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Best Saltwater Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Rod and reel combos for saltwater fishing – Buying guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you’re here to find the best fishing gear and you have little to no time on your hands to devote to a proper research process, we can be of assistance. After carefully analyzing a lot of feedback coming from amateur and professional anglers, as well, we’ve concluded that the Okuma Tundra TU802-60 is the one you should give some thought to. This model has been constructed out of high-quality materials, which means that it will be entirely capable of serving you for many seasons to come. Besides, since it boasts ceramic guide inserts and an EVA foam fore and rear grip, it stands to reason that the rod in the combo is totally comfortable to hold. You’re also likely to enjoy the multi-disc oiled felt drag system boasted by this option. In case the Okuma Tundra TU802-60 is unavailable, be sure to consider the second best alternative, the Sougayilang Spinning Combo.



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4 Best Saltwater Fishing Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2023


1. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo


It’s common knowledge that Okuma makes some of the best fishing tackle available on the market today, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this combo boasts a rod and reel that can both withstand the test of time. Since they are made out of rugged materials, they can ensure that you go on using the combo for as long as possible.

Another detail that you might be interested in is that the pole has been outfitted with ceramic guide inserts, which practically means that some of the friction will be reduced and you’ll be able to enjoy your fishing endeavors as you deem fit and without worrying about getting the rod damaged.

Also, depending on the size that you’ll end up choosing, you may come to the conclusion that this model is either an excellent choice for beginners or one destined for well-seasoned anglers. From what we have noticed, the feedback in regards to the performance and overall quality of this unit is impressive.

You don’t have to take our word for it. But you should take some time find out more about this unit as you’ll ultimately become convinced of the high-end materials employed in the construction of the combo.


The combo has good quality materials and sturdy construction. Customer reviews show that the product does live up to the Okuma brand name.

The rod is strong and well-suited for the big saltwater fish it’s expected to confront. Designers opted for a fiberglass rod blank, a more conventional choice with predictable behavior.  

The interchangeable handle on the reel is a definite advantage since many other combos are only for the right-handed.

You can use it as a starter tool for surf fishing as it is inexpensive, easy to assemble and has basic features everyone can handle.

For a large combo, the product can be categorized as affordable.


The line guides fall off or break pretty quickly, and you may want to replace the tip section, which is a bit weaker.

The reel doesn’t show enough endurance and you could be forced to replace it after some time.

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2. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos with Carbon


2.1.8m-3.3m Spinning RodThis rod and spinning reel combo from Sougayilang is a great choice for reef and rock fishing, or when you are casting from a boat. The telescopic rod is durable and comfortable to handle, and the included spinning reel is capable of delivering the power and performance you need to bring in a variety of fresh and saltwater fish.

The sturdy rod is constructed from a high-quality carbon fiber material, and the handle is collapsible for easy carrying and convenient storage. It is designed to be used by right and left-handed anglers, and the reel seat can be easily adjusted. Beginners and experienced anglers will appreciate the six guides, which are also color coded for easy reference.

You will appreciate the smooth performance of the metal spinning reel, which comes in a sleek, streamlined design. This ensures that the combo is well balanced, while also giving the setup a professional appearance. There are plenty of ball bearings for consistently smooth casts and retrievals, and the anti-reverse BB ensures that the line stays taut. With a 5:1 gear ratio to provide the power you need for saltwater fishing it is easy to see why this rod and reel combo is a popular choice with beginners and experienced anglers.


This rod and reel combo comes with a durable construction and is able to provide you with the power and performance you need for a successful saltwater fishing trip.

You will appreciate the smooth casting abilities of the reel, along with its powerful 5:1 gear ratio.


While this combo is affordable, it is priced slightly higher than similar telescopic rod and reel combos.

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3. Zebco 808 Saltwater Fishing Reel with 1BB/7-Feet 2-Piece MH


2.Zebco 808 SaltwaterZebco is well known for its quality products, and that extends to this rod and reel combo. Constructed from durable materials and designed to provide the same exceptional performance the company is known for, this rod and spincast reel combo might be just what you need on your next saltwater fishing trip.

