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Best Spinnerbait Rod

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Spinnerbait rods – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


The time to read reviews and ratings about the best spinnerbait rods is seldom a luxury for serious anglers and we understand that; that’s why we’ve designed this short paragraph to provide the needed information in a concise manner. After comparing some of the market’s popular products, we have found what we consider a good option, the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese. This product provides dependable strength, weight reduction, and sensitivity that spin anglers need, thanks to the S-Curve blank construction. The iconic S-Curve technology comprises a crack-resistant layer, a cushion break, a reinforced layer, and a tensile and comprehensive breaking strength layer, all working together to make a rod with dependably robust craftsmanship and performance. The split-handle design minimizes the rod weight while providing better balance than a continuous rod style. You get a sure grip and nice feel thanks to the molded rubber handles. Should the immense popularity of the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese WMESRSH611S1-P make stocks unavailable, you can confidently grab the second best option, the G. Loomis IMX 813C SBR.



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3 Best Spinnerbait Rods (Reviews) in 2023


We acknowledge how difficult it can be to find the best spinnerbait rod so we created our own list of the market’s most popular options according to consumer ratings. They are described below.


1. Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Spinner Rod


The Wright and McGill Skeet Reese offers power and action to get you whistling on your way home. It is a one-piece, 6-foot, 11-inch rod that supports lure weights of ⅛ to ½ ounces, along with 6 to 15-pound line weights. Suitable for spinning, this model offers medium power and fast action, giving you a lot of opportunities to land the fish.

Because the rod bends on the mid-third section, you can put up as huge a fight as the fish in the water when it struggles against being landed. Because of the fast action, you can have more capability to pull tight without the rod suddenly breaking into pieces because the rod is rigid enough to withstand the force exerted by the fish while still giving you control.

This option leverages the exclusive S-Curve technology that sets the brand apart in the market This revolutionary system comprises a cushion break, a crack-resistant layer, a reinforced layer, and a tensile and compressive breaking strength layer.


With the S-Curve Technology, this rod offers four different layers that support the need for sensitivity, lifting power, strength, and weight reduction. All the layers are concentrated on the handle to support the entire rod.

Thanks to its 6-foot, 11-inch length, this rod offers just the right dimensions for the average-sized angler to use successfully.

Because it is constructed as a one-piece pole, this model comes with no joinery points that could only serve as weaknesses or that could fail with the application or lack of pressure.

This model is designed with a split handle to minimize its weight and improve its balance, for trouble-free casting and retrieves.

Get a sure grip via the molded rubber handles. Durability and performance are guaranteed by the large fighting butt. Enjoy improved casting distance and reduced weight with the zirconium guides.


A happy customer noted that the pair that was shipped to them had cosmetic blemishes. The buyer doesn’t think the blemishes would affect the performance of the rods.

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2. G. Loomis IMX Spinnerbait Bass Casting Rod IMX 813C SBR


Lauded as a good option when it comes to all-around performance, the G. Loomis IMX 813C SBR makes a nice addition to your spinnerbait gear collection. This rod features a medium power rating that delivers a suitable amount of capability to fish with midrange spinnerbaits. This gives you plenty of options on the market for your tackle.

You get extra sensitivity owing to the Extra Fast Action of the rod. There is greater control with every cast. It enables you to fling the lure exactly where you want it and it will land on target. Nevertheless, you still maintain control to land a large bass.

This model supports lure weights between ⅜ and ½ ounce and line weights of 10 to 17 test pound. At 6 feet 9 inches, this option has just enough length to provide the fishing needs of the average-size angler.

Truly efficient when the going gets tough, this fishing pole allows you to construct a rig with a slightly stiffer feel, thanks to the great balance of sensitivity, lightweight design, and power.


Designed for lure weights of ⅜ to ½ oz and line weights of 10 to 17 test pound, this fishing rod could land you the bass catch of the season with its dependable bass casting performance.

This Extra Fast action rod provides improved control with every cast. You can throw the lure at the exact spot and still be able to land a big bass when the going gets tough.

