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Best Spinning Rod and Reel Combo for Under $100

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Spinning combos under $100 – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


Are you interested in getting the best spinning rod and reel combo for under 100, but don’t know where to look? You only need to read this short paragraph, and you will have all the information you need for an informed decision. Our research team evaluated sales figures, expert opinions, and customers’ feedback, and found the Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo to be the number one combo you should try. A compact model, at only 30 inches, it is easy to carry around, no matter where you choose to travel on your fishing trips. Because it comes pre-spooled with 6-pound line, it is an excellent choice for someone looking for a setup that is ready to fish. You can easily switch from left to right hand retrieve, something that comes in handy for anyone. Should this model be out of stock, we highly recommend the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2, a reliable alternative that will give excellent value for the price.


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10 Best Spinning Combos Under $100 (Reviews) in 2023


The right spinning rod and reel combo can turn any bass or saltwater fishing trip into a success, and it is possible to find these setups at an affordable price. While we can’t choose the right gear for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best spinning rod and reel combos under $100 showcased below.



1. Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo 


For the price, this reel and rod combo offers excellent value and even something on top of that. Take a look first at the Z-Glass rod. It is lightweight, sensitive enough for you to sense the fish when they start to bite, and quite durable for its price range. The explanation lies with the solid core construction that makes it sturdy and the 30-inch length that keeps it compact and easy to maneuver.

You will get 135 yards of 6-pound monofilament line that will let you start fishing right away. It comes pre-spooled, too, so anglers who want a ready to fish combo will surely get it. Several details make this combo such a great option.

For instance, the EVA handle is comfortable and will allow you to cast your line often without experiencing the usual fatigue. The ball bearing drive on the reel makes it work smoothly while changing the retrieve for left-handed or right-handed operation is a breeze.


Because of its particular design with a solid core, the rod is sturdier than you might expect for the price, and you will get excellent value for your money.

The EVA handle is one of the great things about this model, as it will allow you to hold the combo comfortably and for a long time.

Changing the setup for left hand or right-hand retrieve is a significant advantage when you take this combo for your kids.

It is also lightweight, at only 30 inches, and made from Z-Glass; such characteristics contribute to its overall comfort of use.

The ball bearing drive is an essential factor in the smooth operation of the reel.


It’s a good thing that the manufacturer thought about offering a monofilament line with the package, but the issue is its quality, subpar when compared to the rod and reel.

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2. Shakespeare USSP661MH 40CBO Ugly Stik GX2


If you are looking for the best spinning rod and reel combo for bass fishing, you might want to consider this affordable setup by Shakespeare. It comes with the popular GX2 Ugly Stik, which is a favorite with experienced anglers and bass fishermen.

The one piece rod is designed to be durable, sensitive and lightweight, thanks to its graphite and fiberglass construction. It is also rated for ultralight power so you can enjoy plenty of control when you cast.

The combo also comes with a lightweight and sturdy spinning reel that is designed to provide you with an exceptional performance.

With 4 ball bearings and a gear ratio of 5.2:1 you can enjoy reliably smooth casts and retrievals.


You can make a nice cast at any distance, far or near, and that is a performance you can’t easily ignore.

The sturdy rod is made with graphite and fiberglass by using a special technology. That makes it capable of managing just about anything in the range of your line and reel capacity, and you can enjoy it time and again, without fear of breaking it.  

The combo isn’t just for beginners. Due to its true qualities, veteran fishermen will love it just as much. This type of adaptability makes the combo a worthy acquisition.

Reeling in is extremely easy and having access to the drag while doing that is as good as it sounds.


It seems that there’s a slight risk the reel isn’t well put together, or the screws are poorly tightened, and that means you’ll have to make a quality control check by yourself, to make sure.

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3. Okuma ROX Spinning Combo


The ROX is an affordable saltwater spinning rod and reel combo that can also be used in freshwater applications. Its versatility makes it an excellent value for your money, especially since this combo is already priced under $100.

The graphite spinning rod is durable and lightweight, and since it is rated for medium action you have the power you need to successfully land heavier fish.

The stainless steel guides allow your line to flow freely, and they are resistant to corrosion due to saltwater exposure. You will also appreciate the EVA fore grips and cork rear grips that  ensure that the rod is comfortable to hold without adding any extra weight.

The rod is paired with a lightweight spinning reel that is designed to provide your with a smooth and reliable performance thanks to the multiple disc drag system and two stainless steel ball bearings.