The 7 foot rod is rated for medium to heavy action making it strong enough to haul in powerful saltwater fish. The rod is comfortable to grasp, and it won’t slip out of wet hands. It can also be broken down into two pieces for easy carrying and convenient storage.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of the spincast reel. The single ball bearing ensures a smooth cast and retrieval, and with a 2:1 gear ratio you have plenty of power to reel in heavy saltwater fish. The crank smoothly rotates the spool, which comes with 150 yards of 20 lb line already wrapped. Designed for performance and durability, this rod and reel combo is also backed by Zebco’s one year limited warranty.


The 7 foot rod is durable, lightweight, and can be easily broken down for convenient storage.

You will appreciate the incredibly smooth drive on the spincast reel, along with its powerful performance capabilities.


It should be noted that while this rod and reel combo is designed for saltwater fishing, it may not be the best choice for casting in the surf due to its heavy line requirements.



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4. Okuma Spa-S-802M-50 8-Foot Safina Pro Surf Spinning Combo


2.Okuma Spa-S-802M-50This rod and reel combo from Okuma is just what you need for fresh or saltwater fishing. It will give you the power and performance you need to successfully catch a variety of fish, and this combo is also comfortable and easy to handle.

The well balanced rod is flexible and lightweight, and comfortable to grasp when you are fighting to bring in a larger fish. It is constructed from a durable graphite composite material, and its medium action capabilities will give you the power you need to successfully reel in your catch. The rod is also designed with a comfortable split grip.

With the attached spinning reel you have the power and performance you need to go after a variety of fresh and saltwater fish. The reel won’t add unnecessary weight to the rod, and it’s well balanced design helps to ensure accurate casts. There are 4 ball bearings to provide a smooth release and retrieval, and the aluminum spool is resistant to rust and corrosion making it a perfect choice for fishing in saltwater.


This rod and reel combo is ideal for fresh and saltwater fishing.

The graphite composite medium action rod is lightweight, well balanced, and comfortable to handle.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of Okuma’s spinning reel.


While this rod and reel combo is easy to handle, it might not be the best choice for first time anglers.



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Choosing the right combo


Fishing in saltwater requires a durable rod and reel that can withstand the rigors of casting in the open ocean. Saltwater can easily rust and corrode a reel and the larger fish can break freshwater poles. To help you make an informed decision we have created this informative buying guide so you can confidently choose the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing.




Choosing the best saltwater rod


There are three types of rods designed for saltwater fishing, and the best one for you will depend on a few factors. Whichever type of rod you choose, it is important to find one that is comfortable for you to use.


Fast action rods

Sometimes referred to as heavy action rods, these sturdy poles are designed for going after large saltwater fish. The rod is characterized by its rigid construction, which only allows flexibility in the tip. With a fast action rod you can make long distance and powerful casts, and it can be used in deep and shallow ocean waters. The heavier line and lures also make this rod a great choice in windy conditions, since it is less likely to blow around on the water. It should be noted that these heavy rods are not designed to be used in streams, rivers, or smaller ponds and lakes.



Medium action rods

Some of the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combos come with a medium action pole. This type of rod is flexible along the top part of the shaft, and can produce accurate long and short casts. One of the reasons for its popularity is its versatile design that allows you to use it in salt and freshwater. Medium action rods are also excellent choices for beginners since you have plenty of control over the cast.


Slow action rods

The best saltwater fly rod and reel combo often uses this type of pole. A slow action rod will produce the short and gentle casts you need in streams and rivers, and the lightweight line that is used is perfect for tying flies. The slow action of these rods produces an extremely accurate cast, which is always an advantage where you are near trees and overhanging branches. The slow motions of the rod are also a great way for beginners to learn how to cast. These extremely flexible poles are ideal for tiny and small fish, but should not be used to reel in medium or large species.



