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Best Pontoon Boat

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Pontoon boats – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Finding the best pontoon boat for the money is not always an easy task, especially if you don’t have too much spare time at your disposal or don’t like browsing through endless online offers for the products you need. Luckily, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know about pontoon boats for fishing and how to purchase the right item. After analyzing plenty of feedback coming both from amateur and professional fishermen, we have come to the conclusion that the Classic Accessories Colorado boat is the best product of its category because of its convenient price, anchor system and the padded fold-down plastic seat for comfortable riding. If, however, the Classic Accessories Colorado boat is not available for sale, we can also suggest you a very reliable alternative, the Classic Accessories Colorado XT. This one is the perfect alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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3 Best Pontoon Boats (Reviews) in 2023


Given that the following models have garnered the appreciation of those who have bought them and as such, they’ve acquired the best pontoon boat reviews, we felt the need to showcase them in this selection. Check them out if you haven’t decided on another product by now.



1. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat 


Most reviewers and customers considered the Classic Accessories Colorado Boat to be one of the best investments in terms of fishing gear and accessories. The inflatable boat has a good price value online and, out of the three reviewed products, also has the most attractive price. The overall quality of the boat is good, and the structure is resistant enough to keep you safe in most waters and rapids.

This classic sage/ black fishing boat is the perfect piece of equipment you will require for your fly fishing trips. The rod holder can be mounted in three different positions. The storing capacity of this boat is also great, counting for no less than 20 different pockets. In other words, you can place all your essentials and still have some space left for the unpredictable.

The boat comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, and it is rated safe as per the ABYC standards. All in all, this is a great pontoon boat to go fishing on a sunny day, and the fold-down plastic seat is comfortable enough to offer you a relaxing experience. Purchase this boat, and you will have one of the best fishing experiences without having to invest too much money in your hobby.


The product has a convenient price, being the most affordable option from the three reviewed by us.

The 400 pounds capacity is big enough to store one large adult for a nice and quiet fishing trip. You can also be accompanied by a cold beer throughout the trip thanks to the two insulated drink holders. What more can you possibly wish for?

The seat and footrests of this inflatable fishing boat are fully adjustable to best fit a wide range of leg length, allowing you to stay in a comfortable position while fishing and waiting.

The boat is made using PVC bottoms resistant to abrasion, as well as a steel tube frame for long-lasting use, steadiness, and overall strength.


Although it can handle easy shallow rocky waters, as well as class 2 rapids, you may need to replace the pins holding the frame together with stronger ones made from stainless steel and also replace the oarlocks with stronger ones.

Keep an eye on the delivery department if you want your boat to arrive on time. Some customers claimed the manufacturer’s customer care service takes too long to ship a product which is in stock, as well as a replacement piece.

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2. Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat


The Colorado XT Inflatable boat is an improvement from the previous model, the Colorado one, not only in terms of price. The product features a beautiful color scheme of orange and silver, making it more appealing but also comes in the regular sage/ black color combo for more traditional fishermen.

With this item, you get enough storage place for your little fishing trip. The removable gear bags can be put together to create a large storage place of 20 different pockets where to stack your essentials. The storage place even features two individual insulated drink holders to always keep your beer or refreshment fresh.

Another improvement from the previous model is that the seat mount and the footrests adjust to different leg lengths to provide good support, and an overall more comfortable experience, especially when you are out there all day long.

The transport wheel will also be of help, especially when trying to transport the uninflated item. It will help you reach easier your favorite fishing spot but will not stand in your way while fishing. Overall this is a good product for a relaxing day at fishing, and the reviewed item is sturdy enough to float on most of the waters in the country.


It comes in a more vibrant choice of colors – the orange/ gray tones count for an evolution from the dull fishing gear typical colors – black and green.

The removable gear bags can provide enough storage space for all your essentials and a little extra. Fill in the 20 pockets with items of your choice while the two insulated drink holders will keep your refreshments and beer cold as ice throughout the day.

The rod holder of this boat can be mounted in six different positions, similar to the previously reviewed product.

The transport wheel attached makes for easy transportation and boat installing once near the water.


Installation instructions for this product could be clearer as there are customers complaining they could not find the exact spot to install the seat. Some other customers claimed that the boat is not easy to transport in a regular vehicle when it’s packed so you may want to choose a larger car whenever going fishing with the XT.

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3. Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Inflatable Fishing Boat


Take the new Classic Accessories Colorado XTS inflatable boat to your future fishing trip and you won’t regret it. The sturdy design will keep you floating on most of the waters while providing you enough comfort to relax the entire day.

The transport wheel, similar to the product above, will make for an easy carrying until your fishing spot, even when the boat is inflated. Although this is the most expensive out of the three reviewed products, this inflatable item does come with some perks. The two included oars are made from sturdy aluminum which makes them extremely lightweight but very reliable. Also, both the boat and the oars can disassemble for easy transportation into the bag.

