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Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo in 2024. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 12.07.24

Top Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed and Compared


If you want to acquire the best fishing gear for the money but you lack the time to assess the market and select a rod and reel combo that can suit your needs, we are here to lend you a hand. To help, we have looked at the available models and, after taking into account what fellow anglers and the specialists had to say on the matter, we have concluded that the Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater is the one that you should invest in. This item has a durable fiberglass construction and an EVA foam grip that makes it somewhat comfortable. The reel included in the deal features a stainless steel ball bearing drive, and it has received great reviews from users. The product won’t corrode when it comes into contact with saltwater and it is also suitable for freshwater applications. If this model is out of stock, you should also take a look at the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Kit.



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7 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2024



1. Daiwa DWB50-B D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo


If you want to purchase a versatile product that can be used for catching saltwater fish species such as redfish, snook, and stripers, and that can also work well on heavy freshwater applications, this combo is worthy of your attention. If you value comfort, keep in mind that this device also features EVA foam grips that are quite comfy.

This rod features a durable graphite construction, and it includes an ABS aluminum spool. According to the seller, this item comes equipped with a Twist Buster II line roller and a rotor that can deliver a smooth operation no matter the conditions that you might have to face.

Most of those that have tried it so far had positive things to say about it. Some of them noted that it is a great investment for beginners, given its sturdiness and portability. Because of its design, the choice is easy to transport and store.


Firstly, because of its sturdy design, this choice is regarded as a good fit for those that love surf fishing and those that like angling for sizeable fish.

The model comes equipped with an ABS aluminum spool and a Gyro Spin balanced rotor that ensures that you will be provided with a smooth operation.

This item has a stainless steel hood reel seat, and it was constructed using graphite, a material that is known for its sturdiness.

Furthermore, this item is comfortable as it includes EVA foam grips and it has a sensitive tip that allows you to feel every bite.


One angler pointed out that after a year of constant use, the item started making a cranking sound and that its handle got loose.

A small number of previous buyers claimed that the products that they were delivered broke after the first use. This might be related to how the item was actually handled.

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2. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos Full Kit


This saltwater kit is an alternative that might also interest you as it comes provided with numerous interesting features. This choice can definitely pass the test of time as it was created from a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This combination has received great feedback comments as it is apparently quite sturdy. The rod pole of the model was made of graphite.

Given the materials that were used in its construction, this item is not likely to corrode when it comes into contact with saltwater. The handle of the rod is also quite unique in its design as it includes a compartment in which you can store lures and other small weights.

A soft sleeve is also supplied by the seller. You can use it to store this retractable rod in between fishing locations. Plus, this product is also light in weight and quite convenient to use by both novices and experienced anglers alike.


With a gear ratio of 5:2:1., this model is very versatile, and it can be utilized for numerous fishing applications.

This rod features an anti-reverse handle that makes it effortless to maneuver by those anglers that are struggling when it comes to dealing with a solid hook sink.

Because of the computer-balanced rotor that this product comes equipped with, you no longer have to pay extra attention to the number of bearings that the reel includes.

This item is versatile and precise, mainly because it incorporates an s-curve oscillation system that is quite handy for line winding.


A small number of buyers claimed that the reel that they were shipped was difficult to retract. This was a problem that very few customers noticed.

One user said that the unit that he received broke after the first day of use. Because this issue has not been signaled by other anglers, this incident might be related to how the buyer actually used it.

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3. PENN Battle II Combo 


The Penn Battle II is a popular model among the many other products offered by the same company. The reel is a dependable option, and it has all the makings of an excellent model. Its full metal body is a guarantee that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon, and you can depend on the reputation of this manufacturer for it to serve you for years.

The side plates are made from metal, as well, which grants extra durability, as well. It comes with a spool made from anodized aluminum that will behave well in harsh conditions while keeping the weight of the reel to a minimum, and an excellent balance to the combo.

It must be mentioned that the 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings are there to ensure smooth operation so that you can enjoy fishing even more. The rod is made from blank graphite and, therefore, lightweight and easy to manipulate.


A full metal body and side plates make the reel on this combo particularly durable, and you will have a great time using it, as it resists well to all weather conditions.