The Medium Power rating allows you to fish with midrange spinnerbaits at your option. There is more than enough to choose from on the market when it comes to the tackle you could use.

With this fishing pole, you could even go after the fish hiding in tight cover and hugging the bottom. It enables the lure to go as deep as that.

Because the real flex commences at a point around 4 inches from the tiptop, you get a stiffer feel that creates a special action. This enables you to shake the lure without too much movement involved.


While the Extra-Fast Action delivers better casting control, beginner anglers may find the rod a bit overwhelming for them.

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3. Ardent Denny Brauer Spinnerbait Fishing Rod


Affordable but not that cheap to be of flimsy structure, the Ardent Denny Brauer provides avid baitcasters a good option to enjoy fishing with midrange lures. This Medium Heavy Power-rated rod comes with Fast Action, giving you plenty of options on the tackle that can be used and the fishing techniques you can employ.

At 7 feet 2 inches, this has got to be one of the longer spinnerbait rods available but it offers easy control and manipulation because of its power and action ratings. It has a rigid enough feel without compromising on sensitivity. Its strength is what you would expect from your fishing rig.

The extra length provides that extra launching power to hurl your lure where you want it and where the fish are sure to find it. Great as an all-around spinnerbait fishing pole, it comes with an IM8 graphite construction for strength and sensitivity while being lightweight. The Fuji Aluminum Oxide line guides protect from friction buildup between the rod and the line to prevent breakage and knotting.


Smart and modern-looking with its blue and black combination of lines, this fishing rod measures 7 feet 2 inches and is designed to be easy to control.

Because of the added length, this rod lets you cast as far as you want to get the lure right on the spot where the fish will eagerly take it.

With the high-performance cork split grips, you enjoy an effortless rod control, a balanced feel, and greater sensitivity for the transmission of vibrations to your hand.

The Fuji aluminum oxide line guides ensure a smooth flow of fishing line along the body of the rod. This prevents tangling and friction to protect the line from snapping or getting knotted.

Thanks to the IM8 construction of the rod, you can expect a good balance of sensitivity and light weight along with durability.  


Some customers might prefer to have a different color combination other than the blue-and-black combination of the rod.

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Buying guide


Given the large variety of choices on spinnerbait rods on the market, it can be difficult to find what works best for your needs. To help you bag a good product, take note of the following aspects when studying the options for sale.


The extent of flexion from the tip that the rod exhibits is denoted as its action rating. This aspect influences the casting distance along with the sensitivity of the rod. Selecting the right action for your purpose depends on the type of fishing hook you intend to utilize.

Thus, if you go for treble hooks that use crankbaits, a slower action rod is an ideal option as it will provide greater control over the fish. On the other hand, the best rod for spinnerbait with single hooks is rated with fast to extra-fast action.

The power of the rod for casting and fighting bass is balanced by its action. The action determines how sensitive the tip is, how the rod casts, as well as the speed at which it channels the hook set to the bait where it is at the end of the line.

Lighter baits can be cast using a slower and lighter action. A faster and heavier action is ideal for heavier lures.



To this time, there are no hard-and-fast rules on the ideal length of a spinnerbait rod. That said, a few elements are worth taking note of in terms of weight. For greater casting accuracy and control, a shorter rod will work well. In comparison, if you want to cast farther, a longer rod should do the trick. The extra length also provides a bit more power compared to shorter rods.

The bottom line is that you have to choose a length that you are comfortable with and that matches your angling/casting capabilities, as well as your personal needs.


The power rating of any rod in the best spinnerbait rod reviews should be considered not only in terms of its ability for hook setting but also in its capacity to protect the oral tissues of the fish from getting injured should you need to rip the hook out. A good point to start would be medium to medium-heavy power.

This rating provides considerable hook setting ability and also allows you to haul the fish from cover.

Do remember that the proper power rating depends on the lure weight. Therefore, a heavier lure requires a rod with greater power levels. A medium power rod is fine for lighter lures.



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