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Best Square Bill Crankbait

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Square bill crankbaits – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Although you don’t have the time to read our meticulously prepared buying guide below, we hope this short paragraph gives you what you need to find the best square bill crankbait. We evaluated some of the popular products out there on the basis of value and quality and this has led us to what has been acclaimed by many as a good first option, the Strike King HCKV. This option delivers a unique action of constantly floating directionless and with n unstable action for a natural presentation that will excite the fish and lure them to bite. The design also helps wave away cover so the bait stays visible to the fish. Diving 3 to 6 feet, this device is ideal for shallow water power fishing. Offering a silent approach, this model does not carry noise-making rattles inside so it can do its job of attracting the catch. Unavailability of stocks is something you have to contend with when looking for the Strike King HCKV but don’t worry because there’s still the second best option, the Strike King KVD Juicy Shad.



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3 Best Square Bill Crankbaits (Reviews) in 2024


Undoubtedly, making a choice among the many square bill crankbaits is not an easy task. To simplify making a sensible decision, we have listed down some of the most popular consumer favorites on the market.



1. Strike King Square Bill Crankbait


One customer goes as far as to say that the Strike King HCKV is deadly, and that about sums up how well worth the purchase of this piece of fishing gear is. It comes with extremely sharp hooks that enable you to execute powerful hook setting. Because of the sharp edge, the oral tissues of the fish will not get completely damaged once it’s hooked.

Offering great action, this lure comes with no loose pieces so every single component is securely attached and will not be accidentally swallowed by the fish. You can retrieve it and everything will be intact for another cast and for many seasons of fishing. The tool dives 3 to 6 feet and exhibits a natural constantly ‘wandering’ action that will entice the fish to bite.

Its erratic swimming motion makes it an attractive food prospect for the fish. The lure floats naturally but is still heavy enough to allow you to cast far. Available in a range of colors, this crankbait will easily become your favorite.


Thanks to its realistic constantly ‘wandering’ swimming action, this crankbait makes an attractive prospect for curious fish.

Every single component on this crankbait, from the hooks to the paint and details, remains intact, which enables its use for many seasons of fishing.

The sharp hooks ensure a strong hook set and will not extremely damage the tissues of the mouth of the fish, which is best for catch-and-release operations.

Despite its natural floating action, this model is heavy enough to enable you to cast a good distance. This makes it easy to hurl far off from the boat so it does not simply drift back to you.

It is available in a wide range of colors to approximate the looks of what the catch typically eats in the water. You have several different options to match the target’s feeding preference.


One customer would have preferred to get the larger version but it is all a matter of personal choice.

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2. Strike King KVD1.5 Square Bill Crankbait, Juicy Shad


Designed to the specifications of Kevin Vandam, Bassmaster Classic Champion, the Strike King KVD Juicy Shad is ideal for power fishing in shallow water. It comes with a square bill design plus action that facilitates the easy deflection of cover so it can provide a more natural presentation to attract the fish to bite.

It also offers a silent approach as it doesn’t come with internal rattles or noise-making devices that could spook the fish away. This device constantly wanders so curious fish will surely get attracted to strike. It still runs true to provide a realistic presentation.

The crankbait features premium components that include black nickel hooks to provide corrosion-proof performance. The ultra-realistic paint job ensures a natural-looking appearance that entices fish strikes.

The lightweight body is just 7/16oz heavy and 2.5 inches long, so it fits in the tackle box easily and goes well with your other gear.


You’ll love this realistic-looking crankbait that will entice fish strikes with its ultra-sleek paint and details that look nice in the water.

Thanks to the square bill design, the dense cover is easily deflected to enable it to provide a natural presentation in the water. You won’t have to worry that it will get stuck when fishing in heavy brush.

Ideal for shallow water when power fishing, this crankbait features no internal rattles to enable it to provide a silent approach so the fish does not get spooked.

Made with black nickel hooks that are resistant to rust, this model provides many seasons of use. It is designed to the specifications of Kevin Vandam, Bassmaster Classic Champion.  