The spool made from aluminum makes sure that the entire setup remains lightweight and balanced that you can enjoy excellent operation and performance.

A 5+1 stainless steel bearing system is the warrant of smooth operation for the reel, one of the most significant advantages offered by this reel and rod combo.

The rod is equipped with aluminum oxide guides and is made from graphite composite to ensure that you won’t feel like it’s a chore to cast your line.


While the reel proves to be exceptional in every way, not the same thing can be said about the rod that has some issues with the top eyelets and its tip that appears easy to damage.

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4. Ugly Stik Spinning Fishing Combo Kit


Another combo model that is suitable to be utilized for saltwater fishing is the Shakespeare UglyStik Kit. This spinning rod and reel combo was made of durable materials such as graphite, and it features stainless steel guides and ceramic inserts. The rod has a length of 7 feet, it is made up of two pieces, and it comes pre-spooled with line.

The handle of the model is somewhat comfy as it was made with EVA grips for extra convenience. To make the item as practical as possible, the necessary assorted big water tackle that one might need to use is also included in the deal.

This product is covered by a 7-year warranty policy that many consider useful. This combo is suitable to be used in saltwater. On top of that, a similar counterpart that was designed for freshwater use is also available for those interested.


This rod measures 7 feet in size, and it comes fitted with a high-quality spinning reel that can be utilized when fishing in saltwater.

Besides, this item has durable EVA grips that make it quite convenient to have around when enjoying an all-day-long fishing adventure.

For extra convenience, the model is shipped alongside the necessary assorted tackle and pre-spooled line.

What is more, this product is covered by a 7-year warranty policy.


Although it has received positive reviews from some users, there have been anglers that claimed that this unit is not necessarily practical as it comes provided with a type of tackle that cannot be used.

One user has noted that the design of the product is faulty as the top of the rod goes over the bottom half instead of it going inside the bottom half, a construction error that makes it rather difficult to maneuver.

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5. Okuma TU-1002-80 Tundra Spin Combo


1.Okuma Tundra SurfThe Tundra Surf Spinning Combo from Okuma Fishing is used by professional anglers around the world. Known for its quality products that are designed to provide you with a reliable performance, it is easy to see why this rod and reel combo is a popular choice with consumers.

The 10 foot rod gives you the reach you need for successful surf fishing, and its fiberglass construction ensures that it is durable, lightweight, and well balanced. The ceramic inserts help to guide the rigging, and you will appreciate how comfortably the rod fits in your hand.

This combo also comes with a size 80 spinning reel that is capable of holding up to 260 yards of 25 lb fishing line. This ensures that you can let the fish run, before starting to reel it in. The 25 lb line is strong enough to bring in heavier saltwater fish, and it also won’t easily break on driftwood and other debris. To ensure a smooth retrieval the reel uses a multiple disc drag system that is well lubricated to provide a consistent performance.


You will appreciate knowing that this rod and reel combo is often used by experienced fishermen worldwide.

The 10 foot rod is designed to be durable and comfortable to use, and the spinning reel is capable of providing you with a smooth and reliable performance.


It should be noted that this rod and reel combo is constructed for surf fishing, and might not be the best choice for first time anglers.



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6. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


A good rod and reel combo is everything you need for a quiet afternoon spent fishing on your favorite lake, pond, or river. This combo from Sougayilang is available in various sizes, depending on the type of fish you’re looking to catch, and is equipped with every necessary item and accessory for a successful fishing trip. 

It contains one carbon fiber telescopic fishing pole, a fishing reel, three fishing lures, 110YDS fishing line, and some other necessary accessories. However, it doesn’t come with a carrying bag, so you’ll have to purchase one yourself to keep your gear in one place and convenient to carry or deposit. 

The rod is made of high-density carbon fibers mixed with fiberglass to deliver enhanced durability and extra hardness. The ring is made by SIC Ceramic for enhanced heat dissipation. All in all, the construction is rough and sturdy, so it shouldn’t bend, break, or chip easily, even when used for extensive hours. 


Lightweight and portable, this fishing rod and reel combo easily fits inside the car trunk, boat or backpack, and it won’t cause shoulder pain when carried. 