Choosing the best saltwater reel


The reel should be capable of producing smooth and powerful casts, and be resistant to rust and corrosion. There are three main types of reels to choose from, and where and what you are fishing for will help you make the best decision.


Baitcasting Reel

If you are going after heavier game or sport fish you will probably want to choose a baitcasting reel. Designed for experienced anglers, these sturdy reels can fight a heavy fish without any damage. The handle is normally placed on the right side, and these heavy reels are capable of producing long and powerful casts. The drag system on these reels can also be adjusted according to the size and speed of the fish you are going after.


Spinning Reel

Experienced and novice anglers often use spinning reels when they are casting for small and medium size saltwater fish. Since the spool does not rotate when the line is released, beginners usually don’t have to worry about their line becoming tangled or snagged. These reels should also come with an anti-reverse mechanisms, which prevents the line from running out when a fish snags the bait. When the line is taut the hook can be set securely reducing your chances of losing the fish. While these reels are not sturdy enough for heavy game fish, they are ideal for small and medium size species.


Spincasting reels

If you are new to saltwater fishing, you might want to consider a spincasting reel. Designed to be reliable, durable, and easy to use, this reel will help you avoid messy line tangles and embarrassing casts. While these reels are smaller and not capable of holding the amount of line needed for deep sea fishing, they are great for shore and surf fishing. These reels also come with an anti-reverse mechanism that prevents line tangles and ensures your hook is securely set. When a spincasting reel is combined with the right saltwater rod, you can easily master saltwater fishing and impress your friends and family with your “big” catch.


Offshore baitcasting reel

This specialty reel is generally only used by professional and sport fishermen, and it also comes with a significantly higher price. These large, heavy duty reels are designed to be used with a rod mounted on the back or side of a boat, and are used for deep sea fishing. Capable of bringing up large sharks, marlin, tuna, and other game and sporting fish, these reels are designed for serious anglers.



Choosing the best saltwater fishing gear


There are a few things to watch out for when you are looking for a saltwater rod and reel. The materials used in construction are important to consider, especially considering how quickly constant exposure to saltwater can rust and corrode some metals. Reels constructed from aluminum are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel ball bearings will provide a consistently smooth cast and retrieval, and anti-reverse BBs prevent your line from going slack.

Saltwater reels constructed from magnesium are lightweight and generally well balanced, but this material is prone to rust and corrosion especially when it is constantly exposed to saltwater. Other factors to watch out for include the length of the rod and size of the reel, which will determine what and where it can be used. The most important aspect to consider is how the rod and reel feel in your hands, especially during the casting motions. If the gear is comfortable and convenient to use, it could become an expensive mistake.


» Check the information from past years

The process of finding the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing can be tedious, but this short paragraph is designed to provide the information you seek. We consulted a number of expert review sites for fishing gear as well as actual owner feedback, and this has led us to what most consumers consider the best one for sale on the market, the PENN Pursuit II. This rod-and-reel combo comes with high-quality components that make the product widely used all over the world. The rod has a graphite composite blank that provides a high sensitivity and durability, which make it suitable for different fishing applications. The graphite rod works nicely with the graphite reel seat for incredible sensitivity and reliable functionality. The combo package delivers smooth retrieves as well as effortless casting. As there’s a high likelihood that the PENN Pursuit II would run out of stock because of its immense popularity with buyers, you could buy the second best option, the Daiwa D-Wave.


3 Best Saltwater Rods and Reels (Reviews) in 2023


If you are seriously into saltwater fishing, you will need to obtain a good quality rod and reel to optimize your favorite pastime. However, with such a large number of available saltwater rods and reels on the market, finding a great pair might be the next impossible thing to rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. What do you really want to find in a good rod and reel for saltwater fishing?



1. Penn PURII 6000802MH Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo


Without question, the PENN Pursuit II is one of the most popular choices among consumers who want nothing less than genuine value for money. This package ships with a rod that features a graphite composite blank, which is a material recognized for its incredible sensitivity that provides a big advantage in numerous fishing conditions.

