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Best Travel Rod and Reel Combo

Last Updated: 01.12.23

Travel rod and reel combos – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best travel rod and reel combo. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Okuma Voyager is the best because this convenient kit comes with a 6 foot rood and size 20 spinning reel so you are ready to fish almost anywhere. The blank is constructed from a composite material, and easily breaks down into 5 pieces for easy portability. The spinning reel is also designed to provide you with a smooth and reliable performance. If the Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager is not available, you should consider the Daiwa Mini System as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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6 Best Travel Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2023


The main advantage of owning a travel rod and reel combo is the simple fact that you will always have your gear with you. While we can’t choose the right gear for you, we can help you make an informed decision, which is why you can find the best travel rod and reel combos showcased below.



1. Okuma Unisex’s 330782-SSI Voyager Spin Combo Travel Kit

1.Okuma VS-605-20With this travel rod and reel kit you are always ready to fish. The compact case is padded to protect the spinning rod and reel, and its small size ensures that it is easy and convenient to take with you.

The 6 foot rod is constructed from lightweight graphite that is also sensitive. Its length is perfect for longer casts, and you will still be able to feel every tug on your line.

The stainless steel guides are lightweight and durable, and thanks to the ceramic inserts your line will always flow freely.

The spinning reel is also constructed from a lightweight material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel ball bearings ensure a smooth and reliable performance so you can enjoy a successful fishing trip.


Designed as a full travel kit for anglers, this choice features a 6-foot long, 5-piece travel rod and a size 20 Voyager reel. Both components boast quality craftsmanship for many fishing seasons of use.

The rod features a sensitive, five-piece composite blank that breaks down for easy transport and storage. It comes with cork handles that deliver a lightweight design while being sensitive and easy to handle.

The reel is ideal for walleye, catfish, bass, panfish, and trout fishing. It fits nicely into the stainless steel hooded reel seat on the rod to provide a secure and stable rig.

Along the rod, durable ceramic guide inserts are evenly distributed, which serve to keep the line flat and straight. This results in less friction between the rod surface and the fishing line. Any abrasion between the two elements could cause the line to snap or get tangled.


According to a customer, there’s a need to re-tighten everything in the assembled outfit periodically since the components tend to loosen with use.

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2. Daiwa 942062-SSI Minispin System Travel Kit


2.Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning ReelYou never have to worry about this rod and reel combo getting damaged during travel, thanks to the included hard case. It is designed to protect your gear while being easy to carry, and its compact size makes it perfect for traveling.

Every component on this rod and reel combo is designed for durability and performance. The ultralight spinning rod is the perfect choice for trout and other panfish, and its 4.5 foot length allows you to make short and long casts.

The spinning reel is constructed from a lightweight and corrosion resistant metal, and designed to work perfectly with the ultralight rod.

With multiple disc drag and a ball bearing drive, you can enjoy a reliable and smooth performance on every cast and retrieval.


Get an ultralight reel and a matching ultralight rod in the package. The five-piece rod and ball bearing outfitted reel work nicely together to provide a fishing rig you can travel with.

Thanks to the 4.9:1 gear ratio of the reel, you can get a faster release of the fishing line with every turn of the handle. When you crank the reel handle, the spool revolves 4.9 times so retrieves and casting are easy to perform.

Customers love how the 4.5-foot, multi-piece rod accepts 2 to 6-pound test lines along with 1/16 to ¼ ounce lures, which enables them to fish a variety of tackle.

Enjoy Twist Buster line spin reduction plus Gyro Spin balancing with the cutting-edge fishing reel in the package.

All the components of the kit are encased in an ultra-compact hard case with convenient built-in tackle compartments for hassle-free organization.


According to one customer, this package is best for those who are short on space but not for those who need space for a lot more.

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3. Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit & Combo 


This kit will surely make your day if you are the type of angler who prefers to have everything in the same place. In it, you will find a telescopic rod that is easy to carry around and a reel that ensures smooth operation. Other accessories are included, such as small red beads, offset worm hooks, jig heads, monofilament line, and even a crankbait, to mention but a few.

They are all organized in a nice looking case, so that will be all you need to pack for your next fishing adventure. Now, you probably want to know more about the rod and reel combo. The rod is made from carbon composite, and it is particularly strong and sensitive.

The reel is made from graphite, and that also contributes to the light weight of the entire combo. Another thing you will be happy to learn is that the reel comes with a 4+1 ball bearing system that makes it easy to use.


Capable of folding down to 21 inches, this combo is the solution to all those anglers who want a kit they can carry anywhere without any trouble.

The rod blanks are made from carbon composite and offer the light action that beginners may appreciate the most when they first cast their line.