The combo is delivered with all the necessary items for a fruitful fishing trip, including the rod, reel, three fishing lures, a long fishing line with a total length of 110 yards, and other accessories. 

The reel has 13+1 corrosion-resistant smooth ball bearings and a precision-matched gear combined with a powerful 5.5:1 gear ratio to deliver ultra-smooth performance. 

The interchangeable handle is made from high-quality aluminum and it delivers a comfortable and anti-slip grip, suitable for both right-handed fishers and lefties. 


Although the combo is designed for both freshwater and saltwater use, keeping it extensively in saltwater might lead to rust and corrosion. 

Keep in mind that the combo isn’t delivered with a carrying bag, so you’ll have to purchase one yourself to keep all the accessories in one place and ready to transport them. 

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7. Fiblink Surf Spinning Graphite Travel Fishing Rod


Affordable and convenient to carry, the two-piece graphite fishing rod is perfect for when you’re traveling and you want a reliable item to help you catch as much fish as possible. The item is available in various length sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 13 feet, depending on how far you want to cast and what type of fish you’re looking to catch. 

It boasts a solid carbon fiber construction that delivers improved performance-action and increased sensitivity at the same time. Thanks to the toughness of the carbon fiber construction, you can expect the rod to deliver precisely tuned action for boat fishing. 

The guide is made from a combination of stainless steel and ceramic to make it smoother and suitable for long casts, while also improving sensitivity so you’ll always know when you catch something. We also appreciated the non-slip rubber shrink tube handle that absorbs shocks and sweat and ensures a comfortable, steady grip.


This two-piece set represents an excellent choice for those who travel long distances until finding the perfect fishing spot or destination and require a reliable yet affordable fishing tool. 

The product boasts a super-solid carbon fiber construction that is sensitive at the same time, ensuring increased performance and sensitivity, so you will easily know when you caught something. 

The guide of the rod is made from stainless steel and ceramic to prevent the line from getting stuck and minimize friction, so you can enjoy smooth and long casts. 

Another feature that we appreciated is the non-slip rubber handle. It boasts a tapered rear grip that absorbs extra vibrations and sweat so you won’t have to worry about slipping. 

The rubber grip also delivers comfort and reduces hand fatigue for an improved fishing experience. 


No matter how much you’re looking after the rod, it may still snap or get damaged if you try to catch heavy fish, over 20 pounds. 

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What is Surf Fishing?


You’re wading in the surf. Or probably standing on the shoreline. This is while catching fish. That’s what surf fishing basically is. Wikipedia states that surf fishing is a general term for all types of shore fishing, including from fishing piers, rock jetties, and sandy and rocky beaches. However, some enthusiasts argue that pier fishing and surf fishing are two different things, simply because they are two different methods.

The terms beachcasting and surfcasting are the appropriate terms for surf fishing from the beach, since you cast near the shoreline or into the surf. One thing is sure though: surf fishing is mostly done in saltwater.

Surf fishermen utilize artificial lures and live bait for the sport. They also have to watch out for undertows and waves, as those can be quite dangerous. The use of waders when surf fishing will require having a wader belt on so water won’t get into the fishing apparel if you slip underwater.

Both hands need to be used when casting. Surf fisherman even cast with their entire bodies to ensure more distant casting. This is to be expected since they are after inshore fish that go feeding. When casting, extra care must be taken as one has to use extra-sharp hooks. The tremendous body power required to hurl the line far out also means one has to ensure that no one is nearby when casting.


Surf fishing rods described

Investing in the best surf casting rod and reel can spell the difference between enjoying your day fishing in the surf and coming home with nothing else to show except a bruised ego.

Surf fishing rods are designed to be exceptionally long, typically 12 feet to 16 feet long. However, many surf fishers choose surf rods 10 to 11 inches long, outfitted with around 250 yards of 20-pound test monofilament. Vendors do stock up on rods from 6 feet to more than 14 feet, and this gives anglers a wide range of options. The size of the rod will depend on the location you want to fish and the particular catch you want to score. In addition, you will have to think about the combined weight of the rod and reel.

