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Best Salmon Spinning Rod

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Salmon spinning rods – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best salmon spinning rods. We have been able to collect plenty of information about different products in this category by analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen. Thanks to all the product research and comparison, we’ve been able to find what we consider the best one in this category, the Tica HLHB. Constructed of flexible high modulus graphite material, this fishing rod offers the perfect balance of dependable action and extreme strength without compromising on a lightweight design and a sensitive blank. This makes a good salmon spinning rod because of its premium quality graphite trigger plus exclusive graphite reel seat that can both withstand the demanding conditions of salmon fishing while enabling easy integration with compatible casting and spinning reels. The Fuji hardloy ring guides hold the line flat on the rod while preventing easy line breakage. The durable cork handle provides a comfortable, easy grip while enabling you to enjoy slip-free handling. If the Tica HLHB is unavailable, you should consider the Okuma Celilo, as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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10 Best Salmon Spinning Rods (Reviews) in 2024



1. HLHB106MH2S Salmon Steelhead


Inarguably the best spinning rod for salmon fishing, the Tica HLHB HLHB106M2S-P is primarily designed for fishing steelhead and salmon.

That being said, it can also be used for Hawaiian fishing as well as jetty, inshore, pier and surf angling. It also makes a great option for big river bank fishing and back bouncing.

Available in a range of sizes at Amazon from 8 feet 6 inches to 14 feet, this 2-piece fishing rod boasts a high-modulus TC2 Japanese graphite material that ensures a lightweight yet reliably tough build, which also allows long casting distance.

The sensitive and light blank comes with high strength and the perfect action to handle the biggest fish in Alaska. Outfitted with premium quality Fuji hardloy ring guides, this rod won’t allow the buildup of heat due to abrasion between the guides and the fishing line, which can result in annoying line breakage.

The hardloy ring guides also keep the line flat on the rod to ensure smooth line flow. The top quality APS graphite trigger reel seat ensures secure attachment of your favorite spinning reel to ensure wobble-free performance and problem-free retrieves.


The Tica HLHB is made from high-quality TC2 graphite, a material that guarantees superior performance without making the rod too stiff or too heavy.

You can count on the high strength of this rod for fishing salmon, and its perfect action makes the best recipe for enjoyable fishing trips.

The cork handle is designed for durability and comfort, and you will not feel like you are straining your hands when casting your line over and over again.

The reel seat is also made from proprietary TICA graphite APS and offers increased performance, as well.

The rod is very sensitive, and you will appreciate having it on trips organized for catching salmon, a fish known for putting up a fight.


A hook keeper is not included in the design, and some buyers consider it quite a significant drawback for a rod in this price range.

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2. Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rods


Offering spot-on action and functionality, the Okuma Celilo CE-S-862Ha is constructed of top quality materials to ensure dependable performance.

Engineered for steelhead and salmon fishing, this rod serves the full range of fishing techniques for those species while being available at a price that you simply can’t refuse. Its graphite composite blanks ensure a lightweight build while being extremely sensitive.

The aluminum oxide guide inserts offer a smooth line flow while effectively protecting your fishing line from breakage resulting from too much heat buildup because of the friction and abrasion against the steel surface of the guides. Fortunately, the line guides on this model are one of its strongest points so you won’t have to contend with tangles and frequent line replacements.

The stainless steel hooded reel seat provides protection against the corrosive effects of water exposure on your fishing reel. The cork fore and rear grips offer solid and secure handling even when wet, while being able to transmit vibrations from the biting fish at your fishing lure to your hands. The blank-thru handle design provides a smoothly-shaped and continuous projection engineered to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand when holding the reel seat together with the reel and butt grip.


The graphite construction ensures superior sensitivity, a great advantage when you go fishing for salmon.

The guide inserts are made with aluminum oxide that prevents corrosion and rust and guarantees a longer life for your rod.

The reel seat hoods are made from stainless steel, another material that puts up with the damaging action of water, and increases durability.

The heavy action of this rod is convenient for fishing trips when you are after big trophy fish, and you need proper reliable equipment.

The cork grips are comfortable, too, and add to the overall appeal of a spinning rod made for fishing salmon.


