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Top Spinning Rods Reviewed in 2023

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Best Spinning Rods. Comparison & Buying guide


Finding the best spinning rod for the money is not easy, especially if you are in a hurry and you cannot physically find the time to do the legwork on the topic. Because we want to be of assistance, we have taken it upon ourselves to read what the specialists and fellow anglers had to say about the available models. Consequently, we have determined that the Okuma NOMAD Travel is the choice that you should consider getting. This rod is made of durable graphite, and it features a carbon outer wrap that makes it even sturdier. Also, this 3-section model can be easily broken down in case you need to transport it in a convenient way in between fishing locations. This choice is safe to be used in saltwater. If this rod is out of stock, feel free to check out the SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning as you might also equally like it.



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5 Best Spinning Rods (Reviews) in 2023



1. Okuma Nomad Travel Spinning Rod


If you want to invest in a sturdy graphite rod that features a carbon wrap outer shell, add the Okuma NOMAD Travel to your shortlist. This product is easy to transport as it is composed of three removable parts that are easy to put together. According to the seller, this is possible because of the rubberized ferrule grip connection system that it features.

Because of its design, you can create not just one, but two rods, as the item comes furnished with two different action tips. As a result, your chances of catching a wide array of fish are increased. Given that this choice is highly versatile, it can perform well in various conditions.

Besides, this option features quality components so that this rod is durable, sensitive, and light in weight. One can pack it up and take it with him/her whenever one goes on an exotic fishing trip.


At approximately 7 feet in length, this item can be broken down into three distinct parts that measure about 28 inches each, for easy transportation and storage.

Because the product incorporates a rubber ferrule grip connection structure, the parts are easy to put together and take apart even by those anglers that do not have a lot of experience with products of this kind.

This choice comes fitted with anodized aluminum reel seats and with stainless steel guides that add to its durability.

Given that this rod features interchangeable tips, this product is highly versatile when compared to others.


One buyer pointed out that although the rod in itself is excellent, the customer services supplied by the seller are lousy.

Another owner claimed that the parts of the model do not fully insert into each other. However, it should be said that this was the only feedback comment that pointed to this issue.

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2. Shimano Trevala MH Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod


This choice was specially created to be utilized with the butterfly jigs distributed by the same manufacturer. This unit was built using a high carbon butt section that fuses together with a TC4 tip. As a result, those that invest in it will be provided with a lightweight, highly sensitive piece of equipment that can make any fishing trip very entertaining.

This model delivers an optimum response, and it has a fast recovery rate that you are likely to appreciate. Among the features that recommend it are its aluminum oxide guides and its diamond, smooth finish that makes it highly durable.

Because this rod can dissipate heat and because it is resistant to corrosion, it can pass the test of time. To make it convenient, the manufacturer has fitted it with comfortable EVA foam rubber grips so that it won’t slip from your hands, even when it is wet.


This choice features a split grip style handle that makes it suitable to be utilized in difficult offshore conditions.

Furthermore, this rod was constructed using a carbon butt and a TC4 tip section so that all anglers using it can enjoy its light weight and increased sensitivity.

When compared to other units also available, this one has a fast recovery rate which is a reason why you should expect it to deliver an increased jigging action.

The design and the materials that were utilized in making it are of high quality, which is why the item can help you subdue fish faster.


There have been some anglers that claimed that they were shipped broken rods. However, not many such cases have been brought to our attention. Besides, this issue might be related to how a particular item was shipped.

One owner was unhappy that the two parts of the product are not of the same length. According to him, because of this, transporting it is not easy.

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3. Daiwa PSO664ULFS-TR Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod


Another portable rod that you should consider is the Daiwa PSO664ULFS-TR. This choice is perfect to be used in freshwater, as it has an IM-7 Graphite construction that many speak highly of. The micro-pitch taping is said to assure even weight distribution as well as maximum power and sensitivity.

This choice features a machined clamp nut and a woven graphite insert and, consequently, it has a minimal reel seat. Also, it comes equipped with a split grip cork handle that is highly convenient and light in weight.

