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10 Best Rapala Lures Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 12.07.24


Best Rapala Lure Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you’re looking to get the best Rapala lures and you have very little time on your hands, this following short paragraph will help you decide on the right product. After a thorough analysis of the value and quality offered by the top-rated models currently available, our team has come to the conclusion that the Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure is the one you should consider. This option offers strong-cutting, aggressive darting action so that you can catch bass, redfish, tarpon, trout, salmon, walleye, and pike. It is very light and it offers a proprietary long cast system that allows it to be cast accurately and effortlessly. You can also choose between 9 unique colors so that you can get the one that’s best suited for your fishing applications. In the event that our first choice is unavailable, but you’re still determined to get good Rapala lures, we recommend the Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 05 Fishing Lure.



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10 Best Rapala Lures (Updated Reviews) in 2024



There are many Rapala floating lures available for purchase and that can make settling for the right product that more difficult. Whether you’re looking for the best Rapala lures for bass, trout, or other fish, we have compiled a diverse list of the top-rated models that stood out thanks to their quality, performance, and durability.



1. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure


This model offers excellent performance and versatility since while it is designed for bass, it can also be used when fishing for walleye, trout, salmon, pike, redfish, and tarpon. It is very easy to cast thanks to the proprietary long-casting system that combines with an alluring rattle and standard Rapala action to help you catch even the most elusive fish.

The lure can cover vast amounts of water and once it is set, it will rattle to catch the attention of any nearby fish. It has a distinct torpedo-like profile and it has a unique finish with coloration underneath the thick body instead of just under the protective coating.

It is perfect for aggressive fishing and the lure’s erratic action allows it to mimic baitfish and fool even the smartest fish. Overall, it is a great choice if durability, versatility, and excellent movement are the features you’re looking for in Rapala fishing lures.


The X-Rap is available in 9 different colors that will not only change the color of the body pattern but also of the hook.

As far as durability is concerned, this is among the top models thanks to its thick plastic body that will keep the coloring of the lure protected even after months of heavy use.

The movements of this lure are very realistic and they mimic the look of an injured baitfish or animal so that they can catch the attention of all the fish in the water.

It has a running depth of 3 to 8 feet which makes it perfect for all-purpose fishing. 


It is not the most realistic lure out there when compared to other more expensive options but even so it does the job very well.

The dressed hook is prone to damage and it can lose its feathers after a few attacks from large stripers.

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2. Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 05 Fishing Lure


If you are on the lookout for affordable Rapala lures you’re in luck since the Jointed Shad Rap 05 offers outstanding performance and features for a great price. It uses an excellent wide swimming action with a loud rhythmic rattle that mimics the action of a wounded baitfish.

The lure even suspends on pause just like a real baitfish would do, and this small detail will make it impossible for even the smartest fish not to get fooled. The lure is ready to use right out of the box and you can choose between 19 unique body patterns which make it easier than ever to get the right color that will entice any fish.

As far as customer feedback is concerned, buyers have praised the quality of the colors, claiming that they really stand out in the water. This model is also very light and it is made of a durable plastic body that can handle use in almost every condition. 


It is ready to use out of the box and it will swim perfectly since the product is hand-tuned and tank-tested.

It can mimic and overemphasize the action of a baitfish with loud rhythmic rattle and it can even suspend on pause to make the movements even more authentic.

It has a lightweight body made of durable plastic that can enhance the action and handle heavy use.

Buyers who want to get cheap Rapala lures will appreciate this model since, despite its low price, the product offers the same level of quality that you would expect from Rapala.

You can choose between 19 different colors and each variant has a unique body pattern. 


With such a large selection of colors to choose from, it is possible for the seller to accidentally send the wrong color.

Since it is so light, in windy days the lure can get fouled up on long casts.

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3. Rapala Ultra Lite Lure Kit


If you want to get a comprehensive set of lures that are perfect for ultra-light angling, this Rapala lures kit might be just what you’ve been searching for. All the items in this kit have been hand-picked by professionals to be used on any species of gamefish.

As we briefly mentioned above, the main feature of the lures you’ll find in this kit is their ultra-light construction. They are very easy to use and cast, and you won’t have any issue handling your rod while using them. The package includes a Mini Fat Rap, an Original Floating Rapala, a Rattlin’ Rapala, and a CountDown Rapala, all in ultra-light sizes.

What’s more, each piece has a different collar and comes with two sharp hooks. You can use the lures right out of the box since they have already been tested to provide exceptional performance on the water without further adjustments. 


The lures in this kit have vivid colors and can attract both freshwater as well as saltwater fish and you can catch bass, salmon, walleye, pike, trout and more.

Since each lure in the box has been hand-picked by professional anglers, you can be certain of the quality of this product.

