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Best Small Fishing Reel

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Small fishing reels – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want the best small fishing reel but you think there’s no time to read the buying advice and reviews we’ve prepared for you, you can find out what you need just by going through this short paragraph. We’ve filtered plenty of feedback from amateur and professional fishermen and the conclusion that arises is that the Abu Garcia Revo SX is the best. This reel has the compact, low profile and comfortable design that fits the description of an ultra-light fishing gear. But it also has gear and frame materials for superior strength and durability, the C6 carbon and X2-Craftic. It enables fishers with great casting control and reaches outstanding performance with its high-end systems, like the MagTrax brake system and  Carbon Matrix drag. If the Abu Garcia Revo SX is unavailable, you should consider the KastKing Summer Centron as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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3 Best Small Fishing Reels (Reviews) in 2023


The offer is overwhelming, so we had to make a sharp selection of what we considered top-notch in the ultra-light reel section. The products on the short list are showcased below.



1. Abu Garcia Revo S Low Profile Reel – Black/White


This reel uses cutting-edge features and offers ultra-responsive performance. Its manufacturers are proud of its exceptional castability and smooth drag.  

The product uses a compact frame, an improved version of the previous Revo model, that’s that’s 25% lighter. The lighter frame is a consequence of the X2-Craftic alloy usage, a light, corrosion resistant composition.

For more strength and endurance in tough conditions, is uses a D2 Gear Design, which enhances gear efficiency. The C6 carbon handle sideplate is both strong and sensitive, allowing the user to sense even the smallest bites.

The casting reel also brings you the advantage of accurate cast control. Using the MagTrax brake system, Abu Garcia found the ideal solution for a  wide range of casting conditions.

Fishermen can enjoy smooth cranking and a comfortable feel thanks to the compact bent handle and flat handle knobs. In addition, reducing friction and improving durability, the model sports titanium-coated line guides.  

Specific to this brand, the Carbon Matrix drag system allows low-friction performance. It’s meant to minimize possible line breakage leading to a better catch rate.


Using high-end materials and innovative systems is a bold and efficient decision. Abu Garcia promotes better materials for lightweight and strength, such as the X2-Craftic alloy or C6 carbon fibers.  

It proves exceptional strength and durability. Owners have pushed its limits by using it for hundreds of times a day and for many seasons, without breaking it.

Thanks to the MagTrax brake system, cast control is excellent. MagTrax can handle a wide range of techniques and lure sizes. By applying constant pressure it provides longer range casts and more precision.

Abu Garcia Revo SX stands out because of its low profile design. The recessed reel foot, compact handle and star wheel are making it more comfortable to use and better suited for grip and pole attachment.


Some of the complaints from customers concern an unreceptive thumb bar or retrieve gear, after years of use.

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2. KastKing Summer Spinning Reel


KastKing Summer Centron is a well-appreciated spinning reel that has a variety of quality features and offers great value for a low price.

This fishing tool has a superior drag system that is capable of incredible stopping power. It has a 20 lbs limit and gets the job done by relying on the hardened metal main shaft, mesh drive gear and machined pinion gear. For enhanced fish fighting force the reel also gathers power from its frame and spool.

The spool, CNC machined, has an additional power launch lip that helps fishers get a longer cast it and holds more line than other similar models. The internal grooves are used for lube retention.  

The 9+1 quality ball bearings, as well as the instant stop one-way anti-reverse, make it a truly smooth fishing gear. It’s also a well-balanced one since it underwent computer balancing.


This item has strong and durable components. The frame is made of corrosion resistant graphite, the aluminum spool is anodized and harbors shielded bearings and alloy drive gear.

It’s also got smooth operation. Thanks to the 9+1 ball bearings and instant anti-reverse, the reel is capable of great performance.

The small reel is lightweight and ideal for casting and maneuvering. It only weighs 8.9 oz as the machined aluminum spool, mesh gear and graphite frame have reduced weight considerably.

You can cast better and with less effort. Besides the compact design, the launch lip is specifically conceived to give your cast more power and precision.

The KastKing Summer Centron reel has an attractive finish. With its small size and two-colored spools, it makes an impression.


The line capacity specifications seem to be off.

The bail doesn’t always flip correctly and the line tangles on the reel.

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3. Goture Spinning Fishing Reel Metal Spool


The Pisfun Metal Spool has integrated good quality components, such as a rugged graphite frame and rotor as well as a lightweight double-anodized aluminum spool.

To make the multi-disk drag system more efficient, the manufacturers considered that Japanese oiled felt drag washers would be their best choice.

To add even more smoothness to the gear and give it faster operation, the product employs 6 ball bearings and one quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing.

The construction and materials were chosen to handle corrosion as best as possible, especially since it is labeled capable to operate on freshwater and saltwater.

Simple, small-size design makes this reel recommendable for kids and teens. It would make a nice gift and a good opportunity to make their acquaintance with a spinning reel.


The components of the Pisfun Metal Spool are of good quality. The graphite and metal elements, as well as the inner gears, are up to par.

It works really smooth. Thanks to the proper build and assembly, you’ll reel in the fish like you would with any other high-end fishing reel.  

It looks smart. Designers gave this low-budget reel both the functionality and nice looks of a top reel.

This is a reliable piece of gear. Most customers were satisfied with the purchase and confess it has exceeded their expectations.

The Pisfun Metal Spool is one of the most affordable investments in an ultra-light spinning fishing reels that you can make. Instead of choosing the brand, you can go for simplicity and quality.


It should be kept dry, otherwise, the components will not last long in a corrosive environment.

Some customers complained about the anti-reverse functionality.

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Buying Guide

If you’re confused about selecting the right reel model for the season, then we can give you some tips on how to choose it. We’ve read the best small fishing reel reviews and we’re up to date with the latest trends, so we can show you the way.


Different brands and models use various materials for the reel body. Most of them use aluminum or graphite. Aluminum is stronger, especially when it’s CNC machined. Die cast is more brittle and exposed to cracks. Graphite, instead, is used because it’s lighter.

Also, most manufacturers prefer graphite when the reel is destined for saltwater because it has better corrosion resistance. Freshwater reels are more often made of aluminum.

Other materials can be used for the construction, many of them are the results of technological advancement. Some use resins, nylon or hybrid graphite compositions.  


Drag system

The drag system is one of the most important features in a reel. It applies pressure on the line just in the right amount as stop a fish once it’s hooked without breaking the line.

If you choose a spinning reel, you can select one of the two styles, the rear or front drag. Small fishing reels for sale are provided with a rear drag most of the times. For overhead, trolling and baitcasting reels, the drag system is either a lever or a star drag.


Gear ratio

There are slow, medium and fast gear ratios. The 5.1 to 1 or lower ratio is considered slow, while 6.1 to 1 is medium and 7.1 is fast.

Choosing the right ratio is mostly dependant on the type of technique and bait. But you have to consider the fact that in light and ultra-light reels the inches per crank are significantly fewer than in heavy duty reels with large spools and long cranks.  



Most fishers are in search of the best small spinning reel because spinners are the natural choice for smaller, freshwater fish.

Small spinning reels provide efficient casting with light lures, they give you a guiding system with its open spool and have great flexibility and portability.

Light baitcasting reels carry some advantages, like better accuracy, control, and power. But even if you choose the best small baitcasting reel, you’ll still have to deal with various problems.

You’ll usually spend more money on the lines and more time on fixing birds nests. It’s also a problem to cast low-weight lures or cast against the wind.

It takes longer to learn how to use a baitcaster, and even then you’ll experience difficulties in handling the reel. You should also consider the lack of sensitivity and flexibility.



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