When used together with light lures, this option can provide you with the necessary shock absorption that allows you to handle strong fish. Size-wise, this rod is 6’6″, and it has a fast action. The model includes four pieces that have to be connected. A soft case that one can use for convenient transportation and storage of the device is also included in the price.


This alternative is perfect when used for freshwater fishing. Because it can be broken down in parts, you can conveniently carry it in between fishing locations.

Additionally, this rod can supply you with the necessary balance between sensitivity and strength required to land big fish.

Because it is light in weight, using this rod won’t prove tiring on your hands so that you can enjoy a long day of fishing.

This item has an IM-7 Graphite construction, and it includes a micro pitch blank taping and split grip cork handles. Most buyers are content with its overall performance and quality.


Although most have appreciated that this option is very sensitive, some have argued that the rod is also quite fragile and likely to snap easily.

One customer was unhappy with the fact that he could not find replacement parts. Not a lot of users had remarked this problem at the time we did the research.

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4. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod


This rod was made using 35% more graphite than other items sold by the manufacturer, and, as a result, it has exceptional strength, and it feels great in any handler’s hands. Plus, the choice is quite durable as it was built from a mix of graphite and fiberglass. Its clear tip design delivers added strength and responsiveness.

If you intend to use it for long fishing outings, you will be happy to find out that it has cork handles that are both lightweight and comfortable. The item has a particularly strong tip that is very sensible, and it is regarded as suitable for catching moderately large fish.

Given that it has a 1-piece design, this model is effortless to use as it eliminates the risks of insert pop-outs. Also, the cushioned stainless steel hoods that it features guarantee that the reel will remain in place at all times.


This option was constructed using added graphite so that it is light in weight and very sensible to the slightest nibble.

What is more, this device comes fitted with a solid fiberglass clear tip that is very handy.

The cork grips that it incorporates are etched into the handle for easy maneuvering and increased comfort.

According to buyers, this option is very durable and light in weight. The item is also covered by a warranty policy that might come in handy later on.


There has been one customer that was not particularly pleased that this rod is not suitable to be used with braided line. According to him, whenever one tries to do so, the resulting notches create a highly abrasive surface that ultimately destroys the line.

Some have argued that this model is somewhat expensive given the features that it comes equipped with. Not all buyers agree.

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5. St Croix Triumph Mf Spinning Rod Trs70mf Titanium


If you are searching for a long-lasting and dependable option that is made of graphite and that features a carbon outer wrap, be sure to check this unit out. This model was specially designed to be utilized by those anglers that are looking for great sensitivity and impressive hook-setting power.

This device includes hard aluminum-oxide guides and black frames and the DPS reel seat that it incorporates has a frosted silver hood. Because it was made using mid-modulus graphite fiber that has a high strain rate, this rod is light in weight and durable.

The two coats of Flex-Coat slow-cure finish that the product features add to its overall appeal. This model was handcrafted in Mexico, and it is backed by a 5-year warranty policy. Plus, the item can be used when fishing for all types of fish, in all conditions, regardless of one’s fishing style and experience.


Numerous anglers have noted that this rod is light in weight and that it is highly durable when compared to other similar choices.

The handle of the product is made using cork, which is why so many consider it comfortable.

Another feature that recommends this item is its sensitive tip that enables the user to react fast whenever a fish bites.

Some have remarked that this rod has the necessary backbone to support the catching of sizeable fish.


It has been claimed that some buyers were shipped models that had no layer of coating on the top part. Not a lot of such cases have been reported.

A few previous buyers said that they were shipped broken rods. Still, this might be related to how the product was transported. Additionally, not a lot of customers had to deal with this problem at the time we did the research.

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Choosing the Right Spinning Rod


An angling technique that utilizes a spinnerbait in freshwater, as well as swimming or metal lures, spin fishing or its common name ‘threadlining’ is a great way to catch trout. Using lures that imitate small fish, spin fishing utilizes pretty basic gear including, whenever possible, the best spinning rod, reel and line and a few lures that should entice the fish to bite. Employed both in freshwater and marine environments, spin fishing requires a different type of rod and reel from those used in baitcasting and fly fishing. It is an ideal means of catching trout and bass, since one can easily master the needed skills for the activity. One can also use the watercraft and the knowledge of target fish habits while spin fishing for other forms of angling.