The tough graphite reel seat is durable and sensitive too as it enables you to detect even the gentlest nudges on the lure or bait by the playful fish. The strong and lightweight body of the reel seat facilitates effortless casting and unraveling of the fishing line from the spool to allow you to cast powerfully to a far distance so the lure or bait can be presented as naturally as possible.

The split structure of the EVA foam grip also supports the element of sensitivity that is critical in this kind of fishing equipment. Controlling the rod and reel will be trouble-free because of the split grip.


Engineered to provide dependable fish-fighting power, this option is suitable for anglers on a budget. You get a quality rod and reel in a single, pocket-friendly package.

There’s so much to love about the reel, starting with its tough construction. It features a graphite body that offers the right level of sensitivity for you to feel fish strikes.

In addition, the reel also comes with an aluminum side plate and a graphite rotor. Both components do not weigh down the reel significantly. They also support the need for a lightweight rig.

Thanks to the oiled felt drag system, casting and retrieves happen smoothly. No need to lubricate the setup at the onset because the gears move nicely together to deliver a flawless operation.

The lightweight yet ultra-sensitive rod comes with a graphite composite blank and graphite reel seats. The seats provide an effortless and secure attachment of the supplied reel or a compatible one of your choice.


Some customers got a poorly-packaged product with the tip broken, which could be due to lousy handling during shipping.





2. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo


The Daiwa D-Wave rod-and-reel combo is an expression of the brand’s commitment to total quality and reliable craftsmanship. The EVA foam grip is more durable than a cork handle. A cork handle cannot handle mistreatment and will chip and dent easily with abuse. The foam grip on the rod in the kit remains undamaged when mistreated.

The EVA handle is also quite easy to keep clean as you simply remove fish oils, protein, and slime from it using regular detergent. The stainless hooded reel seat provides a secure and stable hold on the fishing reel for a trouble-free performance. The aluminum oxide guides keep the line straight along the length of the rod for an efficient release every time.

The fishing reel comes with a state-of-the-art Gyro Spin balanced rotor that delivers a smooth performance every time. You can use less effort to reel the fish in and do retrieves quickly and with greater power every time. The smooth ball bearing drive also contributes to this while guaranteeing durability.


A two-piece rod is in the package. The fishing pole lets you store it easily. Carrying the rod to your fishing site is also not a problem because of its two-piece design.

Ideal for saltwater applications including fishing for redfish, stripers, baby Tarpon, and Snook, this fishing rig also works well for certain heavy freshwater applications.

Strength and sensitivity are both guaranteed by the full graphite blank construction. The blank construction enables you to feel even tentative bites on the lure in the water.

A smooth line flow is delivered thanks to the aluminum oxide guides. The buildup of friction is prevented efficiently between the rod and the line even with constant rubbing during a huge fight put up by the fish.

Corrosion is also kept at bay due to the hooded reel seats that shield the reel from the water. This will ensure that the sensitive components in the reel do not get soaked through.


Because the rod has a two-piece design, the junction might present a form of weakness if you are not too careful. One customer has also observed that the rod is a bit heavy.





3. Shimano IX SRS


The Shimano IX / SRS provides effortless casting so you will never go back to using a closed-face reel again. The EVA handle on the rod provides a great balance between comfort and control. It ensures easy maintenance by being easy to clean off of fish oils, protein, and slime that tend to collect on the handle when fishing.

The rod and reel promote silky-smooth casting and retrieves to help you enjoy seamless reel cranking when reeling the fish in. The graphite rod frame provides an awesome level of durability while being versatile enough to support a variety of line weights. You’ll love the graphite side plates, rotor, and spool that all deliver a lightweight strength.

Enjoy fast and easy casting with the Quick Fire II system on the reel. The rod and reel are rated for use with braided, fluoro, and monofilament lines for a remarkable versatility. The spinning rod provides an immense action and sensitivity for easy operations every time.


