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Best Soft Tackle Box

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Soft Tackle Boxes – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re looking for a fast way to find the best soft tackle box without having to go through each and every option available for sale, the following paragraph will give you a hand. After doing our research, we have come to the conclusion that the option you should consider is the Okeechobee Fats T1200. This model is made out of water-resistant polyester and offers a lightweight design that will allow to carry it with you at all times. You also get eight large utility boxes for you to store the tools and gear you need to up your fishing game. What’s more, the neoprene wrap handle is durable enough to withstand the weight of the box, and it offers a perfect grip even when your hands are wet. In the unfortunate event that the Okeechobee Fats T1200 is unavailable, we recommend you consider the Spiderwire Wolf as your second-best option


3 Best Soft Tackle Boxes (Reviews) in 2023


If you’ve done your research, but if you’re having troubles finding the perfect model for your needs, you should take a quick look at our selection below. To provide you with only the best models, we inspected the market by looking at some of the best reviews of soft tackle boxes and by carefully comparing the quality, durability, and affordability of each option.


1. Okeechobee Fats T1200 Tackle Bag


If you want a spacious product to help you store all your fishing items and if you require that product also to be lightweight enough so as not to make carrying it a chore, the Okeechobee Fats T1200 is the model that meets those requirements. The eight large utility boxes will offer enough space for even the more demanding anglers that have a large collection of gear that they need to store and transport.

With a body that is constructed out of heavy-duty polyester, the Okeechobee Fats T1200 is built to last and to handle a wide variety of uses. It can handle many environments, and due to the lightweight design, you will find much easier to transport this option. All the compartments are well-organized which will save you a lot of time when it comes to selecting a tool from this bag.

The access to each compartment is done with the help of easy to use zippers that are designed for heavy usage. To make things even better, this model employs a water-resistant fabric which will enable you to use it in any conceivable environment, and also use it on your boat without fearing that water might damage it or get to your tools.



This Okeechobee unit is one that allows you to carry all the fishing items you need, but without being too heavy.

Thanks to the large utility boxes included, enough space is offered even for demanding anglers, so there’s nothing you need to worry about, especially when it comes to organizing your gear. 

The product is made of high-quality polyester and this allows it to withstand the test of time, so you won’t need a new soft tackle box anytime soon.

The zippers are specially designed for heavy-duty use, while all of the items inside are protected thanks to the water-resistant fabric.



In one case, the T1200 was delivered with a broken tackle tray, but if this happens, the seller can provide the necessary assistance. 

The materials used for reinforcements and straps are not made of UV protected materials, which means that if they are exposed to the sun for long enough, their colors might fade away


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2. Spiderwire Fellowes Neato Lbl Kit


The Spiderwire Wolf is a model designed to make any fishing day a successful one due to the way in which it focuses on practicality by offering a straightforward construction specifically built to cater to anglers. This option comes with two removable dispensers that allow you to store up to 4 different line sizes.

You also get two front tool holsters where you can attach the tools that you always need to have at hand. Apart from that, you also get numerous compartments that are situated both on the inside of the bag as well as on the outside.

With the help of these numerous compartments you will be able to store all your crucial tools and gear as well as items such as a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and snacks to give you energy for a long day of fishing.

The rugged 1680 denier materials make out of the Spiderwire Wolf a product that can really take a beating. You can use it when it’s raining, near a lake and even on your boat. To add to the durability of this option, you also get high-quality zippers, latches, and buckles which will make this product last you for years to come.



Thanks to the removable dispensers included in this unit, the user can store up to 4 different large tackle boxes inside, so that everything gets organized within the bag.

Besides all the important gear that you can store in this unit, you can also place bottles of water and snacks to keep you energized throughout the day.

Thanks to the 1680D material used for this bag’s construction, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to its durability. 

Two front pockets enable the user to keep the most important items within reach, while everything within is protected thanks to the waterproof and skid-resistant base.



In some cases, the bag creaked when it was carried, so keep this in mind if you need to move silently around nature.

One previous buyer stated that the strap broke rather quickly, but if that’s the case, the seller’s customer support can help with assistance


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3. Ready 2 Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag


If you’re looking for an affordable option that offers great quality, a lot of storage space and durable construction, the Ready 2 Fish R2F-SSTB is the product you should consider. This model is a premier multi-function fishing bag that offers a padded and adjustable shoulder strap that will make transporting this bag an effortless task. 

The shoulder strap will distribute the weight of the bag evenly, even when it’s jam-packed with tools so that you don’t tire or bruise yourself. The Ready 2 Fish R2F-SSTB has multiple storage compartments, including eight external accessory pockets so that you can have all your collection of tool ready to use at a moment’s notice

What’s great about this model is that it uses fabric that is not only durable and built to withstand usage in extreme condition but also waterproof and weather-resistant. This means that you can forget ever fearing that the weather or water would damage your new bag and the tools that it contains.

You also get specials compartments to organize your hooks and lures. The exterior and interior are easy-to-clean, and the interior is also leak-proof and features a map pocket that you can use to keep your maps dry.



This multi-function fishing bag features an adjustable and padded shoulder strap which makes things a lot easier when it comes to carrying it around.

Thanks to the multiple storage compartments, you can organize all of your tools, while eight different external compartments allow you to keep all the necessary accessories within reach. 

The fabric used for this bag can withstand rough conditions, but it’s also waterproof, as well as weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry that the items inside are not protected.

Special compartments for hooks and lures are included as well, making this model an ideal one for anglers of any level of experience



Some users found the R2F-SSTB model to be a bit small, so make sure that its size is just what you need before placing your order.

The zippers failed in the case of one user, but this also depends on how they are being used.


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Buying guide


Finding a good tackle box can be a daunting task with the incredibly large amount of options available on the market. If you want to find the best product fast without having to sacrifice on quality, you need to be aware of the features that each option offers. You then should try and identify the ones that coincide with your requirements.

To make things easier for you we have gone through some of the most popular soft tackle box reviews (or maybe a hard tackle box will fit you better?) in order to pinpoint the features that customer love the most. Read our buyer’s guide for more details on how to select the highest-quality product

Storage capacity

When buying a tackle box the one factor that you should consider the most is the storage capacity that it offers. Your ideal model should have enough space to accommodate all your tools and gear while also offering enough extra-space for any future purchases. This way you can make sure that the product you bought is future proof.

Similarly, you should also make sure that the compartments that it offers are placed in a coherent and easy to use way. The best options use dedicated compartments for lures, hooks, fishing line and other essential fishing tackle. This way you will be able to organize your storage space in an efficient and smart way.



No matter how many features your option has, they don’t count for much unless you pick a model that can withstand the heavy usage and varied conditions that anglers may find themselves in. It is important that your option can last you for a long time since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that can break easily.

Waterproofness is another features that can improve the durability of your purchase. A waterproof or water resistant soft tackle box is a must since when fishing it is impossible not to get yourself and everything surrounding you wet. You should get a product that can keep your fishing tackle dry and protected.


A lightweight design

Last but certainly not least, when looking for a soft tackle box you should try and find an alternative that features a lightweight design. This will help you in transporting your bag and if you’re looking for a portable alternative, then a lightweight product should be one of your primary concerns

You shouldn’t worry that a lightweight fabric will not offer a good protection as the best alternatives nowadays are constructed out of light yet durable fabrics that offer similar protection to that of the heavier models.






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