For spinning or feathering, you want a rod-and-reel combo that won’t cause your arms to get fatigued easily or get achy quickly.

Also, check out how much bend is in the rod. You will want a stiffer rod for effortless hauling up of more fish if you are on a pier or cliff. A stiff rod might make it a bit more difficult to sense bites but you will appreciate the added strength on the top half of the rod to compensate for that issue.



Surf fishing reels described

It can’t be said enough: fishing in saltwater requires that you use a rod and reel ideal for the activity and also learn how to use those devices really well. For shore fishing, the angler can choose between a baitcasting reel and a spinning reel.

Baitcasting reels are proven to be the best choice for offshore fishing for large fish, making them a favorite for most experienced shore fishers who have to use heavier lines or who cast large baits for a better technique. The line of this type of reel does require a higher degree of coordination to work with optimally when using the thumb to control spool speed and also stop it from releasing more line at the end of the cast. To be able to make the most of a baitcasting reel, you will have to develop the skills with constant practice. Thankfully, modern reels are now designed to make the learning curve less steep.

Today’s top quality baitcasting reels have a built-in drag system that enables the user to regulate the resistance or drag on the spool. You can regulate the speed of the spool with an adjustable drag, which lets you reduce backlash from spin over while optimizing casting distance. With a baitcasting reel, the line is laid directly on the spool, giving you a good chance of fighting big fish. The line capacity is determined by the spool size on any reel. The unique design of a baitcasting reel also provides wider and deeper spools that can take more line, aside from having low gear ratio.

A spincasting reel is not as capable as a baitcasting reel when handling large game but it is considered overall as quite the easiest to utilize for shore or surf fishing particularly for beginners. This type leans more towards onshore than offshore fishing.

The spool of a surf fishing reel can be made of aluminum or graphite. Aluminum is a heavier and more expensive option than graphite. It is also tougher. Check out models with an anodized finish, or perhaps those that are machine bronzed to reduce incidences of rust. Take note: the materials are meant for corrosion resistance but still require religious cleaning and maintenance.

The frame can also be either aluminum or graphite. A frame machined out of a solid block of aluminum offers incredible strength, with less torque on the reel body and spool when doing battle with big fish.

Bear in mind, too, that the number of bearings and the gear ratio are critical elements.

The rod should last you anywhere from 6 months to a full year, but the reel should last much longer.



Choosing the right gear


It is not just having the best surf fishing rod and reel that matters, but having the right rig.

With a Fishfinder Rig, you have a main line along which the bait line moves smoothly up and down, enabling the live bait to swim freely This type is your best best for targets that carry their prize off a considerable distance before swallowing it. A circle hook works best for this type, with the barb bent toward the shank to the back, making the fish hook themselves. Generally, a circle hook remains unswallowed by fish, facilitating easy release of the catch at your option. This type of rig is ideal for catching striped bass and redfish.

Made for striped bass as well as bluefish, a fireball rig is outfitted with dropper lines attached with brightly colored floats that raise the bait away from the sea bed to keep it away from crabs and small fish. This type entices sight-hunter fish.

A double-drop bottom rig utilizes colored beads that make it more visible in choppy waters. This type can be outfitted with live mole crabs or fresh shrimp for bait. It is great for catching just about any fish including speckled trout, whiting, spot, flounder and Atlantic croaker.



Surf fishing lures and techniques

So you’ve set yourself up with the best surf rod and reel combo. What’s next aside from bagging the best fishing rig?

Surf angling success is also guaranteed by the perfect type of live bait you use. This can vary from squid, mole crabs, ragworms, sandworms, shrimp, bloodworms, hard/soft shell crab and mullet. Remember to use the right bait for the right fish. Ask a local tackle/bait shop employee about the best live baits you can use in the area you plan to fish.


There are five lures you can choose from as well.


Bucktails are available in a variety of sizes and can be fished at water columns of any level. A bucktail lure catches all fish anywhere on the planet, easily mimicking any swimming organism. It is the most versatile, too. Choose from white to colored ones. Some fishing experts recommend having pork strip or rind as an integral part of this kind of lure.

Fish that feed on the surface or willfully move toward the surface are best captured with pencil poppers. Resembling a wounded fish, this type entices fish with its slow and rhythmic motion and can also trigger strikes.