Why is the spin fishing rod different?


Spin fishing enthusiasts mostly use a fast action rod with a length of about two meters. The fishing pole or rod is able to cast a lure weighing from 7 to 10 grams. When fishing on lakes, spin fishers may prefer to use a slightly weightier lure. The rod may vary from extra light to medium.




Heavy spinning rods

Heavy spinning rods are more suitable for sea fishing that needs long distance casting and the power to haul in strongly fighting fish including the kingfish.


Medium fishing rods

A medium fishing rod proves to be useful on big water especially when landing sea run salmon or trout. This type of pole is a larger tool that can cast heavier lures weighing up to 28 grams. It can have a length of about 10 feet to be able to cast larger lures at a great distance where the sophistication of presentation is not considered terribly important. It is also suitable for landing particularly large fish in demanding conditions such as amid strong water currents. The line is typically on the 5-kg+ range.


Light spinning rods

A light spinning rod can cast a lure weighing between 5 and 10 grams while employing a 3-kg or 6-pound line. Typically, a light spinning rod has enough finesse to hurl a small lure while still being endowed with enough power to subdue a large fish.


Extra-light spinning rods

An extra-light spinning rod can throw extremely lightweight lures, perhaps 1.5 grams or so, which is around the same weight as a wet fly to make it suitable as well for fly fishing. The lightweight design of the lures for ultra light spinning rods also require the use of extremely light lines around 2 kg or 4 pounds. The reel for this type of spinning rod tends to be rather small and with restricted line capacity, thus needing great fishing skills to have the fish play well into the hook without breaking the light line.

Bear in mind to choose the best spinning rods for your target catch, or better yet, take different types along in case you end up needing more than one for the location you are fishing.



The rest of your spinning gear


Finding a reel to match your rod

One can choose from two types of reels for spin fishing, either the closed face type or the open face reel. The spinning reel may have a fixed spool as well as a revolving bail arm to keep the line together and wrap onto the spool. Sometimes referred to as a threadline reel, this type is effortless to use and with proper maintenance, will be usable for the long term and for many fishing seasons. Be sure to match the reel with the rod you have. Logically, a smaller reel should be used with a lighter rod, while a medium to heavy rod should be partnered with a reel capable of accommodating a reasonable length of hardier line that matches the larger lure for use.


About fishing line

Most spin fishers go for nylon in the 2 to 4 kg or 4 to 8 pound range, especially when angling on rivers or lakes. There has been a preference recently for fishing using ultralight tackle where lines of about 1 kg are employed. Do make sure to obtain lines only of high quality with good abrasion strength especially when angling on large rivers.


Additional considerations for picking a quality spinning rod

The freshwater spinning rod can be bought in a variety of action levels as well. The action of the rod denotes the highest measurable amount of pressure it can take before breakage, which is integrated with the speed with which it springs back to its position at rest. Typically printed on the rod, the action rating can be categorized as fast action when the rod bends at the upper one-third segment. Rods that bend at the middle of the shaft as classed as medium action while slow action models have a tendency to flex along the overall entire length of the shaft.



How the rod transmits line disturbance to the angler’s hand denotes the sensitivity of the rod tip. Made much thinner but approximating the strength of a fiberglass rod, a graphite rod proves to be highly sensitive. With a graphite rod, the angler can feel the tiniest bite or nibble of the fish so they can immediately go about setting the hook.

The avid spinfisher can get the best spinning rod for bass that comes as a combination with a reel setup. This type offers value for money. The shaft may be a one-piece structure or it can come in several pieces that can be interconnected with each other via metal joints or ferrules.

Metal loops serve as line guides with feet attached to the rod’s tip. The guides are placed at graduating intervals along the underside of the shaft with the guide loop raised a bit above the shaft.

