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Best Sunscreen for Fishing

Last Updated: 23.06.24

Sunscreens for fishing – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you want the best sunscreen for fishing, but you don’t have any time on your hands to run a thorough research, this paragraph will tell you about the model you should purchase. The product mentioned and praised by seasoned anglers, as well as beginners, is the EltaMD UV Sport , a sunscreen that will keep your skin protected even when exposed to UV rays for prolonged periods of time. The oil-free formula will not make your skin greasy, so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting too slippery while you manipulate fishing gear. The sunscreen is water resistant, another great plus for anglers looking to get superior protection that does not wear off quickly. You can even apply the formula on wet skin, and it will still work. If you cannot find the EltaMD UV Sport anymore, the next recommendation is the Dermalogica Protection Sport, a sunscreen that offers almost the same features.



5 Best Sunscreens for Fishing (Reviews) in 2024


When looking for a good sunscreen for fishing, you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the numerous products on the market. We suggest the following products as an excellent starting point in making your short selection.



1. EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 50


Anglers have certain demands from a sunscreen, unlike people who just look to bathe in the sun. For starters, a formula that is indeed water resistant is a must, and this is where the EltaMD UV Sport makes a first great impression right from the start.

The formula resists in contact with water for 80 minutes, without the need to reapply all this time. Even if you sweat, the sunscreen will not deteriorate or wear off. What’s equally significant, the formula does not drip, but stays on your skin, offering you the necessary protection against UVs.

Many buyers like it because it is an oil-free formula. That means that your skin will not get all greasy and the sunscreen will just do its job. Another significant advantage is that your hands will not become oily and slippery, either, something that is not desirable in a product meant for fishermen who need to manipulate gear all the time.

The company making this sunscreen has a history of 25 years of making such products and their dedication to creating excellent sunscreens shows in the attention to detail. This SPF 50 sunscreen will offer you superior protection against UVs, whenever you go fishing.


Since there are many situations where an angler has to stay in the sun the entire day, a good sunscreen is an essential item. This cream is a great option.

The formula contained by this product is water-resistant which is a very important aspect for anglers who are constantly in or close to water.

Moreover, the cream can resist for 80 minutes in contact with water until you need to reapply. Furthermore, the cream will not wear off even when you sweat.

With this product, you will get the necessary amount of protection against UVs, and the cream will stay on your skin without dripping.

The fact that it is an oil-free formula is highly appreciated by customers who have been using this cream for quite some time.


This cream is a bit thicker than other similar products as some comments were made in this sense.

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2. Dermalogica Protection SPF 50 Sport


What does a sunscreen do? Its most important role is to protect you against the harmful action of the sun. This particular product ensures excellent protection against various UVAs and UVBs, which means that you get more than you usually do when using a regular sunscreen from the many available for sale.

The Dermalogica Protection Sport 110905 is sure to make an excellent impression on female anglers, too, since it is packed with antioxidants that combat the early aging of skin when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. The formula resists in contact with water for 40 minutes, after which, reapplying becomes a must.

One thing you will surely appreciate about this formula is that is non-greasy. You will not even feel that it is spread all over your skin, which means that there is no discomfort for you to experience. Sun damage is a severe problem for your skin, and conditions like skin cancer can be triggered.

Make sure that you apply enough sunscreen on your skin, on the areas that are usually exposed, like your face and hands. The SPF 50 protection action is often enough for preventing skin damage caused by UVs.


If you want to protect yourself against the harmful action of the sun while performing your favorite outdoor activity, you should give this cream a try. 

This product does more than other similar items because it protects you against multiple UVAs and UVBs.

The formula contains various antioxidants which are meant to fight off the early aging of the skin that is exposed to the sun for longer periods, making it a favorite of women anglers as well.

After being in contact with water, the cream can resist for 40 minutes before you need to reapply.

What is more, the cream is not greasy which is a great advantage when it comes to these types of products.


The only downside of this product that we found so far is the price that is a bit higher than that of other items in this line. However, customers seem to love it.