Conventional poppers of various colors and sizes are great for even the biggest fish.

Swimming plugs not only catch plenty of fish but also catch fish that feed on a variety of baits. Usable in both rough and calm waters, they can mimic sand eels and bunker and are most effective for night fishing.

Tins or metal lures cast well and are keeled. The design enables the surf fisher to retrieve the lure very slowly while ensuring that it stays steady. Metal lures may be outfitted with tubes or feathers.

When surf fishing, remember not to use makeshift rod holders. Use only real fishing rod holders that prevent the fishing pole from getting dragged into the surf.

Ensure your safety by informing someone where you will be fishing and when you expect to come back. Use plenty of sunscreen and watch out for swimmers nearby.

It is good advice to check out your fishing location at low tide to take note of hollows, dips and sandbanks where the fish will likely be feeding during high tide, the best time to surf fish. Points of land are notable for being where fish are when the tide comes in.

Never overdo it when baitcasting, as fish may be closer than farther away sometimes.

Don’t hesitate to ask the local bait/tackle shop for advice.





Q: What is a good surf fishing combo for less than 100?

If your budget is somewhat limited and you can’t afford to spend over one hundred dollars on such a combo, perhaps the Penn Pursuit II 8000 2-Piece spinning set might be the solution to your problems. This product features EVA grips, graphite reel seats, and a graphite composite blank, which is why it’s one of the lightest yet most resilient alternatives we’ve seen while prospecting the market. The reel is made of a corrosion-resistant graphite body and has been outfitted with an oiled-felt drag system. Although it is primarily designed for saltwater fishing, there’s nothing stopping you from utilizing it in freshwater, as well. What’s more, many of the anglers who have chosen this combo speak highly of how easy it is for them to assemble and disassemble the reel in order to clean and lubricate it.


Q: What should I choose between an Okuma surf fishing combo and a Shakespeare surf fishing combo?

Okuma Tundra is one of the critically acclaimed choices we have discovered during our research process, and that’s mostly due to the fact that this brand is world-known for manufacturing top-notch angling products. The pole included in the combo boasts a fiberglass construction that renders it well-balanced and lightweight, and its ceramic inserts are worth it, as well. A surf fishing alternative from Shakespeare is the Catch More Fish option. This pole and reel are also relatively well-built, although the set includes a tubular glass rod with stainless steel guides and ceramic inserts. This product is a good option, as well, but the Okuma Tundra seems to be of a higher quality, in our opinion.



Q: How do you feel about the Ugly Stik? Should I go for it or would you rather recommend a different surf fishing combo?

It really boils down to what you’re looking for in terms of sensitivity and balance. The Ugly Stik Surf Casting rods make a good choice for people looking for a lot of performance and dependable strength. One product that we like due to its excellent construction is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik 10’ Bigwater combo. The set includes a heavy action pole and a dependable reel, as well. Based on what we found about it, the rod is remarkably sensitive and flexible compared to other models in the same class. If you’re looking for a relatively versatile combo that enables you to catch both mackerel and larger fish, this particular kit seems to be a good choice. A cheaper alternative would be the Penn Pursuit II 8000 2-piece spinning combo.


Q: In terms of brand reliability, do you consider Shimano or Shakespeare a better manufacturer of rods and reels?

In order to try to compare the two companies, we’ve referred to two of the popular surf fishing combos made by these brands. One of them is the Shimano Sienna 2500 and the other is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2. Despite being more budget-friendly, the Ugly Stik features a lightweight design that can allow you to fish for hours on end. This doesn’t mean that it’s any less durable compared to its Shimano counterpart. The combo we analyzed came with a 4 ball bearing reel and a 2-piece rod. The Sienna is an excellent choice only if you have the budget, in that it does feature several components made of more resilient materials. In fact, the combo offers a Catana rod that comes with lightweight Sea Guide zirconian rings and graphite composite blanks. Comparing Shimano and Shakespeare, in general, is like trying to do the same with toothpaste and mouthwash. Each of these two brands uses different materials and creates their products differently.


Q: How can I get a cheap surf fishing combo that’s worth it?