Purchase this item, and you will turn your usual fly fishing trip into an amazing experience. Just imagine yourself, alone in a one-person inflatable pontoon boat on your favorite lake and surrounded by nothing else than quietness. But the fishing experience wouldn’t be complete without a cold beer in your hand, so make sure to pack a few.

Last but not least, the Colorado XTS boat also includes a removable stripping basket for lap or side mounting.


Features a maximum weight supported of 400 pounds, enough to fit an adult and all required fishing accessories.

It is made out of sturdy materials to last you a long time from now on.

The removable side pockets can be combined in order to create a portable gear bag to easily transport the boat. You can even put it on your shoulders if you are strong enough to carry it.  Similar to the other reviewed products, this one also counts for up to 20 different pockets to store all your fishing essentials and a little extra.

Comes with a swivel padded seat for increased mobility in order to keep you comfortable during your fishing trip.


This is the most expensive out of the three reviewed products. However, this is a sturdy, strong and reliable inflatable fishing boat which will make for a perfect addition to all your fishing gear.

Also, you have to purchase the motor separately.

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Buying guide


Buying a pontoon boat can be quite tricky since you have to take into consideration numerous aspects. Moreover, since the offer is variate enough in the online field, you will have to spend enough time until finding the most suitable product for you. If you want to make the entire shopping process easier, here are some aspects to take into consideration when looking for an inflatable fishing boat:

Consider your budget

There are countless products on the market, but if you don’t know the technical features to separate them, the price could be a good startup point. The best quality pontoon boat will usually sell for around four hundred dollars but, depending on the features, the prices of such alternatives can vary massively. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a model if fishing is only a weekend hobby for you, but we do suggest taking your time until finding the most suitable item.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a model if fishing is only a weekend hobby for you, but we do suggest taking your time until finding the most suitable item. Deciding on the right pontoon boat cost for you should be an essential part of your decision-making process.

Look into various stores online and compare prices before deciding on one item. Also, take into consideration the shipping costs and the expected delivery time. Some manufacturers are known to delay their shipping even when the products are in store. Thus, we suggest you plan ahead your next fly fishing trip and acquire a boat in time.


Storage capacity

Another important aspect to take into consideration when shopping for such an item is the overall storage capacity of the unit. You will have plenty of tools to store, including provisions to take you through the day. 

Therefore, a large storage capacity is a must. Look for boats with multiple storage pockets such the aforementioned products if you want to enjoy a careless fishing trip. Consider that you will require room for all the fishing accessories, including bait, rods, and hooks, as well as a lifesaving jacket and the necessary fishing costume.

Also, if you want to keep your beverages cold during the trip, you may want to appeal to units which include insulated drink holders. Most accessible boats come with two such drink holders, enough to keep your water and soda/ beer cold on a hot summer day. Not to mention you also need a place to store your sandwiches or snacks, or even keep a cup of ice cream for a sweet treat between fishing times.



Most inflatable pontoon fishing boats come with one seat for the passenger to comfortably sit during the trip. However, the sturdiness, as well as the flexibility of the chair, are also quite important. Considering you will be spending most of the day in that seat, you apparently require it to be comfortable, ergonomic and made from soft yet strong materials. Also, footrests should be customizable to fit different feet lengths to ensure an overall comfortable ride.

Considering you will be spending most of the day in that seat, you apparently require it to be comfortable, ergonomic and made from soft yet strong materials. Also, footrests should be customizable to fit different feet lengths to ensure an overall comfortable ride.

Seats can also be flexible to easily change their position whenever you want a different view of the lake. A flexible chair will allow you to change your body position, rest your feet or get a nice suntan if this is what you’re looking for. If the design of the boat allows you to perform modifications, you can install several additional chairs as there are many pontoon boat seats for sale out there. 



A good inflatable fishing boat doesn’t have to be heavy or hard to transport either. Most inflatable boats within a reasonable price are sturdy enough to float on most waters but also flexible enough to be carried on your shoulder. This is why they must be made out of lightweight materials which will support a decent body weight but also be easy to transport to your favorite fishing spot. Look for items with foldable and side pockets which can be combined in order to create a portable gear bag.

Another way to easily carry your boat to your favorite fishing spot is for it to have a transport wheel. This will balance the overall weight of the product and relief your shoulders from carrying too much. Not to mention, a wheeled inflatable can be easily moved around and even stored easily in your garage whenever you are not using it.

Safety measures

Last but not least, please consider your safety whenever going fishing. Look for boats which are manufactured according to the ABYC standards and don’t forget to carry a lifejacket as well. Rapids and rivers can be very tempting for fly fishing but also quite dangerous so look for sturdy, reliable and strong boats. Even the best inflatable pontoon boat can get damaged if you don’t care for it in the long run, so be sure to consider proper cleaning and maintenance; this info is usually available in the instructions provided by the manufacturing brand.



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