You get a lot of value for the money seeing as the kit includes four lures for different uses, and it is a great set to have in your tackle box.

You also get a special bonus, namely the Rapala Lure Key Ring that you can proudly display on your keychain. 


This choice is not for everyone since if you have specific needs, it might be better to pick the lures yourself.

The lures don’t look very realistic when compared to other options since they lack a scale design but some might argue it is not a huge disadvantage since it makes them more durable.

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4. Rapala X-Rap Magnum Fishing Lures


The X-Rap Magnum is a premium lure that features life-like scale details and incredible patterns to help you perform better on the water and catch even the most elusive gamefish. The body is translucent and it has a very aggressive darting action and an internal long-cast system that will let you throw it far and strong.

It is also great for beginners since this lure comes ready to use out of the box without having to waste precious minutes tuning it. The product is very sturdy and it can be run up to 13 knots which makes it perfect for big game fishing.

It is a versatile choice that can be run at a wide range of depths and the unique design allows it to swim down up to 30 feet. The minimum running depth is 15 feet. It is ideal for use in deep waters or when looking to catch fish that are found deep down. 


If you’re in the market for Rapala saltwater lures, you’ll be very happy with this product since the body is corrosion-resistant and it can handle even the harshest fishing conditions.

As is the case with most high-quality fishing lures, the X-Rap Magnum runs perfect right out of the box.

It is one of the most customizable products on the market since you can choose between 28 different colors and each one is very realistic and has a natural baitfish profile that will attract predators.

This model comes with 3x split rings and treble hooks which offer excellent performance and durability for big game fishing.

The product delivers great results for both fast and slow retrieve rates. 


It is a premium product which means that it is quite expensive and that makes it best suited for professional anglers only.

While the body is corrosion-resistant, unfortunately, the hooks lack this essential feature.

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5. Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap 7 Fishing Lure


This model stands out thanks to its articulated body design which helps it imitate the swimming action of real baitfish and with the help of its internal rattle, no predator will be able to resist this lure. Furthermore, when you pause the retrieve, the lure will suspend its depth which will provoke even the weariest lurkers into attacking it.

Even at the slowest speeds, the body will continue to vibrate like a wounded baitfish. It is designed for multi-species appeal which means that whether you’re looking for Rapala lures for trout, bass, or other species, this versatile option can handle a multitude of fishing applications.

It is also worth taking a moment to mention the customer feedback since we were pleased to see that the majority of users who have purchased this option have been very satisfied with its performance. This nifty choice is priced competitively and it offers excellent value for money. 


The quality construction makes this option sturdy and reliable, and you won’t have to worry that it can’t provide enough stability on the water.

The articulated body allows the lure to vibrate and make harmonic sound frequencies that when combined with its realist design it will make every predator think that it’s looking at a wounded baitfish.

There are numerous color options available so that you can use the lure to attract a wide variety of fish.

The hooks that the unit comes equipped with are of good quality, and they shouldn’t need replacing anytime soon.

As many customers have reported, this option can attract a lot of big fish and it is built with enough strength for you to catch them.


While the articulated body makes the lure behave more realistically in the water, it does make it more prone to damage since the chain that connects the two body parts may rust with time.

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6. Rapala Original Floater 11 Fishing Lures


While most customers prefer to get the newest Rapala lures, sometimes you get more value by sticking to the old, and the Rapala Original Floater is a great example of it. This is one of the first products from the brand and it has withstood the test of time and it is as popular today as it was when it was introduced. You simply can’t argue with success.

This lure can be used for many different fishing applications; it can be twitched on top and used as a surface bait, weighted to get deep down or bounced off the bottom with a 3-way swivel. No matter what you prefer, this model is guaranteed to make the fish strike.

As far as the construction is concerned, this model is made from high-quality balsa wood and it is equipped with VMC nickel black hooks. The lure has been hand-tuned and tank-tested so that it can provide top performance straight out of the box. 


It has the same design and features as the original Rapala floating lure which means that it is time-tested to provide excellent performance and reliability.

The unit is made from balsa wood and there are 10 different colors that you can choose from, and each design shares the same attention to details.

Thanks to the wood construction, this model can float out of snags and obstructions and the high-quality VMC hooks offer fast penetration.

This model is very durable and it has a wobble that will entice any fish that will swim near it to strike.

It is very versatile and easy to manipulate even by inexperienced anglers especially since it comes tuned and tank-tested out of the box. 


If fish decide to eat as much of the lure as possible, you’ll have a hard time getting all the 3 hooks down their throats.

It is a bit expensive but it goes on sale quite frequently.

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7. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures


This model has a shark profile and it can provide great action at both slow and very fast retrieve rates. It has a sound-producing rattle chamber and when coupled with the natural color patterns available to choose from, you’ll have a lure that is capable of arousing the attack instincts of all the predators in the water.