Quite easy to cast, this rod and reel combo performs better than a standard closed-face reel and a separately purchased rod.

On the fishing rod is an EVA handle that delivers a good balance of comfort and control. The grip provides a good level of durability. It is also easy to remove fish oil, protein, and slime that have accumulated on it. Just use regular detergent to scrub the collected dirt away.

Enjoy silky-smooth casting and retrieves from the supplied reel. The line won’t snap because friction and abrasion are prevented between it and the surface of the fishing rod.

Graphite is used on the reel frame, side plate, spool, and rotor. This means you have better sensitivity along with a lighter rig compared to non-graphite components.

The two-piece rod design offers an efficient means of storage and transport of the pole. You wouldn’t have to worry about going on a long trek to the fishing spot while lugging along a lengthy rod.


Some customers seem to love the fishing rod more than they love the accompanying reel.





Buying guide


The ultimate place to catch the big fish is in saltwater. Without a good quality rod and reel for saltwater fishing, all you might end up with is a cooler with ice water at the end of the day. Out of all the products on the market, how do you find the perfect one for your needs?

When looking at the featured products in the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing reviews, think about the type of fishing you’ll be doing

The reel design determines the suitable rod you have to get. Saltwater rods either have a baitcasting or a spinning design. In technical terms, rods can be further subdivided into surf casting, offshore, inshore, bottom fishing, and more.

A baitcasting reel is mounted atop a baitcasting rod via a reel seat. A trigger grip on the baitcasting rod enables you to secure the rod using a forefinger during the line casting and retrieval processes.

Mounted on a reel seat beneath the rod handle, a spinning reel doesn’t have a trigger grip and instead features a reel shank held between the fingers of the rod hand. The line guides are found on the bottom aspect of the fishing rod at uniform intervals for the even distribution of the stress along the length of the rod blank.

The rod handle helps keep the weight balanced along the rod and is thus a critical part of the overall design. This component also delivers a longer pivot to enable you to dominate during a battle with the fish.

Both the method of fishing and the targeted species are vital aspects to think about in the choice of a rod and reel for saltwater fishing.


The best saltwater rod and reel are made of the finest quality materials

Both the saltwater rod and the reel can be made of different materials. Modern rods are constructed of either graphite or fiberglass while a number of products use a composite or combination of both.

Graphite rods have undergone high refining to produce amazing quality products. A graphite rod is highly sensitive and has greater flexibility and a lighter design aside from being more durable compared to older versions.

Fiberglass has long been used in the manufacture of fishing rods. Fiberglass rods feature high durability but don’t do very well in the sensitivity, weight, and flexibility aspects as against graphite. That said, fiberglass rods are cheaper than graphite ones and can virtually last forever.

Composite rods have a moderately effective design that makes them last for quite a long time. They are infused with the characteristics of the two materials while having a moderate performance and price.

The best rod and reel combo for the money has the best features

On baitcasting rods, the most widely used and shortest type of handle is the pistol grip, which is usually found on inshore and freshwater rods. A longer handle is commonly found on saltwater rods, especially the spinning models. This kind of grip functions as a fighting butt and makes two-handed casts possible.

The traditional handle material is cork, which looks good and handles well. The best quality grips are the Portuguese cork ones. Some anglers prefer EVA foam grips thanks to their durability. A blank-through-handle is the most popular and most sensitive rod style nowadays. This is a more robust type of grip with extreme sensitivity since the blank is mounted along the entire rod length.

The line guides can be made of metal, ceramic, and plastic and in either single-foot or double-foot configurations. With more guides, there is a consistent distribution of the weight along the rod.

The gear ratio is also another crucial element as it denotes the speed of retrieval and the amount of pressure that can be applied during a battle with the fish. While lower gear ratios deliver greater power, they tend to reel in the line less quickly. The ball bearings of the reel provide an element of durability and their number influences the smoothness of each retrieve.

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