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3. Neutrogena Sport Face SPF70+


This sunscreen must be used on the face, as it comes with an SPF level of 70+. It is well known that the skin on your face is more delicate than the one on your hands. You will not be able to efficiently ensure that your face is well protected when you spend hours on a body of water that reflects the UV rays and can, therefore, damage your skin even more.

This oil-free formula is an excellent option for anyone who plans on fishing trips in sunny weather. Also, if you’re an athlete and exerting yourself under the merciless sun is a familiar activity, you will find this formula to be particularly helpful. You will get 2.5 ounces of formula you can use for your face.

It is not enough to just apply some sunscreen and hope that no harm will come your way. Neutrogena is a company with a long tradition of making such products, and their Helioplex technology offers superior protection like not many other products can do.

The same technology is used in this facial sunscreen. The Helioplex formulas work in synergy with other protection measures and ensure that you can enjoy your regular activities in any weather.


With an SPF level of 70+, you can rest assured that you will be protected against the harmful action of the sun, even if you are exposed for an entire day of fishing.

Since it contains an oil-free formula, the cream is not greasy and it is also very easy to apply. 

The product is available in a 2.5 ounces container which is enough to keep your skin safe for a long period.

Moreover, the formula is developed specifically for the face so you do not have to worry about using a cream that was made for the entire body. 

Since it comes from a reliable company with a huge name in developing high-quality products, it is another reason for which you can trust this one to be an excellent option.


Even though this product is highly appreciated by most customers, some mentioned that the cream dries their skin.

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4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock, SPF 100


You may well know how important is to get a sunscreen with a superior SPF factor. While most formulas you can find on the market stop at the SPF 50 mark, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist goes the extra mile. This SPF 100+ formula is designed to offer outstanding protection to those who need it.

Anglers are known to spend a lot of time in the sun, and they are more exposed than many other people to the dangers of UV damage. That is why they need a formula that can truly offer the protection they seek.

Despite its superior SPF factor, this sunscreen is not oily or greasy. This is something many anglers abhor since they need to keep their hands dry as they cast their lines or pull the fish out of the water.

The Helioplex technology enhances the excellent performance of this sunscreen. When using multiple sun protection measures, you need to make sure that all of them synergize. There is so much to gain from a complex formula, and this is precisely what the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist 08680086019 offers. The lightweight feel of this sunscreen contributes to its popularity.


If you are looking for an excellent sun protection product, you should try this SPF 100+ formula which will offer you all the shelter you need from the sun.

It is a very good option for anglers because they are constantly in the sun for long periods. 

Although it has a superior SPF factor, the cream is not greasy or oily which is a feature most users look for in such a product. Also, anglers need to keep their hands dry to cast their lines.

The cream was formulated using the Helioplex technology which intensifies the outstanding performance of this sunscreen.

Most users appreciate the lightweight feel of this cream which is another reason why it is so popular.


There was only one customer who mentioned that the cream feels a bit greasy. However, other users appreciate this product and had only positive things to say about it.

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5. ThinkSport Sunscreen 50 SPF Safer Zinc Oxide Mineral


How do sunscreens protect against the harmful action of UV rays? It is important to know a thing or two about the lotions you use to protect your skin against cancer and premature aging when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. The Thinksport TSSPORT6 is a mineral-based formula that does not use the same harmful chemical compounds that can absorb UVs.

While it is essential that your skin remains well protected against the sun, it does not mean that you should sacrifice your health on the other side. If a natural formula is right up your alley, this sunscreen should satisfy your set of requirements.

The formula is non-oily, and it does leave a greasy feel behind. That is much appreciated, mainly by anglers, who don’t like to experience all kinds of discomforts while engaging in their favorite activity.

The formula has an SPF 50+, and it can resist in contact with water for 80 minutes. The wide coverage against a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB rays is another great plus to bear in mind. Safety for consumers is a goal for the company making this sunscreen, and that shows in their attention to details. No harmful chemicals or carcinogens are present in this formula.