The lipless design and the heavier weight of the product allow it to produce accurate casts. It comes with three black chrome VMC hooks which are very sharp and durable, and they are also secured very firmly to the lure.

One area in which this model stands out is the quality of the finish which is extremely realistic. There are plenty of small details on this lure and you can only notice them once you have it in your hands. It is nice seeing this level of care for a product that is relatively inexpensive.


The rattling sound that this model produces is very distinctive and it will alert and attract all the fish that are found in its vicinity.

You get plenty of different colors to choose from and each one is designed for catching different species of fish and it boasts the same detailed body.

This option is a bit on the heavy side and it has a lipless design that helps it with long-casting and it makes the lure accurate even in windy conditions.

It’s a great purchase for anyone who’s looking for inexpensive large Rapala lures that can be used for a wide range of fishing applications.

It is very realistic and it moves just like a real fish in the water.


While the paint has a lot of details to it, it is not very durable and you will have to be careful with it since it scratches easily and it can fade with time.

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8. Rapala Ultra Light Minnow


The Ultra Light Minnow option is part of the Rapala ultra-light baits line and it sets a new gold standard for anglers who are looking for a product to use for streams, shallow bays, shorelines, and small ponds. It may be light and small, but it can still deliver exceptional casting power.

It has a unique lip design that can create a wobbling and rolling action that will entice the fish and make them think that they’re looking at a wounded baitfish. This option is a perfect purchase if you’re looking for Rapala trout lures but it can also be used for other species.

The manufacturer has put a lot of care in the look of this option and it shows since it looks very realistic. The body has external etched scales, fins, and grills. What’s more, the eyes are also 3D holographic and the wide selection of colors makes it very easy to find the one you need.


Since the lures are hand turned and tank-tested, you can use them right out of the box and they’ll perform very well on the water.

The lineup of colors is very large and each one retains the external scales and 3D holographic eyes that can fool even the smartest fish.

While this model is designed primarily for trout, it can also perform well on other freshwater and saltwater species.

This unit sports a hard kicking swimming action and even if it is very small and light and it can still hold its action at high speeds.

The slow sink allows you to work the lure at the right depth which is also very useful for avoiding snags.


Even if this product offers a lot of value, the price is quite high which means that we can’t recommend it for anyone who’s on a budget.

The lip is not very durable and it can break if the lure gets stuck.

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9. Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 07 Fishing Lures


If you’re looking to catch the big fish, the Shallow Shad Rap is constructed from balsa wood and it has an incredible finish that will attract large game fish. It is best used for fishing in skinny water since it features very precise action. It also has the classic wounded-minnow wobble that is proven to be very successful at enticing fish.

As is the case with most Rapala products, you get a great selection of styles and colors to choose from so that you can be prepared for every situation. Furthermore, this unit is built with durability in mind and it has hard-diving lips and sharp treble hooks that can survive even the toughest fights. 

It is a beginner-friendly product, you just need to cast it, let it sit a while until the ripples have faded away and then you can begin a slow, enticing retrieve. Furthermore, the product is very effective whether you’re slow trolling, casting or twitching.


The fishing lure is tank-tested and hand-tuned and since it comes from a reputable company you can be certain that you’ll get a high-quality and reliable product.

You can select whichever color and body pattern suits your needs and each model shares the same premium balsa wood construction and exceptional performance.

It features the razor-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks which are secured tightly to the lure so that you won’t have to worry about unexpected or hidden obstacles under the water.

The product has garnered positive feedback from customers who praised the performance and ease of use that this product offers since even kids can catch the big fish with it. 


The main issue with this model is certainly its higher price which may deter customers who are on a tight budget.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have a rattle and this can be a big downside for potential buyers.

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10. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater 4-Inch Mackerel


This is another premium alternative from Rapala and it is built to withstand the force of saltwater giants, and it produces a strong-cutting and aggressive action that will entice these monsters to strike. It is great for anglers who want to catch hard-fighting and tough fish.

This versatile option can be either cast or trolled and it features a high-quality construction that puts a lot of emphasis on durability and performance. It comes equipped with 2 VMC Perma Steel 3X hooks which are very sharp and they’ll keep their sharpness even when used in saltwater.

Seeing as this is a premium product, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the level of detail on the body is very high. The scales are prominent and there’s a holographic internal foil that produces optimum flash to create the ultimate fishing lure. The eyes are also very realistic and they have a 3D holographic texture.


It has an integrated long casting system that combines with the alluring rattle of the lure to make it even more tempting to predators.

This versatile choice is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and it can be used for catching tuna, cod, salmon, mackerel, kingfish and more. 

It glides on the water perfectly and while flashing and darting it will emit vibrating waves that will make predators believe that they’re looking at a vulnerable live target.

