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Best Saltwater Fishing Sunglasses

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Saltwater fishing sunglasses – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Fishing is undoubtedly a relaxing and rewarding leisure activity whether you choose to do it alone or in the company of your best friends and family members. However, if you plan on fishing good, you will require plenty of resources in order to buy high-quality equipment and accessories. One item you must never forget during your fishing trips is a good pair of saltwater fishing sunglasses. If you have a hard time finding the right pair, we did the preliminary research for you and concluded that the Under Armour Big Shot sunglasses is one of the best items on the market. The sunglasses come in two different color options, feature plastic frames and lenses for a ultralight design, and are polarized, providing 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. If this pair of Under Armour sunglasses is not available for purchase, you should also consider the Costa del Mar FA 11 OBMP sunglasses as a viable alternative.



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3 Best Saltwater Fishing Sunglasses (Reviews) in 2023


Because selecting the right pair of fishing sunglasses is not an easy task, we have created our own list of top choices you should definitely take into consideration.



1. Under Armour Men’s Big Shot Mirror Sunglasses Polarized Rectangular


Under Armour is one of the largest clothing companies providing sports clothes and accessories for all types of sports and leisure activities. Their products are known for being of superior quality, and this pair of sunglasses makes no exception.

These sunglasses are designed explicitly for multi-sport athletes and a wide range of leisure activities. Thanks to their unisex and classic shape they can be easily worn on different occasions, from running marathons to getting tanned on the beach or fishing.  You can buy them in two different colors to match your style perfectly, and both colors come with 100% polarized lenses.

The plastic frame and plastic lenses are used to create a unitary, lightweight design that will match your face shape and help you keep them on all day long. Thanks to the special protective coating, these sunglasses will provide full protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC sunrays. In addition, the polarized lenses will offer a clear vision and controlled color retention. The sunglasses use a special UA storm technology coating to fight against a series of external factors such as grease, mud, dirt, and salt water. The product is shipped in a branded case for protection.

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2. Costa del Mar Unisex-Adult Fathom FA 11 OBMP Polarized Iridium Oval


Made in the United States using top-quality materials, this pair of sunglasses will become your favorite accessory during your following fishing trips. The frame and lenses are made from plastic to provide an aerodynamic and lightweight design. The lenses use a polarized iridium coating to provide 100% UV protection.

The design of these Costa sunglasses is also extremely well-done, including matte black frames and blue polarized lenses. If you plan on spending time on the water, this pair of sunglasses is a must. Keep in mind that a good pair of sunglasses should not only provide protection against the sun rays but also fight against sun ray water reflexions which can be extremely damaging to your eyes.

Most of the customers who purchased the product claimed it is one of the best choices if you are into water activities and fishing as they will stay close to your eyes and won’t tire your eyes even after long hours of wearing them. Also, verified customers also said that the lenses on these sunglasses are of top quality and will last for a long period of time, and even resist scratches and shocks.

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3. Calcutta Rip Tide


If you cannot get rid of your personal style even while fishing, you will definitely require a pair of sunglasses with a trendy shape. The classic, yet always stylish wayfarers were first introduced on the market a few decades ago, and have become a worldwide favorite ever since. The Calcutta Rip Tides present you with the same design, enriched with multicolored fully polarized lenses.

The sunglasses provide 100% UV protection thanks to the 1 mm triacetate polarized lenses f superior quality. The fade-resistant frames will ensure you use this pair for a prolonged period of time from now one. Furthermore, the integrated hinge will also help you keep these sunglasses in one piece for many years.

What we like about these sunglasses, apart from the cool and actual design, is the great selling price. Although a branded pair of sunglasses can cost up to several hundreds of dollars, these ones will not make a hole in your budget, but you will still be able to enjoy top quality.

Most of the customers who bought this product were pleased with the price-quality ratio, saying it is a great pair to wear on all outdoor water activities. They won’t reflect the light in the water and will provide a comfortable wear all day long.

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Buying guide


Finding the best saltwater fishing sunglasses could prove like a difficult task, especially if you’re on a tighter budget or lack time to wander through stores by yourself. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of features you should take into consideration when buying some good sunglasses for fishing.


The first and most important feature of the best fishing sunglasses is the protection they are able to provide you through the lenses. If you want a type of sunglasses that will stick all day long and provide you full protection against the harmful sun rays, the best design is the wrap-around one. These sunglasses usually feature a string or rubber string attached to the sunglasses that you can fix on your head to keep your eyes protected and not fear the sunglasses will fall off your face.

This type of design is perfect for avid fishermen who require both hands for handling fish and baits and don’t have enough time for thinking about the sunglasses they wear. However, most wrap-around sunglasses only cover the eye area, and you may want to choose a wider fit to provide protection for a larger portion of your face.


Polarized lenses

This is a must in all saltwater fishing sunglasses because this is the feature that will actually protect your eyes from the harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, as well as from their reflection into the water. However, the color of the lenses varies depending on your needs.

Most saltwater sunglasses available for sale come with blue/ green lenses that will provide great flare reduction even on bright weather conditions and extremely sunny days. These lenses will provide the best contrast and colors, and are extremely suitable for deep saltwater fishing.

Gray lenses are suitable for glare reduction in direct sunlight while keeping color distortion to a minimum level. On the other hand, yellow lenses will limit the blue light but won’t provide too many options when it comes to color separation. However, they are extremely useful during foggy mornings or twilight.


Comfort and style

Last but not least, don’t forget about the added comfort and style of these accessories. When it comes to comfort, we suggest paying close attention to the size of the sunglasses, and not rest until finding the right shape and size to match your face. Sunglasses should fit perfectly under the sunhat and should be comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

As for style, we suggest opting for classic types like aviators or wayfarers which also look great on almost all face sizes and shapes.




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