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Best Swimbait Rods

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Swimbait rods – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


You might not have the time to read our detailed buying guide below complete with product recommendations. Just let this short paragraph help you make a sensible buying decision without eating up much of your time. We have looked at some of the popular market choices in terms of the best swimbait rods; this has led us to a critically-acclaimed consumer choice, the Dobyns Fury Series. Strong yet lightweight, this fishing pole offers a balanced feel and more than enough sensitivity to help you bag the catch. Extremely light for its price class, this model features a high-modulus graphite blank, an AA-grade cork grip with a dense Hypalon butt, Kevlar wrapping, and a Fuji reel seat. This swimbait-specific rod offers comfortable handling and is well-crafted. Retrieving the bait and setting the hook are effortless thanks to the rod’s moderate fast action. Even with the high likelihood that the Dobyns Fury Series will run out of stock due to its popularity, don’t worry as there’s still a second best option, the Ardent Denny Brauer.



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3 Best Swimbait Rods (Reviews) in 2023


Differentiating the best swimbait rods from the mediocre ones can be a challenge. However, according to our research, the products below have gotten good customer acclaim so they should be worth trying out, don’t you think?



1. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 703C Medium Heavy Power Fast 


Lauded by customers to be superbly light yet sensitive, the Dobyns Fury Series features rods that are suitable for fishing a variety of lures and baits. Every rod in this product line is equipped with the features that any angler will surely appreciate. There’s strength in the craftsmanship as well as a balanced feel for less effortful handling.

You will love the high-modulus graphite blank, which ensures a good level of transmission of vibrations from the fish nibbling on the lure in the water. The Fuji reel seat provides a sturdy hold on your favorite fishing reel to keep it from wobbling during fishing operations. It also facilitates the easy attachment of the essential fishing component.

The rod comes with Kevlar wrapping for a virtually indestructible construction. The AA-grade cork grip supports the need for added sensitivity while being able to hold residual heat to keep your hands warm longer when fishing in chilly weather.


The features customers love about this swimbait rod are its sensitivity level, lightweight design, strength, and balanced feel, which are attributes that any angler would love to have in a swimbait rod.

With its high-modulus graphite blank, this rod ensures a balanced and lightweight unit that feels good and easy to hold in the hand even for long periods of waiting for the fish to bite.

Thanks to the Fuji reel seat, a secure attachment to the reel is provided for a shake-free performance. The reel can be easily affixed and removed when needed, for replacement or re-spooling.

You will love that this model is virtually indestructible with its revolutionary Kevlar wrapping. The double-A grade cork grip traps residual heat so your hands stay warm longer while holding the handle. The component also transmits energy better compared to EVA foam so you can feel the fish biting.


The reel seat threads are quite short so this model might be compatible with smaller fishing reels.

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2. Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Fishing Rod


Crafted with high-performance cork split grips, this fishing rod offers a balanced feel in the hand while reducing the overall weight. You can hold it for hours without easily getting hand fatigue. Since there is more of the rod blank exposed, you enjoy increased hand contact. This translates to improved sensitivity to fish strikes and lures.

The IM8 graphite construction delivers power and sensitivity as well. This translates to a better perception of fish strikes to complement the split grip style of the rod. You are also assured of a lightweight rod.

Thanks to the Fuji Aluminum Oxide Line Guides, less friction accumulates with the constant rubbing of the line against the surface of the rod, which means less abrasion between the two components to prevent the formation of tangles and to keep the fishing line from breaking with the constant pressure.

For a secure attachment to your favorite fishing reel, this model comes outfitted with a Pac Bay Reel Seat.


With more of the rod blank exposed due to the cork split-grip design, you can expect good hand contact, resulting in improved sensitivity to lures and fish strikes.

The IM8 Graphite Construction delivers a lightweight yet balanced feel that allows effortless control and handling without causing the easy onset of hand fatigue during long days in the water.

Thanks to the Pac Bay reel seat, you get a secure attachment to your favorite fishing reel. This will also ensure a stable fishing rig with reduced wobble while making it easy to detach and reattach the reel.

Friction and abrasion between the fishing line and the rod surface get reduced significantly since the Fuji Aluminum Oxide Line Guides keep the fishing line running straight and smooth along the length of the rod.

This rod belongs to a line that has been field-tested and approved by no one else but 1998 Bassmaster Classic Champion Denny Brauer himself, who personally uses the rods on the BASS Elite Series.


One customer uses this rod to fish 6oz lures and nothing over that.