A multi-disc drag system makes the reel on this model an absolute winner because of the excellent performance offered.

You will surely appreciate the plethora of accessories offered, such as offset worm hooks, grubs, a crankbait, monofilament fishing line, and many others.

Everything about this kit caters to comfort and convenience, as you can tell from the soft-touch handle knob, and the stainless steel guides present.


You must know that both the reel and the rod are on the small side, so they might not be the best solution if what you have in mind is going after big fish that fight a lot.

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4. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos


The telescopic fishing pole included in this combo is made from carbon fiber, so it’s lightweight and portable. Since you probably want to get this combo so that you can travel without any problems with your fishing gear in tow, that’s a significant benefit. Along with the rod, you will receive a dependable reel and multiple other accessories.

Among these, you will find three fishing lures, 110 yards of fishing line, and others. You will be able to go on your fishing trip without having to spend extra. You will notice that the rod is a bit stiff, and that happens because of the combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The guide rings are made from ceramic, and that’s a puzzle since this aspect will ensure that the line will suffer significantly less friction on the retrieve. The reel comes with 13+1 ball bearings that offer smooth operation, while the EVA handle provides non-slip, comfortable performance.


Lightweight and easy to carry around, this combo won’t take up a lot of room in your car trunk when you want to travel to your fishing destination.

With a gear ratio of 5:5:1, it is a powerful combo that will help you catch plenty of fish without any glitches.

The machined aluminum handle can be switched for left-hand or right-hand operation so that no one is left out.

Its spool is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, and it has a honeycomb design that makes it particularly robust and dependable.

Regardless of whether you go freshwater or saltwater fishing, this combo will serve you well.


The eyelets come unglued once in a while, so you will need to employ some maintenance to keep the setup working as it should.

Overall, the rod is not on par, quality-wise, with the reel, and you may want to replace it after a while.

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5. Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Telescopic Rod


If you’re looking for an affordable rod and reel combo to get you started with your fishing passion, this package from Plusinno could prove a smart investment in the long term. It is available in four sizes, ranging from 5.91 feet to 8.86 feet, depending on how far you want to cast and what type of fish you’re mainly interested in. 

Keep in mind that the combo only includes the rod and the reel, so there are no lures or lines, which means you’ll have to purchase them separately. 

The fishing pole provides perfect elasticity thanks to its high-density carbon fiber construction combined with fiberglass. As a result, you’re looking at a hard and durable product that will resist the wind, various water conditions, and the test of time. 

The stainless steel hooded reel seat is made from the best materials to resist corrosion and rust caused by seawater, while the EVA fore grip adds comfort and ensures a good grip. 


The telescopic fishing rod is portable, lightweight, and convenient to carry around, delivering a medium intensity power, suitable for many small and medium-sized fish. 

Thanks to the instant anti-reverse function, the combo is equipped for high strength to allow you to enjoy a good fishing experience, regardless of your level of expertise. 

The pole is made of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass to deliver durability and strength, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or chipping in time. 

There is also the option to purchase the full kit that, apart from the rod and reel, also includes one line, one fishing lure, and a carrier bag for convenient and easy transportation and storage.


The set of the rod and reel, although sturdy, is also heavy and doesn’t seem weighted too well. It is also stiff which means you have to make some adjustments to match various types of fishing. 

The stiffness of the rod may also cause hand fatigue and pain when you spend long hours with your rod. 

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6. Flying Fisherman Passport Travel Fishing Rod


Are you looking for a reliable yet affordable rod that will help you improve your fishing techniques and catch the biggest fish in the pond? The new Passport Travel rod from Flying Fisherman is made of high-quality Japanese graphite and includes an outstanding Portuguese cork for improved gripping. Besides, the handle will reduce hand fatigue even when you’re operating the rod for many hours in a row.

The product is available in three styles – light, medium, and heavy, depending on your fishing style and the kind of fish you would like to catch. The blank taper is specifically designed to increase strength, sensitivity, and performance, allowing you to easily sense whenever the fish bites the bait.

Unlike other products with similar price tags, this one is delivered in a protective case that will absorb shocks and will keep your fishing gear away from dust, salt, and sun exposure.


The item is designed to meet the needs of both professional anglers and amateurs, and it is available in three sizes, depending on your fishing style and technique.

The rod is made of superior-quality graphite that won’t chip, rust or corrode in time, while the cork-like handle ensures a firm grip. It will protect your hands from sweating and will prevent hand fatigue, even when operating the rod for a long time.

The blank taper will improve sensitivity, allowing you to feel even the slightest move of a fish that took the bait. As a result, you won’t let any fish escape.