If you’re trying to get a reasonably priced alternative, first you need to consider the maximum budget you can put aside for such an expense. Most combos under fifty dollars relatively well-made. Depending on the dimension of the rod and reel, you can choose anything from the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 and Okuma Tundra to the Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG or a Plusinno Spinning combo. The Daiwa D-Wave is another good choice. Whichever of these products you end up selecting, the fact of the matter is that the area you’ll be doing your angling in and your target have to be correlated with the right size and design of your future combo.



Unavailable products


Penn Pursuit II 8000-2


7.Penn Pursuit II 8000-2The Penn Pursuit II 8000-2 is a critically acclaimed alternative that seems to be the favorite choice of various types of anglers. This combo is fit for any boat and surf fishing expedition and offers the same great results even when fishing inshore. If you’ve been searching for a cost-effective option that allows you to avoid breaking the bank, perhaps you’d enjoy giving a chance to the Penn Pursuit II, as the combo has been highly spoken of thanks to the performance it provides. The reel is very lightweight as it features a body made of graphite, a material that has been tested and proven to be corrosion-resistant and sensitive. Saltwater anglers can finally take advantage of the fishing experience thanks to the oiled-felt drag system that can be found in the reel in this combo.

The rod also has a series of features that are hard to say no to. As such, this part is made of composite graphite and thus is lightweight enough to be operated by beginners and experienced fishermen just as well. While some people who’ve reviewed the unit claim it’s a tad too hefty, we’d like to point out that this is a 10-feet alternative and it couldn’t have been any smaller or more lightweight than it already is. With an EVA grip, the model is very comfortable to hold even when you might be in the midst of a battle with heavy fish.

Another reason you might be interested in purchasing this model is that it is remarkably affordable. Few combos manage to combine the convenience and reliability of this one and cost less than one hundred dollars. Depending on the online retailer of your choice, you might be as lucky to get it for as little as eighty-five dollars or less.


With a large-capacity reel and a dependable rod, this combo is worth every penny as it can hold up really well over the years, regardless of the abuse it might take over time.

Judging by the Amazon reviews it has acquired, the Penn Pursuit II 8000-2 combo offers excellent value for the cost.


The reel needs a little cleaning and maintenance after having been used in saltwater. As such, users are advised to give it a good rinse after every fishing trip.






Hurricane Seahawk


1.Hurricane Seahawk SurfIf you love seeing what you can “bring in” from the surf, this rod and reel combo from Hurricane might be exactly what you need. It features a durable construction that is also capable of providing you with a smooth performance, and this surf fishing combo is priced to fit almost any budget.

The two piece medium heavy rod is designed to withstand the pounding of the surf. The fiberglass blanks ensure that the rod is sensitive enough to feel the smallest nibbles, and the EVA grip on the handle fits comfortably in your hand. Never lose your bait to a sneaky fish, with this sensitive rod.

You will love the smooth performance capabilities of the size 70 reel. The spool is constructed from sturdy graphite which provides you with the strength you need to retrieve heavier saltwater fish. The ball bearings ensure a smooth and reliable cast and retrieval, and the drive system will provide you with the power you need to securely hook and reel in larger fish. For added convenience the spool is already wrapped with a 20 lb monofilament line, so all you need to do is attach a lure to start fishing with this combo.


Not only does this rod and reel come with a durable construction, it is also priced to suit most budgets.

The rod can be broken down into 2 pieces for convenient carrying and storage.


Some consumers have noted that the reel can become stuck on retrieval, but this is often due to the type of line they are using and not a flaw in the design.





Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo Lightweight


This alternative combo comes supplied with a CS4 spinning reel and with a special rod made of 24-ton graphite. The reel in itself is light in weight and incredibly smooth according to users. This is possible because it has a carbon frame and a practical eight bearing construction.

What is more, this combo is considered suitable for a wide array of fishing combinations, including popular fishing techniques that are meant to help one catch freshwater fish like bass and trout and inshore species like flounder.

The EVA handle that it includes is light in weight, sturdy and a tad oversized so that you won’t find it challenging to control it in difficult fishing circumstances. The rod is resistant to corrosion, and it comes provided with a double-footed hook keeper that makes it convenient to store and transport. Five different rod actions and lengths are available for you to choose from.