Fishing from a moving boat may prove a bit of a challenge for this rod since a heavier model would be a much better choice. However, if you prefer less action packed adventures, you will still find this model a good buy.

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3. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod


Geared with actions and lengths specifically engineered for catching steelhead and salmon, the Ugly Stik Elite USESSP862H-Parent just won’t quit because you won’t too.

This salmon spinning rod boasts 35 percent more graphite than its predecessor to provide a lighter rod that offers a wide range of actions and lengths to help the modern angler fish the way they want. The exclusive Ugly Stik® Clear Tip® design provides greater strength exactly where it is needed. The proprietary Ugly Tech™ Construction uses graphite to ensure a lighter weight rod with a perfect balance of sensitivity so you can handle the fish accordingly.

The Ugly Tuff™ one piece stainless steel guides ensure a smooth build for dependable performance and durability while eliminating pop outs of inserts.

The cushioned stainless steel hood on the traditional style reel seat provides effortless attachment and handling as well as wobble-free, firm control of your line. The premium cork grip provides a lightweight and strong yet extremely sensitive capability because of its ability to effectively transmit vibrations due to the playing of the fish on the bait.


The mix of graphite and fiberglass makes this spinning rod highly durable and maintains its total weight to a minimum.

The manufacturer uses more graphite on this model compared to others, to enhance its power and sensitivity.

The Clear Tip feature is handy for people who value superior responsiveness in a spinning rod.

If you plan spending hours fishing, you will appreciate the comfortable cork handles that make sure your hands will not get strained and tired.

The Ugly Tuff guides are made from stainless steel, and their design prevents insert pop-outs, allowing you to use them with any line.


The medium heavy feel of the rod may make it difficult to sense smaller fish when biting, and this may be something you would like to keep in mind when you go shopping for a rod designed for salmon fishing.

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4. Okuma Classic Pro GLT Salmon Rod


This wonderful fishing rod is really all that you could ever ask for. Made with titanium oxide guide inserts and stainless steel guide frames, it also comes with a tip-over butt ferrule section for increased strength, allowing you to really pull on those heavy fish without fear of breaking it!

This rod is also proudly boasting stainless steel hook keepers along with double-foot construction casting guides. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art rubber shrink tube butt section really does wonders for durability and rod-holder removal, while the strength-to-weight ratio is also downright perfect.

Customers also like the fact that apart from all the technical qualities it possesses, this is a cool looking rod and everybody knows those always catch the best fish. Reports say that this product is also fairly durable when it comes to fishing trips and it should be able to stay in the back of your truck or car without any issues.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the size of the rod makes it hard to use for lighter fish so pluck up the courage and go take on the big ones! The price is also excellent for the quality that you are receiving, especially for the budget-minded fisherman.

Since it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that even if you do have issues, they will be taken care of properly.


This rod has many qualities which make it a great choice. The aspect is wonderful while also being extremely practical to use.

It’s a very flexible product so it is able to properly load when attached to the downrigger but also sturdy enough to allow you to fight the really big salmon.

You will also notice that this rod casts very well even with the smaller guides, making trolling an absolute pleasure. When it comes to rods for big fish, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

The weight is perfectly balanced with the length, offering you a great fishing experience. While the triangle trip was a bit awkward at first for some customers, they really enjoyed the stability of the rod.


Some people who bought this were dissatisfied with the packaging and the way their products were shipped to them.

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5. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods


KastKing is always aiming to keep fishing fun and innovative by offering some of the best spinning rods and baitcasting fishing rods out there at affordable prices. Therefore, the Perigee II makes no exception to this rule as it comes either in one-piece or two-piece Twin-Tip rods in order to please everybody.

The components are of great quality with Fuji O-Ring guides, Saf-T Keeper hook holder, and ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats which will make every fishing experience a memorable one.

Furthermore, this isn’t just a high-quality rod, this is also a great-looking one! The outstanding cosmetics will look fantastic in your fishing rod rack and make you the envy of the lake. This tool is perfect for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, or even kayak fishing for many species of fish.