Versatility is one of the things you’ll get to notice. This is the perfect fit for bass fishing that fishermen are searching high and low, but it’s not dedicated. You won’t be disappointed when you go for rainbow trout or catfish either.

Integrating a very sensitive rod in an inexpensive combo, the producers have taken the customers by surprise. That’s a nice touch and surely a way to have successful fishing trips.

It’s pre-spooled, so you can take it fishing from the day it arrives. That’s convenient for beginners and a time saver for everyone.  

This combo is one of the most inexpensive you can find on the market right now, and that should definitely keep it on your list, too.

The stainless steel guides that won’t corrode are a good idea as some will prefer taking it to the ocean.


The pole is mostly designed for lighter action, so you could have difficulties when you catch bigger fish.

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4. Shakespeare Amphibian Spinning Combo 


Shakespeare is a company with a long-standing tradition in making fishing gear, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also offer some cheap alternatives to their most expensive combos. If you have kids and they pester you about teaching them how to fish, this setup is an excellent choice. The spinning rod is made from tubular glass and comes in bright colors that the kids will love.

Equipped with EVA split grips, it is comfortable to hold, and that will help tremendously a novice who wants to get the hang out of this pastime. When cast, the action is smooth, which means that the reel is of decent quality.

Switching the retrieve from left to right is easy, so people who use a different dominant hand will find it easy to adjust for their needs. Lightweight and compact, it is a recommended choice for a young angler.


Available in blue, orange, and pink, this combo is an excellent gift for a young angler who wants to try his or her hand at fishing.

You will notice that the combo is lightweight and that even a child will be able to manipulate it without any issues.

One great plus is the presence of EVA split grips that make using the combo a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Swiveling the reel to suit a left-handed or right-handed person is done without a glitch so that more than one person can use it.

It comes pre-spooled with 6-pound line, which means that it is a ready to fish combo ideal for beginners.


The reel usually offers smooth casting, but don’t expect it to be of the same quality as what you typically find on more expensive combos; that said, it might tangle your line once in a while.

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5. Daiwa 942062-SSI Minispin System Travel Kit


Created for fishermen on the move, this smart and compact tackle setup arrives in its own travel-ready and very small hard case. It is the perfect choice for backpacking, stowing in luggage, or just keeping handy under your seat. 

The ultralightweight MS-S500T reel comes with a smooth ball bearing drive and a multi-disc drive. Furthermore, it has a 5.1:1 gear ratio and features GyroSpin balancing as well as Twist Buster line twist reduction.

Daiwa’s Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo also comes with a matching 4.5-foot, five-piece rod that is extremely lightweight. It was designed for two to six-pound test lines and 0.0625 to 0.25-ounce lures as well. 

Another thing you might like about this combo is that the case has built-in tackle compartments which will protect all the components better. If you decide to go for this model, you should know that the purchase also includes a limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

In case you want to make a better idea about the product’s dimensions, the hard case measures 14 inches by 7.5 inches, which is small enough to fit even in a motorcycle saddlebag. What is more, the fishing tool can be easily used by both right and left-handed anglers.


This fishing rod and reel combo includes an ultra-lightweight reel with a fine ball bearing drive. The gear ratio is 5.1:1 and it also features a GyroSpin balancing, Twist Buster line twist reduction.

You will certainly also appreciate the five-piece ultralight rod which is 4.5 feet when assembled. This tool was created for 0.0625 to 0.25-ounce lures and 2 to 6-pound test lines.

This combo comes in its own ultra-compact hard case. Moreover, the box includes built-in tackle compartments which keep your fishing tools safe when you are not using them.

What is more, the case is small enough to fit in your luggage, backpack, under your car seat, and even in your motorcycle’s saddlebag.

If you are always on the move and want your fishing gear at hand and ready to use at all times, this combo is a perfect choice.


If you want to fit other fishing accessories in the case, you might not have room for everything.

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6. Shakespeare USYTHSP 30CBO Youth Ugly Stik GX2


This spinning fishing combo is a combination of power and durability and an easy-to-use design. With this product, you will find fishing simple, accessible, and, more importantly, fun. The combo comes with a high-quality rod and a reliable fishing reel. Fashioned after the iconic Ugly Stick, this rod is powerful and enduring and, at the same time, perfectly balanced for a lighter feel. 

The pole is designed to respond even to the lightest nibbles and strikes. In addition, the particularly designed EVA grip delivers a firm and comfortable grip even to the smaller hands. The Youth Ugly Stik GX2 rod comes with one-piece stainless steel guides which eliminate insert pop-outs making the usage easier. 