This lightweight item was constructed from 24-ton graphite, and it also features stainless steel guides and inserts for extra sturdiness.

Even more so, the oversized EVA handle knobs that it includes were ergonomically created to supply all anglers with the necessary grip and comfort.

Because it is available in five distinct rod actions and lengths, interested buyers can select the unit that they feel suits them best.

This product is perfect for catching walleye, bass, trout as well as popular species such as redfish and even speckled trout.


Although numerous customers have appreciated that this model is durable, some have said that they were shipped models that had defects that resulted due to transportation mishaps.

Another angler was quick to say that the item that he got broke after the first use. Nevertheless, this might have something to do with the fisherman not using it appropriately.



Sea Striker Lake Pier & Surf


A single look at the pretty design of this rod and reel combo and you will be hooked. Customers praise the fact that the manufacturer thought about catering to female anglers, too, and launched this particular combo on the market. One great thing about Sea Striker combos is that the perfect match between a rod and a reel is already made for you.

In this case, the combo has medium action, something to bear in mind in case this is important for you. The two-piece rod is easy to take apart for easy transportation, and another important aspect is that you can assemble it without a glitch, too.

The EVA grips are comfortable, and since ergonomics is one part of what can make or break a combo ideal for anglers, it is essential to notice that the manufacturer thought about everything. The reel is made from lightweight graphite, thus ensuring that you will not feel your hands becoming tired as you use it.

Outfitted with monofilament line so that you can start fishing right away, the Sea Striker Lake, PIER & SURF is one of the choices you won’t regret making. Due to the twist free roller, you won’t have to deal with a tangled line all the time.


Pairing the right rod with the right reel can be a hassle, so it’s a good thing that this company offers a combo that already made the right choice for you.

The comfortable grip on this model is one of the aspects that will make you appreciate the combo even more.

Durability is one aspect to consider when you go shopping for a rod and reel combo, and it’s a great thing that the construction of this model provides it.

It is lightweight, due to the graphite construction that keeps its weight to a minimum, without sacrificing its durability.

As it already comes with monofilament line, you will find it a more convenient option than others available.


While most users praise the fact that the rod is dependable, it appears that the reel doesn’t have as many fans, and there are some complaints about it being less reliable than the rod.



Daiwa Combos Premount Surf BG60 BG701MRS


Durability is one of the vital aspects of a fishing rod and reel that you want to use when casting your line from the shore or a boat. The Daiwa Premount Surf BG60 is sturdy and clearly made with the ability to withstand the test of time. For saltwater fishing, you will find it ideal, no matter where you plan to travel for your angling adventures.

The heavy-duty metal construction ensures that the frame won’t bend, break, or twist when you need to pull a massive fish out of the water. But strength is not the only thing that makes this model stand out. Reliability is next on the list, and this model provides as promised.

The three stainless steel ball bearings offer smooth operation and increase the lifespan of the fishing reel. With smooth performance, also comes the ability to deal with heavier fish and that’s something to bear in mind.

Next, we should talk a little about the quality of the materials used. For instance, the rod is made from E-Glass and can take a lot of wear and tear. The guides are made from aluminum oxide and durable in saltwater for a long time.


The drag system will make a good impression from the first glance, as the washers made from stainless steel, and an interesting combination of leather, Teflon, and Nomex, will stop the reel at any moment.

You will find the stainless steel main shaft to resist plenty of wear and tear, as well as rust and corrosion, no matter how often you use it.

Smooth performance is a must have for any fishing combo, and it’s great to see this one equipped with three stainless steel bearings that can be in contact with saltwater without a problem.

The E-Glass rod is made with durability in mind, and, when you take it out for a spin, you will soon realize that despite its lightweight design, it is quite rugged.


Although it is lightweight, as far as its overall construction is concerned, the presence of a metal frame might make it more cumbersome than other models.




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Alisha Ross

October 7, 2020 at 10:34 am

We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

Fisher Pants

October 7, 2020 at 11:05 am

I’m very glad it did, Alisha. Thank you for your feedback!