The structure of the rod is made from quality carbon fiber which guarantees power, strength, durability, and accuracy all in one place. Therefore, every movement you make will feel very fluid and stable, transforming you into a better fisherman.

Even more, for the Twin-Tip rods, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty to make you never lack appropriate support for your tools ever again.


This rod is a true elite when it comes to smooth casting and the speed of the action. It’s also lightweight despite its obvious quality so your arms should rarely get tired.

The product is also very durable and you will enjoy it for years to come due to the high-quality components used in its making.

It’s so well made that customers report it feels like a one-piece rod, even if it is a two-piece.

Even further, despite numerous cases in which people who buy rods online get them severely damaged from the trip, this one comes in a super hard tube with foam inserts in both ends, after which it is placed in a shopping box.


Some customers are dissatisfied because they have had their rod break after just a few uses but this may still be a case of improper storage or handling.

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6. Shimano 0068-2723 Sms86Mh2B Scimitar Spinning


Even though it may look simple, this is one of the best rods that you can possibly own. It comes with a fishing reel and it is made of the highest quality materials, yet another example of Shimano’s dedication to fishing gear. They are both lightweight and powerful due to the fact that they are made with graphite construction.

The product’s dimensions are 51 x 2 x 2 inches which means this rod is on the upper end of the scale when it comes to rod lengths. The rods are made with a high-end look and feel, making you feel you can trust one as soon as you get your hands on it.

They are ideal for freshwater, salmon, and even light inshore applications, even though the handle will feel a little heavy if you will be casting light all day long. This is not a saltwater rod though so you should really keep that in mind if you want to have it for years and years to come, without facing any issues.

However, it’s really a must-have for any lake, river or coastal waters that your fishing trips take you to. If you are looking for a rod which can serve as a go-to item for whenever you have to leave on trips, this is a great choice because you can use it for basically anything from trout to float fishing hybrid.


The extended length of this rod allows you to be able to go over or around any obstacles when you have a fish on the line.

Furthermore, the rod also allows for a smaller reel not necessarily geared toward large fish only, which is always an advantage.

You will be able to handle large fish like striper and salmon very well when using this rod due to its good length and good structure.

If you partner this rod with a reel specifically designed for long casts, you will be able to extend the reach even further.


The only drawback that customers could find to this product was the fact that it came in a plastic, not an actual cover.

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7. St. Croix Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rods 


There is a reason why graphite fiber is used for making lightweight rods. It is not only because of the convenience offered by a lighter rod but also because of the resistance to tension provided, while the rod remains flexible. The manufacturer of this series certainly thought of all these aspects when creating it.

At the same time, the rods are sensitive and durable. When the fish bite, you will know, and you will be happy to see that other details were treated with the same consideration. For instance, the cork handle has an ergonomic design and allows a strong grip that will not allow any fish to escape.

It should also be added that these rods are pretty good looking. The guides are made from aluminum oxide and have black frames, while the manufacturer applied two coats of Flex-Coat to ensure a proper finish for maximum durability and resistance to corrosion.


Novices and people without too much physical strength will surely appreciate the light action of these rods that seem to have been made with their needs in mind.

A premium-grade cork handle makes this particular design an attractive option because of the excellent comfort and control offered.

Cosmetic touches, such as the reel seat that comes with a frosted silver hood, or the black frames employed on the guides, will steal your heart away.

Due to the graphite construction, you will experience a flexible yet durable rod that can help you fish for years.

A 5-year warranty backs these rods, so you will be able to return them in case they are delivered to you damaged, or they don’t withstand the test of time.


The eyelets can bend easily, which means that you might have to straighten them up before using the rod, which takes from the overall convenience provided.

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8. St. Croix Triumph Salmon & Steelhead Spinning TRS86MHF2


St.Croix wanted to design a rod that could be used anywhere close to home, be that in the lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams close to the customer’s home. Therefore, this rod aims to please almost every angler, regardless of what they like.

The ‘’Triumph’’ rod is an extremely sensitive one, allowing you to feel all the movements of the fish and act accordingly. Furthermore, it comes with impressive power and endurance so you won’t have to feel afraid when finally catching a big one.