The erratic ‘wandering’ action makes the bait a good prospect for curious fish looking to feed. You will get quick and easy fish strikes with this at the end of the fishing line.


Unlike other models that come with really sharp hooks, this one might take some work for hook setting.

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3. Strike King KVD 1.0 Square Bill Crankbait


The Strike King KVD offers a way for avid fishermen to bag the catch of their dreams with ease. It comes in different sizes from 1 to 2.5. It is available in natural bream, orange bream, and natural shad versions so you have a variety of options to use according to what your target subsists on predominantly.

Ideal for all-around fishing, this bait provides a natural action. It is readily an angler favorite, particularly when the bass is aggressive. The hooks facilitate easy hook setting with their treble design. The mouth of the fish won’t get overly damaged. The three points on the treble hook grab the attacking fish from every side, making the catch easy to land.

Boasting a good size and color, this crankbait is a pleasure to use, whether for recreational or tournament angling. It is handy and convenient so it goes easily into your pocket as long as you are careful with the treble hooks.


Providing a natural swimming action, this crankbait entices the curious fish to strike so you wouldn’t have to wait that long.

You’ll love the sleek paint job and treble hooks, which are premium quality components that enable the use of the crankbait for many seasons of fishing.

Great for all-around fishing, this lure is available in several different versions namely, natural bream, orange bream, and natural shad. You can also get it in different sizes from 1 to 2.5 to suit your needs.

Suitable for use with aggressive bass, this crankbait proves to be an asset in your tackle box during tournament and recreational angling.

With its realistic color and size, this crankbait makes a nice addition to your collection of fishing gear.


Probably because of the vast array of other crankbaits from the brand, this particular model has not gotten as much exposure on the market as the others.

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Buying guide


Crankbaits enable plenty of anglers to capture more fish compared to other types of lures. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, crankbaits can be difficult to differentiate in terms of which is perfect for your needs. To simplify the buying process, these are the aspects to seriously look at in this type of lure.

Size and shape

If you look at the different crankbaits for sale, you will notice that they come in varying types and styles. The size is an essential element as the bait has to be large when deep sea fishing is your intention. You also need to consider the feeding preferences of your target to be able to choose the right size. Typically, fish prefer a particular food size and do not go for any other.

The shape is also critical. Make sure your choice comes closest or is similar to what the target prefers in its diet so you can get fish strikes. Have a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes available so your lure is not ignored by the fish. Do make sure that the hooks are sharp as well for solid hook setting.


Swimming & diving action

When going over the many products on the market, you will notice that only a small number of them are featured in the best square bill crankbait reviews. Why? Crankbaits come with different ‘lips’, each tailored to work optimally at varying depths. Square bill crankbaits seem to have much success in these terms because of their ability to deflect cover and swim deeper, with some models being able to dive 3 to 6 feet.

That said, these types are medium divers, which include models with the second largest lip and with the capacity to dive between 5 to 12 feet under.

Shallow divers come with the smallest lip of all, swimming close to the water at 1 to 5 feet. Deep divers have the longest lip and are suitable for deep sea fishing at over 30 feet.

Crankbaits can also vary between sinking, floating, and suspending types.  If the bait has to sit on the surface of the water, it is a floating crankbait. This type is suitable for water with plenty of weeds.

Sinking crankbaits go below the surface at about 1 foot per second. Suspending crankbaits briefly float on the surface, and with adjustments made on the line, will be suspended in the water.



If you go through the best crankbait reviews, you will notice that the featured products carry different body types or styles too. They represent the preferred food for specific target fish.

Minnows, which are found in North American waters, are thin and long. They make a good choice for target fish that feed on smaller fish such as the minnow.

Shad crankbaits look like the shad fish, with a large, round head plus a belly that tapers or thins down toward the tail. Shorter than minnow-type baits, they typically come with two sharp hooks on the tail and belly. They are suitable for fishing largemouth bass because of how they resemble the crawfish.

Flat-body baits come with a flat, thin design without a diving lip but with a perfect point. The luring process is facilitated through a rattle.  

Odd baits are available in a large range of sizes and shapes. Despite their less-than-standard looks, they still feature a realistic appearance.  



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