of movement.

The manufacturer included a belt, to ensure a perfect fit for anyone wearing these waders.

Versatility makes these waders so appreciated by anglers everywhere, as they can be worn with other clothes underneath in cold weather.

Also, if you want to get the waders to fit perfectly, make use of the adjustable suspenders.


Since this model is not available in all sizes, if it doesn’t come in yours, you will have to shop around for something that fits.

Also, you must be aware that compared to other brands, these waders are pretty expensive.

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8. Orvis Women’s Encounter Waders/Only Petite, XL


Encounter waders are among the most popular to have ever been produced by Orvis, which is why it is a great thing that they come in women’s sizes, too. From the robust construction to the excellent fit they provide, as they are made to be anatomically correct, these waders are an excellent option for a female angler.

The wearer’s overall experience is what matters most to this manufacturer, and that shows in several elements of design that have been added to a classic design. For instance, the kangaroo-style pocket in front is ideal for keeping your hands warm in chilly weather, while a mesh pocket is also present for keeping things you want to access quickly close at hand.

The self-fabric gravel guards make sure that you can navigate rough terrain without worries that your waders will deteriorate. Also, you will feel the lower part of your legs adequately protected.


The wading belt included with the design, along with a system of integrated belt loops, ensures an extra snugly fit so that you always feel comfortable and at ease.

Created for women by women, these waders are designed to provide a correct anatomical fit, which also counts toward the excellent comfort provided.

Now, you don’t have to worry about sand and gravel shortening the durability of your waders, as the attached gravel guards seal them off against the abrasion caused by navigating tough terrain.

On the inside, you will find a patch on which you can hook an extra waterproof pocket, which is not included, but the same company readily offers it.

The waders don’t stain easily, and they only required washing by hand.


As this model is available only in specific sizes, you will find yourself challenged to find the particular measurements to fit yours.

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9. Orvis Men’s Pro Wader/Only Long, Large


If it is one thing these waders should be first known for, that is durability. Made with a proprietary shell made from 4 layers of Cordura in the upper part of the waders, and 5 layers of the same material in the lower legs, this model provides excellent sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear.

A closer look will convince you even more that these waders are made to last. The gusseted crotch and the seam construction that is as good as invisible add comfort to the overall design, and also make it more attractive. Other features, such as a storage pocket with a water-resistant zipper, will make you see clearly why many anglers prefer this model over others.

You will also notice that the front pocket and the suspenders come with rubberized tabs for prolonged durability, while the fleece-lined pocket in front will serve as an excellent hand warmer.


Equipped with a multiple-layer Cordura shell, these waders are created with durability in mind, so you will make a sound investment if you choose them over others.

There is an external storage pocket designed to withstand inclement weather, as it has a YKK AquaGuard zipper, a fly patch, and a daisy chain.

On the inside, the interior pocket stretches to accommodate various items that you might want to have close at hand.

When it’s chilly outside, you can use the kangaroo-style pocket in the front that comes lined with fleece to ensure its role of hand warmer.

The OrthoLite knee pads are ideal for superior comfort, and, when you don’t want to wear them, you can remove them.


If your measurements don’t fit the long and large size advertised by the seller, you won’t be able to take advantage of this particular model and its benefits.

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10. Orvis Women’s Ultralight Convertible Wader/Only Regular, M


If you are looking for an extremely lightweight pair of waders, look no farther. These waders from Orvis, created with the female angler’s comfort in mind, are an excellent example of how this type of clothing should look like. A stretchable belt is included, and the construction of the shell will convince you that there is nothing more important than your comfort for this manufacturer.

Its membrane is made from multiple layers of polyurethane, while the face fabric is nylon, with nylon tricot lining on the inside. You can also appreciate the neoprene gravel guards that ensure that your waders will have a long life without experiencing the usual wear and tear.

Because of its proper fit and overall excellent comfort, along with durability, this model is highly appreciated and has been tried and tested again and again. The two available pockets are great for holding your tackle and other essential items.


With its multiple-layer nylon construction, this model is highly durable, yet it maintains its bulk to a minimum to ensure the wearer comfort and freedom of movement.

You can use the suspenders to get a snug fit, or you can remove them if you don’t have any purpose for them.

Due to the nylon tricot lining, you won’t experience the usual discomfort that comes when you spend many hours on the water, fighting powerful fish and sweating through all your pores.

There are two pockets, one in front and one on the inside, both zippered, for holding your stuff close and easy to access, and also away from any damage.

For female anglers, these waders are incredibly comfortable, and they offer excellent durability and breathability at the same time.