Since it was built from a blend of graphite and fiberglass, this two-piece rod was made to last for many years to come and many fishing trips. Moving forward to the Shakespeare reel, this item is 30 size and it features a machined anodized aluminum spool as well as one bearing in order to provide smooth operation and almost instantaneous hook sets as well. 

This Youth Fishing rod and reel set is perfect for equipping your entire family for exciting fishing adventures.


Prepare and equip your entire family with this fishing rod and reel combo that is ideal for fun fishing trips.

The rod is built from a combination of fiberglass and graphite making it very powerful and durable. At the same time, it is extremely lightweight and sensitive as well.

Moreover, the Clear Tip design provides the rod with extra responsiveness and power. No nibbles or strikes will go undetected!

Let us not forget about the reel! The one ball bearing and the machined aluminum spool provide smooth operation each time.

The lightweight EVA grips were particularly designed for smaller hands. Therefore, if you want to teach your children how to fish, this product is a great way to start with.


Most users mentioned that this combo is not for people who have been fishing for a while, but they do agree that it is a very good choice for beginners and for kids especially.

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7. Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Combo


This is one of those low-priced fishing tools that have nothing cheap about it. It is a great choice for novice anglers as well. Also, the product comes from a well-known company that has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing fishing equipment. The reel is designed with multiple features to provide fishermen a great experience each time.

When it comes to the Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Combo, you have the option to choose from four distinct reel models. Therefore, you can select the one that best suits your fishing needs. What is more, the reel is appropriate for both right and left-hand retrieve because it is interchangeable. 

All the components from this set are constructed from high-quality materials. That is why they are very powerful and extremely durable. If you want more details about the reel, we can tell you that it has one ball bearing and that it uses a multi-disc drag system. 

Furthermore, the cold-forged-aluminum spool offers strength but also reduces the overall weight of the combo. The gear ratio is 5.5 to 1 and it uses a switch to handle anti-reverse. This combo is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized freshwater fish.


Besides being a product made by a well-known manufacturer in the world of fishing gear, it is also highly affordable and built with high-quality materials.

Thanks to the interchangeable retrieve, both right and left-handed anglers can easily enjoy this fishing equipment.

There are four models you can select from, depending on your fishing needs. Basically, any angler can find something to his or her liking for almost any fishing technique.

The reel features one ball bearing, a multi-disc drag system, and the cold-forged-aluminum spool provides strength and decreases the weight for a smooth operation.

This model is recommended for beginner anglers for small to medium-sized freshwater species.


This model is not suitable for catching big species of fish, so if that is what you need, you should search for another product.

Also, it is not recommended to use this gear for saltwater fishing.

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8. Ugly Stik Spinning Combo 


You can depend on Ugly Stik to make dependable fishing gear, and this little combo is no exception to the rule. The spinning rod included is made from two parts so that it’s easy to carry around. The spinning reel that comes with the combo is made from graphite and, therefore, lightweight and durable.

Its ball-bearing design is a contributing factor to the smoothness of operation, and, for this reason, you will find the combo to be more than satisfactory for its price tag. It comes pre-spooled with line so that you can start fishing right away.

With a total length of 5 feet, the rod is a good option for catching all kinds of fish, and you will find it easy to use. For the rod, the manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty, which is quite impressive. You will also find some assorted tackle included in the package.


Beginners will find this combo an excellent entry-level setup for them to get the hang of how to cast their line and retrieve the fish.

You will be happy to see that the rod is made from two pieces, so you can take it apart and carry it around without any issues.

There are some surprising benefits not expected in a combo this cheap, such as the graphite reel that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

You will receive a tackle assortment with your purchase; a stringer, weights, hooks, and other things you need for fishing, are included.

The pre-spooled 6-pound monofilament line comes in handy.


There seems to be a design flaw in how the top piece of the rod goes over the bottom piece; make sure it’s tight before you cast, or you might send the top piece flying into the water.

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9. Berkley Lightning Medium Light 6’6″ Combo


Anglers who are on a tight budget often worry that they will have to get a low-quality piece of equipment and just try to make the best out of it. However, if you spend a little time to do some research, you will see that there are several affordable and also high-quality fishing combos such as this product. 

Since it is made from 24-ton, multi-modulus graphite, the rod is extremely powerful, durable, but highly sensitive as well. The Berkley Lightning Combo comes with a durable reel that delivers smooth operation thanks to the eight-bearing system. Moreover, the double-locking reel seat secures the reel in place. 

