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Best Surf Fishing Bag

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Surf fishing bags – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you don’t have the time or inclination to go through the whole body of this article and only want to get a suggestion for a good surf fishing bag, then all you need to know is summarized in the following paragraph. After going through dozens of surf fishing bag reviews, we found the Fiblink Sports Fishing Bag to be the most suitable for the purpose. It’s water repellant, of course, and offers all the convenience you would expect from an average sized fishing backpack. It has a total of ten separate compartments and pockets and a surprisingly roomy main section, outfitted to adapt to almost every need of an angler. If the Fiblink model is unavailable, or you want a dedicated but less adaptable dry bag, then the Shimano Bluewave BWSB250 will prove to be a good product for your needs.



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3 Best Surf Fishing Bags (Reviews) in 2024


With all the products available for sale, finding the best surf bag for your fishing needs might prove a daunting task. In order to help you out, we’ve compiled a short list of the most critically acclaimed products, showcased below.  



1. Fiblink Waterproof Sports Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag


This Fiblink model is basically a water resistant, single strapped backpack designed to meet the specific needs of an angler. At 12” x 8.7” x 6” the main interior compartment can easily fit whatever large object you might need to carry, and it also features bungee cord to keep it in place and a separate pocket where something like a lure tray can fit tightly without its lid coming off.

There are also two roomy zippered pockets up front and a water bottle holder that is large enough to serve other functions. A tube shaped section on one side can be used to hold a long object, such as a rod or a fishing net.

It’s been rated as water resistant and can hold off rain or keep the items dry if you happen to drop it in the surf, but it shouldn’t be kept in water for long, as it’s not a dedicated dry bag.

However, it more than makes up for this with superior portability, offered by the single padded strap which can be easily moved from one shoulder to the other to prevent excessive stress on either of your sides.


The only thing that matters when it comes to this bag is that it is made from waterproof materials. Since it is crafted from 1000D heavy-duty nylon, it is durable and ready to survive any type of weather.

Its high-density ribbon helps it be resistant to tear and abrasion, both of which are challenges that fishers come across often.

The KAM buckle is easy to use, and the SBS zippers make sure that the bag will stay closed and secure at all times.

The large-capacity main pockets can store plenty of items, and you even get dedicated pockets where you can keep your bait and even your water bottle.


We could say that the unit doesn’t have the most elegant design on the market, although that is more of a personal preference.

And if you have many large items to carry with you while fishing, the bag might not be sufficient as it is more on the compact side.

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2. Shimano Bluewave Surf Bag


The name Shimano is already well known to any bicycle and sportswear enthusiast as a provider of high quality, durable products. Judging by the good reviews it got so far the BWSB250 dry bag makes no exception.

In true dry bag fashion, it is carried close to the hip, by an adjustable waist or shoulder strap and its lid opens from the top so that you can easily access your gear without having to drop the bag.

The interior is segmented into eight main vertical sections specially adapted to carry different lures, but large enough to serve other purposes. The lure compartment can be removed, which gives it good versatility, or replaced with a 16 section unit that can be purchased separately.

It also has a frontal extendable pocket which is likewise compartmentalized in order to more conveniently carry small items such as jigs, but it can be used for larger pieces of equipment as well.

It has very good water repellent properties thanks to its heavy duty 1689 Denier nylon construction and a rubber mesh bottom for faster draining and drying. The zippers are also corrosion resistant and are covered by nylon to prevent water from seeping through.


The Shimano-made product is a thing a beauty. It is made of heavy-duty 1680 Denier nylon, so you know it will last years of intensive use.

Another selling point is its adjustable lure tube system that can vertically store the lures, without tangling your hooks.

You can tell the brand designed it for expert fishers, as the vertical lure compartment can be easily divided into eight or sixteen compartments.

For a tiny price, you also get wall-separated jig holders on both sides of the bag. And, more importantly,  the product’s bottom is made from a durable rubber mesh type for quick drainage and fast drying times.