Be aware that the manufacturer offers this model in specific sizes, so check its sizing chart for more information.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you go shopping for fishing waders, you will notice right away that Orvis makes many critically-acclaimed models. With a long-standing reputation for making fishing equipment, this company has imposed itself against the competition by making products that are reasonably priced, but also durable and dependable. If you want to get some Orvis fishing waders, here are some pointers to follow.

Sizing and a few considerations

No matter what kind of waders you want, correct sizing is always an essential requirement. Orvis creates new lines of waders all the time, and a lot of attention is employed in making them in as many sizes as possible so that no client feels that he or she needs to shop somewhere else.

It must be noted that Orvis creates both long and short versions of its models, which is a great plus, as someone short in height, but falls in a higher category, as far as weight is concerned, would typically have a tough time finding a good fit.

Also, Orvis makes its series in both men’s and women’s sizes, and it even employs the help of female anglers to help with the design of waders created with this category of people who love to fish in mind. Even cheap Orvis waders offer the advantage of a perfect fit, no questions asked. It must also be noted that the suspenders are adjustable, and the waders are delivered with a matching belt.


Innovative shell construction

What makes many models offered by Orvis stand out from the crowd is the innovative shell construction. For instance, you will get affordable Orvis waders that are lightweight and durable at the same time. They are made from multiple layers of nylon that make the construction tough, and that without sacrificing breathability and the wearer’s freedom to move as he or she desires.

It is interesting that Orvis also uses a nylon tricot lining to ensure that the waders are breathable enough. Even if you sweat a lot, that will not become an issue when you wear such waders. At the same time, the materials used don’t stain that easily, and it’s not a hassle to wash your waders and have them as good as new.


Gravel guards to combat wear and tear

In any Orvis waders review you will read, you will notice that people always talk about the superior durability of these products. There is one element of design that contributes quite definitively to this outstanding performance. You can notice while reading the specifications for various models, that the most popular come with gravel guards.

Made from either neoprene or self-fabric, these guards are ideal for keeping the lower part of your legs protected, and they also do the same to the waders, which they protect against the abrasion that can be caused by sand and gravel when navigating such terrain.


Available pockets for storage and other uses

You will want to know what storage options are available or how many pockets your chosen waders come along with. In general, Orvis offers pretty good choices, and here are some configurations you are most likely to find.

For instance, you can get a model with a kangaroo-style pocket in front for warming your hands in bad weather, and a zippered mesh pocket on the inside of the waders. Others have the front pocket zippered, too, while other models offer the possibility to attach an extra pocket.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What size fishing waders do I need?

Sizing is essential when purchasing fishing gear such as waders, as it guarantees your comfort and also increases the durability of your clothing, provided that you get the right size. It is always a good idea to refer to the sizing chart offered by the manufacturer, but here are some ideas on how to take your measurements correctly when you purchase a new pair.

First, take out the measuring tape. Now, measure your chest, hips, and waist. Note down the largest of the three in inches. That’s essential for getting a size that fits, as the waders have to be able to accommodate the largest part of your body, regardless of which one it is.

Next, you need to measure the inseam, which should be measured from the crotch to the floor. Last, but not least, you must know your shoe size for the booties, to avoid unpleasant situations when everything fits, minus your footwear size.



Q: Is Orvis a good brand for waders?

Known as the oldest mail-order retailer in the US, Orvis had more than 150 years of experience in making and selling fishing gear of various types. Also, the maker of the first modern fly fishing reel, this company has imposed itself on the market through multiple innovations and designs.

For waders, Orvis also enjoys a good reputation, as its models are comfortable, lightweight, and durable. While they might not always be considered the top of the line, they offer the advantage of reasonable pricing as well. Therefore, you will get the best value for the money when you opt for such waders and not others.

Also, Orvis offers long and short sizes, and its waders strive to be anatomically correct, which is something anyone can value. Also, since each series comes in various sizes, you are more likely to find a pair that fits than when shopping with other manufacturers.


Q: How should I wash my Orvis waders?

Orvis waders need to be washed by hand, and they are not high maintenance. However, you need to follow a few steps to ensure that the cleaning process is efficient and that you don’t spend a lot of time making them look as good as new.

One thing you should know that you don’t have to go through the entire process after every trip unless your waders are dirty. When you get home, give them a good rinse with a hose. Once every three trips or so, however, you should clean them better than this.

Fill a bathtub with warm water and pour in some detergent. Put the waders in and scrub them with a soft cloth. Then turn them inside out and wash the lining, too. Rinse with plenty of cold water, and that’s it. Since they are made from nylon, your waders will dry quickly.




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