The reel seat size is a determining factor for the design and size of the spinning reel that should be paired with the rod. The reel is generally positioned around midway between the base and the top of the handle. Make sure the hold-down rings on the reel seat are sturdy enough to hold the reel securely in place on the designated grooves. The design of spinning reels do not make them suitable for use with baitcasting rods.

The reel seat is positioned in the middle of the handle, which can be of a synthetic core of either EVA foam or cork.





I’ve been looking for a way to find a good product for a while and although I searched online, I couldn’t find a reliable method on how to choose a spinning rod. I’ve come across your guide and it’s been helpful, but do you have any other tips you can give me?

It’s difficult to give a straight answer to your question. You first have to determine your purpose and try to understand what you’ve been looking for. We advise you to consider the types of lures you will be casting, the pound test line you’ll be utilizing, as well as the fish species you plan to catch. The length of the pole also has a say when it comes to selecting the perfect model for your needs. Jot all these details down on a piece of paper as this practice can help you narrow your search down by up to 90% of the options available out there.


Do you have any pieces of advice on how to cast a spinning rod?

You can start by assembling your gear. Continue by holding the pole with the hand that you commonly use for performing any task. Pay attention to the position of the reel as it needs to be located below the pole. Pull out approximately 6 inches of line and then proceed to turn the handle with a bit of finesse right up until the roller has reached the area under your index finger. All you have to do now is hold the line against the pole, open the bail, and use a smooth move to get your rod in a vertical position. To flex your rod, we advise you to use your wrist and elbow instead of your shoulder. Once the tip of the pole is about halfway to the fish you’re trying to catch, you should let go of the line in order to drive the lure off to your target. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to try all these motions when you still haven’t left for your fishing expedition.

How should a spinning rod and reel be used? I can’t seem to figure out the technique despite all the articles I’ve read.

We’ve answered this question before, but we take pleasure in helping anglers as much as we can, so we’ll detail it once more. If you’ve bought a combo, the first thing you have to do is place your finger against the line while the reel is underneath your pole. Pinch the line against the rod to have a good feel on it, then open the bail with the help of your thumb. Start flexing the rod and don’t hesitate to release the line once you’ve become convinced that the lure will reach your target. The bail will automatically stop if you begin to reel in, but you can do this by yourself if you still don’t find it convenient to start reeling in. You can adjust the drag depending on the species you’re targeting, in that the reel should release some line once you’ve caught something to avoid breaking it.


What’s the difference between a conventional and a spinning rod?

There’s a longer and a shorter answer to your question, and so we’ll tackle them both. The simple response is that any spinning rod is far easier to use than a casting pole, especially if you are looking to throw some light baits. The longer answer is that there are a lot of factors that make the difference between one and the other. The way they’re built is one of them, in that casting rods have a stripper that’s positioned closer to the reel and they feature relatively small guides. You actually don’t need larger guides when using a conventional pole. Besides, the types of lures you’ll be able to use with one or the other aren’t the same. If, for instance, with a conventional pole you can utilize heavy lures and jigging bucktails, with a spinning rod you’d need to use bait that weighs about 1 to 4 ounces.


I’ve been trying to decide on a spinning rod and reel combo for a while but I can’t seem to make up my mind. I’m considering either the Abu Garcia Orra or the Daiwa Team S. Which one do you recommend?

We’ve seen that some anglers are Abu Garcia aficionados whereas others like Daiwa products and stick to buying them all the time. The Abu Garcia Orra has stainless steel guides, and it’s a medium power pole, whether you decide to go for the 6-ft 6-in one or the 7-ft one. In case you haven’t noticed, the Daiwa option isn’t available as a combo, at least it was not when we analyzed it. You have to buy the pole and the reel separately, but even so, they are more affordable than the Abu Garcia combo. The Daiwa rod has aluminum oxide guides and has been built out of Im-7 graphite, so it’s pretty lightweight. Also, it’s a 2-piece spinning rod unlike its Abu Garcia counterpart, which is a 1-piece pole.