The rod is delivered in a protective case that absorbs shocks.


Some customers mentioned the handle construction is quite flimsy, allowing it to bounce back and forth and losing balance.

It doesn’t absorb hand sweat as good as advertised either, so you may require extra protection if you plan on fishing in the hot summer sun.

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Buying guide


Almost anywhere you go you can find at least one great spot to drop in a line, as long as you have your gear with you. Carrying around a 6 foot or even a 4 foot fishing rod is not always practical, and this can leave you without your gear. A travel rod and reel combo is easily portable so you are always ready to fish. If you are interested in the best rod and reel combo for the money but don’t know what to look for, the following tips in this buying guide will help you get started.

A.1 Best travel rod and reel combo - 1000


The travel rod and reel reviews all agree that you first one to decide on a budget before you start shopping. Not only will this help narrow down your choices, it will also ensure that the rod and reel combo is exactly what you need. While you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a good rod and reel, you do want to be careful and not purchase an inferior product. You don’t want your gear to break when you are in the middle of your trip.



Since this is a travel combo you want the rod to be easy to break down or collapse to a manageable size. This is true for rods of any size, even shorter 4 foot models. The construction of the rod will vary according to your needs and preferences, with graphite being the lightest and fiberglass the heaviest. Graphite is also sensitive, while fiberglass rods are less prone to breaking. You can also find composite rods which have some of the attributes of both materials.

Stainless steel guides are durable and resistant to corrosion, and will ensure you line flows smoothly. You also want to make sure that the handle is comfortable to grasp, and that it is wrapped in EVA foam or soft cork.



Spinning reels are typically preferred by experienced anglers since they have more control over their line. Beginners usually do better with a spincast reel since its closed face designed prevents snarls and tangles in the line. Both types of reels can be found with travel fishing combos, and the right one for you will often depend on your skill level. You do want to make sure that the gears and ball bearings are constructed from a durable metal so you can depend on a reliable performance.



Unavailable products


Sougayilang Combo


3.Sougayilang Spinning TelescopicThis telescopic rod easily collapses down to a compact size so you can take it with you wherever you go. Since the rod also comes with a spinning reel you will always ready ready to fish whenever you find a great place.

The rod is constructed from a composite material so it is relatively lightweight, flexible and sensitive. This not only allows you to feel every nibble, but it also makes the telescopic rod easier to handle on long distance casts.

The durable guides ensure that rigging is a breeze, and since they are resistant to corrosion you don’t have to worry about friction interfering with the flow of the line.

The spinning reel is also designed to be lightweight, and to provide you with exceptionally smooth casts and retrievals.


Comprising a fishing rod and reel, this combo kit provides value for the money. Consumers who want to optimize every penny they spend on their fishing rig will appreciate this option.

Portable and proven to be easy to use, this choice features a carbon fiber fishing rod that offers a high density to deliver reliable performance through the years with its durability. The rod has an assembled length of 6.56 feet and retracts to an easy-to-transport 1.34 feet.

With its 11 ball bearings, the fishing reel in the package runs smoothly in releasing the line as well as during the cast. The device offers a variety of line capacities for versatility in functionality.

The rod’s portable closed length design does not compromise its capacity to handle heavy load and to still offer good elasticity.


A customer has noted that the reel seat appears to spin freely from the rest of the rod since it isn’t anchored to the pole that runs through the reel seat center.



Daiwa ETPSF200 CF3Bi WN Executive Travel Pack


Whether you’re looking for a fly or spinning combo, this particular model might serve you as best as possible. It’s packed with a comfortable 6-piece light-action rod and comes with a 3-ball bearing reel that can both take your fishing performance to a whole new level.

Not only this, but the construction and feel of this setup can make you enjoy your angling trip a lot more. The neat thing about this combo is that it boasts a reliable graphite construction, thus making you entirely capable of enjoying a light, yet totally reliable feel. Smooth retrieves become a reality with the help of this ensemble as the reel comes with an extra bearing for this purpose.

What’s more, you won’t have any issue getting a solid grip on the situation as the pole has been outfitted with EVA foam grips. Besides, it’s worth noting that the product is accompanied by a miniature tackle box where you can store anything from your hooks to your swivels and lures. When it comes to portability, this Daiwa option is a net winner.

As for the user feedback, you might want to know that most of the fishermen and women who have chosen the combo say that it makes a great compact choice for those moments when a fishing occasion arises by accident.


Far from being just a toy tackle kit, this option features a full-size fishing outfit that you can effortlessly bring to any fishing location anytime.

In the briefcase-style hard case, you can find a removable, miniature tackle box that provides easy storage for essential gear including hooks, swivels, lures, and others. An integrated space is available for spare spools of fishing line.