It comes with holographic 3D eyes and the model is available in an attractive combination of colors and textures that no fish will be able to resist. 


The hooks could have been improved by making them a bit larger since some fish, especially large species can still find a way to open them up.

Since this is a premium product, the price is higher than what many anglers might be willing to pay.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the ideal Rapala lure can oftentimes feel like a confusing task since there are so many models available to purchase. We want to make the entire process easier for you, which is why we have compiled an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you find the right product from our diverse list of Rapala lures reviews.



Types of lures

There are four main types of lures and we will present them all below. First, you have the topwater lures which can imitate a wounded or stunned baitfish or even other creatures such as birds, mice, or frogs. These are the most visually striking options available and cause a lot of noise and splashing to attract predators.

Subsurface lures as the name suggests, skim the surface of the water and can imitate an injured or fleeing baitfish or other animals swimming in the water. These lures have many actions such as splashing, jerking, sliding, or slashing.

Suspending lures don’t float on the surface nor do they sink to the bottom, but rather hover in the water suspended like an injured prey fish. Fast or slow retrieves after a pause can make them very enticing for large predators and they are highly effective for pike and sea bass.

Sinking or diving lures offer a wide range of actions and the faster you retrieve, the deeper they will dive. Some models will sink with a fluttering motion to mimic an injured fish fleeing from a predator. 

Choosing the right model depends on what you are looking to fish, but it is a good idea to have at least one of each in your tackle box so that you can be prepared for any situation.


Size and weight

When choosing the size of the lure, things are quite straightforward since as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the lure is, the bigger the fish you’ll be looking to catch. Thus, before purchasing it is important to know the size or species of the fish that you’ll be trying to catch. 

You can also purchase a lure in different sizes so that it can be used for different fishing applications.

The weight of the lures generally influences how deep and how further it will be able to get. Heavier models can go further and reach deeper depths. Lighter types, on the other hand, will be weighted in such a way as to promote finesse fishing which is all about presenting your jig in such a way as to make even the most elusive fish bite.

Certain options have metal balls inside that are designed to weigh the lure down and create vibrations in the water to attract nearby fish. 



Materials and design

As far as materials are concerned, most of the models you’ll find on the market are either made of plastic or wood. ABS plastic is the strongest and most durable material available but wood lures do come with advantages as well as since they are lighter and they float better. 

Another factor to consider when picking a lure is its design and many current products come with eye-catching patterns and colors that will fool any fish into believing that they’re looking at a live bait. Furthermore, premium models have 3D patterns and eyes to make the lure look even more realistic.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are Rapala lures?

Rapala is a brand that was the first to produce balsa lures and this is the reason why Rapala is also a name that is often used to describe lures that are made from balsa wood. Nowadays the brand produces a wide range of lures manufactured from all types of materials and available in different sizes, styles, and colors.

Newer models also feature built-in rattles that are used to simulate the sound and movement of an injured fish and this new design choice helps attract even the most distrustful fish. This is further helped by the realistic appearance that these lures have.

It can be difficult to find options that look realistic but one trademark of Rapala lures is that they look very realistic both in and out of the water. This helps enhance the performance they offer and it is the reason why many anglers prefer sticking to genuine Rapala lures rather than using cheap imitations.



Q: How do you fish with Rapala lures?

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate tackle for the fish that you are looking to catch, the next step is to connect the line to the lure. There are different knots that you can use for this such as a loop knot, a direct knot, a split ring, a snap swivel or the famous Rapala knot. 

Once you’ve successfully connected the line to the lure, you’ll need to set the weight so that it doesn’t interfere with the lure’s action. You shouldn’t place the sinker too close to the lure since that will inhibit it. When fishing topwater or shallow water you won’t need a sinker at all. 

The final step is to cast the lure and try various retrieves depending on how you’ve rigged the lure to your line. You should use light-colored lures for bright days with clear water and a dark-colored lure for dark days with cloudy water. Furthermore, fish-like patterns should be used in clear-water conditions while for cloudy water it is best to use highly visible lures.


Q: How do you tie a Rapala?

The Rapala knot is named after the lure company that has popularized this type of lure and it is a very efficient means of connecting Rapala lures to any monofilament line. Using the knot properly can give your lure more action and it is very sturdy which means that it is guaranteed not to unravel.

The first step is to tie a basic loose overhand knot and insert the tag end through the lure’s eye and then back through the knot. Next, you should make 3 turns around the line and get the tag end back through the overhand knot. Finally, pass the tag end through the loop you’ve created between the 3 turns and the overhand knot.

To complete the knot you should moisten the line either with water or saliva and pull the line while holding the tag end so that you can close the knot. Make sure to pull hard so that the knot is tightened well.




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