This product line offers rods varying from 5 to 7 feet long and with powers ranging between ultralight and medium-heavy. Multiple different actions starting from extra-fast to moderate are also available. Since you get to select between various lengths, powers, action, as well as handle style, it means that any type of angler has something to choose from. 

Therefore, not only do these combos fit your budget, but you can also get the model that best fits your style. It is also a great choice if you want to teach your kids to fish, and don’t want them to damage your expensive gear.


With this fishing spinning combo, you will get a high-quality rod and a smooth-operating reel.

Since the rod is made of 24-ton, multi-modulus graphite, it is not only very strong but sensitive as well.

The reel is designed with an eight-bearing system, and it is kept safely into place by the double-locking reel seat.

One of the great things about this collection is that you can choose between various actions, powers, lengths, and styles, depending on the type of fishing you want to perform.

This is an excellent option for anglers who are on a tight budget but do not want gear that is low on quality.  Children can also learn to fish with this combo without damaging expensive tools.


According to customer reviews, some users find the rod much lighter than they would like. Other than that, people really seem to like the combo.

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10. Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combos


The rod that comes in this combo has a sturdy construction made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This is a composition that proved to be extremely effective in creating strong, flexible, durable, as well as lightweight rods. The smaller parts are made from stainless steel and ceramic. This offers a nice tactile feel and also makes the unit look great. 

If you are looking for versatility, its ability to hold up in any type of water makes it an excellent option. Moreover, it is very easy to fold up and expand which makes it great for carrying around in a backpack or for storage. The fact that it is also lightweight and compact helps a lot in this perspective. 

Furthermore, the reel comes with an aluminum spool and a body that is made of metal with an anti-corrosive treatment. This unit is lightweight and has a gear ratio of 5.2:1. It is also outfitted with an anti-reverse handle. Hooking a fish is an easy thing with this reel. Also, the S-curve oscillation system offers the combo a smooth reeling-in motion. 

The entire kit contains the rod and reel, the fishing line, hooks, different lures, other necessary accessories, and a convenient carrier bag.


This kit was specifically designed for novice anglers and it contains all the necessary tools and accessories for you to start fishing, without having to buy other items.

The set includes a fishing rod and reel combo, the fishing line, hooks, multiple lures, various necessary accessories, all tucked in a convenient carrying bag.

The fishing rod is made of high-density 24-T carbon fiber and it is reinforced with fiber composite making the unit strong, flexible, and very durable.

Moreover, the welded stainless steel guides and ceramic inserts provide excellent casting distance as well as accuracy.

You will also get a fishing reel with CNC machine cut collapsible handle which is left and right interchangeable.


According to a few buyers, the feel of the rod is not as good as the one of cork-handled rods, but it does work well as a travel unit.

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Buying guide


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a reliable spinning rod and reel combo. It is possible to find setups under $100, if you are willing to take the time to look for one. To make it a little easier for you to find a responsive and durable setup, we have included the following tips in this informative buying guide.


Even though you have already decided on a set spending limit, it is still important to consider what you are getting for your money. The best spinning rod and reel combo for under $100 reviews recommend paying careful attention to the materials used in the setup’s construction. If the rod and reel combo isn’t designed to last then chances are it will quickly become a waste of money and you will end up paying more on replacements.



Spinning rods are typically constructed from graphite or fiberglass, and you can find both types at an affordable price. Graphite rods are often preferred by professional anglers due to their strength and versatility. These spinning rods are also sensitive, which is always an advantage when you are casting for smaller fish. Fiberglass rods are a great choice for beginners since they are often easier to control, but they are less durable than graphite models.

The materials used to construct the spinning reel also needs to be considered. Most fishing pros suggest choosing a reel constructed from oxidized aluminum. Not only is it lightweight and durable, it is also resistant to rust and corrosion so you can enjoy a smooth and reliable performance


Other considerations

Spinning rods that come with EVA or cork handles are comfortable to hold when you are fighting to land a heavier fish. These materials will also help to prevent the rod from slipping out of wet hands. Aluminum oxide guides are sturdy, lightweight and designed to allow the line to flow freely, and some also come with ceramic inserts for an improved performance. Spinning reels that come with higher gear ratios and multiple ball bearings will also provide you with a smooth and reliable performance.



Unavailable products


Pflueger President Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo


There is very little not to like about this spinning rod and reel combo by Pflueger, including its affordable price. The sturdy rod is constructed from graphite so it is durable, lightweight and responsive.

It is also rated for medium power so you have the strength you need to successful fight bass and other heavy fish.