Some past buyers weren’t impressed with its texture. They thought the surface could’ve been smoother and more pleasant to the touch.

On a more serious note, if you use it to carry heavy weights, the unit might come apart around the seams.

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3. Fiblink Waterproof Outdoor Multifunctional Fishing Tackle Bag


This Fiblink top accessible surf bag offers great functionality at an affordable cost, meeting the dry carry demands of the angler with a limited budget.

It offers all the basics in a surprisingly large 16,5 x 9 x 6,3 inches package: a roomy main compartment, perfect for storing your own lure trays, lines and even collapsible rods; a large side pocket ostensibly intended to carry a water bottle but adaptable enough for other items; a couple of large zippered pockets; a number of D rings and two adjustable straps.  

Its heavy duty nylon construction offers good water repellent properties, and while the bottom is not reinforced with rubber for an added protection, it does feature grippy surfaces to prevent it from slipping. However, we recommend you avoid placing this unit on small pools of water, such as you might find in the interior of a kayak, due to the lack of rubber padding mentioned above.

When it comes to soft padding for comfort, the item does feature two large surfaces that provide for better contact with your body.

Like is the case with most Fiblink bags, this item also has a specialized cylindrical piece of nylon for attaching your fishing rod.


Most people agree that this bag takes multifunctionality to the extreme. It is crafted of heavy-duty nylon, so durability won’t be an issue even if you put it to good use on a daily basis.

The model comes with seven inner storage compartments and also exterior pockets, all of which can be used for multiple purposes like storing the lures and your keys.

It will help you keep your accessories all organized and secure.

The adjustable, detachable strap will make sure that you can transport all your items hassle-free, and the padding it features is the only guarantee you need the whole experience will be a comfortable one.


One of the smallest complaints is that the unit comes only in earthy colors, which won’t be a match for someone with a colorful personality.

And the only major one is that the waterproofing is not quite efficient when it comes to heavy rains.

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Buying guide


Like with most consumer products, it can’t really be said that such a thing as a “best surf fishing bag” actually exists, with various models and designs meeting different specific requirements. To help you decide between what’s available for sale, we’ve prepared a short buying guide listing a few features to look for.

Water protection

This needs to be a given for anglers who fish in the surf, from rivers or from a kayak. You never know when the bag might slip from your waist or how much water your boat might take in, so it’s best to keep your lures or your lunch safe from getting wet.

Water resistance is primarily provided by a siliconized CORDURA plating applied to the surface of the vinyl or nylon material, but there are other features to look for. First, a rubberized bottom will allow you to keep your bag on surfaces that gather water indefinitely without worrying that moisture will ultimately seep through.

Zippers are another way through which water might get to your belongings, so it’s important to look that they close all the way through and offer a tight fit if moisture is of particular concern. The best models also have nylon coverings over the zipper, to offer an added measure of protection in rainy weather.


Size and functionality

The maximum carry capacity you want from your bag ultimately comes down to your own preference, but the way the internal space is sectioned is something to be particularly mindful of.

The best models should offer good adaptability, with both large sections to fit sizable items and smaller pockets for tools. Mesh and zippered pockets serve significantly different functions, so ideally, the bag should feature both.

You can also get specialized holders, generally, for a fishing rod or landing net, but also for things like clippers or pliers, that should be permanently at the ready.


Comfort and accessibility

Needless to say, the bag should feel comfortable, distribute its weight evenly around your waist or back and offer easy access to whatever you might need.

Top opening designs are very easy to use on the go since they allow for direct access to the lure trays and various pockets. However, they are not nearly as comfortable as a backpack for a long trip.

They generally provide for two or three ways to be carried — tied to your mid section via a highly adjustable strap which closes tightly, a strap that goes over the shoulder and a handle. The shoulder strap, both on backpacks and waist bags should be padded at the point of contact, while midsection straps usually don’t require such provisions.



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