Included in the package is a Daiwa Wilderness light action fly/spinning rod that breaks down into 6 pieces and when fully assembled, measures 6 feet 6 inches.

You won’t get hand fatigue too easily thanks to the rod’s EVA foam grips that ensure handling comfort. The component is also designed to be resistant to dents and chipping.

Attaching the fishing reel is easy thanks to the unlocking reel seat, which allows the rod to adapt to your reel of choice as well.


Although one customer likes the kit overall, they wish there was more space in the kit to accommodate more gear.



Ugly Stik Spinning Fishing Combo Kit


The item is available in two styles, one designed for freshwater, and the other one for saltwater, but we recommend purchasing them both to allow extended flexibility when fishing. The set contains a two-piece spinning rod and a reel.

The spinning reel is made of high-quality graphite that won’t chip or break when getting in contact with water. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the same product for many years from now on. The items are both lightweight and durable, allowing you to easily carry them with you anywhere you go.

When purchasing this reel kit, you’ll also receive a high-quality fishing line, suitable for casting it in saltwater or freshwater. The maximum line weight the spool on this kit can hold is 17 pounds, enough for small-to-medium-sized fish. Moreover, you can cast it up to 225 yards away, making the product suitable for rock fishing and shore fishing.


Purchasing the kit, you’ll get all the necessary accessories for a fruitful fishing trip, including assorted tackles and a high-quality line that helps you cast up to 225 yards away and catch fish up to 17 pounds.

The two-piece spinning rod is lightweight and convenient to carry as it won’t occupy too much space in your luggage.

You can choose between the saltwater kit and the freshwater kit, allowing you to fully customize your fishing experience according to your needs and improving your chance of catching the big fish.

The spinning reel is made of superior-quality graphite and features a top coat that will prevent rusting or chipping when exposed to water or sun rays.


According to some customers who purchased the set, the handle is rather loose and flimsy, so you need to pay extra care when fishing for the big catch.



CAPACI Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos 


Another solution for those who want a complete fishing kit to take with them on their trips is this model from CAPACI. You will get a telescopic rod made from carbon fiber, a reel, a carrying bag, fishing line, and some accessories that will help you make the best out of your fishing adventure.

The fishing rod is made from a combination of high-density carbon and fiberglass so that you can experience proper heat dissipation, durability, and sensitivity. The guides are designed to offer a low friction coefficient to ensure that your line won’t get damaged.

The reel is another solid reason why this kit enjoys a lot of positive feedback from users. It is sealed to protect water and dust, while the line roller helps prevent twists and tangles. The bag offered for carrying all the elements of the kit is also of high quality.


The fishing rod included in this kit is made from durable materials that ensure that you will be able to use it for a long time.

You will also discover that the reel is a heavy-duty model designed to repel water and dust for long-lasting performance.

A dual knob design makes the reel stable, and you will be able to enjoy excellent control.

If you want to go fishing right away, you will be happy to see that there are 23 accessories included, along with monofilament line.


The rod is pretty stiff for what you might expect from a carbon fiber model, and that means that there is a risk that it might break at the tip.

Also, the monofilament line provided is not particularly sturdy, and you shouldn’t use it for anything other than small fish.



Eagle Claw Unisex’s Pack-It Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod


This telescopic spinning rod comes with an adjustable length that allows you to easily carry it with you in your backpack, without occupying too much space or being too heavy.

It is made of durable glass, perfect for trunk, trail or turbo-prop. The handle is made of EVA foam to perfectly mold on your palms, ensuring a strong grip and preventing hand fatigue, even when handling it for many hours. Therefore, you will enjoy a fruitful fishing trip without hurting your hands in the process.

The reel seat is made of graphite, while the ceramic guides complete the look on this telescopic rod.

The product makes the perfect choice for anglers on the go and is suitable for both beginners and professionals, helping you catch more fish. Most customers who purchased the item agreed on its quality, stating that it is also affordable. So why not give it a try on your own and let us know what you think?


Solid and reliable, you can count on this telescopic rod to help you catch as many fish as you want, regardless of your skills.

The telescopic handle makes it easy and convenient to transport, as it can fit in any backpack without occupying too much space either.

The handle is made of soft and durable EVA foam, ensuring a stable and secure grip. It perfectly molds on your hands, reducing hand fatigue to a minimum, even when operating it for many hours.

We also liked that the item is lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about hurting your hand or your shoulder when transporting it.


When it reaches the maximum length, the product tends to get stuck in this position, defeating the entire purpose of having a telescopic rod in the first place. We suggest you handle the item carefully, without any sudden moves.




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