Products that are no longer available


Daiwa Sweepfire


2.Daiwa Sweepfire Medium Spin Rod, 2 PieceAlthough the Daiwa Sweepfire might not be as versatile as other products in the line, it’s certainly worth considering if you are still prospecting the market for a new spin rod. The product is well-made and durable enough to have been praised in the user reviews we have analyzed. Unlike the formerly mentioned Shimano Solora variety, this one can be purchased in just three sizes: 6-ft, 6-ft 6-in, and 7-ft.

The Daiwa Sweepfire is among the top choices of fishermen in the world today, as it’s highly affordable. Some marketplaces sell it for as little as fifteen dollars, which makes the difference if you’re not yet considering to invest a lot of money into a new rod. The same rule might apply in case you’re a beginner and hardly know how to use a spin rod.

The color of all the sizes is black. The rod is medium heavy action and the length depends on the size you prefer. All of the rods in the Sweepfire series feature guides made with aluminum oxide and hooded reel seats that have been built with stainless steel. As is the case with the Shimano Solora, the Daiwa rod is made of two pieces.

Most of the consumer ratings we came across when researching this product have nothing but good things to say about it. Some say that it can be compared to Shimano Rods, but there is little to no difference regarding the two. Therefore, some consumers find it hard to recommend either the Daiwa or the Shimano. Various other buyers state that the value of the rod is outstanding, even though they advise prospective consumers not to expect the best from this one, as it’s not a graphite variant.

For the time being, the unit can be shipped only on the territory of the United States. People seem to love purchasing the Daiwa Sweepfire Medium Spin Rod and the Daiwa Sweepfire-2B 210 Yards 14 line Spinning Reel together. This bundle is one of the favorite combos out there.






Shimano Solora


1.Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning RodThe Shimano Solora is among the best and most affordable units in the line, as attested by the countless positive reviews it has gathered over time. The model can be purchased in various sizes, ranging from the 5-ft 6-in medium action one to the 7-ft medium action size.

The price of these variants mainly depends on the size you are most comfortable with, which is why the Shimano Solora can be purchased on a vast array of online marketplaces for prices from fifteen to fifty dollars. For instance, Amazon customers can benefit from the retailer’s sales and discounts and get this unit at a much fairer price.

Whatever the size you prefer, the Shimano Solora is a fast action spinning rod that features a sturdy, durable aeroglass blank construction. The reel seat is made with graphite and the guides have been reinforced with aluminum oxide.

Shimano claims that the model has been designed with new anglers in mind, which means that it has been specifically built to speak to the needs of beginners. The item somehow manages to combine affordability with convenience and durability.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year consumer warranty on this item.

Let’s see what the people who bought this model had to say about the value offered for the price. The vast majority of the ratings we have consulted are positive and praise the high quality of the rod. Most of the consumers emphasize that it’s often times difficult to get the same value to cost ratio with other spinning rods, which is why they say they are perfectly satisfied with the way this one performs.

According to some of the buyers, the rod is so well-made that it can last for a little over four years and it might get broken only when the user is not paying attention. Several individuals state that they used it solely in saltwater and encountered no issue with it as long as they took care of it and rinsed it gently after utilizing it.


Thanks to its solid locking graphite reel seat, this spinning rod enables the easy attachment of your favorite fishing reel. The component provides a secure and stable means for building a good fishing rig.

Designed to help anglers of varying skill levels become better in the sport, this fishing rod features a durable aero-glass rod blank. This element provides a slower and more parabolic action that can be instrumental in getting fish hooked on crankbaits into your watercraft.

You can expect the fishing line to stay flat and even along the length of the pole because of the reinforced aluminum oxide guides. The line guides help prevent friction between the rod and the line to prevent breakage and knotting.

With this two-piece fishing rod, you can derive Medium Power coupled with Fast Action, which can help anglers land a variety of fish. The rod also accommodates 6-pound test lines.


One customer says the absence of a hook keeper on the unit necessitates adding on one to enhance its functionality.






Daiwa Triforce


Available in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 7 feet, the Daiwa Triforce is a medium-sized spinning rod that will inevitably impress you with its construction, sensitivity, and responsiveness. The model has been constructed out of graphite, which renders it sensitive, yet reliable.