In case you are concerned about using a product that can be harmful to the skin or cause various skin conditions, you should try this mineral-based formula.

Besides lacking harmful chemical compounds, this cream does a great job at protecting you against the harmful UV rays.

Since the product is non-oily, it will not leave a greasy feel behind which is another great advantage. 

The SPF level is 50+ and can resist for up to 80 minutes after coming in contact with water.

What is more, this product offers a wide coverage against a large variety of UVA and UVB rays.


According to the product’s reviews, the cream rubs in well, but it creates a minor lightening of the skin. However, it is not a thing that bothers much.

Also, it seems that the formula is thick and it takes a bit of an effort to rub it all in as some comments were made in this sense.

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Buying guide


Are you ready to learn a few things about the best fishing sunscreen? We all know that fishing can be such an enthralling and captivating experience that it is challenging to pay attention to details. Anglers, nonetheless, need to make sure they get enough protection against the harmful action of the sun more than others.

What kind of SPF do you need?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it tells you a little bit about how effective the sunscreen you are using really is. The higher this number is, the better the coverage and the protection, but bear in mind that it is not the only thing that matters. Nonetheless, we have to talk about it first as the chances are that it will be the first thing you will read in the description.

The fraction of the radiation that passes through the sunscreen is reflected by the number next to SPF. For instance, a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 lets 1/15 of the radiation go through; an SPF 30 lotion will let 1/30 of the radiation affect your skin and so on.

But how high an SPF do you need to make sure that your skin is not affected? According to skin care specialists, the minimum SPF you should use is 15; this will prevent 93% of UVB rays to go through. An SPF 50 cream will go higher, at 98%, and finally, a sunscreen with SPF 100+ will prevent 99% of these harmful rays.

As anglers tend to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, they are often advised to go for a formula that comes with a higher SPF, of at least 50. However, as we already mentioned, this is not the only thing you should focus on, and the fishing sunscreen reviews written by experts confirm this aspect.


What does broad spectrum protection mean?

In case you have had no idea up to this point, let’s make something clear. UV rays come in two major categories: UVA and UVB. Right above, we talked a little about UVBs and how creams with an SPF higher than 50 could prevent most of this type of radiation.

This is the type of ray that causes sunburns and painful blisters. UVAs are even more dangerous, as they affect cell DNA deep inside your skin. Together, they create an environment for skin cancer to develop. One damages the skin on the surface; the other reaches deeper and modifies the DNA, something that is known to cause cancer.

How can you recognize a sunscreen capable of preventing both types of harmful radiation? Sunscreens with a lot of zinc oxide in them are your best bet since they are known to offer the protection you seek. Always search for a broad spectrum protection sunscreen to ensure that your skin will not suffer.


Water resistant formulas

There are so many occasions to get wet while you are fishing. Whether you want to pull a big fish out, or your hands simply get in contact with water, due to the nature of this activity, you won’t be able to prevent this. That leads us to another important consideration to bear in mind when you’re shopping for a sunscreen for fishing.

Your sunscreen should be water resistant. Many manufacturers will indicate for how long the lotion will remain effective, and when you should consider reapplying some of it on your skin. Around 80 minutes of water resistance should be something to look for when comparing different products.

Bear in mind that no formula on the market is entirely waterproof. There is no such thing. Even your sweat can cause the sunscreen to wear off, and that is why you may remain unprotected when you fish. Don’t hesitate to reapply another layer once you sense that the sunscreen wore off, or every other hour.

An oil-free formula is highly recommended

You don’t want your hands to get all greasy when you go fishing, and you need to pull a monster of a fish out of the water. Many anglers prefer a non-greasy sunscreen for this reason. Of course, there is also a matter of discomfort when using lotions that are too oily.

A lightweight formula is well-tolerated, and you can focus on your fishing. Female anglers also prefer such a sunscreen, because it will not affect the skin on their face and make it extremely greasy like other formulas do.



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