This salmon and steelhead spinning rod is therefore built for savvy and knowledgeable anglers who want to make the most out of their fishing experiences with the best tools when it comes to performance and value.

This rod features a premium-grade cork handle along with a Fuji DPS reel seat with a frosted silver hood on the spinning models, really creating a very good-looking model. The manufacturer also applied two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish to ensure the best results possible.

The 5-year warranty backed by St.Croix Superstar Service will make you feel very safe even if something ends up happening to one of your rods. These wonderful products are designed in Park Falls and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico.


This product comes with an outstanding mix of sensitivity, strength, and hook-setting power, really combining the best of all three worlds.

Casting with this rod is an easy and smooth process and it is perfect for all types of trout, salmon, and everything of the sort.

The cork is soft and comfortable while the rod allows you to cast both light or heavier baits, depending on your choice.

When it comes to the price-for-quality balance, you will see that more often than not you end up on the plus side of things when buying this rod.


Some customers reported that their rods snapped on the lower end, where the two pieces join together. However, at the same time, many of them got new rods from the manufacturer or said that they probably got a faulty product and they would buy from St.Croix again.

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9. Okuma SST Graphite Spinning Salmon/Steelhead Rod


This Okuma product is a cutting-edge rod which features technique and species-specific rod actions. The sensitive IM-8 graphite rod blank construction comes together with durable stainless steel guide frames while the manufacturer has even thrown in zirconium guide inserts in order to reduce friction from braided lines.

This handle is 17.5 inches long while the rod can support a line weight between 4 and 10 pounds and it is capable of holding a lure weight between 1/8 and 3/8 pounds, so it is really sturdy and durable.

Furthermore, it comes with an integrated compressed cork butt cap and a non-skid surface to prevent anything unwanted from happening. The sensitivity is really what sets this rod apart together with the fighting backbone that allows anglers to really pull and bring the fish home.

This product is perfect for the types of fish that dwell in freshwater settings due to its lightweight body, giving you the ability to feel the smaller fish bites but also handle the large fish that may come up to feed.

Customers report that they have caught really large fish using this rod without any problems when it comes to the durability or the chosen setup. Even more, there are reviews that state this rod is still going strong even after six years of continuous usage and more than 10 species landed.


This is a sturdy rod that will last you a while and it is recommended for beginners as well as a good piece for more advanced anglers.

The pole is sensitive and with a good length, both of which are qualities that make it a very good choice, especially when coupled with the not-very-steep price.

Customers were satisfied with the way this rod presented itself on their first salmon, steelhead and trout fishing trips so it’s bound to make a great first impression on you too!

Anglers using this rod have an advantage because they are able to quite literally fish out the smaller species as well as hold their own when the big ones come out being attracted to the lure.


A small portion of the buyers reported that after a couple of successful outings with this rod, it snapped at the first guide above the joint when they managed to land a particularly heavy fish.

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10. KastKing Krome Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Rod


Salmon and steelhead fishing is a serious sport that demands superior-quality fishing tackle and KastKing seems intent on showing how such rods should be made. Starting with an amazing blank designed with 45 million modulus Toray carbon materials and chiseled out with Nano Silica resins, the Krome series rods are among the lightest but at the same time the strongest ones available.

At the same time, they were built with sensitivity in mind which allows the anglers who use them to feel any movement coming from the fish. Furthermore, protection is very important so the pole is reinforced with true Kevlar fabric all the way through which allows it to deliver incredible hook setting and lifting power, therefore offering extra resistance to any kind of impact.

KastKing went all out on this series and selected premium components including Fuji reel seats and guides together with Alconite rings which will really mean years of fishing freedom for you, without having to buy anything else.

The custom carbon handles are not only extremely durable and easy to remove but they will also clean up beautifully after a busy day, giving you more time to enjoy your experiences on the water.


This is a rod which is perfectly designed for trolling and if you buy it for that specific activity you will be extremely satisfied with it.

The combination of length, IM8 Carbon blank, and Kevlar will basically allow you to launch your baits anywhere in a pond and bring the fish home over any obstacles if you are in a larger water area.

Furthermore, the technical things aside, most customers agree that this rod looks sleek and amazing due to the way the colors merge together with the materials.