Another detail that you are likely to appreciate about this unit is that it has a hooded reel seat made out of stainless steel, which can give you a pointer as to whether or not the seat will withstand the test of time.

The grip is made out of foam and cork, which means that it will allow you will be able to hold on to the pole both efficiently and easily. Besides, the cork component will allow you to avoid feeling that your hands are cold.

The cut-proof aluminum oxide guides make this rod stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what actual anglers had to say about the product. Most of the fishermen and women who have used it in the past say that it offers great results if you want to target bass and panfish. According to others, the quality is impressive given that it is so budget-friendly. In short, it looks like the Daiwa Triforce is worth its weight in gold.


This fishing rod is available in sizes of 6 to 7 feet and comes with an IM-6 Graphite Construction. This provides a good level of sensitivity that anglers need to feel the action of the fish on the lure at the end of the line.

Responsive and dependably strong, this fishing rod features a hooded reel seat boasting a stainless steel build. The element ensures a secure attachment of your preferred fishing reel while delivering a corrosion-resistant support.

Made out of a natural split foam and cork grip, the handle of the rod provides reliable control and also effectively transmits vibrations from the fish biting on the lure. The combination of foam and cork makes the handle light, less slippery, able to hold residual heat, and durable by being resistant to dents or chipping.

Thanks to the aluminum oxide guides, the fishing line is kept flat and even on the rod. Since there is less friction that accumulates between the rod and the line, you can avoid line tangles and breakage.


A customer who prefers a matte finish on their rod doesn’t like the shiny finish on this model.




Okuma Tundra Surf Glass


3.Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning RodsOkuma is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to esteemed manufacturers of rods and reels. This product is in compliance with the quality standards set by the brand. The spinning rod can be bought in a broad variety of styles and sizes, ranging from the TU-100 to the TU-80.

Regardless of the size you end up choosing, you probably need to be aware of the fact that all the rods in the Tundra series are made with durable glass fiber. With reinforced double footed guides and ceramic guide inserts, this model is definitely worth having a look at.

It goes without saying that the reel seats have been constructed using stainless steel, which undoubtedly contributes to their durability. Not only are they impossible to break, but they also manage to save face when it comes to avoiding corrosion. Furthermore, this model might be the right choice for people who are looking for a rod that is low-maintenance and comfortable to use. After all, the unit features comfortable fore and rear grips.

Okuma is offering a 1-year consumer warranty on this type of spinning rod.

The unit has been tested for both durability and reliability and has been proven to provide these features to worldwide professionals who usually utilize Okuma fishing gear and equipment.

Reviews should play a significant role when it comes to deciding on a product online. You want to know you’ll be getting the right unit for the right price. Since this is an Okuma rod we’re discussing, it comes as no surprise that most of the ratings that can be found online are positive. Some of the people who have purchased this model claim that it’s most likely worth its reputation, as it is the best alternative for fishing off the shore.

Other consumers emphasize that the light color of this rod is an advantage for people who are interested in doing some night time fishing. Many buyers claim it is excellent for distance casting.


Tested for quality and durability, this fishing rod is constructed from the highest quality materials. It offers Medium-Heavy action, which is commonly used by plenty of anglers. The rod is suitable for 2 to 8 lure weights and 10 to 30 line weight.

With its five plus tip reinforced, double footed guides, this rod ensures a smooth lay of the fishing line along the pole. The ceramic inserts on the guide prevent the line from getting cut due to abrasion. The fold-down stripper guide provides the option of holding the line high off the blank or not.

This surf/pier fishing rod features a split butt grip construction that provides a good, balanced hold and helps elevate the sensitivity level of the rod.

Combining the benefits of both materials, this model features EVA foam fore and rear grips. With the foam material, the unit is made lighter yet more durable against chipping and dents. The cork element delivers sensitivity, an ability to hold residual heat, and a slip-free hold.


Because it is a two-piece unit, this rod packs long, which might not be convenient for those who travel to their fishing site.







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