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3. G. Loomis E6X 884C SWB Swimbait Casting Rod


With its 10-inch rear grip and 1.25-inch fore grip, the G. Loomis E6X  SWB provides easy handling and control for casting and retrieve. Lightweight yet sneakily powerful, this swimbait rod is designed for fishing 4 to 7-inch plastic swimbaits. The full cork rear grip delivers precise control as well as a greater leverage to ensure dependably distant casting along with accuracy.

This rod comes with a substantial backbone to accommodate multiple sizes of bass. Responsive, light, and dependable, this model makes a suitable all-around swimbait rod. It is 7.4 inches long overall so it gives a premium casting distance to make the bait land as far out as possible for a more natural presentation.

Designed with moderately fast action, this option provides you with greater chances of bagging that dream catch faster and more easily. The Heavy power rating means you can aim for bigger fish depending on your angling skills, of course. You will feel even the most tentative nibbles in the water as well as the wiggles of the swimbait tail.


Lightweight yet brimming with sneaky power, this fishing rod supports fishing 4 to 7-inch soft plastic swimbaits with ease.

Get precise control thanks to the full cork rear grip that provides comfort as well. You also enjoy greater leverage and more accuracy, as well as casting distance.

You can feel plenty of backbone in this swimbait rod, which can handle various sizes of bass yet is exceptionally light and responsive.

A dependable, all-around swimbait rod, this option is 7 feet 4 inches long to deliver farther casting and enable the presentation of the bait in a natural manner to entice the fish to bite.

Suitable for 12 to 25-pound test line weights and ½ to 2oz lure weights, this model features a responsive tip plus a powerful butt section to deliver energy in hook setting.


It would seem that this fishing rod has not yet gotten a strong exposure on the market to consumers.

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Buying guide


Considering that swimbaits and the rods dedicated to fishing them can be quite expensive, it pays to know how to spot the best one for sale so you can avoid getting what would turn out to be a dud. These are essential points to look at when investing in a swimbait rod.

Power and action

The amount of pressure to be applied on the rod to cause it to bend is referred to as its power rating. While light action rods flex easier, heavier action ones bend with a greater amount of pressure. Swimbait roads, like other rod types, have power categories varying from light to medium to heavy, with levels such as medium-heavy and medium-light in between.

Rod manufacturers who create high-end products utilize a number system to denote the power rating in their offerings. Typically, this is from 1 through 5, with 1 being light action and 5 to signify heavy.

Action refers to where and how the rod blank bends with the application of force. It can also tell you the ease and distance from the tip that the rod will bend fully. Most rod makers use similar action ratings. That said, the terms used can be rather befuddling.

While plenty of manufacturers use the same three classifications used for power ratings, others utilize speed variations to denote action. Thus, you will encounter fast, moderate fast, and extra-fast. Categorizing the level of ‘fast’ is a better means of signifying the speed at which the pole stops flexion and the power transfer to the blank.

A rod with heavy or extra-fast action bends 3 to 4 inches before power is transferred to the blank. A rod with light or moderate fast action bends virtually one-third of the way along the length of the rod blank, so this is pretty slow.

The action rating influences the capacity of the rod to cast and to fight bass. It also determines the sensitivity level of the tip and the rate of transfer of the hook set to the lure at the end of the fishing line. A slower or lighter action is better with treble hooks to prevent them from pulling free when the fish surges. However, hook setting will be difficult.

With a heavy action rod, you can do great with single hook baits such as jigs, Texas rig soft plastics, and spinnerbaits that require strong hook sets.



The different rods featured in the best swimbait rods reviews are of varying sizes. The length should be suitable to your personal ability to use it. If you are caught in an awkward position to execute a good swing, a longer rod that picks up more line on a hook set is ideal. A lengthy pole also offsets mistakes in angling form. The best rod for swimbait is of ample length that can balance the applied pressure when the hooked fish jumps or surges.


Other features

Fishing rods can be made from either fiberglass or graphite. While being a more sensitive and lighter option, graphite still has not edged out fiberglass in the fishing industry. Fiberglass is suitable for baits that require a lighter or medium action rod due to its parabolic bend or uniform flexion throughout the pole’s length.

In terms of strength and sensitivity, graphite rods can’t be beaten, but they make up for those properties with greater cost.

The rod blank and the line guides are of nearly equal importance. Premium-quality guides enable you to sense fish strikes easily while ensuring a smooth line flow and the prevention of line breakage.  

The reel seat should also enable you to feel the blank while holding the rod and reel. The width, trigger placement, and seat nut size vary from one model to another.

The rod handle can be made out of EVA foam, cork, or a composite of the two. When fishing heavy baits or making long casts, go for a longer handle that allows the use of two hands. In contrast, a shorter handle is suitable for lighter baits and the use of just one hand or for roll casting to the target.



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