Due to the fact that this pole is both sensitive and strong, an experienced fisher will be able to adapt their game to all sorts of fish and situations to avoid straightening the hooks or snapping the line.


Some customers were dissatisfied with KastKing’s customer service and the way their rod complaints were handled from that department.

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Buying guide


If you are to be truly successful at salmon fishing, you ought to invest in a good quality salmon fishing rod. While salmon fishing rods are available in baitcasting, trolling, saltwater spinning and and fly fishing designs, the salmon spinning rod remains a popular choice for most anglers because it is easier to cast when paired with an appropriate spinning reel. Ideal for beginners, a salmon spinning rod is highly efficient and offers an exciting functionality for fighting beefy salmon. These are the elements to consider when looking into this type of tool.



Balance and weight

Principally engineered to offer excellent strength and power for doing battles with your target fish species, a salmon spinning rod does not emphasize casting capability. This type of rod carries more than enough strength for executing a solid and powerful hook setting right into the salmon’s tough jaws while being able to challenge the fish during those typically prolonged and intense battles. Therefore, the lighter this rod is, the better it will be for you. Moreover, the implement should ensure a good balance in your hand when you hold it near or at the reel seat section. A premium quality salmon spinning rod offers fun and comfort in handling so you can just take it easy amidst the stress and fatigue of salmon fishing.


Optimum rod length

The rod length largely depends on the salmon fishing method you prefer to do. Generally, salmon fishers use rod lengths between 8 feet and 10 feet, which are perfect for challenging and landing bigger fish. Just as essential is the butt section of the spinning rod.

The top rated units in the best salmon spinning rod reviews have a butt section measuring between 6 and 12 inches, typically. You will be holding the butt of the rod against your torso while playing the fish, so an extremely long butt tends to keep your arms overly stretched out when doing battles with the fish. This also tends to get you fatigued easily. On the other hand, an extremely short butt section would make it difficult for the rod to be held correctly in a rod mount, which may not be beneficial especially for trolling.


Rod blank composition

Generally, the best salmon spinning rods are constructed with graphite or fiberglass blanks, and sometimes with a combination of the two materials to increase durability and strength. Top quality products come with an outer layer of E-glass combined with a graphite inner core. No matter the construction type of your choice of salmon spinning rod, always keep in mind the ease of storage and transport of the device. Remember that any tool you use should make your angling experience easier and more fun instead of complicating things further.

Plenty of salmon spinning rods are on the market, and the uninitiated may have a difficult time deciding which one is best for their use. We hope the above buying guide simplifies your decision-making process in a way. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping guidance.



Unavailable products


Fenwicks 9’6″ M MF S17 HMX Salmon


Fenwick continues its tradition of great rod-making with the all-new HMX series which appears ready to take the angler world by storm. Since it is constructed from a proprietary blend of carbon fiber, this refined rod will offer incredible power, balance, and sensitivity coupled with smooth, comfortable moves every time you touch it.

Each individual product is expertly crafted to meet all the needs a fisherman may have, even if those needs range from ultralight to extra heavy salmon/steelhead models or everything in between those two.

The rod comes with a Fuji reel skeleton and full reel seats which are a must-have for every angler these days. It also has a sea guide Sz316 which is treated with zirconium inserts for increased durability.

Keep in mind that spinning rods should typically be used when casting light lures such as light baits so you may want to keep that recommendation in mind in order to get the best results.

The manufacturer also offers premium cork and tac grips in both split and full handle model as well as a five-year limited warranty which should cover most of your needs in that period of time, provided you are careful with your rod.


This is one of the more durable products out there so when you buy it once you can be sure you will have it for a substantial amount of time.

The rod is extremely sensitive and lets you feel any small movement that the fish may make, therefore giving you ample reaction time.

If you were looking for a tool which can be used in multiple circumstances this is the one, as you can use it for anything that involves rivers, lakes, and streams.

The hook setting is also very good, allowing the rod to handle heavier fishes with ease, without running the risk of dropping or losing them.


One customer reported that the rod snapped in two when using it, even though the fact that this is only one among the great number of positive reviews suggests this may be a case of human error.




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