The spinning reel also comes with a graphite frame to ensure stability, and the anodized aluminum spool is lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

You will also appreciate the multiple ball bearings that ensure a smooth and reliable performance on every cast and retrieval.


The rod is strong but not heavy, thanks to the graphite construction. So you can be sure you have a good maneuverability and remain undeterred when the fish begins to struggle.

The heightened sensitivity is an advantage you’ll surely come to appreciate. It’s useful to have a rod that’s both strong and sends in the vibrations from the bites.

Ready to go after a great variety of fish, from trout to largemouth bass, this is a product of high versatility in a price range that doesn’t do it justice.

The well-matched combination of rod and reel for a good balance and a nice cast is exactly what’s expected of a successful combo.


The reel and rod alignment could be improved, but owners didn’t seem to be bothered by this design detail.  

The cork handle on the rod seems to be the weakest link, as customers have outlined the lack of durability for this specific piece of the combo.



KastKing Centron Spinning Combos Medium Split Handle


Allow yourself to experience extraordinary fishing adventures with these spinning rod and reel combos made for every type of anglers as well as any fishing application. They are a perfect choice for fishermen looking for spinning rods and reels that are already packed together and ready for use. 

You will get a wonderful high-modulus carbon fiber graphite, Toray IM6 rod blank in five lengths and actions. Depending on the type of fishing you prefer, you can select from the 6′ M action fishing pole suitable for bass, trout, and panfish, to the 8′ rod and reel combos that can handle catfish, salmon, steelhead, as well as many other inshore saltwater species. 

The KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos were designed so that every angler can get what he or she needs. Furthermore, besides the high-quality rod, you will also get the Centron spinning reel which is very smooth and comes with 5.2:1 or 4.5:1 gear ratio. 

Moreover, the 9+1 ball bearing spinning reel features a graphite rotor and frame, an aluminum handle and spool, and it also has a strong triple-disc drag. All these fishing combos are two-piece designs in order to make travel easy for you. You will certainly not be disappointed by their performance!


Each of these combos comes with a sensitive and lightweight Toray IM6 graphite blank which was designed to deliver outstanding value and performance for every angler.

The two-piece rods are available in lengths from 6′ for trout, bass, and panfish, and go all the way to 8′ for salmon, catfish, and steelhead.

The stainless steel guides and O-rings are strong and durable. Also, they were designed to not only look great but also to keep the weight down for a perfect balance of the rod blank.

Thanks to the EVA handles and fighting butt, these rods feel great in your hand and deliver all-day comfort and a secure grip.

The Centron spinning reel perfectly matches the rod and the type of fish it is intended for. You can select from the compact size 2000 and go all the way to the size 5000.


If you are using weight lines of under 10lb, they might get some nasty twists.



Lew’s Fishing MS3070M Ambidextrous Mach Spinning Combo


The superior eight-bearing spinning reel does not leave any doubt about the smooth operation with the very first turn of the handle. Furthermore, the Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing supports very sturdy hooksets and there is no back slop at the handle. 

Due to the high-quality stainless steel construction of the reel’s main shaft and the quality of the solid brass pinion gear, you can rest assured that you have a strong and durable piece of equipment. Lew’s Fishing MS3070M Mach Spinning Combo features the SoftTouch finish on the graphite body and side cover. 

This does not only provide increased durability but also a touch of elegance. The rod is built with premium IM6 graphite blank and was designed using the Nanotechnology construction. Moreover, the guides are built with stainless steel frames and polished stainless steel inserts. You will surely appreciate that the equipment is adjustable for right and left hand retrieve. 

Also, speaking about hands, the lightweight EVA split grips provide a very comfortable hold that will not tire your hand even on long fishing trips. Even though the combo is available for quite an affordable price, the quality and performance it provides are appreciated by many buyers.


The looks and feel of this spinning fishing combo will certainly not leave you indifferent if you are looking for this type of equipment.

In case you want a reel that can provide smooth operation, the premium 8-bearing system will not let you down. Nor will the Zero-Reverse one-way clutch system.

The reel is also equipped with a high-quality stainless steel main shaft and a sturdy brass pinion gear. These features provide power and durability to this piece of equipment.

The rod is made from high-quality graphite and completed by the SoftTouch finish on the body and side cover. You will not only have a reliable fishing combo but an elegant one as well.

Thanks to the ambidextrous capability, this combo can be used by both left and right-handed users.


Not all buyers are impressed by the performance of this combo, but they did not mention any negative aspects about it either.



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